Perkiomen Valley Twilight League History

The league was called the Perkiomen Valley League from 1921-1937 or so (there is no information available from 1938-1944 as many sources say the league was not in existence this time as many of the teams associated with this league played elsewhere . Also, some say the league started in 1915, but there is no information available to document this from 1915 to 1920 either. The games were played on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. In the early days, the team finishing in first place in the regular season was awarded the league championship. If teams were tied, then a playoff was held. Some seasons (1929-30, 32-37) also played split seasons and awarded first half and second half champions. The two champs would meet for the overall league title, unless the same team won both halves, then that team was awarded the championship and no playoff were held. Some Franchises in existence back then included Gratersford, Worcester, Oaks, Schwenksville, Fairview, Skippack, Port Providence (Lower & Upper Providence), Trooper, Norristown, Harleysville, Royersford, Limerick, West Point, Collegeville, Pottstown and The Legionaires (from Perkiomen, Red Hill, Pennsburg and East Greenville). Royersford was frequently called the Needle Point Company (from Royersford) and Pottstown was also called the Spicer Corporation (from Pottstown). The older Norristown club was the Norristown High School Baseball Club (ex-Norristown High Players). Melvin Meixel was the league President from 1921-37. Warren  Zeigler was the VP, Wilmer Cressmen, Sr. was the Secretary and Carl Marberger was the Treasurer. The league statistician was Ezra Markley of Zeiglerville who kept track of the standings and sometimes as best he could, the league batting leaders, etc.  The league slowly dissolved and disbanded before the 1938 season when only two teams showed up at the organizational meeting. Teams later associated with the "new" Perky League (1946-present) played in some local area leagues from 1938-1945, it is assumed these teams (or the groups of players who played on these teams) later joined the new Perky League in 1946. For example, Harleysville played in the East-Penn League, Lansdale also played in the East Penn League, but traveled all around the area playing games as the Chestnut Street Tigers. Souderton and North Wales played in the North Penn League, while Evansburg and Norristown played in the Montco League. The ole Perky League was “reborn” in 1946 as the Perkiomen Valley “Twilight” League were games were played during the week at night or after work.

 Perkiomen Valley League Championships
Year Champion Result Runner-up Comment
1921 Oaks     (Regular Season Champ)
1922 Worcester     (Regular Season Champ)
1923 Trooper 1-0 Collegeville (Regular season ended in a tie)
1924 Oaks     (Regular Season Champ)
1925 Trooper 1-0 Schwenksville (Regular season ended in a tie)
1926 Schwenksville     (Regular Season Champ)
1927 Trooper     (Regular Season Champ)
1928 Schwenksville     (Regular Season Champ)
1929 Graterford 2-0 Trooper (Championship series)
  Trooper      (First half champ)
  Graterford 1-0 Collegeville (Second half ended in a tie)
1930 Legionnaires 3-0 Schwenksville (Championship series)
  Schwenksville      (First half champ)
  Legionnaires      (Second half champ)
1931 Oaks     (Regular Season Champ)
1932 Port Providence     (Champions - won both halves)
  Port Providence 1-0 Royersford (First half ended in a tie)
  Port Providence     (Second half champ)
1933 Port Providence 2-1 Collegeville (Championship series)
  Port Providence     (First half champ)
  Collegeville     (Second half champ)
1934 Royersford     (Champions - won both halves)
  Royersford 2-0 Port Providence (First half ended in a tie)
  Royersford     (Second half champ)
1935 Limerack 3-1 Harleysville (Championship series)
  Limerack     (First half champ)
  Harleysville     (Second half champ)
1936 Port Providence 3-0 Pottstown (Championship series)
  Pottstown     (First half champ)
  Port Providence     (Second half champ)
1937 Pottstown 3-1 Port Providence (Championship series)
  Port Providence     (First half champ)
  Pottstown     (Second half champ)

NOTE: From (1915-20) and (1938-45), no info was available

NOTE: When there was a Regular Season champ or a First and/or Second half Champion without any ties or a team won both halves of the season, there was no playoffs.


Statistical Leaders
Year Batting Leader Avg Other Comments
1922 Bill Dannenhower, Collegeville 0.452 no info on HR Leader
1923 Sam Werkiser, Trooper 0.439 Bill Dannenhower, Collegeville (2 HRs), Floyd Cash, (8 2Bs)
1924 Mike Soppick, Trooper 0.438 11 players tied with 1 HR, Hennie Detwiler, Oaks (11-2) Pitching leader

NOTE: From (1915-21) and (1925-45), no info was available on stats

PVTL League Presidents:
1915-20 - ?
1921-37 - Mervin Meixel
1938-45 - No League
1946-? - Warren Fry
?-1950 - Jeryl Royer
1951-? - Dal Smoot
?-1953-? - Robert Gilinger
1954-? - Fred Fairlie
?-1959-? - Harold Hallman
?-1963 - Donald Eschbach
1964-71 Ernie Gaugler
1972-73 Joe Stagliano
1974-76- Ernie Gaugler
1977-? - Fran Harris
?-1986 - Rob Gaugler
1986-1994 - John King
1995-96 - Bob Strimmel
1997-98 - John Cunningham
1999- 2010 - Ben Enters
2010- current - Joe Cantazaro

The League was re-organized in 1946 from the Perkiomen Valley League to the Perkiomen Valley Twilight League with the help of Charlie Romanowski. Instead of the old format of just playing in weekends, this league will now operate during the weeknights. The five original franchises in 1946 included: Skippack, Souderton, Collegeville, Lansdale, Spring Mount and Schwenksville (later became Graterford in 1953). Within the next couple years, teams such as Skippack, Franconia (later moved to Harleysville) and Sell-Perk (which later changed to Perkiomen Township made their debut in 1959). Also added were, Ambler (later moved to North Wales) and Norristown (operated from 1956 until they folded in 1969).  Tylersport operated into the early 1960's, Norristown was granted a new franchise in 1980. Lower-Gwyndedd moved to the new Ambler franchise, North Wales soon became Nor-Gwyn after the Lower-Gwyndedd to Ambler move. Trooper, Upper Merion and Plymouth were granted franchises . Jenkintown came over from the Pen-Del League to cause havoc for a couple years. This league is always evolving and just when you think it's starting to show a decline in teams, Boom, more teams join is the case for the 2011 season as franchises were granted to King of Prussia (the old Upper Merion folded years back), Skippack (finally get a franchise back) and Pottstown.

Perkiomen Valley Twi-Light League Championships
Year Champion Series Runner-up MVP if known (italics if not sure)
1946 Skippack 1-0 Souderton  
1947 Souderton 2-0 Collegeville  
1948 Collegeville 3-0 Franconia  
1949 Franconia 2-1 Collegeville  
1950 Franconia 2-1 Collegeville  
1951 Franconia 3-1 Souderton  
1952 Skippack   ? * see note  
1953 Lansdale 3-1 Souderton  
1954 Harleysville 3-2 Collegeville  
1955 Tylersport 3-0 Souderton  
1956 Lansdale 3-2 Norristown  
1957 Harleysville 3-1 Lansdale  
1958 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown  
1959 Harleysville 3-1 Norristown  
1960 Lansdale 3-1 Collegeville  
1961 Norristown 3-1 Sourdeton  
1962 Lansdale 3-1 Norristown  
1963 Norristown 3-2 Souderton  
1964 Norristown 3-2 Lansdale  
1965 Lansdale 3-1 Harleysville  
1966 Skippack 3-2 Harleysville  
1967 Lansdale 3-1 Souderton  
1968 Lansdale 3-0 Souderton  
1969 Lansdale 3-1 Harleysville  
1970 Souderton 3-1 Skippack  
1971 Collegeville 3-2 Souderton  
1972 Souderton 3-0 Skippack  
1973 North Wales 3-2 Skippack  
1974 Collegeville 3-1 North Wales  
1975 Harleysville 3-1 North Wales  
1976 Souderton 3-1 North Wales  
1977 Collegeville 3-1 Harleysville  
1978 Collegeville 3-2 Skippack  
1979 Collegeville 3-1 Skippack  
1980 Collegeville 3-1 Skippack  
1981 Collegeville 3-0 Norristown Dave Kurtz, Collegeville
1982 Skippack 3-0 Collegeville Denny Ames, Skippack
1983 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown  Dave Kurtz, Collegeville  ?
1984 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown  
1985 Norristown 3-1 Collegeville Paul Lepre, Norristown
1986 Collegeville 3-2 Skippack Bob Warren, Collegeville ?
1987 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown Randy Kurtz, Collegeville?
1988 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown  
1989 Collegeville 3-2 Trooper John Ludy, Collegeville ?
1990 Nor-Gwyn 3-2 Norristown  
1991 Norristown 3-2 Lansdale  
1992 Collegeville 3-0 Upper Merion Todd Moyer, Tom Szilli or Bob Warren, Collegeville ?
1993 Collegeville 3-0 Upper Merion Fred Faison, Collegeville
1994 Collegeville 3-1 Nor-Gwyn Paul Lepre, Collegeville
1995 Collegeville 3-0 Lansdale Dave Willman, Opie Taylor or Tom Szilli, Collegeville ?
1996 Norristown 3-2 Skippack Eric Fisher, Norristown
1997 Norristown 3-0 Collegeville  
1998 Norristown 3-0 Jenkintown Bob Pellechio, Norristown ?
1999 Norristown 3-1 Souderton  
2000 Norristown 3-1 Skippack Eric Fisher, Norristown
2001 Norristown 3-0 Skippack Matt Altieri, Norristown
2002 Norristown 4-1 Skippack Eric Fisher, Norristown (6-13, .461, 1 Win, 2 Saves)
2003 Collegeville  3-2 Norristown Jared Lenko, Collegeville
2004 Norristown 3-1 Collegeville Mark Brockell, Norristown
2005 Norristown 3-1 Plymouth  Eric Fisher, Norristown
2006 Collegeville  3-2 Plymouth  Derek Major, Collegeville
2007 Norristown 3-0 Lansdale Matt Altieri, Norristown
2008 Plymouth 3-2 Lansdale Harry Ley, Plymouth
2009 Collegeville 3-1 Nor-Gywn Bob Wineburg, Collegeville
2010 Collegeville 3-2 Norristown Lenny DelGrippo, Collegeville
2011 Collegeville 3-1 Norristown (Tri-MVPs) - Lenny DelGrippo, Jon McGlone and Andrew Miller, Collegeville
2012 Collegeville 3-0 Norristown Steve Young, Collegeville
2013 Norristown 3-1 Nor-Gwyn Craig Clark, Norristown
2014 Collegeville 3-0 Skippack Steve Young, Collegeville
2015 Norristown 3-0 Ambler * Matt Sperling, Norristown
2016 Ambler 3-1 Nor-Gwyn Nick Fasano, Ambler

*Note- Ambler Brewers won 6 Penn-Del Titles in a row from 2008-2013

*Note – 1952 (Top-4), Playoffs used the Shaughnessy Playoffs system (1vs3, 2vs4)
1- Franconia
2- Skippack
3- Collegeville
4- Lansdale
Playoff results from the Souderton Independent:
Skippack defeated Lansdale
Franconia vs. Lansdale (Franconia was covered by the Souderton Paper as well and I’m sure if they had won, there would have been a nice write-up about them going for 4 straight titles, but there was nothing in the paper at all, which leads me to believe that Franconia lost to Collegeville and then got beat by Skippack (who was the documented champion) in the finals. The only thing is the series results are unknown. Skippack and Collegeville was not covered by the Souderton paper, that’s why no result of the finals was mentioned.

Notes- Dave Kurtz won 4 Playoff MVPs (1983? and the other three ??) with Collegeville.

PVTL Statistical Leaders - Batting - (League MVPs in Bold)
Year Batting Leaders: Avg (HR’s and RBI’s if listed) 
1946 Laverne Zeigler, Souderton 0.493  
1947 Nute Weidenbaugh, Skippack 0.492  
1948 Myers, Collegeville 0.400 Hallman, Coll. (.348), Litka, Coll. (.345), Walt Maute, Schw. (.342, 16 Runs), Laverne Zeigler, Souderton (.308, 17 Runs), McClure, Coll. (17 Runs)
1949 ? ? D.Draper, Schwenksville (.341, 12 RBIs, 17 Runs), Ken Nace, Schwenksville (.333, 2 HRs, 19 RBIs, 14 Runs), Renninger, Schwenksville (.333, 15 RBIs), Maute, S (2 HRs)
1950 Myers, Collegeville 0.400 Walt Maute, Schwenksville (.330, 2 HRs, 12 RBIs, 17 Runs, 4 2Bs), Ken Nace, Schwenksville (.262, 2 HRs, 13 Runs),
1951 Ernie Gaugler, Schwenksville  0.386 Ernie Gaugler, Schwenksville (4 2Bs, 3 3Bs), Walt Maute, Schwenksville (.364, 2 3Bs, 7 RBIs, 16 Runs, 12 SBs)
1952 Jerry Haberle, Franconia  0.391  
1953 Ed McKissic, Graterford  0.408 Ed McKissic, (17 Rs), Jerry Haberle, Fran. (.382),  Lavern Zeigler, Soud. (.375, 5-2Bs), Lee Saverio, Lan.  (.238, 3 HRs), Walt Maute, Grate. (.311, 22 Runs)
1954 Wils Kulp, Graterford 0.446 Elmer Kulp, Souderton (.404), Lee Saverio, Lansdale (.346)
1955 Joe Ruffo, Lansdale 0.426  
1956 John Miller, Lansdale 0.461  
1957 Roy Teets, Tylersport 0.415  
1958 Ron Hughes, Lansdale  0.386  
Fran Bergey, Harleysville  0.386  
1959 George Williams, Perky Twp. 0.458 Sam Landis, Harleysville (.404, 25 Runs), Ron Hughes Lan. (.355), Joe Sutcheon, Norr.(.350), Tony Monastero, Norr. (.333), Meade Palmer, Lan. (.333)
1960 Corky Cuthbert, Lansdale  0.462 Bob Famous, Harleysville (.408), Jim Randolph, Norr.(.385, 5 HRs), Barry Williamson, Perky (.372, 23 Runs, 5 HRs), Paul KcKernan, Coll. (5 HRs)
1961 Bob Famous, Harleysville  0.473  
1962 Ron Hughes, North Wales  0.390 Ron Hughes,( 25 RBIs,), Art Yerk, Harleysville (.370). Moe DeStefano, Norristown (.352, 4 3Bs)
Wils Kulp, Collegeville  0.390 Wils Kulp, Collegeville (8-2Bs, 5 HRs,), Paul Dewey Goetter, Lansdale (.365), Meade Palmer, Lansdale (.355)
1963 Dick Kratz, Norristown  0.455 Dick Kratz (8 2Bs, 2 HRs), Bobby Mitchell, Norr.  .339) , Wils Kulp, Coll.- (#1 RBIs, #1 HRs, .430), Denny Robison, Skip.(.465), Jim Randolph, Norr. (.356, 2 HRs)
1964 Bobby Mitchell, Norristown  0.481 Bobby Mitchell, Norristown (9-2Bs, 5-3Bs, 5 HRs), Wils Kulp, Collegeville  (8 HRs, 24 RBIs, .398)
1965 Greg Stagliano, Norristown  0.416 Wils Kulp, Coll. (4 HRs, 20 RBIs, .333) ,Stan Johnson, Norr.(.381, 15 RBIs, 4 HRs), Larry Flowers, Norr.(.400), Jim Randolph, Norr. (.300, 18 RBIs)
1966 Wils Kulp, Collegeville          TRIPLE CROWN  0.493 Wils Kulp (9 HRs, 32 RBIs) , Ron Erb, Lansdale (.383), Tom Trosko, Norristown (.365), Moe DeStefano, Norristown (.354)
1967 Denny Robison, Lansdale 0.484 Wils Kulp, Coll. (RBI Leader, 2 HRs-tied with many), Bob Gaines, Norr. (.474), Paul Dewey Goetter, Lan.  (.375), John Flad, Norr. (.367, 21 RBIs-2nd)
1968 Corky Cuthbert, Lansdale  0.392 Chuck Sithens, Norristown (.377-4th)
1969 Steve Miller, Harleysville    TRIPLE CROWN 0.468 Steve Miller, Harleysville (.468, 11 HRs-new record, 30 RBIs, 29 Runs), Dave Webb, Skippack (.420)
1970 Corky Cuthbert, Lansdale  0.439 Corky Cuthbert, Lansdale (7 HRs), Ken Fidler, Skippack (26 RBIs), Wils Kulp, Collegeville  (.369, 4 HRs)
1971 Alan Frick, Souderton 0.418  
1972 Harold Moyer, Collegeville ?  
1973 ? ?  
1974 Ron Erb, Souderton                TRIPLE CROWN 0.509 Ron Erb (7 HRs, 28 RBIs) , Mark Hollenbach, Souderton (.418), Barry Troster (.416, 2 HRs, 20 RBIs, 10-0 Pitching), Rich Rodegherio, Souderton (.348, 23 RBIs, 9-0 Pitching)
1975 Bob Marberger, Lower -Gwy. 0.419 Glenn Webb, Skippack (HRs, RBIs)
1976 Bobby Shantz, Lower -Gwy. 0.475 Mike Yanckak, Perky  (.370, 6 HRs, 23 RBIs), Bill Roth, N-W (6 HRs), Glen Webb, Skip (.364, 4 HRs, 27 RBIs), Dave Strawhacker, L-G (.422), Dave Kurtz, Coll. (.418)
1977 Barry Troster, North Wales 0.500 Barry Troster, N-W (17 RBIs, 17 Runs), Scott Houser, N-W(.471, 34 RBIs), Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville (.325, 6 HRs, 8 2Bs)
1978 John King, Skippack 0.407 John King, Skippack (8 HRs, 31 RBIs), Glenn Webb, Skippack (.372, 8 HRs, 33 RBIs)
1979 Dave Kurtz, Collegeville 0.475 Dave Kurtz, Collegeville (9 HRs, 27 RBIs), Sonny Seibert, Skippack (31 RBIs)
1980 Dave Kurtz, Collegeville 0.473 Dave Kurtz (22 RBIs), Greg Vermeesch, Coll.  (7 HRs, 37 RBIs), Cory Lock, Harl.  (7 HRs), Ron Moorehead, Skip (.453, 7 HRs. 22 SBs), Bob Pellechio, Norr. (.435)
1981 Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville 0.492 Joe DeFusco, Collegeville (8 HRs), Glenn Webb, Skippack (RBIs)
1982 Gary Shunk, Collegeville 0.488 Gary Shunk (21 RBIs, 9 2Bs), Greg Vermeesch, Coll. (.364, 9 HRs, 35 RBIs), John King, Skip. (.407, 9 HRs, 30 RBIs), Todd Moyer, Collegeville  (.468, 8 HRs, 35 RBIs,    Meade Palmer, Lans. (.458), Mike Hoy, Lan.  (.475, 19 RBIs) - 4-1 Pitching, Jim Fazio, Coll.  (.408, 4 HRs, 23 RBIs) - 6-2 pitching, Chris Losciavo, Norr (.442, 4 HRs)
1983 Phil Leggieri, Norristown 0.556 Phil Leggieri (9 HRs, 48 RBIs), John King, Skip. (12 HRs) & Scott Seiz, Lan.  (12 HRs, both set new league HR record), Chris Losciavo, Norr.  (.455)
1984 Pat 'Todd' Tronoski, Low-Gwy. 0.514 Dave Sonny Seibert, Skippack (.259, 9 HRs, 32 RBIs)
1985 Randy Kurtz, Collegeville 0.509 Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville (13 HRs, new league HR Record.), Paul Lepre, Norristown (.407, 2 HRs, 36 RBIs)
1986 Barry Sayers, Harleysville 0.4855 Tony Carfagno, Norr.  (.4854), Jesse Hodges, L-G (13 HRs, 39 RBIs), Butch Denczi, Norr. (.439, 11 HRs, 56 RBIs), Al Warner, (438, 12 HRs, 38 RBIs, 37 Runs, 7-1  P) pitch-record
1987 Butch Denczi, Norristown      TRIPLE CROWN 0.475 Butch Denczi (11 HRs, 36 RBIs),  Chris McKight, N-G (.444, 26 RBIs), Alex Dinolfi, Norr.  (25 RBIs, 32 Rs, 11 2Bs, 19 SBs), Ed Seiple, Coll. (.423, 40 Rs, 20 SBs)
1988 Ed Lowry, Norristown 0.478 Ed Lowry, (32 RBIs, 10 HRs, 26 Runs, 12 2Bs), Andy Melillo, N-G (11 HRs), Andy Beyer, Norr.  (32 RBIs), Chris Loschiavo, Norr.  (.419, 38 Runs)
1989 Todd Moyer, Collegeville       TRIPLE CROWN 0.459 Todd Moyer, Collegeville (12 HRs, 41 RBIs, 4-1 Pitching)
1990 Todd Moyer, Collegeville 0.476 Todd Moyer (6 HRs, 31 RBIs. , 3-1, 3 svs) - Butch Denczi, Norr. (11 HRs, 40 RBIs, .409, 34 Rs), Alex DiNolfi, Norr. (.462), Jack Bradley, N-G (.433)
1991 Frank Monastero, Up. Merion 0.489 F. Monastero (5 HRs, 38 Rs, 19 SBs) , Alan Warner, N-G (.351, 7 HRs),  Bob Warren, Coll., (.462. , 41 RBIs), Bob Altieri, U-M (.474), Chris Losciavo, Norr. (.473)
1992 Dave Leggieri, Norristown 0.455 Dave Leggieri (3 HRs, 26 RBIs), Bob Cassell, U-M (.433, 10 HRs, 49 RBIs), Dave Kurtz, Collegeville (.435, 8 HRs, 39 RBIs), Alex DiNolfi, Norristown (.446), Todd Moyer, Collegeville (.446), Paul Lepre, Collegeville (.427, 7 HRs, 37 RBIs)
1993 Bob Wineburg, Lansdale 0.524

Bob Wineburg (6 HRs), Bob Cassell, U-M (.402, 15 HRs-new record, 45 RBIs, 29 Runs), Bob Altieri, Lan. (.491, 7 HRs, 31 RBIs), Marc Brody, Ambler (.495)

1994 Marc Brody, Ambler 0.495 Marc Brody, Ambler (13 2Bs, 4 3Bs),
1995 Bob Altieri, Lansdale 0.529 Bob Altieri (3 HRs, 25 RBIs), Rick Martinez, Ambler (.449, 6 HRs, 19 RBIs), Bob Wineburg, Lan. (.468, 4 HR's, 26 RBIs), Frank Monastero, Lansdale (.494, 34 Rs)
1996 Jim Wineburg, Norristown 0.465 Jim Wineburg (5 HRs, 20 RBIs, 29 Runs), Matt Ecker, Skippack (8 HRs, 32 RBIs), Frank Monastero, Norr. (.402), Matt Altieri, Norr. (.483, not enough ABs),
1997 Phil Bertoletti, Skippack       TRIPLE CROWN 0.505 Phil Bertoletti, Skippack  (12 HRs, 44 RBIs) Dave Kurtz, Coll (.373, 7 HRs, 31 RBIs), Bob Altieri, Norristown (.474, 6 HRs, 29 RBIs)
1998 Mark Brockell, Norristown  TRIPLE CROWN 0.515 Mark Brockell, Norr. (11 HRs, 41 RBIs), Joe O’Brien, Jenkintown (11 HRs), Matt Altieri, Norristown (.473), Bob Altieri, Norristown (.474)
1999 Mark Brockell, Norristown  TRIPLE CROWN 0.610 Mark Brockell (15 HRs-ties record, 51 RBIs, 41 R’s, 10 2Bs), Frank Monastero, Norr.  (.546, 11 HRs, 38 RBIs, 53 Runs), Carl Motts, Skip.  (.506, 40 RBIs, 8 HRs)
2000 Dan Chieffalo, Norristown 0.541 Dan Chieffalo (8 HRs, 36 RBIs), Tom Szilli, Coll. (.494, 17 HRs, 42 RBIs), Matt Altieri, Norr. (.494, 7 HRs, 30 RBIs, 36 Rs), Matt Weygand, Skip.  (.524, 34 RBIs)
2001 Dan Hogan, Collegeville         TRIPLE CROWN 0.541

Dan Hogan, Coll. (15 HRs-ties record, 47 RBIs), Matt Pusey,Trooper (.483, 12 HRs, 35 RBIs, 30 Runs, 9 2Bs), Dave Kurtz, Norr. (.643, not enough ABs),

2002 Mark Brockell, Norristown 0.516 Mark Brockell (6 HRs, 42 RBIs, 31 R’s) - Brian Oakes, N-G (10 HRs, 24 RBIs, .341),, Eric Fisher, Norr. (.493, 13 2Bs), Matt Altieri, Norr.  (.465, 31 RBIs, 45 RS)
2003 Tony DeLude, Souderton 0.554

Tony DeLude (7 HRs, 30 RBIs), Brad Smith, U-M (8 HRs), Joe D’Orazio, Norr. (.416, 5 HRs. 36 RBIs), Matt Altieri, Norr.  (.500, 38 Runs, 12 2Bs, 17 SBs)

2004 Kevin McCarthy, Trooper 0.538

Kevin McCarthy (7 HRs, 18 RBIs, 24 Rs), Gene Kozuch, Lan. (9 HRs, 20 RBIs), Mark Brockell, Nrt (.37 RBIs), Jon Humay, Nrt (.489), Matt Sperling, Ply. (506, 5 HRs)

2005 Mark Brockell, Norristown 0.488 Mark Brockell (2 HRs, 36 RBIs) Dennis Burge, Ply. (4 HRs, .306, 26 Rs), Matt Sperling, Norr. (38 RBIs, .432, 33 Rs), Matt Altieri, Norr. (.453, 37 Rs, 10 SBs)
2006 Mark Brockell, Norristown  TRIPLE CROWN 0.447 Mark Brockell (4 HRs, 35 RBIs) , Will Eagles, Lansdale (4 HRs, 23 RBIs, .317), Andrew Miller, Lan.  (.443), Dan Overcash, Trooper (4 HRs, 15 RBIs),
2007 Harry Ley, Plymouth 0.422 Harry Ley (26 RBIs, 23 Rs), Joe D’Orazio, Norr (26 RBIs, 4 HRs), Jon McGlone, Lan. (.400), Mark Roth (15 RBIs), Ian Hauze, Coll. (5 HRs, .337), Matt Altieri, Norr (.384), Mark Roth (15 RBIs), Ian Hauze, Coll. (5 HRs, .337), Matt Altieri, Norr (.384)
Mark Roth, Norristown
2008 Matt Altieri, Plymouth 0.459 Matt Altieri (1 HR, 13 RBIs, 12 SBs), Brian Hartsell, Trp. (5 HRs, 3 3Bs, 18 RBIs), Tom Mahoney, Harleysville (.313, 19 RBIs)
2009 James Quigley, Harleysville 0.410 James Quigley (.410, 2 HRs, 29 RBIs), Joe Conaway, Trp. (.368, 5 HRs, 23 RBIs), Victor Evangelist, Trp. (.371, 5 HRs, 13 RBIs), Mike Villari, Harl. (.403)
2010 Joe Conaway, Trooper 0.429 Joe Conaway (3 HRs, 17 RBIs), Lenny Del Grippo, Coll.  (.394, 5 HRs, 32 RBIs), Matt Altieri, Coll.  (,378, 21 RBIs, 23 Rs), Andrew Miller, Coll. (.394, 25 Rs)
2011 Matt Albaugh, Skippack 0.521 Matt Albaugh (3 HRs, 23 RBIs), Ken Devenny, N-G (.333, 5 HRs, 14 RBIs), Bryan Mulhern, Norr.  (.436, 3 HRs, 30 RBIs), Matt Altieri, Coll. (.453, 25 RBIs, 23 Rs)
2012 Rocky Ferrier, Ambler 0.466 Rocky Ferrier (28 Rs, 13 RBIs), Mike Knipe, N-G (.338, 7 HRs, 27 RBIs), Tom DeAngelis, Pott. (.446), Bryan Mulhern, Norr. (.440, 3 HRs, 22 RBIs)
2013 Brian Hartsell, Trooper 0.450 Brian Hartsell (5 HRs, 22 RBIs), Lenny Del Grippo, Coll. (.364, 4 HRs, 28 RBIs), Jack Kavetski, VF (.447, 23 Rs), Mike Knip, N-G (.328, 5 HRs)
2014 Matt Cavagnaro, Norristown 0.493 Matt Cavagnaro (30 Rs), Brian Hartsell, Trp. (.400, 6 HRs), Len.Del Grippo, Coll. (.5 HRs, 34 RBIs), Joe Casselbery, Skip. (38 RBIs), Rob Zinsmeister, Skip (.446, 38 RBIs)
2015 Kyle Wenger, Norristown 0.438 Kyle Wenger (32 Rs, 19 RBIs, 15 SBs), Jason Mills, Lansdale (.362, 6 HRs, 36 RBIs), Ryan Richter, Valley Forge (.424, 3 HRs, 12 RBIs)
2016 Angelo Kelly, Pottstown 0.458 Angelo Kelly (18 Rs), Rob Zinsmeister, Lans. (.447, 4 HRs, 32 Rs), Matt Sperling, Norr. (.442),  Matt Blazynski, N-G (.422, 8 HRs, 23 RBIs), Brian Hartsell, Trooper (8 HRs, 24 RBIs), Joe Cassellbery, Lansdale  (2 HRs, 27 RBIs)

NOTE: 2005 mandated the use of wooden bats


PVTL Statistical Leaders - Pitching - (League Pitcher of the year or League MVP in Bold)
Year Pitching Leader Record Pct. (Runner-up or Runner-ups if listed)
1946 ? ? ?  
1947 E. Christy, Lansdale   2-0 1.000  
Werst, Souderton   2-0 1.000  
1948 ? ? ?  
1949 ? ? ? Roy Gaugler, Schwenksville (5-2)
1950  Jim  Bergey, Franconia    5-1 0.833 Roy Gaugler, Schwenksville (6-4)
1951  Roy Teets, Franconia   4-0 1.000 Ernie Gaugler, Schwenksville (5-3)
1952  Art Landis, Franconia    8-1 0.889  
1953  J. Bean, Lansdale    8-0 1.000 G. Landis, Lansdale (4-0), R. Godshall, Souderton (8-3)
1954  Kulp, Lansdale    8-1 0.889 Lansdale Pitching Staff (20-5)
1955  Art Landis, Harleysville    8-0 1.000  
1956  Slotter, Tylersport   6-0 1.000  
1957  Art Landis, Harleysville    9-3 0.750  
1958  John Kudoba, Collegeville   7-1 0.875 Johnny Heist, Norristown (10-2)
1959  Vern Walch, Lansdale   7-2 0.778 John Kudoba, Collegeville (8-3), Johnny Heist, Norristown (7-3), Stan "Bo-Bo" Burat, Norristown (5-2)
1960  Jim Hallman, Perky Township 10-4 0.714  
Stan 'BoBo' Burat, Norristown  5-2 0.714  
1961  Art Landis, Harleysville  14-2 0.875 Sully "Heels" Gelet, Norristown (8-2)
1962  Dave Livezey, Lansdale    9-1 0.900 Frank Bishop, Norr (8-1), Dick Kreisher, Skip (10-2), Carl Wismer, Soud (10-3), Sully Gelet, Norr (7-3)
1963  Ray Moyer, Souderton    7-0 1.000  
1964  Dave Livezey, Lansdale    6-1 0.857 Ralph "Skag" Cottman, Norristown (10-2), Dennis McKernan, Norristown (4-0)
1965  Bob Gaines, Norristown  12-2 0.857 Art Landis, Harleysville (13-3)
1966  Art Landis, Harleysville    8-1 0.889 Fran Bergey, Harleysville, (7-1),Charlie Prediger, Lansdale (5-0)
1967  Tom Barrow, Souderton  10-1 0.909  
1968  Art Landis, Harleysville    6-1 0.857 Won a record 6th Pitching Award.
1969 Paul Macolly, Lansdale   6-1 0.857 Carl Mott, Souderton (7-2), Tom Barrow, Soud. (9-6), Dave Livezey, Harl. (8-3), Jim Berry, Skippack (8-3)
1970 Tom Barrow, Souderton    9-0 1.000 Paul Dewey Goetter (MVP), Lansdale (9-3)
1971 Paul Dewey Goetter, Lansdale   8-1 0.889  
1972 Tom Barrow, Souderton    9-1 0.900  
1973 ? ? ?  
1974 Barry Troster, North Wales 10-0 1.000 Rich Rodegherio, Souderton (9-0), Bob Arner, Souderton (6-2), Charley Prediger, Lansdale (6-2)
1975 Barry Troster, North Wales ? ?  
1976 Tim Todd, Collegeville     9-2 0.818 Bob Bartle, Lower-Gwy. (9-3), Barry Troster, North Wales (8-3), Tom Barrow, Souderton (5-0)
1977 Frank Spielman, Collegeville    7-1 0.875 Barry Troster, North Wales (7-1), Tim Todd, Collegeville (8-2), Rick Budweg, Lansdale (8-4)
1978 Brian Lunden, Skippack     8-0 1.000  
1979 Tommy Williams, Collegeville     5-0 1.000 Brian Lunden, Skippack (7-2)
1980 Frank Spielman, Collegeville     8-0 1.000 Ron D'Annunzio, Skip.  (7-2), Charlie Prediger, Lan. (7-2), Rick Budweg, Lan.(7-2), Paul McKernan, Norr (7-4)
1981 Paul McKernan Jr. , Norristown ? ? Tommy Williams, Coll. (10-3), Billy Sayers/John Prediger, Harl. (11 wins), Ron D'Annunzio Skippack (7-3)
1982 Denny Ames, Skippack 7-2 0.778 Jim Fazio, Coll  (6-2), Tommy Williams, Coll (5-0), Brent Nelson, Skippack (5-0), Keith Claus, Harleysville (5-1), Jamie Moyer Souderton (4-2)
Jack McGuigan, Norristown
1983 ?      
1984 Craig Antush, Collegeville    9-0 1.000  
1985 Scott Johnson,  Norristown 10-0 1.000 Scott Johnson, Norristown (15-0 including playoffs)
1986 Bill Pilgemayer, Skippack 10-2 0.833 Paul Lepre, Norristown (8-3), Al Warner (MVP), Nor-Gwyn (7-1), Keith Davis, Norristown (5-0)
1987 Eric Minemeirer, Nor-Gwyn   9-1 0.900 Rick Bickhardt, Norristown (6-0), Eddie Pires, Collegeville (7-3), Al Warner, Nor-Gwyn (7-2)
1988 Phil Kuntz, Norristown   7-1 0.875 Kevin Kabilko, Coll  (6-1), Jeff Prickett, L-G (6-2), Keith DeStefano, Upper Merion (6-3)
Rick Bickhardt, Norristown
1989 Joe Morello, Norristown   9-0 1.000  
1990 Larry Kingsbury, Upper Merion   7-3 0.700 Todd Lackenmayer, Norristown (6-0), John Fisher, Norristown (6-1), Joe Morello Norristown (6-1)
1991 Todd Lackenmayer, Norristown   9-1 0.900 Keith DeStefano, Upper Merion (5-0), Dean Moore, Skippack (7-3)
1992 Rick Detweiler, Collegeville   7-0 1.000 Paul Lepre (MVP), Collegeville (7-3), Bob Anderson, Souderton (5-0), Todd Lackenmayer, Norristown (5-1)
1993 Bob Anderson, Collegeville   7-3 0.700 Jeff Landis, Skippack (7-4), Paul Lepre, Collegeville (5-1), Dave Leggieri, Upper Merion (4-0, 4 saves)
1994 ? ? ?  
1995 Tom Christy, Nor-Gwyn   8-1 0.889 Nate Yeagle, Lansdale (6-0), Bob Anderson, Collegeville (6-2)
1996 George Riley, Norristown   9-0 1.000  
1997 Jamus Peterson, Collegeville   9-1 0.900 George Riley, Norristown (7-1)
1998 Jason Stackhouse, Norristown 10-2 0.909 Tom Christy, Norristown (8-0 and went on to win 22 straight games, counting post season from 1998-2000)
1999 Tom Christy, Norristown   8-0 1.000 Tom Billek, Skippack (7-1), John Duffy, Trooper (6-0)
2000 Jared Lenko, Collegeville   6-2 0.750 Frank DeMedio, Ambler (6-1), Mike Dougherty, Skippack (7-1)
2001 Chris Geis, Norristown   6-1 0.857 Jared Lenko, Collegeville (7-1), Brandon Bruno, Lansdale (6-1), Gary Yeager, Norr. (6-1)
2002 Brandon Bruno, Lansdale   6-2 0.750 Mark Fisher, Norristown (6-0), Matt Sperling, Skippack (5-1), Tom Christy, Soudeton (6-3)
2003 Derek Major, Collegeville   9-1 0.900 Joe Raniszewski, Collegeville (7-1), Ryan Hoagey, Souderton (6-2)
2004 Bill Zalewski, Norristown   6-0 1.000 Jared Lenko, Collegeville (6-0), Derek Major, Collegeville (6-3)
2005 Brandon Bruno, Plymouth   8-0 1.000 Brandon Bruno, Plymouth (2 no-hitters), Brian Stump, Norristown (6-0), Bill Zalewski, Norristown (6-0)
Mike Zwanch, Norristown   5-0 (4 svs)
2006 Derek Major, Collegeville   6-2 (2 svs) 0.750 Mike Zwanch, Norristown (6-1), Zeb Engle, Trooper (6-2, Aaron Markowitz, Lans. (5-2)
2007 Brandon Bruno, Plymouth   7-0 1.000 Dan Waters, Plymouth (6-0),  Sean Kroszner, Plymouth (6-0), Zeb Engle, Trooper (3-3)
2008 Matt Kelly, Lansdale   8-1 0.889 Pete Buck, Plymouth (6-0), Zeb Engle, Trooper (6-3), Brandon Bruno, Plymouth (4-3)
2009 Michael Caron, Harleysville   7-0 1.000 Jeff Rugg, Harleysville (6-0), Travis Hughes, Collegeville (6-1), Derek Major, Collegeville (6-3)
2010 Matt Zoltak, Norristown   4-2 0.667 Jeff Rugg, Harleysville (4-3), Matt Sperling, Norristown (4-1-1), Derek Major, Collegeville (4-2)
2011 Michael Caron, Norristown   6-1 0.857 Brandon Bruno, Norristown (4-2), Tim Racek, Ambler (3-3), Lenny Del Grippo, Collegeville (4-0)
2012 Zeb Engle, Collegeville   7-1 0.875 Zach Wasson, Ambler (7-1-1), Mike Caron, Norristown (6-0), Zen Engle, Collegeville (7-1)
2013 Anthony Civitello, Skippack   6-1 0.857 Paul Spiewak, Collegeville (6-1), Carl Motts, Lansdale (7-0)
2014 Doug Brown, Ambler   5-1 0.833 Doug Brown (2 ERs, 51 IP, 62 K's, 5 BBs, 0.27 ERA), Pete Moore, Ambler (8-1), Brandon Bruno, Coll. (5-0)
2015 Doug Brown, Ambler   7-1 (1 sv) 0.875 Doug Brown (6 ERs, 64 IP, 88 K's, 0.66 ERA), Mike Anthony, Valley Forge (7-1), Paul Spiewek, Norr (7-1)
2016 Andy Noga, Ambler 9-0 1.000 Andy Noga (64 IP, 88 K's, 1.87 ERA), Paul Spiewek, Norristown (10-1, 7 ER, 5 BBs, 0.89 ERA), Joe Harris, N-G (8-1), Patrick Flynn, Pottstown (8-1)
Paul Spiewak, Norristown 10-1 0.909

Note- In the earlier days, the Pitching Award went to the pitcher with the highest winning percentage and then it changed over to the pitcher with the most wins (I think), so I could not find no documentation on the actual awards after 1968, so I listed the pitchers with the best percentage and most wins. Also, Tom Christy led the league in strikeouts several times.

Perkiomen Valley Twi-light League Outstanding Player-MVP Award Winners

(Awarded first presented in 1969 - Runner-ups listed if available)

Note - 1966, Wils Kulp (Collegeville) won the first Triple Crown in league history and was the obvious MVP of the league, even though the MVP award was not instituted yet

Year MVP and Runner-ups Statistical Information
1969 Steve Miller, Harleysville .468 avg., 11 HRs, 30 RBIs, 29 Runs,  - Triple Crown Winner
1970 Paul Dewey Goetter, Lansdale 9-3 Pitching
1971 Alan Frick, Souderton .418 Avg.
1972 Harold Moyer, Collegeville Batting Leader (according to some sources)
1973 no info available ?
1974 Ron Erb, Lansdale .509 Avg., 7 HRs, 28 RBIs, 14 SBs, - Triple Crown Winner
1975 no info available ?
1976 no info available ?
1977 Barry Troster, North Wales .500 Avg, 17 RBIs, 17 Runs - 7-1 Pitching
1978 John King, Skippack .407 Avg, 8 HRs, 31 RBIs
1979 no info available ?
1980 Ron Moorehead, Skippack .453 Avg, 7 HRs, 8 2Bs, 22 SBs
1981 Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville .492 Avg.
1982 Todd Moyer, Collegeville .468 Avg, 8 HRs, 35 RBIs, 22 Runs
1983 Phil Leggieri, Norristown .556 Avg, 9 HRs, 48 RBIs
1984 no info available ?
1985 no info available ?
1986 Al Warner, Nor-Gwyn .438 Avg., 12 HRs, 38 RBIs, 37 Runs, 8 2Bs, 7-1 Pitching
1987 Butch Denczi, Norristown .475 Avg., 11 HRs, 36 RBIs, 29 Runs, - Triple Crown Winner
1988 Ed Lowry, Norristown .478 Avg., 10 HRs, 32 RBIs
1989 Todd Moyer, Collegeville .459 Avg., 12 HRs, 14 RBIs, - Triple Crown Winner, 4-1 Pitching
1990 Todd Moyer, Collegeville .476 Avg, 6 HRs, 31 RBIs, 33 Runs, 9 2Bs, 3-1 Pitching
1991 no info available ?
1992 Paul Lepre, Upper Merion .427 Avg., 7 HRs, 37 RBIs, 7-3 Pitching
   Bob Cassell, Upper Merion .433 Avg, 10 HRs, 49 RBIs, 9 2Bs, 21 Runs
1993 no info available ?
1994 no info available ?
1995 Frank Monastero, Lansdale .494 Avg, 16 RBIs, 34 Runs, 18 SBs
   Bob Altieri, Lansdale .529 Avg., 3 HRs, 25 RBIs
   Bob Weinburg, Lansdale .468 Avg., 4 HRs, 26 RBIs
1996 Matt Ecker, Skippack .465 Avg., 8 HRs, 32 RBIs
1997 Phil Bertoletti, Skippack .505 Avg., 12 HRs, 44 RBIs, - Triple Crown Winner
   Bob Altieri, Norristown .474 Avg., 6 HRs, 29 RBIs
1998 Mark Brockell, Norristown .515 Avg., 11 HRs, 41 RBIs, - Triple Crown Winner
1999 Mark Brockell, Norristown .610 Avg,. 15 HRs, 51 RBIs, 41 Runs, 10 2Bs, - Triple Crown Winner 
   Frank Monastero, Norristown .548 Avg., 11 HRs, 38 RBIs, 53 Runs, 11 2Bs, 12 SBs
   Carl Motts, Souderton .506 Avg., 8 HRs, 40 RBIs, 15 2Bs,
2000 Tom Szilli, Collegeville .494 Avg, 17 HRs, 42 RBIs, 41 Runs
   Dan Chieffalo, Norristown .541 Avg., 8 HRs, 36 RBIs
   Matt Weygand, Skippack .524 Avg., 5 HRs, 34 RBIs, 37 Runs, 12 2Bs
2001 Dan Hogan, Collegeville .541 Avg., 15 HRs, 47 RBIs, 10 SBs, - Triple Crown Winner
   Frank Monastero, Norristown .426 Avg., 6 HRs, 35 RBIs, 43 Runs, 10 2Bs
   Matt Pusey, Trooper .483 Avg., 12 HRs, 35 RBIs
2002 Matt Altieri, Norristown .465 Avg., 3 HRs, 31 RBIs, 45 Runs
   Mark Brockell, Norristown .516 Avg., 6 HRs, 42 RBIs, 31 Runs
   Eric Fisher, Norristown .493 Avg., 2 HRs, 17 RBIs, 30 Runs, 13 2Bs
2003 Matt Altieri, Norristown .500 Avg,. 3 HRs, 21 RBIs, 38 Runs, 12 2Bs, 17 SBs
   Frank Monastero, Norristown .448 Avg., 3 HRs, 24 RBIs, 32 Runs, 11 2Bs
   Tony DeLude, Souderton .554 Avg., 7 HRs, 35 RBIs
2004 Matt Sperling, Plymouth .506 Avg., 5 HRs, 24 RBIs, 29 Runs, 11 2Bs
   Matt Altieri, Norristown .370 Avg., 1 HR, 32 RBIs, 29 Runs, 18 SBs
2005 Matt Sperling, Norristown .432 Avg., 2 HRs, 38 RBIs, 33 Runs, 10 2Bs
   Matt Altieri, Norristown .453 Avg., 1 HR, 26 RBIs, 37 Runs
   Mark Brockell, Norristown .488 Avg., 2 HRs, 36 RBIs
2006 Mark Brockell, Norristown .447 Avg., 4 HRs, 35 RBIs, Triple Crown Winner
   Jon McGlone. Lansdale .370 Avg., 0 HRs, 7 RBIs, 20 Runs, 8 2Bs, 17 SBs
   Matt Altieri, Norristown .362 Avg., 1 HR, 19 RBIs
   Will Eagles, Lansdale .317 Avg., 4 HRs, 23 RBIs
2007 Harry Ley, Plymouth .422 Avg., 1 HR, 26 RBIs, 23 Runs
   Matt Altieri, Norristown  .384 Avg., 1 HR, 16 RBIs, 26 Runs, 15 SBs, 18 BBs
   Jon McGlone, Lansdale .400 Avg., 0 HRs, 16 RBIs, 21 Runs, 13 SB
2008 Matt Altieri, Plymouth .459 Avg., 1 HR, 13 RBIs, 20 Runs, 12 SBs
   Ryan Griffin, Trooper .340 Avg., 1 HR, 11 RBIs, 26 Runs
   Phil Cavalcante, Lansdale .400 Avg., 1 HR, 18 RBIs, 15 Runs
2009 James Quigley, Harleysville .410 Avg., 2 HRs, 29 RBIs, 11 2Bs
   Mike Villari, Harleysville .403 Abg., 0 HR, 11 RBIs, 19 Runs, 10 SBs
   Joe Conaway, Trooper .384 Avg., 5 HRs, 23 RBIs, 22 Runs
2010 Lenny Del Grippo, Collegeville .394 Avg, 5 HRs, 32 RBIs, 22 Runs, 12 SBs, 10 2Bs
   Jon McGlone, Lansdale .379 Avg., 1 HR, 11 RBIs, 23 Runs
   Matt Altieri, Collegeville .378 Avg., 0 HR, 21 RBIs, 23 Runs, 14 SBs
2011 Matt Altieri, Collegeville .453 Avg., 0 HRs, 25 RBIs, 23 Runs, 10 2Bs,  - (Co-MVP)
Matt Albaugh, Skippack .521 Avg., 3 HRs, 23 RBIs, 25 Runs, 8 2Bs - (Co-MVP)
   Jon McGlone, Collegeville .438 Avg., 3 HRs, 22 RBIs, 20 Runs
   Lenny Del Grippo, Collegeville .341 Avg., 3 HRs, 21 RBIs, 21 Runs, 4-0 Pitching
2012 Rocky Ferrier, Ambler .466 Avg., 0 HR, 13 RBIs, 28 Runs
  Jason Mills, Lansdale .429 Avg., 4 HRs, 21 RBIs, 20 Runs
  Lenny Del Grippo, Collegeville .409 Avg., 2 HRs, 25 RBIs, 16 Runs, 10 2Bs
2013 Brian Hartsell, Trooper .450 Avg., 5 HRs, 22 RBIs, 29 Runs
  Jack Kavetski, Valley Forge .447 Avg., 23 Runs
2014 Rob Zinsmeister, Skippack .446 Avg., 1 HR, 23 RBIs, 38 Runs, 19 SBs
  Joe Casselberry, Skippack .427 Avg., 3 HRs, 38 RBIs, 18 Runs
  Matt Cavagnaro, Norristown .493 Avg., 1 HR, 17 RBIs, 30 Runs, 8 SBs
2015 Matt Sperling, Norristown .382 Avg., 26 Runs, 20 RBIs, 18 BBs, 10 SBs, 6-1 Pitching
2016 Rob Zinsmeister, Lansdale .447 Avg., 4 HRs, 20 RBIs, 32 Runs, 18 BBs, 17 SBs

Note: Matt Altieri was 360-842 (.428) in the decade of 2000-2009 with 3 MVPs and 5 Runner-up MVP finishes

John King has won 2 MVP Awards, 1 in 1978, the other unknown

Perkiomen Valley Twilight League Hall of Fame


Art Bustard - Bustard began his Perky career as a Skippack outfielder in 1946. But after an eye injury suffered in a quarry in 1952 robbed him of his playing days (except for an occasional pinch-hitting appearance following the advent of the batting helmet), Bustard became the overseer of the franchise, even using personal funds to keep the franchise afloat. He played the role of team owner, GM and manager from 1953 until 1975. But his role as Perky visionary may have had a more lasting impact. It was Bustard who championed Perky expansion and who first suggested attempting to attract a Norristown franchise. He helped do away with the five-mile radius rule, which stopped franchises from recruiting players from beyond a five-mile radius of their designated boundary without written permission. And during the gas crises of the 1970s, he helped institute the point system in the standings which is still used today.

  George Hoffman – Hoffman was the long-time overseer of the North Wales/Nor-Gwyn franchise (1967-90), a man who by all accounts lived for the Perky League, and died at age 58 after leading Nor-Gwyn to its last Perky in 1990 - the lone Perky win not won by either Norristown or Collegeville since 1982. Hoffman played under Floyd Cash at Lansdale in the 1960s, but once he took over the Ambler franchise and moved it to North Wales, he was a Nor-Gwyn man forever, even winning a playoff game over Collegeville with a pinch-hit in the 1986 postseason - at the age of 53. He died shortly after his North Wales defeated Norristown in the finals in 1990.

  Vic Alderfer - Alderfer, who graduated from Souderton in 1947, played football and was manager of the baseball team. He served in the Air Force and was involved heavily in baseball. He owned and operated Harleysville for 39 years‚ from 1954-1993, after returning from military service in Korea. He also worked behind the scenes and has been the league treasurer since 1998 and was also a former league VP.  He is synonymous with the Harleysville franchise. After Franconia became Harleysville, Alderfer became overseer, owner and GM of the Hornets and guided their fortunes from 1955-1993, even managing the club from 1955-60. A devoted Perky man, Alderfer has seen Harleysville win league titles in 1957, 1959 and 1975. Vic was a member of the North Penn-Souderton Sports Hall of Fame committee and the Harleysville Community Center. He also served on the Lower Salford Township Planning Commission and on a number of other government boards, but many remember him outside the meeting room. He was always there working the fields at the Harleysville complex. Along with local government and area sports, Alderfer was also a member of several service organizations, a volunteer for Harleysville Ambulance Squad and the treasurer of the Montgomery County chapter of the National Association of Postmasters.

  Carl Wismer – The Perky League would not have been the Perky League without Wismer, who seemed to know and be known by every single player in his 30 seasons as an umpire. Was a fabulous athlete at Souderton High School, Wismer was a fabulous athlete, the first four-letter winner at Souderton High and had two try-outs with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Was a fixture in the league for 40 years. Affectionately known as “Wiz‚” Carl played for Souderton, Lansdale and Harleysville from 1960-1972 and managed Harleysville from 1968-1972. He was always known as the nicest guy in the league. After his playing days‚ he umpired in the Perky League for almost 30 years until his death in 2001..

  Bob Arner - Bob graduated from Penn State in 1960 and played three years of varsity baseball and freshman basketball. He was the Pennridge High School varsity baseball coach from 1965-1980, winning seven league championships which attaining a 77% winning record. Bob had signed a professional baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1956 and spent a month at the Class D Dublin, Georgia minor league team before deciding to attend Penn State. For the Nittany Lions, he pitched in the College World Series. He was a 1955 graduate of Lehighton High School, an All-League basketball player and honorable mention footballer his senior season. Bob is a member of the Carbon County Sports Halls of Fame. Played for Souderton from 1962-80. He won the pitching title in 1975 and helped win three titles for Souderton. He has been a long-time area basketball official and baseball umpire. He started umpiring in 1982 and retired in 2006.

  Floyd Cash - Art Bustard once called Cash, "the greatest Perky coach of all time," and few would argue. He is known as “Mr. Baseball” in Lansdale. Cash managed the Lansdale Tigers from 1947 until his death in 1976. During that time‚ the Tigers won seven Perky playoff championships. He started out as a player in the 1920’s as a left-handed catcher. but after taking over the Lansdale franchise from his son Tom in 1950, was a player, manager and "Mr. Tiger" for three decades.

  Charlie Romanoski  - Graduated from Sell-Perk in 1932. He lettered in football and baseball. He played 11 years for the Sell-Perk Greenjackets. He played baseball for various community league teams in the Perkasie and North Penn area. Romanoski founded the Souderton Warriors just after World War II. In 1946 he helped organize the Perky Valley Twilight League. "Souderton's Grand Old Man of Sports" played some 35 years and into the 1970s. Charlie pitched full time for the Warriors from 1946-57.  This intimidating left-hander was known as "The Roman,"  He also managed/coached/sponsored the team up until the 2000s. They won 3 Perky League playoff championships. He cans still be found taking care of the field "Romanowski Field", named after him. He was chairman of the Bux-Mont Junior Legion Baseball League for 30 years. In 1946 he helped organize the Big Six Football League. He was a coach and player for seven years and was instrumental in the development of the Souderton Midget Football Association where he coached for over 25 years. He helped start the Souderton Midget Baseball League in 1948. In 1980 Charlie was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into the Montgomery County Community Coaches Honor Roll.

  Bob Strimel - Strimel wore many athletic hats until his death in 1998, including the one of champion table tennis player and the president of the Philadelphia Tennis Association - feats made even more amazing considering he was born without a right hand. But the Perky League was also a major beneficiary of "Strim's" time and efforts. Strimel was the franchise owner and manager of the Lower Gwynedd (now Ambler) franchise for over 20 years and served as league president from 1995-97. A Norristown native, Mr. Strimel graduated from Norristown High School in 1933 and later from Temple University, where he majored in mathematics and minored in physics and chemistry. He began a 57-year affiliation with Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Co. in Willow Grove in 1941.Over the years, he received 20 patents, including one for a machine that can test the hardness of 3,000 tennis balls per hour. His memberships included the American Society for Testing Materials, which cited him in 1987 for 25 years of service and in 1941 made him an honorary fellow. Mr. Strimel was a former president of the Philadelphia Tennis Association, a member of the Upper Merion school board from 1950 to 1956, a former director of the Norristown YMCA and a director of the Lower Gwynedd Little League for more than 20 years. He had been a director and general manager of the Lower Gwynedd Senior Baseball team. In the 1940s, he was a Pennsylvania table tennis doubles champion and won numerous Montgomery County tennis titles. He was tennis chairman at Plymouth Country Club from 1956 to 1971. In the mid-1960s, he helped establish the Gold Cup, a Philadelphia- area development program for indoor junior tennis. The Philadelphia Tennis Association presented him its Seymour Coren Memorial Trophy in 1970 for his contributions to the development of tennis.



  Wilson "Wils" Kulp - Player (1948-73 for Graterford first and then Collegeville) and manager (1974-75) for 27 years with Collegeville. Was widely considered the greatest hitter to ever play in this league.  He won his first batting title with Graterford in 1954 (.446 average). He later won four batting titles with Collegeville, 6 HR titles and in 1966, he captured the triple crown batting .494 with 9 HRs and 33 RBIs. He also was the MVP of the All-Star game that year. He took over the managerial reigns in 1974 and led Collegeville to the championship as they defeated North Wales in the finals in four games. Kulp retired suddenly and unceremoniously the following season. He finished out the year as manager. Kulp turned in his uniform that season, but his baseball career didn't end. He was the Collegeville team owner, head groundskeeper, financier and general manager well into the decade of the 80s. Talk about a guy who did it all, Wils would come to the park early, drag and line the field and then leave checks for the umpires. Everything was taken care of. He was always around to pick up the tab when we celebrated what became an annual rite of August - another championship party. He died in 2006 at the age of of 73. he had seasons with these incredible stats during his hey day in the 1960’s. 1960- .369 (8th); 1962- .390 (1st), 5 HRs (1st);  1963- .430 (2nd), RBI Leader;  1964- .398, 8 HRs (1st), 24 RBIs (1st);  1965- .333, 4 HRs (1st), 20 RBIs (1st);  1966- .493 (1st-set Record), 9 HRs (1st), 32 RBIs (1st);  1967-  2 HRs (1st); 1969 (.430-3rd-All-League Team); 1970 – .369 (2nd), 4 HRs (2nd).


  Art Landis – Played for Franconia in 1948 and 1949 before they moved to Harleysville and eventually became manager in 1974, he was still an active pitcher for the Hornets,  pitching until 1978 (at the age of 48). He stayed with the team for three more years pitching batting practice before finally retiring in 1981. During his stint in the Perky League, he won six pitching of the year trophies, turning in an 8-1 record in 1952, an 8-0 record in 1955, a 9-3 mark in 1957, a 14-2 record in 1961, an 8-1 season in 1966 and a 6-1 mark in 1968. He also finished second one year with a 13-2 record. He threw four no-hitters and accumulated 143 wins. He managed Harleysville to the Perky League Championship in 1975 as they defeated North Wales in the finals. He only took over managing because no one else would do it.


  Tony Cianciulli -  Owner of the Norristown A’s franchise (1980-2007) that has won seven straight titles. He brought back Norristown as a league franchise in 1981 after many years of not having a team. He was a great GM and he went out and got the best players to help his team win. This was evident in the fact that in the 29 years has been the owner, the A’s have been to the finals 22 of those years winning 15, including a league record 7 in a row from 1996-2002 in which the team had a 215-36-5 record including playoffs.

Jesse Hodges – Was one of the most imposing physical specimens and feared slugger for Lower Gwynedd (now Ambler) in the 1970s and 1980s. He served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Fort Bragg, NC and 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in the Republic of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War (serving two tours of duty). He went to Temple University and was named to the All-American Baseball team in 1967 (one of two Temple players ever); hitting .387 with 8 homers and 36 RBIs in only 28 games. He also earned three masters Degrees from Temple and was inducted into their Athletics Hall of Fame. He signed a free agent contract with the New York Yankees and spent one year in their farm system before the military called. He spent his career as a Professor at Montgomery County Community College for 37 years. He received the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award from MCCC and was awarded Professor Emeritus in Psychology and History. He still found time to play in the Perky League and like most things in his life, excelled. He led the league in home runs in 1986 for Lower-Gwynedd belting out 13 homers along with 31 RBIs and also had a .375 average.



  Dave Kurtz – Was called the “Babe Ruth” of the Perky League. He played in the Perky League from 1972-99 with Collegeville and then came out of retirement to lead the Norristown A’s to two straight titles in 2001-02 before retiring for good. He racked up 18 championships and two batting titles in his career. Playing for both the Collegeville and Norristown (’01-’02) organizations‚ When Kurtz finally took the uniform off, he had been a part of 18 Perkiomen Valley Twilight League championship teams - Collegeville (16), Norristown (2). Kurtz won two batting titles, four playoff MVP awards and was a first team All-Perky League selection 13 times.

  Randy Kurtz - Began his prosperous Perky League career with Dave in 1972‚ will now enter the Hall of Fame alongside his younger brother. After spending his opening year (1972) with the old Perkiomen Township team‚ Randy moved on to Collegeville in 1973‚ where he won 12 championships – nine of which were as a player/manager. Randy collected two batting titles and was an 11-time All-Star. He batted .509 in 1985.


  Ed Seiple - Was a teammate of the Kurtzes‚ playing for Collegeville from 1975-1989. The team went to the finals 14 of the 15 years that Seiple played. Seiple’s continual production and exceptional defense at the short stop position landed him in several All-Star games. He was a catalyst and an example of what he did can be described in the 1987 season as he hit .423, scored 40 Runs, stole 20 bases and for good measure, smacked a couple home runs too. He could do it all. He was a lifetime .346 hitter with an on base percentage of .426.


  Ron Moorehead - Entered the league as a member of the Collegeville team‚ but switched over to Skippack during that season to get more playing time. It proved to be a great move for Moorehead‚ who became a five-time all star and the 1980 league MVP during his tenure. With Moorehead as their leadoff hitter and centerfielder‚ Skippack went to the finals four times‚ and won the championship in 1982. he was named to the all-league team 5 times.



  Alex DiNolfi - Played his entire 17 year career with the Norristown A's from 1981-1997. Known for his excellent speed and defensive instincts as the premier centerfielder in the league; he was a natural Doubles Hitter and recurrent number two hitter. He never won a batting title. But was always on the top-10, coming in second in 1990 (.462). He batted over .400 four times and led Norristown to 10 league championship series, winning 4 of them. He came so close in 1992 with a .473 average, but just failed to make the minimum plate appearances quota. He could beat you so many ways: here is an example of one of his typical seasons: 1987 (.340 average, 5 home runs, 25 RBIs, 32 runs scored, 11 doubles and 19 stolen bases)


  Vince Elsier – He started out as a crafty pitcher for Skippack before heading over to be a player/manager for Harleysville up until 1988. He was named to replace Bill Leggieri as  Manager of the Norristown A's in 1989, a position he held  from 1989-2005. When he retired as Manager of the A's after the 2005 championship win, he was the winningest coach in Perky League History with 579 wins. Led A's to record seven (7) straight Perky League Championships. The team won 9 Championships in a ten year stretch (1996-2005). He led them to ten (10) championships overall and also captured 11 regular season first place finishes. He appeared in two other finals and lost, which means that the powerful A's only missed out of playing in the finals five (5) times in 17 years under the reigns of Elsier.


Gregg Vermeesch - Played 14 seasons and won 11 championships from 1977-1990 with the Collegeville Colonels (Collegians). A consummate number three hitter who combined high batting averages with run-producing power. He led the league in home runs half a dozen times, was named an All-Star more times than he can remember and won the league batting title in 1981 (.492). He also set the league HR record in in 1985 with 13 that stood well into the 1990’s. In 1978, had 11 RBIs in a single game (3 HRs, 2 of them Grand Slams).



  Alan Frick – Alan graduated from Pennridge High in 1967. He played football (three letters) and baseball (two letters) and earned first team All Bux-Mont League for two years on the diamond as a third baseman. He graduated in 1972 from East Stroudsburg where he earned first team honors in 1970 and second team in 1972 at the hot corner, captaining the college’s baseball squad as a senior. Played for Charlie Romanowski at Souderton from 1971 to 1988, His rookie year (1971) with the Warriors was his finest, hitting .418 at the plate, leading the league in batting in addition to being named as the Perky League MVP. In the 17 years he played, he never hit below .300 at the plate, winning playoff championships with the Warriors in 1972 and 1976. he became a player/coach towards the end of his career. He is now an umpire for  both the Suburban One and Pioneer Athletic Conference leagues. Al is also a member of the Tri-County Baseball Hall of Fame (1991 Inductee) where he won two batting titles and had a .405 career average playing for Perkasie. He coached Pennridge Midget Football from 1973-1976 and has been a PIAA football official from 1982-present. Alan recently officiated the AAAA 2005 State Championship football game. He has also been a baseball umpire from 1975-present and umpired the 2001 Class A State Championship final game.


    Paul Dewey Goetter – Graduated from Lansdale Catholic in 1960 where he starred for the baseball tem all four years. Moved on to LaSalle University and played three years, leadingd the team in Home Runs (4) and total bases (37) his junior year and graduating in 1964. He was a player/manager for Lansdale for 19 years. Was an outstanding defensive third-basemen and also a great pitcher. Lansdale won six titles (1960, 62, 65, 67, 68, 69) during his playing days. He was third in the league in batting in 1967 (.375) and then went on to win the league MVP award in 1970 going 9-3 as a pitcher and then won the Pitcher of the year award the following year in 1971 with an 8-1 record. He took over the managerial reigns in 1976 after Floyd Cash died and managed up to and including the 1978 season before retiring.



  Ed Butch Denczi – Was one of the original Norristown A's that played in their first season (1980). Started out as the shortstop and then moved to catcher. He played for the A’s from 1980-84, then signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates right before the Perky season and played minor league ball in 1984-85. He re-joined the A’s in 1986 becoming one of the premier power hitters in the league as he batted .439 with 11 HRs and 56 RBIs. He won the league’s triple crown in 1987 (.475, 11 HRs, 41 RBIs). After sitting out part of the 1988 and 1989 seasons with severe back problems, he came back in 1990 to lead the league in home runs with 11 (he also batted .409 and drove in 40 runs). In 1991, he hit .384 with 5 HRs, and 28 RBIs. He batted .320 with 4 HRs, 29 RBIs in 1992 and still maintained a 300+ average until he finished up his career in 1996 as a first basemen hitting .328 with 4 HRs and 18 RBIs.


  Charlie Prediger – Charlie played football, basketball and baseball at North Penn High School and graduated from Bordentown Military Institute, Bordentown, N.J. in 1965. Football: Offensive end and punter All Bux-Mont Honorable Mention, 1964. Basketball: First Team all Bux-Mont, 1964; Honorable Mention in 1963; Second leading scorer in Bux-Mont (20 points per game) in 1964; Co-Captain in 1964; Named MVP for NPHS in 1964; Starting lineup for Bordentown Military Institute; State Champions in New Jersey Independent Schools, 1965. Baseball: Bux-Mont Champs 1962, 1963, and 1964. Named First Team All Bux Mont 1963-1964; Undefeated 1964 (only second undefeated team in Bux-Mont history; 16-2 pitching record; 0.46 earned run average; 169 strikeouts in 122 innings; Member East-West American Legion All Star Team (winning pitcher, 1964); MVP, NPHS in 1964; Six no-hitters, two for Jenkintown in the Pen-Del league, three for Lansdale Tigers in Perky League, one for North Penn High School. He pitched for the Lansdale Tigers right out of High School in 1965 (4-0 record) and 1966 (5-0 record). In the two years he pitched for Lansdale, he threw three no-hitters. Then signed a contract and played for six years as a pitcher for the Red Sox Minor League system. Achieved AAA Status and played for Louisville for the International League. He came back to the Perky League in 1972 and played with Lansdale and finished 2nd (7-2) in the 1980 pitching award and then in Harleysville up until 1983 and then joined the Collegeville franchise and became part of their 1980’s championship dynasty pitching up until his early 40’s. Other honors: Montgomery County High School Athlete of the Year, 1964; Drafted by Baltimore Orioles, 1965; Re-Drafted by Boston Red Sox, 1967;  Inducted into North Penn-Souderton Area Hall of Fame also.



  The Lansdale Reporter Newspaper- The Reporter has given exceptional coverage for the Perky League, and it's been a huge asset for the community and local sports in general. When the paper first started in 1870, the very first edition had a baseball box score in it, so that shows the commitment to baseball has always been there from Day One. Coverage of the league goes back to the early days in the 1920's and '30's, and again in the '50's following a short hiatus for the league due to World War II. But it was in the 60's and '70's that coverage of the league, and other local sports, changed for the better, thanks in large part to Dick Shearer, Charley Myers
and Willard Krieble, the three honorees who worked for the Lansdale Reporter. These three men never played an inning of baseball for the Perkiomen Valley Twilight League, but all three men and the newspaper that employed them, The Reporter, were an integral part of the local league. Publisher Dena Fritz accepted the award on behalf of The Reporter.

Dick Shearer,  Lansdale Reporter - Started part-time at The Reporter during his college days, would continue to modernize the sports section during his years as sports editor, and he would go on to follow Charley Myers and become sports editor and then managing editor of the paper. He is now a valuable asset of The Lansdale Historical Society, located just a few blocks from The Reporter. He worked for the paper for 37 years.

Charley Myers, Lansdale Reporter -  Was the longtime sports editor who was really instrumental in changing the layout of the sports page, modernizing the look of the sports section and expanding its local coverage, making it more dynamic, allowing for different sizes of photographs, so Willard Krieble could really deliver some great photos for the readers. He was noted not only for his layouts, but for selecting various all-star teams that honored the standouts from each area league. Myers established the Bux-Mont Sports Writer Association, was instrumental in modernizing the look of the sports section and expanding its local coverage.

Willard Krieble, Lansdale Reporter - Received dozens of awards for his photography, told the story with his pictures. His photos, combined with the write-ups made the readers feel as they were really at the game. Willard was really the creative genius from the standpoint of photography in this area. He worked for the paper for 35 years, received more than 200 awards for his photography over the years and twice was named the Pennsylvania Press Photographer of the Year.



  Chris Loschiavo- Played the majority of his career with the Norristown A's starting in 1981, Then, after several years away, a return with Upper Merion and another comeback at Plymouth. He played for Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School, Montgomery County Community College and then for St. Joe's University.  In 1986, after baseball had taken him to the point where he signed a contract to play for the New York Yankees and reached Class AA, Loschiavo became the youngest Division-I baseball coach in NCAA history when, at 23, he took over the reins for St. Joseph’s University. He still holds the career record for wins by a St. Joe's coach with 184 in his 10-year stint. In 1999,  was inducted into the St. Joseph's Baseball Hall of Fame.  His attachment to the Perky League spanned three decades. Loschiavo was a perennial all-star at second base for the A’s, and hit over .400 every season in the '80s, including such numbers as 1982-(.442); 1983-(.455); and even into the 90's (1991-.473).


  Jim Bergey– Began his Perky League career as a 16-year old pitcher for the then Franconia AA and promptly led the league in pitching (5-1). After Franconia became the Harleysville Hornets, he helped the Hornets win regular season titles in 1953 and 1954 before realizing his ultimate dream by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955. Bergey would pitch in the minors for almost two years before returning to the Perky League to play and later manage the Hornets for several more years.


  Bob Pellechio – Was a member of the Norristown A’s from their first game in 1980 to the day he retired in 2004. He was a jack-of-all-trades as he earned all-star honors at five (5) different positions: second base, short stop, third base, left field and designated hitter and was the All-Star game MVP in 1986. He was also a member of the Norristown squad that won a league record seven straight playoff titles from 1996 to 2002.



Nobody inducted



  Jim Randolph- Signed by the St. Louis Browns in 1953, he would spend five years under contract. He would play at Thetford Mines in Quebec, Canada; York, Pennsylvania; Aberdeen, South Dakota and Vancouver, Washington. And so became a long journey of getting his college degree and then a Master's degree from West Chester State Teachers College (now West Chester University). Working the laborious jobs at Allenwood Steel and Goodrich Tire. And in that decade from the mid-1950's to the mid-1960's playing baseball for the Norristown franchise in the Perkiomen Valley Twilight League . . .And he made the Norristown franchise great. In 1957 the Norristown All-Stars as they were known then had been last in the standings. In 1958 this inductee joined the team and Norristown finished first but lost in the Playoff Finals. The next year the Armitage Hotel would sponsor Norristown who accordingly changed the Team name to Armitage. They finished second in the standings and lost in the Playoff Finals. In 1960 they would finish first in the regular season, but get knocked out in the semi-finals. In 1961 they would get a new sponsor and change the name again - this time to the Norristown Sportsmen Club. Three times the charm as Norristown won the Playoff Championship. They would win the Championship again in 1963 and, in 1964, win both the regular season and the Playoff Championship. All totaled, Randolph played 8 seasons for Norristown. Three Team name changes. Five different Managers. One constant presence behind the plate. His Teams appeared in six Playoff Finals series winning three of them. Additionally they won the regular season title three times. And while our records are incomplete, for the years we do know about . . . In 1960 he finished third in the League in hitting with a .385 average while knocking in a co-league-leading total of 5 home runs. In 1963 he finished third in the league in hitting again with .356 average and hit .369 in 1964. In his final year of 1965 he batted an even .300. But Jim Randolph wanted to coach and when he had earned his degrees he went back to his Alma Mater and was an assistant baseball coach to Jim Lytle at Shaw University.In 1971, he moved back to this area and started the baseball program at Montgomery County Community College. His Teams won back to back Community College State titles in 1980 and 1981 and Montgomery County Community College has placed a lot of baseball players into the Perky League. By the count of current MontCo Coach Lou Lombardo there are 38 former or current Mustangs on Perky League rosters in this 2011 season. And there are at least four former ballplayers who played under this inductee at Montgomery County Community College that are already in the Perky League Hall of Fame and, to a man, they all have said that Mr. Randolph improved their abilities on the baseball field. A coach he wanted to be - a successful coach he has become. A member of the Shaw University Hall of Fame and a winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Montgomery County Coaches Association.

  Roy Gaugler- His love affair with baseball began in 1936 when he was nine years old. As a 17 year-old senior at Schwenksville High School in 1944 he pitched his team to the Montgomery County League Championship. A telegram at the end of the school year from his beloved Philadelphia A's signed by none other than Connie Mack asking him to a tryout. He rode the train down to 21st St & Lehigh Ave in Philadelphia to Shibe Park and threw pitches to long time A's catcher turned Assistant Coach Earle Brucker . . . after the session had ended Earle Mack showed up and said, "Dad wants to see you upstairs." And so up to Connie Mack's office he went. And there Connie Mack rendered his verdict . . . "I need you to come back and throw to our hitters next week," he said. "I want to see you pitch against live hitting."  And that was that. Because what Roy Gaugler already knew was that he couldn't come back the next week. This had been his one chance. He managed and played for the Graterford Team that played in both the Pottstown Suburban League and the Tri-County League at the same time. He would become an officer and eventually President of both of those Leagues. And, more importantly to us here tonight, he signed on to also play for the Schwenksville Team in the newly formed Perkiomen Valley Twilight League in 1946. And that is how he found himself on the mound throwing out the first pitch for Schwenksville on opening day against Souderton - a contest he would win by a score of 5 to 4. His Schwenksville Team would go on to win the regular season crown in that first season of 1946 only to miss out on Playoff glory by losing to that same Souderton Team in the semi-finals who in turn would lose out to Playoff Champion Skippack. And that is how this inductee's Perky League career came to be. And a long career it would be . . . by 1949 he was both a Player and the Manager of the Schwenksville Team. In 1953, the Schwenksville Team was merged with his other Graterford Team when he took over the Ownership of the franchise. 15 years as a Player; 24 years as a Manager; 3 years as a Coach; 21 years as an Owner adds up to a boatload of commitment to the Perky League. In 1959, fifty-two years ago, and already fourteen years into his 31 year Perky League career, Roy Gaugler unexpectantly came off the bench for his then cellar-dwelling Perky Townshippers to pitch against first place Collegeville. He threw a four hitter and won the game. The following day the newspaper write-up described him as a Perky League legend.



  Paul Lepre - Lepre played a total of 16 seasons in the Perky League, spanning from 1980 to 1996. He played first for Norristown, then Trooper and finally with Collegeville.  Lepre won five crowns, four with Collegeville and one with the A’s. Lepre Won the league MVP in 1992. he batted .427 and had a 7-3 pitching record. Lepre has the rare distinction of playing in the championship series for three different franchises: Norristown, Trooper and Collegeville. He was there nine times in all. A pitcher, first baseman and outfielder, Lepre was the league MVP in 1992 when he hit .427 with seven homer and 37 RBIs. He also won seven games on the mound that summer. He spent his first seven seasons with Norristown before moving over to Trooper in 1987, where he began as just a player and became the player-manager in 1989 when the team reached the championship series. Back in the day he was playing in 2-to-3 different leagues," said Lepre, who was the Perky Pitcher-of-the-Year runnerup in 1986 (8-3), 1992 (7-3) and 1993 (5-1) while double-shifting as one of the most feared sluggers in the circuit from his first-base slot. “I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t love the game.” After sitting out the 1990 and 1991 seasons to manage the J.P. Mascaro American Legion team and umpire in the Perky League, the love resurfaced when Lepre returned to the field as a player with Collegeville in 1992. Long-time friend Mike Creciun had taken over the managerial duties from Randy Kurtz, and it was an easy sell. All Lepre did was help the White Sox run off four more championships.

  Todd Moyer - Moyer played in 14 seasons, his Perky career also beginning in 1980 and ending in 1995. He never wore any uniform other than Collegeville’s. Moyer was one of the many Perky League players who came through the Boyertown baseball program, migrating to Collegeville for Perky games. After three seasons in the league, Moyer was signed to a minor league contract by the Pittsburgh Pirates, spending 1983 and part of 1984 in the Pirates farm system. He would return at the end of the ’84 season, in time to help Collegeville beat Lepre’s Norristown team in the finals. Moyer also missed the 1986 season when he spent a year helping coach the Boyertown Legion program. His first MVP season came in 1982 when he hit .468 with 8 homers and 35 RBIs. In 1989 he would win the triple crown, hitting .459 with 12 homeruns and 41 RBIs, capturing his second MVP. He also won four games as a pitcher. The following year, he once again won the league MVP Award, again leading the circuit in hitting with a .476 average, 31 RBIs and winning three games on the mound. Moyer won 10 total championships with Collegeville. The big guy from Boyertown could do it all on the playing field, as evidenced by the fact that he played all nine positions on the field with equal proficiency. The league actually created a special utility player position on its all-league team to accommodate the versatile Moyer. As he began showing in 1981, Moyer could also pitch, winning two games and saving the other on the mound as Collegeville swept Norristown for the title.



  Dave Webb - He was a self-taught batter who patterned his left-handed swing off former Phillie Johnny Callison. A student of the game he listened to innumerable broadcasts as a kid and imagined how he would position himself on the field or how he would write a lineup if he were a manager of a big league team. Because of a late birthday he was always a little younger than the rest of the guys around him and as he recalls he got his start playing baseball in a sandlot with much older kids from his West Norriton neighborhood. By the time he got to American Legion he knew exactly what to do with his bat and led the League in hitting with a .488 average even though he had started the season as a 15 year old. His second year he again won the batting title and in his third season of American Legion he finished second. And by that time in 1967 he had graduated high school and was in the Perky League as well at age 17 manning left field. Now let's be clear, he was manning left field at Hallman's Grove. And that is a whole different thing altogether. For those of us who remember playing at the Grove, left field was a bit . . . shall we say, "submerged." If you fielded a ball by the fence in the left field corner chances are that your infielders would be lucky to see you at all. All they would see was a thrown ball coming back at them. But the kid knew the game and turned out to be a very smart defensive player. In 1969 he challenged for the League batting title hitting .420 but fell back to fourth place in the last week. Always with a keen eye for a walk he was among the league leaders in on-base-percentage his entire career. In 1977 the Skippack Team had a number of injuries and finished the season dead last with a record of 3-19-6.  And it was during this abysmal season that founding Manager and Perky League Hall of Famer Art Bustard turned over the reins of the Skippers to this inductee and he took on the unheralded tasks of field maintenance, fundraising, and recruiting players. The very next year he would manage a Team that would complete the last to first regular season finish with a 20-8 record and make it all the way to the Playoff Finals Series. A best of five contest between Skippack and Collegeville. Now Collegeville had won the Championship the year before but in the words, of this inductee they were not yet great. Skippack jumped out to a two games to nothing lead in the series. Collegeville came back and won the next two games and then the fireworks began. Game Five.  Now this current post season saw a new version of Skippack play an eleven-inning nothing-nothing tie against Pottstown which the Times Herald called the "Greatest Game Never Played." In 1978, game Five of the Playoff Finals should have been titled "The Greatest Game Never Finished." Back and forth over four innings each Team took the lead. In the top of the fifth inning with the light fading Skippack took the lead 12 to 11 and had the bases loaded. A few more runs for safety; get Collegeville out in the bottom of the inning and they would own the Championship. Unfortunately for Skippack time was not on their side and the game was called on account of darkness. The next game started but was rained out. Finally the seventh game of the best of five series began and Skippack went up early with a Grand Slam by Phil Leggieri. And Skippack held that lead even though Collegeville battled back to a 4-3 score. Then late in the game with bases loaded for Collegeville and two strikes on Perky League Hall of Famer Eddie Seiple it happened. Pitch after pitch. Foul Ball after Foul ball. A Twelve pitch at bat . . . and then the ball sailed over the left field fence. Skippack visibly sagged and thus began the torment from the other side of the field, "You Can't Beat Us!" It was as painful a baseball moment for this inductee as there ever was. While he may not look it, he is a very emotional competitor. A man who once emptied the entire Skippack bat rack and equipment onto the field in protest of what he perceived to be a bad call. A man who when his first son was born swore he'd hit a home run his first time up and did it. A man who will admit that the day he had to take his uniform off for the last time he cried. He would guide his Skippers back to the Playoff Finals the next two seasons where they would face Collegeville again and again....

  Glenn Webb - Hitting home runs was all he thought of when he stepped into the batter's box. And he hit a bunch. He came out of Methacton High School in 1971. A three sport letterman in football, basketball and baseball who was a first Team Suburban 1 All Star Catcher. He helped lead his Lower Providence-Worcester American Legion Team (then sponsored by Neilson's Real Estate) to a championship and then quickly established himself as a Perky League all star behind the plate with the Skippack Skippers. All was good in his baseball world except for one small dilemma - this man hated to catch.  His father wanted him to catch and so he did, but he really just wanted to play the outfield. But for four plus seasons there he was toiling behind the plate and taking his frustration out on baseballs with his bat. Three times over the course of his career he led the League in RBIs. Twice he led the League in Home Runs. He was a Perky League All-Star at three different positions - Catcher, Right Field and Designated Hitter. This inductee along with teammates Sonny Seibert, Paul Gadziki, Phil Leggieri, Perky League Hall of Famer Ron Moorehead, Joe Matteo brother Dave Webb constituted a potent lineup that could unleash runs in a hurry and home runs in bunches. For six or seven years their combined homerun totals over the course of a season averaged out to at least one per game. Three or four times there were back to back to back home runs as well as a couple Grand Slam/Home Run combinations. As a consequence Skippack became known as "Skip Jack" for all the balls that were jacked out of the yard. Sometime in the late 1970's Major League Baseball began its ad campaign - "Baseball Fever - Catch It!" At Skippack, they had T-shirts printed up that said, "We Caught It at The Grove!" And this was very apt. As for most of its history, "The Grove" did not have a fence. You hit the ball as far as you could and ran as fast as you could. This inductee remembers a game in the early 70's when he was catching and Collegeville's  Wils Kulp smacked a ball that hit about three quarters of the way up the trunk of a tree in dead center field about 400 feet from home plate. Ronny Weikel the centerfielder hurdled into the bushes and was lost from sight. Out flies the ball and two or three relays later this inductee tagged Wils out at the plate. "I felt like dropping the ball," he remembers, "I mean how far do you have to hit a ball to get a homerun."  As for his own home run totals . . . he credits the rest of the lineup. "They had to pitch to me," he explains. Look who was behind me. In 1985 with a youth movement afoot at Skippack this inductee decided to retire. Pat Mascaro who had been a teammate of his in American Legion called up one night to see if he would be willing to manage the young franchise at Trooper. To this our inductee said, "No." The next night Pat called again and asked if he wanted to coach. And again he said, "No." The third night Pat called again and asked if he would play. The lure is strong. And so this inductee suited up one last season and finished out his career at Trooper adding at least one home run to his record - a Grand Slam. Like his brother before him, this inductee appeared in six Perky League Finals Series. Unlike his brother this inductee Won the Playoff Championship with Skippack against Collegeville in 1982.


  John King - A Member of the Upper Merion high School Hall of Fame and also Brown University Hall of fame. He played football, basketball and baseball at Upper Merion High School and was Team Captain in all three sports. All League in Football and Baseball. He was two times the batting champion of the Suburban One League. All State in baseball, he was selected to play in the Pennsylvania American Legion All-Star game when he played for Upper Merion Legion. He was a phenomenal athlete. After graduating High School in 1975 he started his Perky League career with a bang. His very first at bat he hit a home run and he just kept right on going. He had played third base, first base and catcher in High School but in the Perky League he was a catcher . . . much to the relief of his teammate Glenn Webb who then finally got to just play in the outfield. And this inductee was a Great catcher. Strong arm, great defensive skills and a presence behind the plate that made runners think twice about scoring from second on a single. He attended Brown University in the Ivy League where he was a four year starter. He was three time All Ivy League playing second base, third base and catcher. In his senior year in 1979 in his final at bat he hit a home run. Unfortunately the game was called on account of darkness and the home run extinguished from the records. The loss of that home run cost him the batting title. And no, not the Brown University batting title or even the Ivy league batting title - it cost him the national Division One College Baseball batting title. As it finished in 1979 he led the nation in slugging and home runs per game average while finishing second in the nation with a batting average of .495 When he graduated he held 19 school records one of which still remains today. That of highest slugging percentage in a season with a mark of .699 He owned the career record for homeruns in the Ivy league for 32 years before it was broken. The man could hit. So you can imagine his surprise when he was not drafted into Major League Baseball. He was sure that he belonging at a higher level and wondered what the scouts saw that he didn't. But with his usual good-natured aplomb he handled this defeat like he always does by just moving forward.  He married his high school sweetheart. They settled down in Emmaus, PA and he took a job at Proctor & Gamble and made the trek to Skippack for Perky League games. And it is a good thing he did. A scout did take notice of him and recommended that he go to an open tryout for the Yankees in Florida. So in March of 1980 he paid his own fare, boarded a plane, set off for Florida and found 159 other guys wanting the same chance he did. After one day of practice a list went up and cut the 160 guys down to 80 guys. He made the cut. The second night another list went up with only nine names. He had made the cut. The nine were whittled to four and this inductee was told to report to the Yankees Regular Minor Spring Training Camp. All he had wanted to know if he had been good enough and the answer came in the form of a minor league contract. He went from Ft. Lauderdale Class A to Class AA (double-A) at Greensboro, North Carolina where his roommate was Don Mattingly. When the Yankees decided to freeze all minor league players instead of moving him to Triple A as he had thought, he took stock of his life and decided to stop chasing the big league dream and return home. And the Yankees' loss is the Perky League's gain.  In 1978 this inductee won the Perky League batting title with an average of .407, led the League in Home Runs with 8 and was the Most Valuable Player. In 1982 when he and his teammates finally threw the Collegeville monkey off their backs he again hit .407 and led the League with 9 home runs. In 1983 he again had the most home runs with 12. In all he led the League in home runs three different times.  In 1985 after deciding that it was time to retire from playing he came up one last time at the end of the season and just to make a point jacked his last homerun out of the park. Modest, unassuming he likes to keep things all in perspective. He is justly proud of his accomplishments and played by a code which was very simple, "Never show anybody up." Everyone who remembers him from his playing days recalls him as a gentleman on and off the field and rightfully so. With his playing days behind him he still wanted to be a part of the Perky League and was unanimously voted in as President of League. An office he held for a decade.

    Denny Ames - Graduated from Lansdale Catholic in 1974 whose baseball team won three straight Suburban Athletic Conference Championships in a row. He was first team All-League and, at the time, his High School Coach, Rich Fertig stated that, "[He] has a million dollar arm. he has as much velocity on his fastball as any high schooler I've seen." And he saw success in American Legion as well. Because of where he went to high school he found himself on the Hatfield Legion Team. When the other teams saw what they were facing they were left with no choice but to act. You see, this inductee was didn't live in the Hatfield area. And when the other teams figured that out he lived in Cedars he was forced out to the JP Mascaro American Legion. But now the kid with the rocket arm who had known nothing but success took his arm up the street to Montgomery County Community College where Perky League Hall of Famer and Montgomery County Community College baseball coach Jim Randolph brought him back to earth by proclaiming that pitchers are "non-athletes." Reasonable minds may differ, but the truth is this inductee discovered that his fastball / curveball combination would only take him so far. Recruited by Manager Art Bustard to come play at Skippack in the Perky League this inductee turned out to be reliable and dependable for four or five wins a season. And combined with a potent offense behind him his fastball was still enough. But if you truly want to be a pitcher it takes more than just some heat. He knew that and worked on his off speed stuff. And the point could not have been made more clear to him than a time early in his career in a game at Harleysville. While on the mound he found himself shaking off the catcher several times. Perky League Hall of Famer Carl Wismer who was umping behind the plate, noticed the extra shake-offs and yelled out to the mound, "Hey, you don't have that many pitches." But over the years the curve ball improved and then along came the slider. This inductee credits his teammate Walt Gadziki with teaching him how to throw it. The slider proved to be the pitch that would complete him as a Pitcher. And as a pitcher this inductee had fun in the Perky League. He finds it amusing that he got to pitch against both Jamie Moyer and John Smiley. And on a Skippack Team that produced any number of homerun hitters he is proud to say that he jacked one out at Harleysville to bring his career total to one. This inductee had a number of memorable games against Collegeville as well. Most notably in the 1978 finals series when Skippack went out to a 2-0 lead one of those games saw this inductee pitch a 7-0 shutout that included 10 strikeouts. In another year he pitched 11 innings to secure a no-decision. As such he was invited to go with Collegeville on their journeys to the York Invitational Tournament. But it was in 1982 that he helped secure for Skippack what they had long wanted. A Championship. In 1982, Perky League Hall of Famer Dave Webb was replaced as Manager by Ron Moorehead. Some new faces were brought in including another young Montgomery County Community College pitcher who is on the field tonight in the Norristown Dugout Perky League Hall of Famer Vince Elsier.  A little bit older and uncertain of where they were going as a Team, Skippack lost an early season game to their dreaded rival Collegeville. After the game, the Skippack players lingered after the game and decided amongst themselves that they were tired of losing to Collegeville. This year was going to be theirs. And just like that they began to believe. And a big part of that belief came from this man on the hill. He posted a record of 7-2 in the regular season and was named Pitcher of the Year. In the post season he was unbeatable and when Skippack and Collegeville finally met in the Playoff Finals he helped stake them to a two games to none lead in the best of five series. Of course four years earlier they were in that same situation and by the time seven games had come and gone they had come up short. And when game three started out as bad as any nightmare can be they needed to call upon that new found belief in themselves.  In game three, Collegeville jumped out quickly to a nine run lead and it wasn't until the sixth inning that Skippack got going. Doug Slotter singled, three walks got in a run, Tony Tornetta and Perky League Hall of Famer Glenn Webb singled in a runs and then Ron Moorehead followed with a Grand Slam. Skippack was back.  In the top of the seventh Skippack went ahead by two and in the bottom of the seventh they brought in this man to save them.  The light was fading and you could see the headlights on the street, but the home plate Umpire declared, "We're gonna play it till it's done." Three outs later it was and Skippack had climbed the mountain.


Willard Reiff - Old newspaper articles, photographs and individual memories have helped us induct a number of Hall of Famers. But in the case of tonight's final inductee it was the unassuming paper schedule. For decades the Perky League printed a paper schedule that was handed out to fans at games early in the season. Not only were regular season games listed on these paper schedules but also the names of the Teams, the names of the Managers and the names of the Officers of the League. To those of us who are trying to recover the League's past, these paper schedules are golden. Over time, we have collected roughly 30 seasons worth of schedules. They are not in order. We do not have 30 consecutive years of schedules. In fact most of the schedules we have are from the last 25 years. But in looking over the schedules one thing stands out perfectly clear. One name. Year after year. Decade after decade there is the same name listed as Treasurer of the League. And it is here that we are going to break a little tradition. Usually we do not announce the inductee's name until the very end, but in this case there seems to be no reason to prolong the mystery. For nearly 40 years Willard Reiff was an officer of the Perky League. Mostly as Treasurer, but in 1953 we know that he was the Vice-President of the League as well. And so Willard Reiff is inducted tonight as the longest serving officer in League history. And nobody in today's Perky League knew that. In fact very few have a clear memory of who Willard was other than to say he was one of those older guys who sat in the lawn chairs at the Skippack games back when they played at the Grove. Willard Reiff was born and raised in Skippack Pennsylvania. His father Irvin owned the Skippack Mill and Machine Shop on Main Street (now Skippack Pike) in the heart of Skippack. They sold feed for horses and fixed the automobiles and farm machinery that supplanted them. Willard graduated from Collegeville-Trappe High School. He went on to graduate from West Chester State Teacher's College in 1931 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. As far as we can tell Willard never played organized baseball. He played football in High School and in College as a lineman before a knee injury sidelined him and relegated him to his love of golf. He taught High School in Warwick Township, Bucks County. He married Ruth who was a teacher in where else? - Skippack. He and Ruth started a family and had two children Tom and Sue. Willard decided he needed to make more money now that he had family and went to work at Harleysville Insurance Company as a Claims Manager. And to fatten the coffers a bit more, he sold insurance out of an office in his home. Willard and his family lived right off of Skippack Pike on Collegeville Road just beyond the little stone bridge - half a block down from Hallman Road and just a short walk with his lawn chair to Hallman's Grove - home of the Skippack Skippers where he attended games for decades even taking his family along to watch. Additionally, Willard went to quote - unquote "big" Skippack away games and attended playoff games no matter who was playing. The Man was a HUGE Fan of the Perky League. Willard was active in the Lions Club, The Masons, and the Skippack Community Organization Committee which organized Easter egg hunts, Christmas parties, Mother and Daughter and Father and Son banquets. And somewhere along the line Willard decided he wanted to get involved in the Perky League. Now I can assure you that being Treasurer of the Perky League is not like running Fort Knox. But you have to best honest and trustworthy, buy baseballs and help figure out the League's annual budget. And that is what Willard did - for almost FORTY years! If you have ever been to one off-season Perky League meeting - that is cause enough for a plaque commemorating your service to the League. Willard attended nearly forty years of off-season meetings. Why did he do this? No one knows. And, unfortunately for us, we cannot ask Willard this question directly as Willard passed away in 1991 leaving behind his children and grand-children. A life well lived.



Bob Altieri - Credits his father for teaching him the fundamentals of baseball and the right way to play the game. He spent many a night in the back yard fielding and hitting with his father, but he is also quick to credit his coaches in Conshohocken Little league for their instruction of the game by teaching him how to play all the positions on the field. A standout pitcher and shortstop he made his presence felt in the Conshohocken Base Ruth and American Legion programs, hitting his way to notoriety and leading his teams into tournament play year after year. In one American Legion game, he hit 3 triples. He won an American Legion batting title at the age of 16. At Plymouth Whitemarsh High, Bob garnered MVP honors in his junior year and in his senior year was chosen to play in the prestigious Carpenter Cup played at the old Veterans Stadium. Moving onto Delaware Valley College, he was named Most Valuable Player of the baseball team in every one of his four years and selected as 1st team All-Conference in every season as well. During his senior year at Delaware Valley College, he received the Ned A. Linta award for his contributions off the field to the athletic department where he ran intra-mural football and basketball programs. Honing the organizational skills he knew he would need when coaching. He became an assistant coach under the legendary Hank Demito at his alma mater Plymouth Whitemarsh High School helping to secure the State title in 1994. He then became the assistant baseball coach at Delaware Valley College from 1995 to 1999 and then became the head coach in 2000 at the age of 32 where he remains today. Recruited out of American Legion by Perky League Hall of fame manager Vince Elsier to play at Harleysville, Bob began his Perky League career in 1987. Splitting time between the two leagues he appeared in 11 games as pitcher and shortstop with a batting average of .474. He Played all nine positions during his perky league career and was selected as a league All-Star at 6 different positions and Played a total of 22 seasons with five different teams: Harleysville Hornets 1987-1989, Upper Merion Vikings 1990-1992, Lansdale Tigers 1993-1995, Norristown A’s 1996-2005 and 2007 and Collegeville Black Sox 2012-2013. He was also the Player/Manager of Lansdale 1994-1995 and Player/Manager of Norristown 1996.Won a league batting champion in 1995 with a .529 average, was a 2-time league MVP runner-Up: 1995 and 1997, 3-time batting title runner up. Winner of 11 Perky League Playoff Championships, (including a league record 7 straight) and 3-time Playoff championship runner ups. He played on teams that won the Harrisburg Memorial Day Tournament 3 times, Harrisburg Firecracker tournament 4 times and York Colonial tournament 3 times. I want to give credit to Bobby Altieri for writing much of the information on the 2014 Hall of Fame Inductees on the Norristown A's Web Site-Thank You Bob.

Mark Brockell - Brockell was an All-State player at Elkton High School in Maryland who was a four-year starter and four-time All-County selection. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles twice, but never signed. He played against the Norristown A's a number of times in Area Tournaments. At one of the Firecracker Tournaments, Vince Elsier, Norristown A's manager asked Mark if he would come up and play in Norristown with them, but Brockell lived in Delaware. And one day, he called Manager Vince Elsier up and said he wanted to make the trip up from Delaware and play with the A's. What he did in his career may never happen again in the history of this league. He won the League Triple Crown winner 3 times. He won 5 batting titles, including a record that may never be broken, in 1999, he batted .610. he had 61 hits in 100 at bats, including 10 Doubles, 15 Homers, 51 RBIs and scored 41 Runs. And the most amazing thing is he struck out only once. He was walked 22 times and finished with an on-base percentage of close to .700. His slugging percentage was .800. Brockell also won the league's HR title 5 times and the RBI crown 7 times. He was part of 9 Perky League Championship teams with the A's and was selected to the leagues all league every year he played in the league - 11 straight times (1997-2007).  When the league mandated the use of wooden bats in 2005, it was thought that all the offense would go out of the league, but Brockell won the Batting Crown in both 2005 and 2006, including the triple crown in 2006. Aluminum or Wood. He is remembered as one of the greatest players in league history. A power hitting third baseman with strong defensive skills Played his entire 11 year career with the Norristown A’s from 1997-2007.  He is the only player in league history to win five batting titles, Including 3 triple crown and 3 league MVP awards When he won Triple Crowns, he didn't just win them, he exploded his way to them as evident by the numbers of his  triple crown seasons. To put it into perspective, the triple crown has only been achieved 10 times in Perky League history, Nobody has ever won it more then once. Mark won it three times. 1998, .515 average, 11 HRs, 41 RBIs. 1999, .610 average, 15 HRs, 61 RBIs and to prove the aluminum bat wasn't the reason he could hit, when the league mandated the use of wooden bats only in 2005, Brockell went out in 2006 and won the triple crown for the third time; .447 avg, 4 HRs and 35 RBIs. He made the All-Star team every single year he was in the league. He also was the Player/Manager of the Norristown A’s in 2007. Winner of 9 Perky League Playoff Championships, (including a league record 7 straight) and 1 runner-up. If you were to look at Marc Brockell's Stats over the ten year period he played full time with the A's (annual stats bottom of page), you would see that he finished his career with 60 home runs, close to 350 RBIs and 300 Runs scored, including close to 70 Doubles. He was walked close to 160 times.  His ten year average would be MVP States for ANY year.  Average (42-90, .465 average with 35 RBIs, 30 Runs Scored, 6 HRs, 7 Doubles and 16 Walks. His On Base Percentage would be over 0.550. Not many in the History of this league can claim numbers like that. Maybe the Legendary Wils Kulp or Dave Kurtz or ..... the list is very, very small.

Eric Fisher- Eris Fisher starred at Plymouth Whitemarsh and was one of the stars of the 1994 PW team that shocked even themselves by claiming the Pennsylvania State PIAA High School Championship. Fisher was the winning pitcher and drove in the game-winning run in the state-final game. He later went on to star at Eckerd College in Florida and spent two seasons in independent ball with franchises in both Sioux Falls, S.D. and Allentown, where he played against the likes of future Detroit Tigers catcher Matt Nokes, the infamous J.D. Drew and current San Francisco Giants pitcher Ryan Vogelsong. He was a gifted and athletic shortstop with a cannon arm, who could hit for power and average And was also an outstanding pitcher. Began his career out of high school in 1994 where he played 2 seasons with the Lansdale Tigers, Before moving to Norristown A’s in 1996. He Played a total of 15 seasons: 1994-97; 2000-08,10 and 12. Led league in batting in 2002 (.493) and his 13 doubles were tops too. Became Player/Manager of the Norristown A’s 2006-07. He was a Perennial Perky All-Star. He won 8 League Championships in his career, including 7 in a row with the Norristown A's. He was great athlete who could pitch and hit and the higher the stakes, the better he played. This is evident by the fact that of the 8 titles he won, 4 of those times, he was the Final Series MVP. He also played on 4 Championship series runner-ups.

Frank Monastero - After starring at Bishop Kenrick, Monastero was signed as a free agent by the Cleveland Indians and spent a year in the Indians organization where one of his friends was Jim Thome, and he played against future Braves Hall of Famer Chipper Jones. He was a pure hitter. Frank was the heart of the greatest Norristown A’s dynasty. He is remembered as an explosive run producer who could win a game with his bat or his speed. He was a loyal and generous teammate. Played a total of 19 seasons with four different teams: Harleysville Hornets 1988-89; Upper Merion Vikings 1990-92; Lansdale Tigers 1993-95 and Norristown A’s 1996-06. Was League MVP in 1995 with a .494 average and also led the League in hits (41), runs (34) and stolen bases (18). After Lansdale had been beaten beaten by Collegeville in the 1995 final series, he joined the Norristown A's the following year in 1996 and they proceeded to win 7 straight titles. He led them to two more for a total of 9 League Championships. He also was a 3-time Playoff championship runner up. Was league MVP Runner up and Second in batting title with .456 average in 1999. Won League batting champion in 1991 (.489). In 1996 was 3rd in batting with .402 average, 2001 again led the league in hits with 43, 2002 was 5th in batting with .446 average, 2003 was 4th in batting with .488 average and in 2005 was 5th in batting with .400 average. It seemed that every year when the league stats came out, Frank Monastero could be found in the list of Batting leaders. He was a League MVP Award recipient and three-time MVP Runner-up. He also played for teams that won 3 Harrisburg Memorial Day Tournaments, 4 Harrisburg Firecracker tournaments and 3 York Colonial tournaments. Frank had a rare combination of speed and power that may never be equaled again. He has been the Owner of the Norristown Diamonds Perky Franchise since 2012-present.  Not surprisingly, he coaxed legendary Manager Vince Elsier to come out of retirement and Manage the Diamonds. Now he can be called a Championship Owner also as the Diamonds captured the league title in 2013, after losing in the final series in 2012.


Tom Christy - Tom Christy began his career with the North Wales Whalers in 1984. He had been a four year starter at West Chester University. He pitched a game against Jaime Moyer in American Legion and had won. He had compiled a 13-2 record at North Penn High School while striking out a school record 136 batters. And while a tryout with Pittsburgh didn’t pan out, he made a name for himself in the Perky league. He was one of the most dominating pitchers around. He will go down as one of the greatest pitchers in this league's history.  Twice he flirted with perfect games taking them into the 7th inning only to have them turn into 1 hitters.  He led the league in Strike Outs over 5 times. He accumulated the most strikeouts in league history. Played a total of 20 seasons with three different teams: North Wales Whalers/Nor-Gwyn Packers 1984-85, 1988-1997, Norristown A’s 1998-2000, Souderton Warriors 2001-2004 and finished his career where he started in 2005 with the Nor-Gwyn Packers In 1994, his 3 hit shutout and 12 strikeouts over Lansdale was followed by a one hitter and 15 strikeouts against Trooper. In 1995 he was named Perky league pitcher of the year with a record of 8-1. In 1998 struck out 16 batters in a 7 inning game against Lansdale, prompting his then head coach Perky League hall of famer George Hoffman to exclaim, “Why couldn’t he had gotten the other five”. Counting regular and post season games from 1998 into 2000, Was undefeated over the span of 22 games, including a perfect 8-0 season in both 1998 and 1999. Also in 1998 he helped the Norristown team to win the Colonial York tournament and was named outstanding pitcher of the tournament.  He was a Two-time pitcher of the year in 1995 and 1999, while finishing runner-up in 1998. The only thing Tom Christy had to prove was whether he could be better on a team like Norristown. Yes, his Nor-Gwyn team had miraculously won the playoff championship over Norristown in 1990, but even he had to admit that too often he was pitching to get four or five out an inning. And so in 1998 he said yes to the idea perhaps he could still be even better, he then moved to Norristown.  He was a Perennial Perky League All-Star. Winner of 4 Perky League Playoff Championships and 1 runnerup.


Dan Chieffalo - The "Chief", as he was often called, Dan Chieffalo was a standout in his hometown of Scranton, earning All-Region honors at Bishop Hannan High School and All-American honors at the University of Scranton. He won the 2000 league batting crown with a .541 average, he also hit 8 HRs and had 36 RBIs. He was runner-up MVP that year. He was always in the Top-10 in just about every offensive stat. And yes, he too, was part of the Norristown dynasty winning 9 Perky League Playoff Championships, including a league record 7 straight. He Played a total of 9 seasons with Norristown A’s: 1995-2006.



Fred Faison - While the Perkiomen Valley Twilight League finals was far too short, at least it produced a memorable Hall of Fame induction. Fred Faison, all of 64 years young, who stopped playing for Collegeville just one season ago, went in by himself, a fitting tribute to a man who spent 38 years in the league - all as a player. “It feels pretty good, but I don’t know that it’s all sunk in yet,” said the living legend. “It was nice to be recognized that way, and it was nice getting texts from guys like Todd Moyer, who said, ‘Welcome to the club.’  Faison said he first heard of the induction back in March when Collegeville owner Carl Meixner called him with the news. “I’d been joking with (former league president) Ben Enters about when I was going in, and he’d always tell me that I had to stop playing first.” Faison finally did that this year, stepping aside when the preparation for the season became just too much to endure. “In recent years, the getting-in-shape part of playing was getting harder,” he said. “It got to be that chore wasn’t worth the effort to keep playing.”  As for memorable Perky moments, Faison said championships like those in 1977 (his first of a record 22) were always memorable, but it was the players he played with and against over the years that made the run special. “What I remember best are the guys I shared the dugout with at Collegeville all those years,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent of the guys I played with were the best teammates you could ever ask for. “The guys I got to play with and got to know are more memorable than any game or championship we won.” As for his future, Faison said he’ll take things a day at a time. “It was a good run,” he said. “These days I’m just happy to be alive, and I can’t wait for the next day.” Faison added that he has an itch to become a coach, especially at the lower levels of baseball. “I’m going to try and coach Little League next year,” he said. “I thought I’d prefer coaching at the Junior Legion level, but I think I can help more at the Little League level, and I think that would be more gratifying.” And while some would like to see Faison suit up one more time, he said that prospect is remote. “I’m pretty sure there’ll be no comebacks,” he laughed. After winning 22 League Championships, a record that may never be beaten. He was human though, he lost in the finals four times.


Robert 'Corky' Cutberth - Corky Cuthbert played with Lansdale for 15 seasons (1960-74) and led the Tigers to six championships (1960, 62, 65, 67, 68, 69). He was a three-time batting champion, in 1960, he batted .462, outdistancing the next hitter by .54 points. In 1968, Cutberth hit .392 to win his second batting crown. Then in 1970, he won his last batting championship with a .426 average. He also led the league in Home Runs with 7.


Barry Troster- Troster played with Lansdale from 1963-70 and with North Wales from 1971-80 and won five Perky championships (1965, 67, 68, 69, 71). He was a two-time Pitcher of the Year (1974, 1975) and in 1977 was the league MVP and batting champion (.500). Troster is one of only two players to win both the batting title and the Pitcher of the Year award. In 1974, Barry Troster was the Pitcher of the Year award for the Perky League with a 10-0 record. He also batted .416 on the year.  In 1977, he was the league MVP with a .500 Batting Average and a 7-1 pitching record. He later coached both baseball and girls basketball at Upper Dublin High School. He graduated from North Penn High School in 1962 and is inducted into the North Penn Hall of Fame. He was Team Captain, MVP and All Bux Selection in Basketball and Baseball. He went on to Ursinus and played both sports there as well, was selected to the All-Middle Atlantic Conference team three of his his four years. He led the MAC in hitting and was MVP in 1966. He scored 1358 points in Basketball and was later inducted into the Ursinus College Hall of Fame for Basketball and Baseball.


Here is a little story told by Hall of Famer Bobby Altieri about the beginnings of the A's Dynasty:
When the 1998 season rolled around Bob lobbied Vince to bring Frank Monestero on board. As a pitcher, Bob had trouble getting frank out in legion and thought he would be a great addition. And it was. It led to a great infield combination, a life-long friendship and being God-parents to each other’s kids. Together Bob and Frank would move to the Upper Merion franchise as Vince had departed to Norristown and Upper Merion was closer to Conshohocken where Bob was from and an easier commute for Frank who was now at West Chester University. Frank got drafted in 1990 by the Indians and spent most of the season in Single A ball splitting time between the Gulf Coast league and Appalachian league. In 1991 Frank was back with upper Merion which was the Indians loss and the Perky League’s gain as Frank batted .489 and won the league’s batting crown. And who was runner up? It was Bob who batted .474. And in the push-me pull-you bond that would characterize their days later at Norristown, where Frank led the league in hits and doubles. But the most important part of the story is that solidified the core of Upper Merion and in 1992 helped the Vikings get to the playoff finals where they were promptly swept away by some team from Collegeville. In 1993, this duo moved to Lansdale at the request of Bob’s brother in law. In 1993, Bob finished third in the batting race and again led the league in hits. Frank finished 6th in batting and again led the league in stolen bases. In 1994, Bob became the manager of the Lansdale Tigers. Bob’s brother Matt and several of his friends were on the Plymouth-Whitemarsh baseball team and they were a very talented bunch. Talented enough that they won the State title. Having been coached by Bob as a member of the state team a young Eric Fisher remembers it like this. It wasn’t a question as to if and where we were going to play in the perky league- we were told. Fish split time at Lansdale as he was still playing Legion ball at Whitemarsh where he had been pitcher of the year in 1993 and would be Offensive Player of the year in 1994. But the young talent made an immediate impact as the Lansdale team went to the playoff semi-finals but lost to Nor-Gwyn. In 1995, bob won the league batting title with a .477 average and led his team to the playoff finals only to be swept once again by Collegeville. All Frank did in 1995 was win the league MVP award leading the league in hits, runs and stolen bases. At the conclusion of the 1995 season Bob and Frank journeyed with the Norristown team to the York Colonial tournament and did what any good manager would do and look around and assessed his current team. Lansdale had the runs to compete but they needed some more veteran pitching. Playing with Norristown, he saw a team that had pitching but could use some young power at the plate. And a proposition was made; discussed; accepted and the Norristown team was born. As player manager of Norristown in 1996, Bob struggled a bit as he juggled playing with a managing amidst the great expectations of victory and his batting average dropped a hundred points. And, while batting .382 ain’t too shabby, frank finished 3rd in the league batting race hitting .402. But in the end it was all worth it as Norristown defeated Skippack for its first Championship in five year and his first championship in 10 years.

Marc Brockell
           HR BI Avg   2B H AB  R BB OBA
1997 played only part time.
1998   11 41 0.515 10 52-99   30 20 0.605
1999   15 51 0.610 10 61-100 41 22 0.680
2000     4 28 0.429 11 39-91   30 21 0.536
2001     4 22 0.449 11 40-89   33 20 0.550
2002     6 42 0.516   9 47-91   31 13 0.577
2003     6 27 0.400   1 38-95   33 12 0.467
2004     5 37 0.379 11 36-95   27   6 0.416
2005     2 36 0.488   8 42-86   20 17 0.573
2006     4 35 0.447   3 38-85   18 10 0.505
2007     2 12 0.329   2 23070  17 16 0.453
total 59 331 0.462 66 416 901 280 157 0.542


Some Moments in time .........
FIRST EVER PVTL All League Team: 1969 (selected by secret ballot of managers)
P - Barry Troster, Lansdale 5-2, 53.1 IP, 59 Ks, 8 BBs
P - Dave Livezey, Harleysville 8-3, 72.1 IP, 56 Ks, 25 BBs, 8 Sacs
P - Jim Berry, Skippack 8-3, 74.2 IP, 45 Ks, 31 BBs
P - Tom Barrow, Souderton 9-6, 94.1 IP, 88 Ks, 33 BBS
C - Steve Miller, Harleysville 37-79, .458, 11 HRs, 30 RBIs, 29 Rs
C - John Carrado, Lansdale 32-95, .337
1B - Ken Fidler, Skippack 30-81, .370, 8 2Bs
2B - Leo Schnalzer, Harleysville 22-78, .282, 8 SBs
3B - Paul Dewey Goetter, Lansdale 24-80, .300
SS - Ben Hammel, Lansdale 18-80, .225
LF - Dave Webb, Skippack 29-69, .420
CF - Corky Cutbert, Lansdale 28-86, .326
RF - Wils Kulp, Collegeville 31-72, .430, 24 BBs
Utility Players
IF - Steve Moyer, Harleysville less then 65 PAs
IF - Dave Seitz, Souderton 23-76, .302
OF - Gerry Hunsicker, Collegeville 38-83, .458
OF - Ron Erb, Souderton 19-61, .292

1974 PVTL All League Team
First Team
P- Charley Prediger, Lansdale (6-2, 0.99 ERA)
C - Bob Stewart, Lower-Gwynedd (.393)
1B- Mark Hollenbach, Souderton (.418)
2B- Mark Eddinger, Collegeville (.365)
3B- Dave Kurtz, Collegeville (.314)
SS- Eddie Oswald, North Wales (.368)
OF- Barry Troster, North Wales (.416, 10-0)
OF- Ron Erb, Lansdale (.509, 7 HRs, 28 RBIs, 14 SBs) - Triple Crown
OF- Bobby Plank, Lansdale (.343)
Second Team
P- Barry Troster, North Wales (10-0, 0.90 ERA)
C- Boby Hager, Souderton (.243, All Star MVP)
1B- John Baker, Skippack (.390)
2B- Denny Robison, Souderton (.307)
3B- Al Frick, Souderton (.300)
SS- Bob Marberger, Lower-Gwynedd (.333)
OF- Rich Rodegherio, Souderton (.348, 9-0)
OF- Craig Levengood, Collegeville (.247)
OF- Scott Houser, North Wales (.340)

1977 PVTL All-League (selected by the Managers)
P - Frank Speilman, Collegeville 7-1, 57.1 IP, 31 Ks, 28 BBs, 1.72 ERA
P - Tim Todd, Collegeville 8-2, 65.1 IP, 34 Ks, 19 BBs, 1.50 ERA
P - Glen Sypherd, Perky Township 7-3, 62.0 IP, 64 Ks, 53 BBs, 2.36 ERA
P - Rick Budweg, Lansdale 8-4, 70.1 IP, 63 Ks, 58 BBs, 3.00 ERA
C - Steve Miller, Harleysville 23-57, .403, 16 RBIs, 18 Runs
1B - Scott Houser, North Wales 41-87, .471, 34 RBIs, 9 Runs
2B - Ed Seiple, Collegeville 21-59, .356, 8 RBIs, 12 RUns
3B - Al Frick, Souderton 28-75, .373, 26 RBIs, 18 Runs
SS - Phil Butler, Souderton 35-79, .443, 23 RBIs, 25 Runs
SS - Craig Eddinger, Collegeville 24-57, .421, 11 RBIs, 24 Runs
OF - Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville 25-77, .325, 16 RBIs, 16 Runs
OF - Tom Mastromatto, Lower Gwyndedd 36-87, .413, 21 RBIs, 20 Runs
OF - Dave Strawhacker, Lower Gwyndedd 22-58, .379, 4 RBIs, 13 Runs
OF - John Cunningham, North Wales 32-81, .395, 18 RBIs, 26 Runs
OF - Barry Troster, North Wales 31-62, .500, 17 RBIs, 17 Runs

1981 All League Team (selected by the Managers)
P - Tommy Williams, Collegeville
P - Gaylen Royer, Collegeville
P - Charlie Prediger, Lansdale
P - Paul McKernan, Jr., Norristown
C - Scott Lanz, Collegeville
C - Jay Price, Souderton
1B - Doug Slotter, Skippack
2B - Bob Pellechio, Norristown
3B - Joe DeFusco, Collegeville
3B - Butch Denczi, Norristown
SS - Ed Seiple, Collegeville
OF - Alex DiNolfi, Norristown
OF - Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville
OF - Randy Kurtz, Collegeville
OF - Keith Alderfer, Harleysville
OF - Ron Moorehead, Skippack


Top-50 sent in by un-named person
P - Tom Christy, North Wales
P - Art Landis, Harleysville
P - Bob Arner, Souderton
P - Jim Bergey, Harleysville
P - Charlie Prediger, Lansdale
P - Carl Wismer, Souderton
P - Denny Ames, Skippack
P - Roy Gaugler, Schwenksville
P - Tom Barrow, Souderton 
P - Frank Spielman, Collegeville
P - Jared Lenko, Collegeville
P - Brandon Bruno, Plymouth
C - Butch Denczi, Norristown
C - John King, Skippack
C - Steve Miller, Harleysville
C - Jim Randolph, Norristown
1B - Dave Kurtz, Collegeville
2B - Frank Monastero, Norristown
2B - Chris Loschiavo, Norristown
3B - Jesse Hodges, Lower-Gwynedd
3B - Alan Frick, Souderton
SS - Ed Seiple, Collegeville
SS - Eric Fisher, Norristown
SS - Tom Szilli, Collegeville
IF - Bob Pellechio, Norristown
IF - Carl Motts, Souderton
OF - Matt Altieri, Collegeville
OF - Glenn Webb, Skippack
OF - Dewey Goetter, Lansdale
OF - Greg Vermeesch, Collegeville
OF - Randy Kurtz, Collegeville
OF - Corky Cuthbert, Lansdale 
OF - Ron Moorehead, Skippack
OF - Alex DiNolfi, Norristown
OF - Ron Erb, Souderton
EH - Wils Kulp, Collegeville
EH - Marc Brockell, Norristown
UT - Al Warner, Nor-Gwyn
UT - Bob Altieri, Norristown
UT - Dan Chieffalo, Norristown
UT - Todd Moyer, Collegeville
UT - Paul Lepre, Norristown
UT - Dave Webb, Skippack
UT - Barry Troster, North Wales
UT - Jim Fazio, Collegeville
UT - Matt Sperling, Norristown
UT - Fred Faison, Collegeville
UT - Walt Maute, Schwenksville
UT - Bob Warren, Collegeville


Perkiomen Valley Twilight League All-Star Games

1954- West 7, East 2
1955- East 5, West 3
1956- South 5, North 1
1957- North 7, South 6
1958- North 2, South 1
1959- North 8, South 0
1960- South 9, North 3
1961- North 5, South 4
1962- North 15, South 9
1963- South 4, North 3
1964- North 7, South 3
1965- South 6, North 2
1966- South 4, North 4 (tie)
1967- South 8, North 4 - MVP: Ken Fidler
1968- South 3, North 0 - MVP: Ken Fidler
1969- North 14, South 2 - MVP: Rich Wolfinger
1970- Perky All-Stars were supposed to play the Penn-Del All-Stars (Game Cancelled) (Ron Erb, Lansdale was Perky All-Star Game MVP)
1971- 2009 - Many games were played and information is available somewhere, but not easily attainable
1988- Perky All-Stars 22, Blue Mountain All-Stars 3
2006- Blue Mountain All-Stars 5, Perky All-Stars 3
2010- Perky All-Stars 10, Pen-Del All-Stars 10 - MVP-Jake Lehotta, Perky (Ambler) - 2-3, 3 RBIs
2011- Perky All-Stars 6, Pen-Del All-Stars 2
2012- Perky All-Stars vs Pen-Del All-Stars ??
2013- Perky All-Stars 10, vs Pen-Del All-Stars 1

Pendel League Champions-Runnerups (from the PenDel League Web Site)
1952-Cayuga AA
1953-Cayuga AA
1963-Suburban Stars
1973-Whelan Radio
1982-RJM Bucks
1983-RJM Bucks
1985-RJM Bucks
1995-LOMA Baseball Club
1997-Roxborough Polecats
1998-Upper Moreland A's
1999-LOMA Baseball Club
2000-Roxborough Polecats
2001-Roxborough Polecats
2002-LOMA Baseball Club - Glenside
2003-Frankford Tigers
2004-Upper Moreland A's - LOMA Baseball Club
2005-Glenside Hawks - Upper Moreland Brewers
2006-LOMA Baseball Club - Roxborough Bandits
2007-LOMA Baseball Club - Upper Moreland Brewers
2008-Upper Moreland Brewers - LOMA Baseball Club
2009-Upper Moreland Brewers - Glenside
2010-Upper Moreland Brewers - ?
2011-Upper Moreland Brewers - Glenside
2012-Upper Moreland Brewers - ?
2013-Upper Moreland Brewers - ?

Much Thanks goes to Ben Enters, former President of the Perkiomen Valley Twilight league and also to the Legendary Dave Kurtz and the Times Herald for much of this information. Scott "Scooter" Myers and Vince Elsier also helped to add some of the missing information. Bobby Altieri had some wonderful bios for some of the Norristown guys that I used.

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