Local Area Softball Tournament Results

2001 Year in Review

  • Blue Route Fall Classic
  • Red Cross Benefit
  • Kim Garvey Coed Memorial
  • USSSA Class-D Women's Northeast National
  • Delco Champs and Charity
  • ASA of PA Over-35 Class-A States
  • ASA of PA Class-C and Class-D States
  • ASA of PA Women's States
  • The Trentonian Classic
  • ASA of PA Over-45 States
  • TNT Summer Classic
  • Modi's Annual Radnor Classic
  • Zinn's Class-C/D Over-35 Invitational
  • ASA of Class-D State Regionals
  • Norristown-Lansdale All-Star Challenge
  • USSSA Class-D Women's States
  • ASA of PA Class-B States
  • ASA of Class-C State Regionals
  • TNT Firecracker Classic
  • Dover 4th of July Firecracker USSSA Classsic
  • Montgomery County Class-C ASA Championship
  • Quakertown Slow Pitch League Summer Classic
  • Montgomery County Class-D ASA Championship
  • Bucks County Class-C ASA Championship
  • Sully's Annual Women's Early Bird
  • Rick Elliott Memorial "B" Division Early Bird
  • Billy Jackson Memorial "C" Division Early Bird
  • Little Brown Jug Early Bird
  • Millennium Early Bird

Blue Route Fall Classic (Sponsored by The Little Brown Jug)

Andy Gelet's run scoring single in the sixth inning provided the margin of victory by the 10-run rule over the Millennium League's Last Call to claim the first annual Blue Route Fall Classic Tournament Title. Hooters finished second in their bracket. They were beaten by the Brown Jug in the first bracket game and then proceeded to win every game after that to capture the crown. After losing to the Jug 14-9, they then beat Aqua Sun/Berman 15-5 and Swedeland Fire Company 13-10 to advance into Sunday's elimination round. Once they got to Sunday, Manager Sully "Heels" Gelet, who came out of retirement to manage this squad worked his magic to lead the team to the title in convincing fashion. Gelet, arguably the greatest manager this town has ever seen provided the needed leadership this team needed and it showed in the way they played. He blended older experienced players like Roger Kummerer, Ed "Pittsburgh" Sasek, Jay Ehrhart and Dave Hicks with younger players like Robbie Himes, Ty Jones, Harry Singleton, Tom McLaughlin, Chris "Opie" Hendricks, Brian Pugh, Ronnie Kummerer and Jeff Brennan. Throw in tournament MVP Andy Gelet and it makes for a winning combination. Gelet was incredible on the day making just one out in leading his team to victory. Heels Gelet stood with the championship trophy and Andy Gelet with the MVP plaque. It was a nice moment only a father and son could share and also went to show what this tournament was all about. Thanks to Joe Organek and the Delaware County contingent of Rob Amerson, Joe Morris and the rest of Last Call and also the Coor's Light's squad who made the trip from New Jersey. These teams showed a lot of class in traveling up the Blue Route and playing a couple tough games to show that this tournament could be an every year event to bring the two great softball communities together. All and all, tournament director Joe Organek deemed the event a big success. Thanks go out to a lot of people who helped in making this event take place including tournament sponsor Earl Metzgar of the Little Brown Jug and the umpires who did a great job in making everything run smooth.

BRACKET "A" Standings/Records
1. Mel's Pub, Norristown (3-0)
2. Team Zone, Easton (2-1)
3. City Line Bar/Pat's Pub, Philadelphia (1-2)
4. Gates Logging, Bellefonte (0-3)

BRACKET "B" Standings/Records
1. Little Brown Jug, Norristown (2-1)
2. Hooters KOP/Worth, Norristown (2-1)
3. Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown (1-2)
4. Aqua Sun/Berman & Associates, Norristown (1-2)

BRACKET "C" Standings/Records
1. Last Call, Delaware County (4-0)
2. Seamus Mulligan's Pub, Marcus Hook (1-3)
3. Maggie McGuire's, Delaware County (1-3)

BRACKET "D" Standings/Records
1. Coor's Light/Peerless Beverage, Parsippany, NJ (4-0)
2. Philly Softball Club, Philadelphia (2-2)
3. Killer B's, Radnor (0-4)

Single Elimination Tournament Results
Hooters KOP/Worth 18, Mel's Pub 6  (quarter-final game)
Team Zone 17, Little Brown Jug 5  (quarter-final game)
Last Call 15, Philly Softball Club 12  (quarter-final game)
Coor's Light/Peerless Beverage 22, Seamus Mulligan's 8  (quarter-final game)
Hooters KOP/Worth 24, Team Zone 20  (semi-final game)
Last Call 15, Coor's Light/Peerless Beverage 7  (semi-final game)
Hooters KOP/Worth 18, Last Call 8  (championship game)

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Hooters KOP/Worth, Norristown (5-1)
2. Last Call, Delaware County (6-1)
3. Coor's Light/Peerless Beverage, Parsippany, NJ (5-1)
3. Team Zone, Easton (3-2)
5. Mel's Pub, Norristown (3-1)
5. Little Brown Jug, Norristown (2-2)
5. Philly Softball Club, Philadelphia (2-3)
5. Seamus Mulligan's Pub, Marcus Hook (1-4)

Tournament MVP - Andy Gelet, Hooters KOP/Worth

Red Cross Benefit Tournament

The Maennerchor Hitmen won the tournament title in the Red Cross Benefit event held at Wierman Field in Norristown. The tournament was put together by Keith Berry and Kathy Groff. It was run in a round robin format where all three teams played each other twice. The Hitmen led by Brian Dunlap. Kenny Priest and Woody Smith were 3-1, The Daulton Gang (Berry and Groff) were 2-2 and Little Brown Jug was 1-3.  

Kim Garvey Coed Memorial Tournament

Manager Mike Brinkman's Trappe Tavern came out of the loser's bracket and double dipped Thom Eisenberger's Country Moon team. Trappe was led by tournament MVP Steve "Rabbit" Swarter. Also playing well for Trappe was Steve Moloney, Steve Kalbach, Bill Bradford, Chaz Davitis and Sue Wensel. Country Moon was led by Andy Gelet, Chris Molitor, Bob Keyser and Mike Fiorentino. Keith Berry and Kathy Groff's team Daulton's finished in third. Leading the way for the Daulton gang was John Brooks and Brent Shaeffer. Head cheerleader for the squad was little Daulton Berry. Finishing in fourth place was Don Douglass, Steve Dimitry, Brian Fields, Roger Kummerer and the Maennerchor Club. Chris "Fluff" Messmer's Main Street club tied for fifth with Mark Melice and his MCCF squad. Thanks once again to Jimmy Myers for running a great tournament. Everybody had a lot of fun and it was for a great cause. 

USSSA Class-D Women's Northeastern Regional Championship

Our Place Slammers of the Norristown Women's Softball League won the USSSA Class D  Northeastern Regional Championship held over Labor Day Weekend in Mercer County, NJ. They went undefeated (4-0) and beat Coral Reefers of Catonsville, MD in the finals 6-4. They previously defeated Regional Truck Service of Middletowon, NY 7-2, CSBR of Hollywood, MD 14-4 and Coral Reefers in the winner's bracket finals 9-0 before defeating the Coral Reefers again in the championship. Shortstop Kim Keller of the Slammers was named the tourney MVP,  Lorene Little was named the tourney's Best Offensive Player (two outs in four games), while Donal Renninger (2B), Carol Rakich (OF), Cheryl Fine (P), Gaby Bodle (3B), and Jackie Turzer (OF) all made the All-Tournament team. 

Delco's Champs N Charity Classic

It happened for the second straight year as Willowbrook Pub came back and double dipped Tom n Jerry's/Barnaby's/Mel's in the tournament championship finals. The scores were 29-25 and 26-20. Jamal Herring was named tournament MVP as he went 8 for 9 in the final two games to lead the Pub to its fourth straight Champs N Charity title. Also staring for Willowbrook were Mike Hall, Bob Watters and the legendary Calvin Butcher. Tom n Jerry's/Barnaby's/Mel's defeated Price Toyota/Brick Bar in the winner's bracket finals 10-8. Price was then beaten in the loser's bracket final 17-10 by three time defending tournament champion Willowbrok Pub and finished third.  Tom N Jerry's Bombers finished in fourth place. Hooters/Hornsby/Worth tied for fifth with Friendly Cafe.  In the Women's Championship game, Red Lantern Flames defeated Domenico's to win their third straight title. Duke's Tavern finished third. Karen Pelky of Red Lantern Flames was named the tournament MVP.

 2001 Men's Champs n Charity Final Standings
1. Willowbrook Pub, Marcus Hook (8-1)
 2. Tom n Jerry's/Barnaby's/Mel's, Marcus Hook (4-2)
 3. Price Toyota/Brick Bar, Marcus Hook-charity (4-2)
 4. Tom N Jerry's Bombers, Millennium-charity (5-2)
 5. Hooters/BobHornsby.com/Worth, Main Line Association (3-2)
 6. Friendly Cafe, IVSL-charity (3-2)
 7. Columbo Lodge Thunder, Community Men's-charity (4-2)
 8.Tom n Jerry's Young Guns, Millennium (4-2)
 9.Haggerty's Cafe, Millennium-charity (3-2)
10. Manoa Tavern, Millennium-charity (2-2)
11. Miller Roofing Crusaders, Main Line Association-charity (2-2)
12. Upland A.C., Millennium-charity (3-2)
13. McIlvain's Lumber, Delco Industrial (2-2)
14. Physical Therapy Physicians, Lawrence Park (2-2)
15. Seamus Mulligan's Pub, Delco Coaches (2-2)
16. Liberty Tavern, IVSL-charity (2-2)
17. OLC Aftershock, Delco Church-charity (1-2)
18. Duffer's Pub, IVSl-charity (1-2)
19. Peabody's Pub Celtics, Community Men's (1-2)
20. Lamb Tavern, Lawrence Park-charity (1-2)
21. Mary's cafe, Delcom-charity (1-2)
22. Tom n Jerry's Outlaws, Millennium (1-2)
23. Rusty Nail, Main Line Business-charity (0-2)
24. Craig's Tavern, Delcom (0-2)
25. Rose Tree Park Nazerene, Delco Church (0-2)
26. Marina's Restaurant, Main Line Business (0-2)
27. Wayne Beef n Ale/Wayne Tavern, Main Line Association (0-2)
28. Topper's Choppers, Delco Industrial (0-2)
29. East Lansdown Police, Delco Police & Fire (0-2)
30. Re-Steel, IVSL (0-2)

2001 Women's Champs n Charity Final Standings
1. Red Lantern (4-0)
 2. Domenico's Tavern (4-2)
 3. Duke's tavern (2-2)
 4. Messimer Tile (3-2)
 5. Re-Steel (2-2)
 6. Travel Loft (1-2)
 7. Rookies (1-2)
 8. Daniel's (1-2)
 9. Milmont Inn (0-2)
10. Miky's (0-2)
11. Timothy's (0-2)

ASA of PA Class-A Over-35 State Championship

Some local teams traveled to State College and competed for the 35 & over Class-A state title. When all was said and done, they did pretty well. Spring Ford AA went 1-2 to finish 12th. Cannoneers Club led by the hot bats of Andy Selheimer, Willy Plant, Pat Fines, Bruce Schmidt and "Cowboy" Cary Sell were 3-2 to finish 5th. Little Brown Jug led by Sam Rosen (14-20, HR), Tom Pagel (13-18, 2 HRs), Butch Koester (13-17), Steve Dimitry (13-20), Dave Kwitakowski (10-19), Dan Deterlein (10-19), Roger Kummerer (9-14) and Kevin "Big Boy" Cherkas (11-20, 2 HRs) were also 3-2 and finished 6th. All-Clad Metal Crafters of Canonsburg beat Jasonville Sox of Elizabethtown in the winner's bracket final to send the Sox to the losers bracket where they beat Champ's Grill of State College to get a chance at All-Clad once again. Jasonville was leading All-Clad when the storms came and washed away the remainder of the tournament. In accordance with ASA championship play rules, a game must be completed to be recorded as an official regulation game. All-Clad finished up undefeated (5-0) and Jasonville Sox was 5-1.  In the Class-D state tournament, Tree-O-Builders of Meadville double dipped Mason-Norton of Lemoyne to win the state crown. Rolling Thunder of State College was third.

Final Standings Class-A (Final Record)
1. All-Clad Metal Crafters, Canonsburg 5-0
2. Jasonville Sox, Elizabethtown  5-1
3. Champs Grill, State College   7-2
4. Stars Inc., Bensalem  4-2
5. Cannoneer's Sportsmen Club, Lansdale  3-2
6. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  3-2
7. Bad Guys, Wilkes Barre  4-2
8. Penn Lyon Homes, Williamsport  3-2
9. Mt. Graphic, Connellsville  2-2
10. Summer's Trucking, District-2  2-2
11. Shamrock Tavern, Oil City  2-2
12. Spring Ford AA, Linfield  1-2
13. Family Clothesline, State College  2-2
14. Bobtown Pizza, Bobtown  2-2
15. New Holland, New Holland  1-2
16. Nittany Embroidery, State College  2-2
17. Rustic Exterior, State College  1-2
18. HY Pressure Wash, Reading  1-2
19. Oakbrook Fire Company, Reading  1-2
20. Joel Confer, Bellefonte  0-2
21. Hawbaker, State College  0-2
22. Slovic Group  1-2
23. Barton's Body Shop, Mt. Joy  0-2
24. Garner's Lumber, State College  0-2
25. Yeager's  0-2
26. L&L Auctions, Selingsgrove  0-2
27. Culp's Auto, Vicksbug  0-2

ASA of PA Class C and D State Championships

Hooters KOP/Worth, McGregor's Pub and Berry Mowing (Hatfield Packing) all traveled to Turbotville for the ASA of PA Class-C state championships. None of the teams made it to Sunday as McGregor's went 0-2, Hooters KOP/Worth went 1-2 and Hatfield/Berry went 3-2. Out in York in the ASA of PA Class-D state championships, The Franchise didn't fair any better as they went 0-2 and were eliminated early also. In the "C's", Rox Stars from McKees Rocks won the state title with Penepacker Insurance of Lewistown in second and Zimmerman Trucking of Mifflintown finishing third.  In the "D's", Eye Care/Harley-Davidson of York (6-0) won the title and Lanco Concrete Walls of Bird in Hand was second with a 5-2 record. The Chargers of Intercourse (7-2) were third and M&M Medical of Beaverdale (5-2) were fourth.

Final Standings Class-C (Final Record)
1. Rox Stars, McKees Rocks  5-0
2. Penepacker Insurance, Lewistown 5-2
3. Zimmerman Trucking, Mifflintown   6-2
4. Pauley's, Hanover  5-2
5. D&D Auto Salvage, New Castle  2-2
6. Swenson Fuel, New Bloomfield  3-2
7. Jamesville VFW, Jamesville  3-2
8. Stud Softball, Reading  3-2
9. Enola Sportsmen, Enola  2-2
10. Berry Mowing, Norristown   3-2
11. Wickard's Trucking, Carlisle  3-2
12. Stroebers, Palmyra  3-2
13. Phy Graphics, Palmyra  2-2
14. LPT, Williamsport  2-2
15. Cramps, Allentown  2-2
16. Sports Jez, Plymouth  2-2
17. Jerry's Softball Club, Wilkes Barre  1-2
18. Mercersburg VFW, Mercersburg  1-2
19. Teamsters 261, New Castle  1-2
20. Hooters KOP/Worth, Norristown  1-2
21. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg  0-2
22. Jasonville Sox, Elizabethtown  1-2
23. Romas Pizza, Ephrata  0-2
24. ICC, Meadville  0-2
25. Champs Grill, State College  0-2
26. Dunda's, Dunmore  0-2
27. Country Meadows, Elizabethtown  0-2
28. Speedwell Construction, Hanover  0-2
29. McGregor's Pub, Norristown  0-2

Class-D States (top-4 only)
1. Eye Care/Harley-Davidson, York (6-0)
2. Lanco Concrete Walls, Bird in Hand (5-2)
3. Chargers, Intercourse (7-2)
4. M&M Medical, Beaverdale (5-2)

ASA of PA Women's State Championships

The Women's Class-B State championships were held in New Cumberland and local favorite Nick's 114 Cafe captured the prize by defeating Flynn's Catering of District-3 in the finals. Dean Patterson of Williamsburg was third. In the Class-C states held in Lower Allen Township, Game Time of Bessemer defeated Joel Confer of Bellefonte in the 'if' game to win the title. Kohler's Insurance of Carlisle finished third. The Class-D states were played in State College with ADS of Hatboro finishing up on top. The Prospectors of Roaring Springs were second. W.S. Diamonds of District-11 were third and Seton of District-8 were fourth. In the higher classes, Reamstown AA went to the ASA Class-A Nationals as Pennsylvania's representative and went on to finish 2nd in the nation, losing only to the Armed Forces National Team. In the Women's Major Class, The Lakerettes of Conneaut Lake represented Pennsylvania in the Nationals and finished out of the top 3 for the first time in years. They won the nationals in 1998 and 1999, then finished second in 2000.

2001 Women's Major National Representative (States not held)
Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake

2001 Women's Class-A National Representative (States not held)
Reamstown AA, West Lawn

2001 Women's Class-B States (top 3 only)
1. Nick's 114 Cafe, New Cumberland
2. Flynn's Catering, Easton
3. Dean Patterson, Williamsburg
?. Domenico's Tavern, Folcroft
Participated at Nationals: Strictly Fitness, York
Participated at Nationals: Dukes Tavern, Springfield

2001 Women's Class-C States (top 3 only plus others)
1. Game Time, Bessemer
2. Joel Confer, Bellefonte
3. Kohler's Insurance, Carlisle
6. Metro Sports, Pittsburgh 2-2
?. Raga Timber, Williamsport
?. Dracool
?. Markwort Breakers

2001 Women's Class-D States (top 4 only)
1. ADS, Horsham
2. Prospectors, Roaring Springs
3. W.S. Diamonds, Harrisburg
4. Seton, Altoona
?. Backstreets, Pittsburgh 1-2
?. Mustangs
?. Longo's, Pittsburgh 0-2
?. Sandoes, Biglersville
?. Kwik Stix, Pittsburgh 0-2

2001 Women's 35 & Over State Championship (top 2 only, no other info available)
1. Coors Light, Harrisburg-Williamsport
2. Master Pitch, State College
Qualified as Defending 35 & Over National Champs - Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake
Participated at Nationals: Helpmates Home Health, Brockway


The Trentonion

Stadium Sports/Mel's Pub went undefeated (5-0) and captured the Super-D class of the Trentonion Tournament by defeating Valentino's of New Jersey 31-16 in the final championship game, Paul "Reds" Meara was named the tournament MVP as he went 19-21. The lovable Reds was named to the all-tournament team along with Keith Berry, Joe Povenski, Jamie Ritter, and the resurgent Jack "the Rattler" Mullen. Ivo Salvi as usual was solid all weekend on the defensive side with a spectacular catch in the last inning of the winner's bracket final to preserve the victory. Mark Ziegler was 8-9 at the plate on Sunday. And Clarke Farrell was also solid in the outfield and chipped in with some key hits in the finals. In the "B" Class, Hit and Run of Deer Park, NY defeated PTS/Showtime/Flip It of Easton to win that classification title. No details were available.

ASA of PA 45-Over State Championships

Hordel John's Deli traveled out to State College to compete in the 45-over state championships. Hordel John's is a team that has played together fro many years with the same nucleus such as Tom Mulvahill, Dale Hood, Sammy Rosen and Beefy Maniscalco. They picked up recently 45'ers Bobby Ray and Rob Wisner to complete the team. The wound up finishing 3rd. Abramson's of Centre Hall finished 2nd and Maroadi's/Frank n Stein of Pittsburgh won again. They are the defending four time ASA national champion.

TNT Sports Club Summer Classic

Hooters KOP/Worth swept through the field to capture the TNT Summer Classic. Legendary manager Sully "Heels" Gelet came out of retirement to manage the winners. He picked up right where he left off 9 years ago by winning another tournament. Hooters was led by the hot bats of Jeff Brennan (3 homers), Andy Gelet, Ty Jones, Ed "Pittsburgh" Sasek and Jay Ehrhart. Slugger Scott Pennypacler was lost for the season with three fractures in his foot. Pennypacker has 11 homers on the season for CVCK and will sorely be missed. We wish him the best during his recovery. The Franchise came in second and the Jug was third. Jake Corroplese's Franchise battled back all day. The came from way behind to defeat the Brown Jug in the semi-final game as Woody Capelli's home run was the big blow and Gus Baldassano's hit in the bottom of the seventh inning drove in the winning run. John Cresswell, Brian Dunlap and Chris Logan swung hot bats for the "Chise".  Dave Hicks led the Jug with a couple of dingers.

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Hooters KOP/Worth  (5-0)
2. The Franchise  (3-2)
3. Brown Jug  (1-3)
4. TNT Sports Club  (0-4)

Modi's Annual Radnor Classic

Upland AC of Delaware County defeated the Brick Bar of Radnor Main Line Association to win Modi's Annual Radnor tournament. Last Call of Delaware County was third, Toto's of Norristown was fourth and J&J Painting of Plymouth was 5th. Click on the link below to see photos of all the action. These are from Bob Hornsby's Millennium Web Site.

Modi Classic Photos

Zinn's (Class C & D) 35 & over Annual Tournament

Two teams from Maryland finished 1 and 2 and some questions were asked about the classification system of the out of state teams. These teams were clearly not C or D. It's a shame because the locals that traveled to Zinns were just that (Class C & D). AIA from Harrisburg is one of the better 35-over teams in the state and they were out in two games. But that didn't stop Thom Eisenberger's Country Moon/Shiela's Water Ice team as they played  well enough to capture third place. Lead by pitcher Clayton Blank and shortstop Jay Ehrhart along with old legends Dale Hood and Ron Weikel, the Collegeville contingent will be a force to be reckoned with in the 35-over state championships in State College on August 17-18 weekend. Matty Moore and his Seamus Mulligan from Marcus Hook squad led by Frankie Smith went 1-2, including a victory over the 2nd place team. Tom Schadt and his 50-over Spring Ford AA team went 0-2. This was just a tune-up for the 50-over oldies as they prepare to go to Pittsburgh to compete in the 50-over state championships in a couple of weeks. On another note, Eisenberger's team will regroup and enter the 45-over state championships in State College this coming weekend.

ASA of PA Class-D Regional States

None of the locals advanced out of the regional states. Maennerchor Club went 1-2 in Turbotville. The Club was led by ageless pitcher Lou Raieta and Manager Dave Raimondo.  Results from York are as follows: Spring Ford AA of Linfield was 3-2 and finished 9th. N&O was also 3-2, Levingood Septic from Linfield was 2-2, Charlie's Pizza was 2-2 and Toto's was 0-2. Steppy's traveled to State College and had a fine showing as they went 3-2, but John Shoemaker's squad did not advance. The Franchise already qualified for the state finals in York on August 10-11 weekend by virtue of winning the ASA District-14 county championship earlier in the year.

Final Standings- Southeastern (@Mercersburg)
1. CRS Insurance, Gettysburg
2. First National Bank, Mercersburg
3. Barton's Body Shop, Mt. Joy
4. Lamparter Trucking, York

Final Standings- Northern (@Turbotville)
1. T.R. Construction, Sunbury
2. Locker Room, Middleburg
3. Broadway Tavern, Mountain Top
4. Tony's, Toptown

Final Standings- Northeastern (@York)
1. Riehl's Rebels, Lancaster
2. Lanco Concrete Walls, Bird in Hand
3. Eye Care/Harley Davidson, York
4. Cole's Pub, Imperial

Final Standings- Central (@State College)
1. M&M Medical, Beaverdale
2. Swartz Roofing, Milton
3. B&H Unlimited, Palmyra
4. Workman's Insurance, Bellefonte

Final Standings- Western (@Meadville)
1. Bravo Pizza, Cranberry Township
2. KGI, Indiana
3. Red Bank Chevrolet, New Bethlehem
4. St. Mary's Eagles, St. Mary's

Norristown "B-Division" All-Stars vs Lansdale All-Stars

The Norristown "B-division" All Stars took on the All Star team from Lansdale for the second year in a row at Heels Field. Playing by the Lansdale Unlimited Arc Rule, the Norristown team took the game 29-6. The power was supplied by Kenny Hanley (Franchise) for Norristown with 2 home runs and Jeff Russo (N&O) with one homer. Playing well for Norristown were Harry Singleton (Toto's) and Steve Moloney (N&O) with 4 hits a piece. Also contributing were Chris Sullivan (Franchise), Dave Baratucci (N&O) and Billy Gullota (Toto's) with 3 hits each. Rounding out the all-star team were Mike Collazo, Chris Molitor and Joe Sanna from TNT, John Cresswell, Robbie Himes, Brian Dunlap and Gus Baldassano of the Hitmen, Jay Rissel from Swedeland, Sean Remish of Toto's and manager Jake Corropolese of the league leading Franchise. The Lansdale power surge was supplied by John Curley and Rick Baskin with one home run each.  Before the game even began, the annual all-star home run derby was held. Joe Sanna, TNT (3 homers), Rich Curley, Lansdale all-stars (3 homers), and Woody Smith, Hitmen advanced to the Final round. Joe 'Big Daddy' Sanna came through in the end hitting 2 out in the finals to take home the prize. Thanks once again to Chris 'Saint' Santori for setting this up again and for the Lansdale guys for coming down to play in the game. A good time was had by all.

USSSA of PA Class-D Women's State Championship

Our Place Slammers of the Norristown Women's Softball League finished in 2nd place in the USSSA "D" States. They were beaten in the finals by Nick's Cafe of New Cumberland.

ASA of PA Class-B State Championship

Frederick's Chevrolet/Doc Holliday's/Geo's of Harrisburg defeated DiBella's Pizza of Chambersburg to capture the ASA of PA Class-B State title in Turbotville. Local teams held their own as District-6's Willowbrook Pub led by Mike Hall and Calvin Butcher finished 5th with a 5-2 record. Spikes of Linfield with Auggie Mauger and Todd Endy went 3-2 to finish 8th. Cannon Roofing led by Tony Giannone was 1-2 and Mel's Pub/Barnaby's/Stadium Sports behind the power of Joe Povenski was 2-2 to also finished in the top-10. Little Brown Jug (0-2) was led by Bill Howseal who went 8 for 8.

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Fredericks/Doc's/Geo's, Harrisburg  5-0
2. Dibella's Pizza, Spring Run 5-2
3. Gator's Saloon, Pittsburgh  3-2
4. Kelly's/Square News, Pittsburgh  3-2
5. Willowbrook Pub, Boothwyn  5-2
6. Country Tavern, Middleburg  4-2
7. Brews Brothers, Pittston  2-2
8. Spikes, Linfield  3-2
9. Cannon Roofing, Norristown  1-2
10. Mel's/Barnaby's/Stadium Sports, Norristown  2-2
11. Claar's Logging, Altoona  1-2
12. Sports Page, Pittsburgh 3-2
13. PTS/Showtime, Easton  1-2
14. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  0-2
15. Landis Express, Reading  1-2
16. Mim's/Coyle Excavating, Chambersburg  1-2
17. B&B Moving, Turbotville  0-2
18. Gearhart/J&J Metals, Nazareth  0-2
19. Wohlers Construction/Thomas, Osterburg  0-2
20. AFLAC/Steve Black Builders, Ephrata  1-2
21. Craig's Bullshippers, Gettysburg  1-2
22. Matt's Softball, Old Forge 0-2

ASA of PA Class-C Regional States

McGregor's Pub of Norristown went 3-2 and finished 4th in Marcus Hook and now advance to the ASA of PA Class-C State Finals in Turbotville on August 10-11th weekend. The Hitmen went 1-2 and CVCK/Steppy's went 0-2 in York. Alpine International (1-2) of Quakertown and Cannoneers Club (0-2) of Lansdale also played in Marcus Hook. Italian Club went 3-2 in Mercersburg to finish 6th. None of these teams advanced.  McGregor's joins Hooters KOP (District-14) and Berry Mowing/Hatfield (District-15) in the "C" state finals. Both of these teams qualified by virtue of winning their respective ASA county championship. Here are some of the top finishers in the regional states.

Final Standings- Northeastern (@Mercersburg)
1. Zimmerman Trucking, Mifflintown
2. Speedwell Construction, Manheim
3. Penepacker Insurance, Lewistown
4. Mercersburg VFW, Mercersburg

Final Standings- Southeastern (@Marcus Hook)
1. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
2. Cramps, Allentown
3. Champs Sports Bar, State College
4. McGregor's Pub, Norristown

Final Standings- Central (@York)
1. Swenson Fuel, New Bloomfield
2. Jasonville Sox, Elizabethtown
3. Pauleys, Hanover
4. Phy Graphics, Palmyra

Final Standings- Western (@West Mifflin)
1. D&D Auto Salvage, New Castle
2. Rox Stars, McKees Rocks
3. Plug-N-Piston/Worth, Pittsburgh
4. United Refinery, Warren

TNT Sports Club Firecracker Tournament

City Line Bar from Philadelphia made it's way to Norristown and captured the TNT Firecracker Tournament by going undefeated in the combined bracket-double elimination format run by tournament director Sonny Termine. They beat Little Brown Jug 17-16 in the bottom of the eight inning of the final championship game. The Jug led 12-3 in the fourth inning before the City Liners made their comeback. Brian Machinski was 12-17 with 3 home runs on the day. Dan Devine went 14-16 and John Dlugoknski went 14-17 to also lead the City Line squad. Rob Himes led the Jug with 6 homers on the day. Ryan Walker and Don Douglass also swung hot bats for the locals. Montgomery County Home Pro came in third. Ageless legend Tony "A" Orsini was 9 for 10 for Home Pro before he had to leave for work commitments. I'd like to thank Brian Machinski and the City Line Bar team for venturing their way into Norristown and winning over the locals with a rare display of talent and class.

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. City Line Bar, Philadelphia (3-0)
2. Little Brown Jug (2-2)
3. Montgomery County Home Pro (0-3)

Dover 4th of July Firecracker USSSA Softball Classic

David Allen of Paramount Builders/Worth hit a home run with 2 outs in the bottom of the 6th inning of the championship game to defeat Buckeye's/Eagle Group/TPS 34-18 to win the Dover 4th of July Firecracker USSSA Softball Classic. The home run capped a 19 run inning in which Paramount fought back to take the lead. Paramount Builders/Worth went 6 and 0 to capture the tournament against a very tough field. The tournament field included 20 teams and was held at the beautiful Schutte Park in Dover, Delaware. JC Casner of Reading suffered a couple of disappointing losses in bracket play and ended up in the "B" Flight where they came in second. Little Brown Jug of Norristown went 2-1 in bracket play, losing only to eventual champion Paramount 27-3. They ended up in the "A" Flight where they lost to Gasoline Heaven 29-12 and then to TNT Power of Virginia. They finished 10th.

"A" Flight Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Paramount Builders/Worth, VA (4-0)
2. Buckeye/Eagle Group/Al's/TPS, DE (4-2)
3. Gasoline Heaven/Worth, NY (3-2)
4. Vigianni Plumbing, NJ (2-2)
5. Giant Softball, NY (2-2)
5. TNT Power, VA (2-2)
7. Taylor's, MD (1-2)
7. Team Hertrich, DE (0-2)
9. DWS Outlaws, MD (0-2)
10. Little Brown Jug, PA (0-2)

ASA of PA District-14 Montgomery County Class-C Championship

Hooters KOP/Worth waltzed through the competition to capture the ASA Montgomery County championship by defeating CVCK/Steppy's Sports Bar in the final game. This tournament was continued from the previous weekend due to rain. Andy Gelet and Ty Jones' squad now has earned a trip straight to the state championships in Turboteville on August 10-11 weekend. Hooters was led by the pitching and power of Tom McLaughlin along with hot hitting Jeff Brennan (17-20, .850). CVCK/Steppy's finished second and the Hitmen were third. 

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Hooters KOP/Worth (4-0)
2. CVCK/Steppy's Sports Bar (3-2)
3. The Hitmen (2-2)
4. Italian Club (1-2)
5. Springford AA (0-2)
5. McGregor's Pub (0-2)

Quakertown Slow Pitch League Summer Classic

In what turned out to be the most competitive tournament of the season so far, Stadium Sports/Mel's turned up their play a couple notches to capture the $500 first place prize by winning this annual event. Deluxe Bakery of New Jersey defeated Sheridan Printing/Showtime/Flip-it from Palmer Township in Easton for the right to meet undefeated Mel's in the finals. Deluxe proceeded to defeat Mel's to force the "if" game. Mel's then defeated Deluxe in the final championship game to earn the title. Coors Light/Peerless Beverage of New Jersey captured fourth place. Norristown's own Little Brown Jug tied for fifth along with J&J Metals. Jimmy Lelii was named tournament MVP by virtue of his 19 for 24 performance at the plate (.792). Keith Berry and Paul 'Reds' Meare were both 9 for 9 in the final two championship games to lead a strong offensive onslaught. Other hitting stars for Mel's included Johnny Brooks, Gary 'Auggie' Maugher, Ivo Salvi, Jamie Ritter and Danny Helm. Marty Murray, Jack Mullin and Danny King combined to go 9 for 10 in pinch hitting roles. The defense was lead as usual by Pitcher Keith Berry. Clarke Farrell and Joe Povenski also made some incredible plays from their outfield positions.

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Stadium Sports/Mel's, Norristown  (5-1)
2. Deluxe Bakery, Bell Mahr, NJ (4-2)
3. Sheridan/Showtime/Flip It, Easton (4-2)
4. Coor's Light/Peerless Beverage, Parsippany, NJ (3-2)
5. J&J Metals, Nazareth (3-2)
5. Little Brown Jug, Norristown (2-2)
7. Alpha Drywall, Reading  (2-2)
7. Phoenix Tube, Clinton, NJ  (2-2)
9. Alpine International, Quakertown  (1-2)
9. Azzatori Chirporactic, Quakertown  (1-2)
9. L&V Softball, Whippany, NJ (1-2)
9. Nazareth Beverage, Nazareth (0-2)
13. O'Hara Limo, Yardley (0-2)
13. Team Mizuno, Long Island, NY (0-2)
13. Pizza Pub, Quakertown (0-2)

Tournament MVP - Jim Lelii, Stadium Sports/Mel's (19-24, .792)

ASA of PA District-14 Montgomery County Class-D Championship

The Franchise lost their first game against TNT, then proceeded to win their next 6 games to capture their first ASA County Championship. After being sent to the depths of the loser's bracket by TNT, the "Chise" reeled off wins against Maennerchor Club, Chain Mar Furniture, Charlie's Pizzeria and Natale & Onufer Roofing. They then faced the task of having to defeat unbeaten Steppy's Sports Bar twice. Behind the pitching of Mike Fiorentino, who hurled all seven games and leadership of Jake Corropolese, they accomplished their goal and are now headed to York in August for the ASA of PA Class-D State Championships. Steppy's finished second while N&O was third. 

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. The Franchise  (6-1)
2. Steppy's Sports Bar (3-2)
3. Natale & Onufer Roofing (2-2)
4. Charlie's Pizzeria (3-2)
5. TNT Sports Club (2-2)
5. Chain Mar Furniture (1-2)
7. Toto's/Brown Jug (0-2)
7. Maennerchor Club (0-2)
9. Levengood Septic (0-2)

ASA of PA District-15 Bucks County Class-C Championship

Hatfield Packing/Colmar Inn/Berry Mowing went undefeated to capture their second straight ASA District-15 Bucks County Championship. Overall, this was their 4th straight County Championship, as they won the District-14 Montgomery County Championships in 1998 and 1999. They will now travel right to the ASA of PA Class-C State Championships in Turbotville on the weekend of August 10-12th, Rich Cocchmiglio and his squad went undefeated in winning the title. Hatfield was led by the hot bats of Matt Cordi and Keith McCollough. Alpine International were second and The Cannoneers Sportsmen Club of Lansdale were third. Both of these teams qualified for the ASA of PA State Regional in Marcus Hook. ASA of PA  District-15 Slow Pitch Commissioner Randy Bochniak organized and ran this event held at the North Penn Gun Club in Trumbaurersville.

Sully's 24th Annual Women's Early Bird
The Red Lantern Flames from Delaware County went undefeated to capture Sully Gelet's 15th annual Women's Early Bird Classic. Last year's Class-B ASA of PA State Champs defeated Our Place Slammers and Domenicos Restaurant to reach the finals. They then sat back and watched as Domenicos defeated the Slammers in the semi-finals to get another crack at them in the finals. Domenicos gave Red Lantern Flames all they could handle as the Flames plated two runs in the bottom of the seventh inning to score a 5-4 come from behind victory to capture the title. Red Lantern was led by tournament MVP Shelly Amendola who had an outstanding tournament. Domenicos finished second and the Our Place Slammers came in third. Dukes Tavern was fourth and Bud's Bar and the Brook Oldies tied for fifth. ASA District-14 Deputy Commissioner Sully Gelet holds this tournament every year as a prelude to the Norristown Women's Softball League. This year three teams from District-6 in Delaware County made the trip to Norristown to compete in the annual event. In addition to Red Lantern; Domenicos and Dukes are also from that area. Our Place Slammers and Bud's Bar will be in this year's Norristown Women's League. The Brook Oldies were a re-union team of the ASA of PA Class-C state winning squad from back in 1991. The Norristown Women's League plays Monday through Thursdays at these fields:  Logan Field behind Eisenhower Middle School, Stewart Middle School Field, The Norristown State Hospital Field and the Whitehall Road Field at Norristown High School. The "A" Division plays its games on Tuesday-Thursdays and the Rec League plays on Monday-Wednesdays. Stop by one of these fields between May 7th and July 24th at 6:30 to catch a game. 

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Red Lantern Flames, Springfield  (3-0)
2. Domenicos Restaurant, Folcroft (3-2)
3. Our Place Slammers, Norristown  (3-2)
4. Dukes Tavern, Springfield (1-2)
5. Bud's Bar, Norristown  (0-2)
5. The Brook Oldies, Norristown  (0-2)

Tournament MVP - Shelly Amendola, Red Lantern

Quakertown Slow Pitch League Early Bird

Sheridan Printing/Showtime (Flip-It) went undefeated to capture the QSPL Early Bird Tournament with relative ease. With Pitcher Scott Farrell leading the way on the mound and Big Troy Castellano, Herck Rodweller and Ben Kovalcik providing the power, the Printers showed why they are a team to be reckoned with. They defeated a tough Hatfield Packing (Berry Mowing) team twice in route to the title. Scott Nauer, Dave Pettine, Marc Zeigler and Matt Cordi were the hitting stars for Hatfield. Alpine International (East-West) came in third as they lost to Hatfield twice. Doug Shaw, Jody Ritter, Eric and Wolfie all led the Alpine squad. The Cannoneers Club lost their first game on Friday night and in true Cannoneer fashion, they came all the way back to finish fourth. Willy Plant, "Cowboy" Cary Sell and "Ice" Rotor Led the Sportsmen's Club. If this tournament is any way in which the league is going to be, then defending champs Cannon Roofing who did not enter the tournament has it's hands full as the league looks real strong this year.

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Sheridan Printing/Flip It  (4-0)
2. Hatfield Packing/Colmar Inn (3-2)
3. Alpine International (3-2)
4. Cannoneers Sportsmen's Club (3-2)
5. US Electrodes (2-2)
5. Azzatori Chiorpractic-Moyer (1-2)
7. Universal Milwright (1-2)
7. North Penn Gun Club (1-2)
9. Eastern Wireless (0-2)
9. Pizza Pub (0-2)

Norristown B/C "Rick Elliott/Billy Jackson Memorial"

This year's B/C tournament was played without a couple of very special guys named Rick Elliott and Billy Jackson. Billy passed away last year. He played for Main Street Pizza. Rick passed away last year after an accident. He last played for Falcone's, but is best remembered with the old MAC Reality team. They both left behind family, friends and many teammates. 

The tournament was played on Saturday April 7th and was rained out on Sunday April 8th. It was then continued on Saturday April 21st. In "B" division action: Toto's/Brown Jug led by the hot bats of Billy Gullota and Willy Plant defeated both Maennerchor Club and N&O. The Hitmen beat TNT and the Franchise behind the hitting of Sammy Rosen and Gus Baldassano. Toto's/Brown Jug defeated The Hitmen in the winner's bracket finals. They then sat back and waited as TNT beat The Franchise and then faced off against the Hitmen to determine who went to the finals to face Toto's. The Hitmen emerged victorious and faced the tough task of having to defeat Toto's twice. It didn't happen as Toto's won the game and the tournament title for new manager Tony "A" Orsini. Chris Santori swung a hot bat for the champs and Toto's Pitcher Sean Remish was named the Tournament MVP. In "Rec" division tournament action,  Kinsey's beat Main Street Pizza and Charlie's Pizzeria to gain a spot in the finals. Montgomery Fitness defeated Bridgeport Rib House to advance to the finals to meet Kinsey's. Kinsey Landscaping led by Tournament MVP Brian van Buskirk defeated Montgomery Fitness to earn the "Rec" Tournament Championship. Tournament director Sully Gelet said $400 was raised in each tournament and donated to the families of both Billy Jackson and Rick Elliott. In addition to that, the winning teams (Toto's and Kinsey's) and the Runner-up teams (Hitmen and Montgomery Fitness) all donated  money back from their winnings to this cause. It was a nice gesture by the teams.  Sully put in a lot of time to put this together and the Hooters Softball Team donated their time to sell refreshments. The Monto Umpires Associated also donated most of their time to help out. This whole idea was conceived by Steve Maloney and the rest of the guys who play in the B and C divisions. They all got together and voted to have this tournament in memory of their former teammates.

Little Brown Jug Early Bird Open Tournament

Benny Kovalcik's dramatic two run homer in the bottom of the seventh inning gave Flip It Softball from Palmer Township in Easton the championship prize of the Little Brown Jug Early Bird Tournament. Stadium Sports/Mel's lost their opening elimination tournament game to the same Flip It team and battled their way through the loser's bracket to gain a spot in the finals against the Easton powerhouse. The Mel's boys had to struggle through two amazingly close games to reach the finals. They defeated the Casner/Moore/Owls 34-33 in arguably the best game of the day. John Brooks single in the last inning gave Mel's the victory. Mel's then beat CVCK 17-2 to advance to the semi-finals versus Berry Mowing. The Mowers fell short in a 16-15 decision and finished in third place. Matt Cordi and Brent Shaeffer swung hot bats for Berry and Dana Luscombe led the always tough Berry defense. Mel's was lead by Dave Kwitakowski who was on fire the whole day. Marty Murray and Jimmy Lelii also were in mid-season form for Mel's.  But it was the Flip It bunch that captivated the Wierman field crowd with a rare display of speed and power. They hit the ball all over the field and when the bases were occupied, they then hit their home runs. First basemen Benny Kovalcik and Catcher Herk Rodweller both hit some massive homers to lead the Flip It squad. Rodweller reportedly made only a handful of outs the whole weekend and subsequently was voted the Tournament MVP. Manager Bill Wilbert had his team ready for this tournament and it showed.  CVCK/Steppy's led by Ryan Henning, Ed Sasek, Jay Ehrhardt and Steve Kalback finished in fourth place. Last year's two finalist, the Owls and Hooters finished in a tie for fifth place. Swedeland Fire Company and McGregor's Pub tied for seventh place in the final standings. The bracket standings and records along with the elimination scores, results and final standings are listed below: 

BRACKET "A" Standings/Records
1. Flip It Softball, Easton (4-0)
2. Casner/Moore/Owls, Reading (3-1)
3. Trappe Tavern Green, Collegeville (1-3)
4. Cannon Roofing, Norristown (1-3)
5. Undercuffler Carpets, New Jersey (1-3)

BRACKET "B" Standings/Records
1. Stadium Sports/Mel's, Norristown (3-1)
2. McGregor/Artesian, Norristown (2-2)
3. Jett's Bar, Boothwyn (2-2)
4. The Franchise, Norristown (1-3)
5. Lehigh Valley Dairy, Quakertown (No Show)

BRACKET "C" Standings/Records
1. Hooters KOP/Worth, Norristown (4-0)
2. Swedeland Fire Co., Norristown (3-1)
3. East West Equip., Quakertown (2-2)
4. TNT Sports Club, Norristown (1-3)
5. Maennerchor Club, Norristown (0-4)

BRACKET "D" Standings/Records
1. Berry Mowing/Miller, Norristown (3-1)
2. CVCK/Steppy's Place, Norristown (2-2)
3. Italian Club, Norristown (2-2)
4. MP Hunt, New Jersey (1-3)

Elimination Tournament Results
Flip It 34, Stadium Sports/Mel's 14 (winner's)
Berry Mowing/Miller 14, Hooters/Worth 11 (winner's)
Casner/Moore/Owls 27, McGregor Pub 2 (loser's- McGregor eliminated)
CVCK/Steppy's 25, Swedeland Fire Co. 5 (loser's- Swedeland eliminated)
Flip It 22, Berry Mowing/Miller 20 (winner's)
Stadium Sports/Mel's 34, Casner/Moore/Owls 33 (loser's- Owls eliminated)
CVCK/Steppy's 15, Hooters/Worth 11 (loser's- Hooters eliminated)
Stadium Sports/Mel's 27, CVCK/Steppy's 2 (loser's- CVCK eliminated)
Stadium Sports/Mel's 16, Berry Mowing 15 (loser's- Berry eliminated)
Flip It 17, Stadium Sports/Mel's 16 (final championship game)

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. Flip It Softball, Easton (7-0)
2. Stadium Sports/Mel's Pub, Norristown (6-3)
3. Berry Mowing/Miller Beer, Norristown (4-3)
4. CVCK/Steppy's Place, Norristown (4-3
5. Casner Equipment/Moore Excavating/Owls, Reading (4-2)
5. Hooters KOP/Worth, Norristown (4-2)
7. Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown (3-2)
7. McGregor Pub/Artesian Pools, Norristown (2-3)

Tournament MVP - Herk Rodweller, Flip It

Millennium Early Bird Open Classic
Joe Organek, President of the Millennium League had 28 teams enter this Early Bird Tournament. There were seven different brackets of four teams each: Tom n Jerry's/Josam, Toll House Tavern, Tom n Jerry's Hitmen, Maggie McGuire's Pub, Rookies River Room, Manoa Tavern, Tom n Jerry's Young Guns, Upland A.C., Clarkie's Goal Post, Haggerty's Cafe, Tom n Jerry's Sports Pub I and Sam's Aston Mills all from the Millennium League. G-Men from Fairfax, VA, Coors Light/Peerless Beverage from Parsippany, NJ, Riddlers/Team Dawg from North Jersey, Renaissance Marble from South Jersey, Stanley Tools from Mercer County, NJ, Fat Daddy's Sports Pub from Elkton, MD, Kenseal from Delcom, Action Crane, Sweeney's Pub and Seamus Mulligan's Pub from Marcus Hook, Team BP Crusaders and Wales from Radnor, Frontier Saloon from IVSL, Parts Plus from Downingtown, Percy, Inc. from New Castle, DE and Iasello's Entertainment from Bethlehem.  After bracket play was concluded, there were two separate tournaments set up depending on records and run differential. The top teams went into the Gold Flight and the other teams qualified for the Silver Flight. When all was said and done, Coors Light/Peerless Beverage of Parsippany, NJ won the big prize as they defeated Phat Daddy's Sports Pub of Elkton, MD to capture the championship of the Gold Flight. Stanley Tools of Mercer County, NJ won the Silver Flight championship by defeating Part's Plus of Downingtown.

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