2000 Year in Review

  • Norristown Men's Softball League (A, B & C divisions)

  • Norristown Men's Softball League Awards

  • Norristown Women's Softball League (Boro & Rec divisions)

  • Local Area All-Star Game Results

  • Local Area League Standings and Playoffs

  • Local Area Tournament Results


Norristown Softball Leagues

"A" Division

Final Standings W L Pct.
Mel's Pub 20 4 0.833
Carl Rost Softball 19 6 0.760
Little Brown Jug 18 8 0.692
Cannon Roofing 15 7 0.682
TNT Sports Club 13 11 0.542
Berry Mowing 13 12 0.520
The Italian Club 8 14 0.364
Longmeadow Building 5 19 0.208
Steppy's Sports Bar 4 18 0.182
Hooters KOP 3 19 0.136


Unofficial "A" HR Leaders

Warren Grant, TNT 22

Ken Shemonski, Cannon


John Brooks, CRS

Chris Painter, The Jug 15
Tom Coughlin, The Jug 14
Tom Handzus, The Jug 13

Darren Posavec, Steppy's


Mark Zeigler, Berry Mowing


Craig Balmer, Longmeadow


Joe Povenski, Mel's


Patty Nattle, Italian Club


Tony Chiccino, Italian Club


Tim Kull, Berry Mowing


Kip Harwick, CRS


George Munroe, Italian Club 

Marc Clayton, Hooters 9
Tony Famularo, Steppys 9
Dave Heckman, CRS 9
Sparky Pettine, Brown Jug 9
Tom McCauley, Cannon 8
Brian Fields, Brown Jug 7
Tom Pagel, Brown Jug 7

A-Division Playoffs:   #10 Hooters defeated #9 Steppy's,  #8 Longmeadow defeated #7 Italian Club,  Italian Club then eliminated Steppy's,  #4 Cannon Roofing defeated #5 TNT,  #3 Brown Jug defeated #6 Berry Mowing,  Berry Mowing then eliminated Italian Club,  #1 Mel's defeated Hooters, #2 CRS defeated Longmeadow (continuation of a rained-out game),  Hooters eliminated TNT,  Berry eliminated Longmeadow,  Cannon defeated Mel's,  CRS defeated The Jug,  Hooters then eliminated The Jug,  Cannon defeated CRS,  Berry eliminated Hooters,  Berry eliminated Mel's,  Berry then eliminated CRS to advance to the finals against Cannon Roofing. 

"A" Division Final Championship Series:  Cannon swept a doubleheader from Berry to open up the final series. The scores were 13-11 and 17-2. Cannon now led 2 games to none. The next night, Berry came back to beat Cannon 17-13 to cut the deficit to 2 games to 1. Cannon came back in the second game to defeat Berry 19-9 and win the 2000 "A" division championship series 3 games to 1. This was Cannon's third title in the last five years. Cannon's Pete Luzi was named the final series MVP as he went 12-15 with 3 home runs and played outstanding defense in left field. Ken Shemonski was 11-15 with 4 homers, Tony "Dirt" Giannone was 8-15 with 2 homers and Tom "Kegger" McCauley was 7-9 with 2 homers to lead Cannon's power surge. Longtime league favorite Lou Ercoloni went 9-10 to prove once again he saves his best for the big games. Buck Erdsley went 9-12, Joe Deccico was 9-13 and Jerry Cannon went 6-11 which included a 5-5 effort in the last 2 games. Other Cannon team members include Karl "Kat" Janetka, Greg "Hammer" Wenning, Buck Mathias, John Owensworth, Scott Campbell, Mike Corliss and ever lovable Andy Drobek. Berry was led by Big David Hicks in the final series as he went 8-13 with 3 home runs including a tape measure shot that stunned the crowd. Congrats to both teams for a well played final series.

Norristown "A" Division Champions



"B" Division

Final Standings  W L Pct.
We Three Pets 15 4 0.789
Toto's/Steel Curtain 13 7 0.650
Swedeland Fire Co. 13 7 0.650
The Franchise 13 7 0.650
Frank's Pub Hitmen 13 7 0.650
Natale and Onufer 10 10 0.500
Direnzo's Tavern 9 10 0.474
The Brown Jug 9 11 0.450
Chap's Taproom & Grill 7 13 0.350
Maenner Chor Club 4 16 0.200
Fryer Construction 3 17 0.150


Unofficial "B" HR Leaders 

Scott Pennypacker, We 3 13

Ryan Henning, The Hitmen


Matt Weaver, Brown Jug


Bill Gullota, Toto's


Ken Hanley, Franchise

Brian Dunlap, Hitmen 7
Mike Fiorentino, Franchise 7

B-Division Playoffs:  #1 We 3 Pets defeated #8 Brown Jug,  #5 Hitmen defeated #4 Franchise,  Franchise eliminated The Brown Jug,  #7 Direnzo's defeated #2 Toto's,  #3 Swedeland defeated #6 Natale & Onufer,  Natale & Onufer then eliminated Toto's,  We 3 defeated The Hitmen,  Swedeland defeated Direnzo's,  Direnzo's eliminated The Franchise,  Hitmen eliminated N & O,  Swedeland defeated We 3 Pets,  Direnzo's then eliminated The Hitmen,  We 3 Pets eliminated Direnzo's to advance to the finals against Swedeland Fire Company. 

"B" Final Championship Series: We 3 Pets defeated Swedeland Fire Company in the first two games to take a 2 games to none lead. On the next night, another doubleheader was played. Swedeland won the first game of the night on the strength of Ed Gear's dramatic home run in the bottom of the seventh to cut the series deficit to 2 games to 1. We 3 Pets came back and won the second game of the night and capture the Norristown "B" Division Championship. They won the best of 5 series 3 games to 1. Scott Pennypacker was named series MVP as he smashed 6 home runs in the four game series. Clayton Blank, Steve Brower and AJ Neve also homered for the champs. Contributing also for We 3 were Steve Kalback, Rich Luce, Bill Plichta, Jay Erhardt, Eric Wheeler, Mitch Kijac, Bill Bradford and Pittsburgh Ed Sasak. Congrats to We 3 for a great year. They basically went coast to coast as they were in first place since opening day and did what they set out to accomplish.

 Norristown "B" Division Champions



"C" Division

Final Standings  W L Pct.
Kinsey Landscaping 15 6 0.714
Steppy's Sports Bar 14 6 0.700
Charlie's Pizzeria 13 7 0.650
Montgomery Fitness 13 8 0.619
Falcone's Sports Bar 11 10 0.524
Heebner's/Trappe  9 12 0.429
Southside/Rib House 5 15 0.250
Main Street Pizza 2 18 0.100


Unofficial "C" HR Leader 

Sean McNamara, Heebner/Tavern  9

 C-Division Playoffs:  #3 Charlie's Pizza defeated #6 Trappe Tavern,  #4 Montgomery Fitness defeated #5 Falcone's Sports Bar,  Trappe Tavern eliminated Falcone's Sports Bar,  #1 Kinsey Landscaping defeated Montgomery Fitness,  Charlie's Pizza defeated #2 Steppy's Sports Bar,  Trappe Tavern eliminated Montgomery Fitness, Kinsey's Landscaping defeated Charlie's Pizza,  Steppy's Sports Bar eliminated Trappe Tavern, Charlie's Pizza then eliminated Steppy's Sports Bar to advance to the finals against Kinsey's. 

"C" Final Championship Series: Charlie's Pizza and Kinsey Landscaping split a doubleheader that resulted in the series being tied at 1 game apiece. Charlie's then swept the next double header from Kinsey's to capture the Rec Division Championship 3 games to 1. The pitcher from Charlie's, Steve Clements was named the final series MVP.

 Norristown "Rec" Division Champions



Norristown Women's "Boro" Division

She Plays Sports defeated Frank's Pub Breakers in the Norristown Women's Boro title series. This broke the two year championship reign of the Slammers who were defeated in earlier playoff action. 

Norristown Women's "Rec" Division

Bridgeport Rib House defeated Clemen's Uniform to capture the Norristown Women's Rec title. Meghan Brogan and Natalie Steele led the Rib House. Also contributing to the championship were Lori Palmerio, Dina Gambone, Amy Guzik, Pat Murphy, Marlee Doherty, Kris Acchione, BJ Sepulveda, Christy Marchozzi, Tonya Catagnus, Mary Goldblum and Cissy Hemerika. Manager Ray Gambone was the mastermind behind the victory along with Kathy Groff who was unable to play due to impending motherhood.

Norristown Women's Rec Softball League Champions


Bridgeport Slow Pitch League

Final Standings  W L Pct.
Furino's Catering 14 3 0.824
K.O.P. Fire House 14 3 0.824
Main St. Pizza Hitmen 13 4 0.765
Giovanni's Pizza 12 5 0.706
Franzone's Pizza 10 7 0.588
The Franchise 10 7 0.588
Anthony's Restaurant 10 7 0.588
Southside/Rib House 7 10 0.412
Anthony's Tavern 6 11 0.353
St. Valentine's Club 5 12 0.294
Kinsey Landscaping 5 12 0.294
Blue Bell Sealant 3 14 0.176
www.Itsurety.com 2 15 0.118

Bridgeport Slow Pitch League Finals:  The Franchise defeated Furino's (Swedeland Fire Company) in the double elimination playoffs to capture their first Bridgeport title. Jake Corropolese 's bunch won the title for the injured leader, Brian Burke as they defeated regular season champ Furino's.

Bridgeport Slow Pitch League Champions



Plymouth Unlimited Arc League

Final Standings (A) W L Pct.
J & J Painting 16 4 0.800
New Valley Tavern 15 5 0.750
Norristown Titans 11 8 0.579
Steppy's Sports Bar 9 11 0.450
Reed's Center Square 5 14 0.263
Crompco Corporation 5 15 0.250

Plymouth Cup Playoffs: For the second year in a row, the Norristown Titans claimed the Plymouth Cup. They defeated Old Black Horse Tavern (2 games to 1) in the best of three series to capture the prize. Vinny Angliccio, Jake Corroplese and Mickey Marsilio led the Titans attack as they backed the fine pitching of "Big Daddy" Joe Sanna. Plymouth League "Intra-Divisional" Champions A-Division: Norristow Titans defeated New Valley Tavern B-Division: Old Black Horse Tavern defeated IKEA C-Division: Paul's Auto defeated IRI Bandits.

Plymouth Cup Champions


East Norriton Sunday League

Final Standings  W L Pct.
Schiele Thornton 9 1 0.900
J & J Painting 7 3 0.700
Griffen, Endriss & Assoc. 7 3 0.700
TNT Sports Club 6 4 0.600
Grand Slam U.S.A. 6 4 0.600
Hesta 5 4 0.556
Sleep 'N' Snooz 5 5 0.500
St. Titus Athletic Club 2 8 0.200
Melice Contractors 1 9 0.100
Repeat Offenders 0 10 0.000

East Norriton Sunday League Finals: TNT Sports Club and Griffen, Endriss & Assocates were declared Co-Champs. The series was tied 1 game apiece when the weather took a turn for the worse. The umpire called it a night and both teams could not agree on a date for the third and deciding game. Sonny Termine and Ernie Chintalan celebrated yet another East Norriton league title as they were battled to a standstill by Scott Nealman's squad.

Collegeville Softball Association

Final Standings W L Pct.
Cannoneers Club 28 4 0.875
Country Moon Inn 25 7 0.781
Trappe Tavern Gold 22 8 0.688
Trappe Tavern Green 21 11 0.656
Merck Company 17 14 0.531
Trappe Tavern Blue 13 19 0.406
Trappe Tavern Purple 10 21 0.313
Trappe Tavern White 5 27 0.156
GUL Technologies 1 31 0.031

Collegeville Softball Association Finals: Cannoneer's Club defeated Trappe Tavern Gold (3 games to 1) to capture the title. Longtime Cannoneer legends Carey "Cowboy" Sell and Willy Plant led the team to the victory over a strong Trappe team led by Mike Brinkman and Steve Maloney. 

Collegeville Softball Association Champions



Linfield ASA Slow Pitch League

Final Standings W L Pct.
Quigley Dodge/Spikes 27 9 0.750
Spring-Ford A.A. 25 12 0.676
Tom's Bar & Grill 24 13 0.649
Trappe Tavern 23 13 0.639
Levengood Septic Tank  20 16 0.556
EDB Systemhouse 19 17 0.528
Custom Carpenter 16 20 0.444
DANA Corporation 5 31 0.139
Linfield Hotel  4 32 0.111

Linfield ASA League Finals: Spring Ford A.A. defeated Trappe Tavern (4 games to 1) to capture the title in convincing fashion. Brian Tevis hit a 2 run homer in the bottom of the 9th inning for the championship victory. Spring Ford was led by ageless wonder Tom Schadt. Dave Vondercrone's Trappe contingent put up a fine showing but came up short. The league presented an ASA championship trophy to Spring-Ford's manager, Bob Beard and his assistant manager Bob "Shitty" Christman.

Linfield ASA League Champions



Phoenixville YMCA Softball League

Final Standings (A) W L Pct.
Italian Club 14 10 0.583
Spectators 13 10 0.565
D.R.K. 13 11 0.542
The Falcons 10 13 0.435
Cloud-9 Bar 9 15 0.375

Phoenixville YMCA League "A-Division" Finals: St. Anne' s Phoenixville Italian Club defeated DRK/Lockheed Martin in two straight games to take the Phoenixville YMCA league title for the second straight year. Manager John Nattle, Tony Chiccino and Meetch Mysawka led the team once again. John Baldassari led the spirited DRK squad to yet another final series appearance. Their offense was bolstered this year by the addition of Big David Hicks and his booming bat.

Phoenixville YMCA League "A-Division" Champions



Quakertown Slow Pitch League

Final Standings (A) W L Pct.
Cannon Roofing 21 7 0.750
East-West Automotive 20 8 0.714
Alpine International 17 11 0.607
Hatfield Packing  15 13 0.536
Lehigh Valley Dairy 15 16 0.484
Faulkner Ford 13 16 0.448
Progressive 11 17 0.393

Quakertown Slow Pitch League "A-Division" Finals: Cannon Roofing defeated East West Equipment (3 games to 1) to win their third Quakertown championship in the last four years. Jerry Cannon had the big blow in the deciding game as he walloped a grand slam for the victors. Ken Shemonski, John Ounsworth, Tom McCauley and Greg Wenning also homered for Cannon. For back up pitcher and assistant coach Andy Drobek, this was rumored to be his 100th career championship. Congrats to one of the league's all around good guys. 

Quakertown Slow Pitch League "A-Division" Champions



Main Line "Radnor" Softball Association

Final Standings (East) W L Pct.
Wayne Tavern/Graphics 18 4 0.818
Wayne Beef & Ale 16 6 0.727
Crusadors/Barnaby's 15 6 0.714
Cooz's Bandits 10 12 0.455
Bulldogs 3 19 0.136

Final Standings (West) W L Pct.
Brick Bar/Hopson's Seal 18 3 0.857
Mallory's Bar & Grill 13 9 0.591
Cooz's Corner 12 10 0.545
Barnaby's of America 3 19 0.136
Bad Cooz Bears 1 21 0.045

Main Line Association Finals: Mallory's defeated Wayne Beef & Ale (3 games to 2) to capture the title for Matt O'Hara, Bill Cassidy, Dominick Bryan, Craig Balmer and the boys. The final Series MVP Award was presented to Kyle Jamaitis of Mallory's. Mike Amodei led Wayne Beef 'N' Ale. 

Main Line Association Radnor League Champions



Radnor Township Men's Slow Pitch League

Radnor Township Men's Slow Pitch League Finals: Wayne Tavern defeated Chili's in the final championship series of Radnor's Monday-Wednesday Township Slow Pitch League

Radnor Men's Slow Pitch League Champions



Marcus Hook Slow Pitch League

Marcus Hook Slow Pitch League Finals: Barnaby's of America defeated Seamus Mulligan in the final chempionship series at "Da Hook". Barnaby's is made up of most of the Mel's guys from Norristown.

Marcus Hook Slow Pitch League Champions



Valley Forge Coed Softball League

Final Standings  W L T Pct.
SMS Black 15 1 0 0.938
The Outlaws 11 5 0 0.688
Trappe Tavern Gold 10 6 0 0.625
Tornadoes 8 10 0 0.444
SMS Red 7 9 1 0.412
Johnson Matthey 5 10 1 0.313
Brinker Capital 1 16 0 0.059

Valley Forge Coed Softball Association Finals: The Outlaws, formerly Casey's Ale House defeated perennial league champ Trappe Tavern Gold in this year's final series to take win their first league championship.

West Norriton Coed Softball League

Final Standings (A) W L Pct.
Murderer's Row 11 2 0.846
Frank's Pub 10 4 0.714
Maennerchor Club 9 5 0.643
GateKeepers 8 6 0.571
Shingler's List 7 6 0.538
HornDogs 7 7 0.500
Devil Rays 3 11 0.214
Damage Inc. 0 14 0.000

Final Standings (Rec-East) W L Pct.
Bud's Bar 10 1 0.909
Ton 'O' Suds 9 3 0.750
Raiders  8 3 0.727
Scorpions 6 6 0.500
BAM 5 6 0.455
All State Insurance 1 10 0.091
TNT Sports Club 0 10 0.000

Final Standings (Rec-West) W L Pct.
Radicals 10 2 0.833
Weekend Warriors 10 2 0.833
Tailgators 9 3 0.750
Enterprise 6 6 0.500
The Outlaws 5 7 0.417
USM Devils 1 10 0.091
The Saloon 0 11 0.000

West Norriton Coed League Divisional and League Finals: Ton 'O' Suds defeated Bud's Bar to win the "Rec" Title. Murderer's Row defeated Frank's Pub to win the "Competitive" title. In the battle for the league bragging rights, Ton 'O' Suds defeated Murderer's Row.

Delco Senior 50 and Over Master's Softball League

Final Standings   W L Pct.
TNT Sports Club 22 2 0.917
FOE-Eagles 16 8 0.667
Capriotti's  15 9 0.625
Hide-A-Way 0 24 0.000

Delco Senior 50 and Over League Finals: TNT Sports Club defeated Capriotti's in the best of 3 final series to win the title. TNT was led by pitcher Sonny Termine and legendary hitter Sammy Rosen.

Delco Senior 50 and Over League Champions



 "A" Division MVP Award

The final MVP balloting is in for the Regular Season, each "A" division manager or team rep was asked to select the 2000 league MVP. League commissioner Sully Gelet also participated in the voting. Eleven total votes were cast and the final results are as follows: 


Player, Team - Position

Warren Grant, TNT Sports Club - First Baseman 5

Dave Heckman, Carl Rost Softball - Short Stop


Pete Luzi, Cannon Roofing - Outfielder


Chris Painter, The Jug - Outfielder


Dana Luscombe, Berry Mowing - Outfielder


Rob Wisner, TNT Sports Club - Pitcher


Here is the Regular Season Norristown "A" Division MVP for the 2000 season, First Basemen Warren Grant of TNT also led the league in home runs, He hit 22 for the regular season.

Here is the Norristown "A" Division All-League team from the Commish:

1B- Warren Grant, TNT Sports Club and John Brooks, CRS Softball: 2B- Mike Lombardo, TNT Sports Club and Dick Moody, Little Brown Jug: SS- Dave Heckman, CRS Softball and Buck Mathias, Cannon Roofing: 3B- Marc Zeigler, Berry Mowing and Tom "Kegger" McCauley, Cannon Roofing: LF- Pete Luzi, Cannon Roofing and Andy Gelet, CRS Softball: LC- Dana Luscombe, Berry Mowing, Chris Painter, Little Brown Jug and Craig Balmer, Longmeadow Building: RC- Ken Shemonski, Cannon Roofing and Tom Handzus, Little Brown Jug: RF- Kip Harwick, CRS Softball and Joe Povenski, Mel's Pub: P- Rob Wisner, TNT Sports Club, Steve Dimitry, Little Brown Jug and Keith Berry, Mel's Pub: C- Paul "Reds" Meara, Mel's Pub and Marc Clayton, Hooters KOP: EH- Darren Posavec, Steppy's Sports Bar and Tony Chiccino, Italian Club: Utility: Jimmy Lelii, Mel's Pub and Jeff Brennan, CRS Softball


All Star Games

Norristown vs Lansdale All-Star Challenge

The Norristown B-Division All-Star team took on the Lansdale Unlimited Arc All-Stars at Wierman Field on July-16. The game displayed the power of Norristown as the local's stormed out to a 26-10 victory behind the pitching of Lou Raieta. Chris Santori led the locals with 3 hits. The power was supplied by Mike Fiorentino and Ken Hanley of The Franchise, Steve Kalbach of We 3, Brian Dunlap and Ryan Henning of the Hitmen, Steve Maloney of N&O and Matt Cordi of Swedeland. The winners hit 11 home runs in all. Other all-stars were Dave Baratucci of N&O, Phil Falcone and George Rodriguez of Chap's, , "Pittsburgh" Ed Sasak of We 3, Chris "Opie" Hendricks of the Hitmen, Sammy Rosen of the Jug, Dan Kahley, Terry O'Donnell and Brian Sheirer of Swedeland. Norristown Hall of Famer Dave O'Donnell was the manager of the team.

Home Run Derby

A home run derby was held before the game at Wierman Field for any "B" players. 17 players took part in the event. The 4 Semi-Finalist were Steve Maloney, Jeff Russo, Chris "Opie" Hendricks and Brian Dunlap. After another round, two remaining finalists were left. Brian Dunlap and Jeff Russo squared off in the championship round with Dunlap emerging as the winner.

Norristown "A" Division vs South Philly All-Star Game

The Norristown "A" Division all stars showed their supremacy in this now annual event. The team traveled down to the fabled Capitola Field in South Philadelphia on August-17 to take on their league champ, The Warehouse. Norristown won the game 22-17 and it wasn't even as close as the score may indicate. This was sort of a wierd kind of game, because manager Sonny Termine divided the team into two equal "shifts". The first shift had to play 4 1/2 innings with a cork SB12 ball. Then the umps threw in a Red Thunder for the last half of the game. The locals led 6-1 with the dead ball as the defense was led by a strong middle of Dave Heckman, Dave Kwitakowski, Ivo Salvi and Joe Povenski. Tony Famularo and Warren Grant filled out the infield. Tom Coughlin and Kip Harwick were the other two outfielders. Harwick incidentally threw out a base runner at home that those Italians down there will be talking about for while. Tony Chiccino and Darren Posavec were the catcher and EH. Winning pitcher Steve Dimitry had an easy time with the South Philly squad not being able to do much with the dead ball. Once the live ball came in, things got interesting. Darren Posavec hit a titanic shot over the fence for a home run, Then Warren Grant hit a ground rule double that bounced to Pat's Steaks. The next wave of players entered the game and the locals exploded out to a 22-2 lead. Roger Kummer, John Brooks, Ken Capelli and Mike Lombardo comprised the new infield. Chris Painter, Tom Pagel, Craig Balmer and Jack Mullin made up the outfield along with Jeff Nieman. John Nattle and Mike Amodei unselfishly took turns pitching and catching. Cory Shank was the EH. This crew hit the snot out of the ball. It looked like another rout until the bottom of the 9th inning when South Philly batted around 3 times and almost pulled out a miracle. They scored 15 runs to make the final score 22-17. To the credit of the locals though, the game was well in hand and beer was starting to flow, so the letup was inevitable. Afterwards, the South Philly boys treated us to a food fest that lasted long after I left I'm sure. It was a thrill and a pleasure to play with all of these great players. You play against guys for a long time and you don't really know them until you play together on the same team. No MVP was named, although Sonny says it was him for organizing the whole event, since we all had fun, I guess we can live with that.



Area Tournament Results

Ultimate Softball Challenge National Tournament - 2000

Berry Mowing/PA Embroidary traveled down to Orlando, Florida to compete in the prestigious Ultimate Softball Challenge 2000 Class-D National Softball Tournament. Manager Rich Cocchmiglio and Coach Ernie Chintalan put the squad together. The went through their bracket winning impressively. They beat in succession; The Panthers of Chesterfield, VA (14-3), The Bandits of New York (17-0), Conti/Timothy's of Delaware (20-7), Dutch's Boys of Charleston, WV (25-1), Da Other Side of Ebane, NC (7-0 forfeit) and Integrit of Laurel, MD (11-1). They lost their last bracket game 16-15 to Massilion Moose/Akron Eagles of Ohio. They finished second in their bracket with a 6-1 record. They had a run differential of plus 81 as they outscored their opponents 109-28. Pitchers Keith Berry and Steve Dimitry were backed by an outstanding defense that allowed an average of 4 runs per game. Infielders Marc Zeigler, Jeff Brennan and Dick Moody along with outfielders Brian Fields, Dana Luscombe, Tim Kull and Dean Carr made incredible defensive plays to stifle the opposition. They then swept through the double elimination tournament with 4 straight wins to capture the prize. Victories came against Beltway Movers of Maryland (9-8), First Class Auto Glass of Old Bridge, NJ (21-15) and in the winner's bracket final they beat Monumental of Baltimore, MD 13-10. The locals then sat back and waited for their opponent in the finals. First Class Auto Glass emerged from the loser's bracket to challenge Berry Mowing in the championship game. In a heart stopping game, thanks to a diving, game saving catch by Berry's Dean Carr, the national title was theirs in a 7-6 thriller. Besides his defensive heroics, Dean Carr went 21-28 (.750) to earn MVP honors. Dana Luscombe, Tom Coughlin and Marc Zeigler were all 22-33 (.677). Paul "Reds" Meara was 20-34 (.588) and Jeff Brennan was 20-25 (.571). They were the only six players who collected 20 hits or more throughout the tournament. Other contributing team members were Davey Pettine (.750), Keith Berry (.682), Ken Shemonski (.667), Steve Dimitry (.615), Tom Pagel (.607), Tim Kull (.529), Dick Moody (.517) and Brian Fields (.464). JJ Seally and Hershall Thornton both contributed as team players off the bench. The total team average was .611 (236-386). The locals finished with a 10-1 record for the weekend while outscoring their opposition 159-67. Stats courtesy of Cocch. 

Visit the Orlando 2000 Photo Page

Kim Garvey Memorial Coed Tournament

Tom Eisenberger's Country Moon team defeated the Bud's Bar/Maenner Chor contingent in the finals of this annual affair. The husband and wife combo of Pittsburg Ed and Vickie Sasak led the Country Moon Tavern to the tournament victory. They were also led by the bats of Andy Gelet, Bob Keyser and Ryan Henning. Roger Kummerer, Don Douglass and Chris Painter led the Bud's Bar squad along with pitcher Natalie Steele and tournament MVP Allison McGrann. Mike Brinkman, Steve Maloney, Sue Wenzel and the Trappe Tavern team came in third. All proceeds went to the Kim Garvey scholarship fund. Jimmy Myers has faithfully run this tournament every year since her untimely death and once again it was one of the highlights of the softball season. Here are a couple photos submitted by Millennium Softball Web creator and owner Bob Hornsby.


Delco Times Tournament of Champions

Willowbrook Pub defeated Barnaby's (Mel's) in the finals to capture their third straight title. Team Hopseal was third. Read about it here: Delco Times Tournament Finals

Michael Santangelo Benefit Tournament

Frank's Pub Hitmen continued their hot play as they captured the tournament crown in convincing fashion by defeating Trappe Tavern Green in the finals. Chris Molitor of Trappe Green was awarded the MVP trophy for his fine play. Brian Dunlap of the Hitmen went 14 for 16 with 4 home runs to lead all players. Third place went to Brothers Incorporated managed by the legendary Sully Gelet who came out of retirement to manage a pickup squad led by Bobby Ray.

ASA Class-C 35 and Over State Finals

The Local teams took it tough in this event. Big Jakes, Cannoneers and PA Embroidery all went 0-2. Spring Ford AA was 2-2 and Country Moon of Collegeville was 3-2. Dillsburg Chiropractic beat J's of St. Mary's in the finals.

ASA Class-C and Class-D State Finals

The Local teams did very well at the States. Cannon Roofing went to York and finished 3rd in the Class "C" States. Hatfield Packing/Berry didn't fair so well there as they lost two straight and were eliminated. Up in Turbotville, Swedeland Fire Company was 4th, The Lansdale Cannoneers 5th, Frank's Hitmen 7th and The Italian Club finished 13th.

11th Annual Hooters Tournament

Roger's Construction captured this year's title in convincing fashion. Managed by Roger Kummerer, they went undefeated and reeled off 5 straight wins. Along the way, they beat Brick Bar, Mulligan's, Lenni's AC and J&J Painting in the winners bracket final and then again in the finals. J&J finished 2nd, S&R was third and Willowbrook Pub was 4th. Tom & Jerry's tied for 5th with Lenni AC. Roger's was led by tournament MVP Jeff Brennan who went 13-17 to lead the team in hitting. Keith Berry led the strong defense up the middle along with Ty Jones and Ivo Salvo. Mike "Hoppy" Hopson (12-16) and Mighty Joe Povenski (11-16) provided the power. Here is the 11th annual Hooters MVP for 2000:

ASA Class-D Regional State Championships

A total of five area teams qualified for the Class-D States. The Hitmen came in third at Turbotville, they were beaten by the Lansdale Cannoneers, who came in second. Trappe Tavern of Linfield finished 3rd in Mercersburg. The Italian Club of the Norristown and Phoenixville leagues were 6-2 in York and finished 4th place to also qualify for the States. The Franchise and Steppy's also competed in Mercersburg going 1-2 and 0-2 respectively, but failed to qualify. Levengood Septic of Linfield went 2-2, but also failed to qualify.

ASA Class-D Regional State Champs:
Northeast (York) - York Container, York
Southeast (Mercersburg) - Red Lion Antiques, York
North Central (Turbotville) - TGI Friday, York
West (Meadville) - Bish Lumber, District-9
Central (State College) - Metzgers, State College
D State Championship (Turbotville) - Red Lion Antiques, York

ASA 50-Over State Championships

Two local teams traveled out to Pittsburgh to compete in the official ASA of PA Over-50 States. Sonny Termine's TNT Sports Club of Norristown and Tom Schadt's Spring Ford AA of Linfield (last year's 50+ state champs) both went 1-2 in the tournament. Lew Hoffman led the way for Spring Ford AA with a 7-10 performance. For TNT, Sammy Rosen continued his hot hitting. He went 10-10 in the tournament to stretch his streak to 31 straight hits. Jose Castro was 7-10 and Sonny Termine was 6-10 also for TNT. Pittsburgh Gold went undefeated to capture the title. Pittsburgh 55+/Charlie T's was second.

Annual 35-over Zinn's Invitational

The local area was well represented at this event. Woody Capelli's Big Jakes went 4-2 and finished in 4th place to pace all the locals. PA Embroidery/Berry went 3-2 to finish in 5th place. Thom Eisenberger's Country Moon went 1-2 and Spring Ford AA went 0-2. Camby's from Maryland beat Harrisburg's AIA in the title game.

ASA Class-B State Championships

Two teams from this area traveled to Mercersburg to compete in the "B" States. Mel's Pub of Norristown and Quigley Dodge/ Spikes of Linfield both finished with a 1-2 record. The Beloli/Tailgators of Pittsburgh won the title with a 5-0 record. Mim's of Chambersburg finished in 2nd and Shadow Fax of York was 3rd. Read about it here; ASA of PA Class-B Standings

ASA Class-C Regional State Championships

The locals did not fare too well at the regional states. Longmeadow was 1-2 and Spring-Ford AA of Linfield went out in two at York. JR Williams was 8-9 with 3 homers to lead Longmeadow. The "B" Brown Jug lost two straight in Turbotville. Hooters went out in two at Marcus Hook. Also at the Hook, CRS/Team Hopseal finished in 9th. The Anthony's Tavern/Jug contingent went 3-2 to finish 7th. Bolstered by the additions of TNT legends Tony Carfagno and Rob Wisner, the "A" Jug lost their first game to Carl Rost, then reeled off 3 straight wins, before bowing out. Wisner was 12-17 to lead the Jug and Steve Dimitry chipped in with a 14-17 performance.

ASA Class-C Regional State Champs:
Northeast (Williamsport) - Brookside Homes, Selingsgrove
Southeast (Marcus Hook) - Hooters, York
Central (York) - P & W Sharks, York
C State Championship (York) - Ebersole Excavating, Harrisburg

First Annual Berry Mowing Tournament

Mel's Pub lost their first game and then stormed through the loser's bracket to double dip Roger's Construction in the finals. Mel's was defeated on Saturday by the Hitmen. They then proceeded to eliminate Chaps, Reed's and The Hitmen to earn a trip to the finals against undefeated Roger's, which was a pickup team assembled by Manager-Roger Kummerer. Mel's won the final games 13-10 and 17-11 to capture the prize. No MVP was named, but Jimmy Lalley pitched all day for Mel's and made several spectacular plays. Warren Grant led the offense for Mel's. Tom Coughlin of the Jug led the tournament with four hime runs. Third place went to the Hitmen, fourth place was Reed's, followed by Chaps, Cannoneers and Steppys.

District-14 Montgomery County Class-C ASA Championships

Cannon Roofing went undefeated and defeated CRS in the finals to advance directly to the Class-C state championships. Pitcher/Manager Jerry Cannon led the way with his hot bat and added another title to an already impressive resume. Johnny Ouensworth hit a walk-off HR in the bottom of the 7th of the championship game to clinch the victory. Third place went to Hooters KOP, Anthony's Tavern/Brown Jug were 4th, Mallory's/ Longmeadow and Spring-Ford AA tied for fifth.

District-14 Montgomery County Class-D ASA Championships

Swedeland Fire Company came out of the loser's bracket to double dip the Italian Club in the finals to advance directly to the Class-D state championships. Leading the way for the championship squad were Terry and Dennis O'Donnell, Ed Gear, Ray Sheirer, Jay Rissel and Matt Cordi. The Italian Club was led by Bridgeport Hall of Famer Tony Chiccino and Meetch Mysawka. Levingood Septic Tank were third. They were followed by Frank's Pub Hitmen, Toto's and the Cannoneers.

District-15 Bucks County Championships

Berry Mowing from District-14 captured the Bucks County District-15 Class-C Championships to advance to the State Run-offs in York. Big Dave Hicks led the Berry attack as he hit 6 home runs on the day, including three in one game. Berry came out of the losers bracket to double dip East- West of Quakertown.

Sully's 23rd annual Women's Tournament

The 23rd annual Norristown Pre-Season Women's Tournament sponsored by Sully Gelet was held this past weekend. Domenico's of Delaware County won the championship by defeating the Slammers in the title game. The Domenico pitcher, Kathy Groff earned the MVP award.

Quakertown Pre-Season Tournament

Berry Mowing defeated Cannon Roofing in the semi-final game. Once in the final, Berry could not get past perennial league power East-West (formerly Souder and Souder). East-West captured the title with a late night victory over Berry. The mowers were led by the power of Big Dave Hicks and Mark Zeigler along with the hot bats of Brent Schaeffer, Scott Nauer and Dominick Brown.

Norristown B/C Tournament

Frank's Pub Hitmen came out of the losers bracket to defeat Swedeland Fire Company and then double dip Direnzo's Tavern 20-10 and 10-5 to win B/C tournament. Franks has made it to the finals for the third year in a row and finally won the title this year. Mike Collazo was named the MVP and he was backed by the outstanding play of Bryan Kaufman. Brian Dunlap of the Hitmen led the tournament in home runs with 7.  Direnzo's finished in second place with Swedeland in third and last year's tournament champions, The Franchise in fourth.

Little Brown Jug Tournament

Carl Rost Softball captured the 2nd annual Little Brown Jug Softball Tournament as they came out of the loser's bracket and double dipped the Owls from Reading. CRS was led by tournament MVP Ty Jones who played a great second base and consistently got hits in crucial situations. Jeff Brennan was probably the offensive MVP if there was one. He was on fire all day and took over the left field duties after Andy Gelet went down with a banged up knee. The Reading Owls came in second place. Cannon Roofing came in third, TNT was fourth, Mel's Pub and The Hitmen tied for fifth. Brian Dunlap of the Hitmen pitched a no-hitter on Saturday.

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