Welcome to Lou's Auto Repair
225 West Airy Street
(610) 272 - 7621

Norristown, PA

Specializing in Complete Car Care:

  • computerized diagnostics and trouble shooting
  • foreign and domestic vehicles
  • state inspections
  • emission inspections
  • computerized wheel alignment and spin balancing

Lou Raieta, Owner
Fred Raieta, Manager

Everybody is always looking for a good mechanic, well look further than my good friend Lou Raieta of Lou's Auto. I have been a faithful customer for years and I always feel confident when I drive out of the shop knowing that my truck was in good hands. So, next time you need any work done on your vehicle, go in and visit one of our own. Lou has been pitching for a long time now and on occasion has been known to go by the name "Cy Young". His unique pitching style always keeps the other team off balance. When Lou is on the mound, you can never get into a rhythm as he throws the ball to the one spot he feels is your weak point and that's all you can ask of a pitcher in slow pitch softball. He never walks anybody and still at 50+ years old can field the middle with ease. He is the most loyal teammate in the world and a class act as evident by his winning the Sportsmanship Award in 2006.  He has won championships and playoff MVPs in both the Norristown and Bridgeport Softball leagues. I was fortunate to be part of the Bridgeport title. He pitched a masterful championship game victory and when presented with the MVP, the first thing he said was "I don't deserve this, I just throw the ball underhanded and you guys make the plays". That's the kind of guy he is. He's a great mechanic and he will take care of you. Above and beyond, he is honest and will tell you like it is about the work on your vehicle. I remember when my old truck "died", he didn't spend hours trying to fix it and charging me money left and right. he just said, "well Steve, it's time to let go, don't waste any money on it, it's done".  To me, that's the most endearing quality of a mechanic, Honesty and Lou Raieta is as honest as they come. His brother Fred, who manages the shop is equally as honest will tell you outright whether it's worth it to do any repair on your vehicle. Fred basically keeps the place moving as it's hard when Lou, as gracious as he is, always has visitors on a daily basis. Fred is more reserved and sometimes listens to these "Softball Stories" the guys talk about and just shakes his head. The Raietas are genuine people and I am extremely proud and honored to call them friends.


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