2003 Tournament Results

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2003 Diamond Star Sports Fall Classic - Quakertown, Norristown & Marcus Hook
Sponsored by Diamond Star Sports

The Little Brown Jug softball team has had it's share of disappointments over the last couple years, losing in the Norristown A-Division championship finals two straight years. With a little help from some friends, the team banded together and entered this tournament with no expectations whatsoever. Playing with a relaxed attitude, the JugHeads got through bracket play with a 2-1 record, finishing second to league rival Cannon Roofing. The lost to Cannon in the opening game 20-9, then beat the Crusaders 28-18 and Sidewinders 27-24. In Sunday's Single elimination play they defeated James Moore Painting 13-12, then survived a slugfest with the powerful Jackdaddy's team of Lehigh Valley by gaining a 32-28 victory. In that game Dennis Condomitti of Jackdaddy's hit two home runs that honestly traveled over 400 feet. In the final game against Monte Harris and his Riddlers/Team Dawg squad, the Jugsters emerged with a 27-9 win behind the 5-for-5, 2 HR performance of Tom Pagel to capture the tournament title. The ten players that played all six games batted over .600. It was a total team effort lead by Tournament MVP Bill Gulotta who went 20-for-26 (.769 average) on the weekend. Marty Murray and Jimmy Bailey were on fire the whole weekend as they both went 16-for-22 for a .727 average. The power was supplied by Big Joe McFarland who went 17-24 (.708) with 5 HRs and John Brooks who went 17-25 (.680) also with 5 HRs. The other leading htters were Steve Dimitry (15-22, .682), Steve DiMarino (14-21, .667), Tom Pagel (17-26, .654), Ryan Walker (15-23, .652), Tony Carfagno (15-25, .600). Tom McLaughlin (8-11, .727, 2 HRs) pitched in the Saturday bracket games and Steve Moloney (6-12 with a HR) pitched the elimination games. Defensive wizard Harry Singleton as usual, was the defensive MVP and unsung hero of the Little Brown Jug. Chris 'Opie' Hendricks also filled in were needed as did Dr. Paul Foley, who provided comic relief as only he can.

Final Standings: Team, Location/League  (Elimination Round record) - (Final record including bracket)
1. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  (3-0) (5-1)  (won the first annual Dick Milhouse Championship Trophy)
2. Riddler's/Team Dawg (RTD Softball), Patterson, NJ  (1-1) (4-1)
3. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley  (1-1) (4-1) 
3. Cramps Softball, Allentown  (1-1) (3-2) 
5. James Moore Painting, Marcus Hook  (0-1) (3-1)
5. Cannon Roofing, Norristown  (0-1) (2-2)
5. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown  (0-1) (2-2)

MVP - Bill Gulotta, Little Brown Jug (Outfielder) - (20-26, .769, 1-HR)

Final Bracket Standings
Bracket (Field) /Teams
Teams, Location  (Record)    (Runs allowed-tie breaker)

Bracket -A (Furey Road, Upper Chichester)
1. James Moore Painting, Marcus Hook (3-0) (25)
2. Barnaby's Raiders, Marcus Hook (2-1) (33)
3. Tom n Jerry's/Last Call, Millennium (1-2) (31)
4. Neighborhood Scoops, Port Richmond (0-3) (49)

Bracket -B (Wierman/Heels Field, Norristown)
1. Cannon Roofing, Norristown (2-1) (49)
2. Little Brown Jug, Norristown (2-1) (62)
3. Sidewinders, Garfield, NJ (1-2) (72)
4. Barnaby's Crusaders, Radnor (1-2) (74)

Bracket -C (QSPL Field-2, Quakertown)
1. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley (3-0) (36)
2. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown (2-1) (26)
3. Americorp, Quakertown (1-2) (39)
4. Mario's Pizza, Lehigh Valley (0-3) (52)

Bracket -D (QSPL Field-3, Quakertown)
1. Riddler's/Team Dawg (RTD Softball), Patterson, NJ (3-0) (25)
2. Cramps Softball, Allentown (2-1) (20)
3. RSB Softball, Quakertown (1-2) (35)
4. North End Republican Club, Bethlehem (0-3) (no show)

Final Seeding for elimination play:
(4 bracket winners seeded 1 through 4, 4 bracket runner-ups seeded 5 through 8)

1. Riddlers/Team Dawg (RTD) Softball, Patterson, NJ (3-0, 25)
2. James Moore Painting, Marcus Hook (3-0, 34)
3. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley (3-0, 36)
4. Cannon Roofing, Norristown (2-1, 49)
5. Cramps Softball, Allentown (2-1, 20)
6. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown (2-1, 26)
7. Barnaby's Raiders, Marcus Hook (2-1, 33) *
8. Little Brown Jug, Norristown (2-1, 62)

* Team could not make elimination play on Sunday due to a prior commitment, the 8th place tam was moved to 7th and calls were
made to the next 5 seeded teams that finished 1-2. All declined to play, so it was decided that the #1 seed would then receive a bye.
The format was switched to single elimination when the Quakertown Fields were deemed unplayable due the rains and the venue was
switched to Wierman/Heels Field in Norristown. Being only 1 field was available in this location, a double elimination would not have
been able to be completed in one day, so the format was switched to single elimination. I apologize for any aggravation this may have

ISA Easton Challenge/Fall World Series Qualifier - Newville, PA

Class-D Results
1. Joe Corbi's Pizza, Baltimore, MD
 2. VFW/Cleveland Superior Softball Supply, Cleveland, OH
 3. Pennepacker Insurance/Easton, Lewistown, PA
 4. Steve Hein's General Store, Elizabethtown, PA
 5. Crusaders, Radnor, PA
 5. Outer Design/Brown Jug, Norristown, PA
 7. Ben's/C&L Discount Grocery, Ephrata, PA
 7. Physical Therapy Physicians, Lawrence Park, PA
 9. Young Guns, Radnor, PA
 9. 104 Store, Rochester, NY
 9. J & J Painting, Norristown, PA
 9. Tankers Techfire, West Newton, PA
13. Fletchers/Body Works, MD
13. Kristman Excavating, Honey Brook, PA
13. Bear's Repairs Madmen, Martinsburg, WV (Withdrew)
16. Hick's Chevrolet, PA (No Show)
16. Independents, Mercersburg, PA (No Show)

Class-E Flight Results
1. Young Guns, Radnor, PA
2. Kristman Excavating, Honey Brook, PA
3. J & J Painting, Norristown, PA
3. Fletchers/Body Works, MD
5. Tankers Techfire, West Newton, PA
5. 104 Store, Rochester, NY

Pennsylvania Teams in National Championship and/or World Tournaments

ASA Class B Eastern Nationals:
EMO Communications/Mizuno, York (9th 3-2)
Square News/King Investigation, Pittsburgh (17th, 2-2)
Rox Stars, McKees Rocks (17th, 1-2)
Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run-Mercersburg (33rd, 1-2)
Mel's Pub, Norristown (33rd, 1-2)
Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown (49th, 0-2)

ASA Class C Eastern Nationals:
Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg  (5th, 9-2)
Custom Blend's/Quick 6, York  (7th, 5-2)
Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley  (17th, 3-2)
P&W Sharks, York  (33rd, 2-2)
Landis-Beacon, Reading  (49th, 2-2)
Bricker's Pizza, Hershey (49th, 1-2)
Speedwell Construction, Manheim (49th, 1-2)
North Hills Sox, Pittsburgh  (65th, 0-2)
Murph's/Global, York  (65th, 0-2)
A&B Auto/Commercial Glass, Mifflin  (65th, 0-2)

ASA Class D Eastern Nationals:
Annville Legion, Palmyra (13th, 4-2)
Blackhawks, Gardenville (17th, 4-2)
Shiderly/T-Time, New Castle (17th, 3-2)
Riehl's Quality Barns, Lancaster (25th, 3-2)
Pacillo's Pizza, Lebanon (25th, 3-2)
B&S Softball, Mercersburg (33rd, 2-2)
JBS Sharks, Gap (65th, 1-2)
Tom & Jerry's Outlaws, Marcus Hook (97th, 0-2)

USSSA Class B World Series:
SSS/Maoradi/Tailgators, Jeannette (49th, 0-2, no show)

USSSA Class C World Series:
Pennepacker Insurance/Easton, Lewistown (49th, 2-2)

USSSA Class E World Series:
Albicocco Pasta Cafe, Clarks Green (1st, 8-0)
Northwestern Mutual, Waynesboro (25th, 4-2)
Comfort Inn, Sunbury (33rd 3-2)
Humleville Inn, Bensalem (97th, 2-2)

ISA Class B Nationals:
SSS/Maoradi/Tailgators, Jeannette (5th, 4-2)

ISA Class C Nationals:
Theme Lounge, Mechanicsburg (35th, 1-2)

ISA Class D Nationals:
Inn the Ruff, Pittsburgh (33rd, 2-2)
Touchdown Club, Pittsburgh (49th, 1-2)

ISA Class-E Nationals:
Coinco/SSS, Meadville (no info yet)

NSA Super-C Nationals:
TRS, Washington (24th, 0-2)

NSA Super-D Nationals:
In the Ruff, Pittsburgh (33rd, 1-2)

NSA Super-E Nationals:
Zupanic & Charles, Pittsburgh (7th, 6-2)

ISA 40 & Over Nationals
Big Dogs, Pittsburgh, PA (1st, 7-0)

ASA Men's 35 & Over National:
A.I.A./Enola Sportsmen, Harrisburg (13th, 3-2)

ASA Men's 40 & Over National:
Big Dogs, Pittsburgh (13th, 3-2)

ASA Men's 45 & Over National:
Maroadi Transfer, Jeannette (5th, 4-2)
Vector Security, Mechanicsburg (7th, 3-2)
PHY/Fredericks, Lebanon (17th, 0-2)

ASA Men's 55 & Over Major National:
Frank-N-Steins 55, Pittsburgh (4th, 1-2)

ASA Class-A Church National:
White Oak, Manheim (17th, 1-2)
Five Forks, Waynesboro (25th, 0-2)

USSSA Northeast Regionals Class-C:
Pennepacker Insurance/Easton, Lewistown (1st, 8-1)

USSSA Northeast Regionals Class-D:
Louie's Auto/Mary Jane's Restaurant, York (17th, 2-2)
Best Line, Tyrone (17th, 2-2)
Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley (33rd, 0-2)

USSSA Northeast Regionals Class-E:
Monogram Plus, Watstown (9th, 3-2)
Ballon O'Leassions/IFG, York (13th, 3-2)
Dacor, Chambersburg (17th, 2-2)
Negley's Well Drilling, Newville (17th, 1-2)
Mike-Dots II, Mifflinburg (25th, 1-2)
Buffalo Bills, Milton (33rd, 1-2)
White's Plumbing, Loyalhanna (33rd, 1-2)
Cape Horn Beverage, York (33rd, 1-2)
Fox/Miller, Chambersburg (33rd, 0-2)
Humleville Inn, Bensalem (33rd, 0-2)
Delco Signs, McSherrystown (33rd, 0-2)
Missy's CM/US Utility, Hustontown (33rd, 0-2)

NSA Northeast Regionals Class-C:
TRS, Washington (4th)

NSA Northeast Regionals Class-D:
Steve Hein's General Store, Elizabethtown (5th, 5-2)
Moose Lodge 842, Chambersburg (13th, 3-2)
Phillips Ford/Green Turtle, Manheim (17th, 3-2)

NSA North Regionals Class-D:
Kenny P's, McKeesport (9th)

NSA Northeast Regionals Class-E:
Zupancic & Charles, Pittsburgh (7th, 3-2)
Walston Club, Punxsutawney (9th, 5-2)
Hot Point Inn, Newville (9th, 4-2)
Stone House, Punxsutawney (25th, 4-2)
Mike Sheriff Construction, Shippensburg (33rd, 1-2)
ColeStock Appraisals, Carlisle (49th, 0-2)
Comcast, New Bloomfield (49th, 0-2)
Central PA Podiatry, Altoona  (49th, 0-2)

ASA Women's Open Eastern Nationals (Class-Major, A and B combined)
Nick's 114 Cafe, New Cumberland  (5th, 3-2)
Max Magees Pub, Boothwyn  (7th, 2-2)
Duke's Tavern/Appco Sports, Springfield (7th, 2-2)
Reamstown AA, West Lawn  (9th, 0-2)

ASA Women's Class-C Eastern Nationals
Joel Confer, Bellefonte, PA (25th, 1-2)

ASA Women's Class-D Eastern Nationals
Senuna's Pub, Wilkes Barre (1st, 8-0)
Ridgerunners, Harrisburg (17th, 2-2)
Dougherty's Pub, Wilkes Barre (33rd, 0-2)

ASA Women's Class-D National Championship:
East Champ, Senunas Pub, Wilkes-Barre lost best of 5 series to West Champ, Carpet Specialists, Riverside, IA (3 games to 0)

ASA Women's 35 & Over National:
Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake (1st, 5-0)
Helpmates Home Health, Brockway (13th, 0-2)
Mixed Chicks, Glenolden (17th, 0-2)

USSSA Women's Class-D Northeast Regionals
Longo's Pittsburgh (9th, 0-2)

NSA Women's Class-D World Series
Redbeards, Pittsburgh (4th, 4-2)
Pickles, Pittsburgh (5th, 2-2)
Smokin' Bats (5th, 3-2)
Lakerettes, Conneut Lake (7th, 2-2)
Longo's Pittsburgh (9th, 0-3)
Backstreets, Pittsburgh (9th, 0-3)

Kim Garvey Coed Classic, Norristown, PA

TNT Sports Club captured the championship in the 11th annual Kim Garvey Memorial Coed Tournament dedicating the tournament to our soldiers in Iraq. TNT wore t-shirts that had soldiers and yellow ribbons printed on them. TNT opened the tourney with the Montgomery County Sheriffs Department. The champs trailed early by the score of 7-0. They exploded for eleven runs in the 3rd inning and never looked back as they went on to win 20-8. In the next game they faced the defending tournament champs Brothers Supply Company (Little Brown Jug in 2002). They rode out the storm to emerge victorious by a 16-11 score. This set up a match-up with Daulton's in the winner's bracket final. The Daulton Gang came back to win 17-13 to send TNT into the loser's bracket where they had a rematch with Brothers Supply. Trailing early, the TNT bats woke up and they topped the plumbers 14-11 to earn a rematch with Daulton's. They had to win twice to gain the crown. That didn't faze manager Sonny Termine and his TNT squad as they won 12-6 in the first game to set up the final showdown. Termine's bombers scored three in the 2nd inning backed by big hits from Chris Molitor, Brenda Ferris, Rob Himes and Shannon Squire. Squire's triple was the big blow in the inning. The Daulton Gang came back thanks to the hitting of Jim Lawler, Heath Hedderick and Keith Berry and the game remained close. Daulton's led by two runs in the 6th inning when TNT stormed back with singles by Patty Sullivan, Joe Termine, Chris Santori and a Grand Slam by Reds Ferris to take a 9-7 lead. The victors added two more runs in the 7th on hits by Molitor, Himes, Squires, Rob Wisner and Sullivan. Daulton's could only answer with two runs in the 7th to fall short 11-9. Tournament Director Jimmy Myers named Shannon Squire of TNT the Female MVP as she led TNT with her great defensive plays in right field and she also batted .600 for the weekend. Other leading hitters for TNT were Himes (.667), Sullivan (.600), Brenda Ferris (.714), Charlie Ferris (.600), Reds Ferris (.778), Pat Ferris (.667), Kelly Ferris (.600), Rich Thomas (.600) and Lisa Myers (.667). Big Joe McFarlane led the team in home runs. Nick Zernone and Mike Lacopolis also chipped in with big hits. Jimmy Lawler was named Male Tournament MVP as he led the Daulton Gang in hitting. Mike Fitzpatrick, Kathy Berry, Jay Scaly, Joe Watson along with the aforementioned Keith Berry and Heath Hedderick also played for Daulton's. Brothers Supply Company (manager-Roger Kummerer) came in third followed by NEA (manager-Tim 'Woodsy' Wilson) in fourth place. Other teams participating in this event were The Montgomery County DA's, West End Beer, Frank's Pub, Whitpain Tavern and Maddy's Bar. All proceeds go the Kim Garvey Scholarship fund in her honor for Kennedy-Kenrick High School.

Final Standings (Record)
1. TNT Sports Club, Norristown  (5-1)
 2. Daulton's, Delco (4-2)
 3. Brothers Supply Company, Norristown (3-2)
 4. NEA, Norristown (3-2)
 5. West End Bar, West Norriton (1-2)
 6. Maddy's Bar, West Chester  (2-2)
 7. Franks Pub, West Norriton  (0-2)
 8. Sheriff's Office, Norristown (1-2)
 9. DA's, Norristown  (0-2)
10. Whitpain Tavern, Blue Bell (0-2)

Male MVP -  Jimmy Lawler, Daulton's
Female MVP - Shannon Squire, TNT Sports Club

USSSA of PA Class-E States, Newville, PA

Final Standings (Record)
1. Albicocco Pasta Cafe, Clarks Green  (6-1)
2. Shetron Welding, Carlise  (7-2)
3. Hanover VFW, Hanover  (5-2)
4. Delco Signs, McSherrystown  (5-2)
5. Missys C.M./US Utility, Hustontown (4-2)
6. Comfort Inn, Sunbury  (3-2)
7. Porter's Furniture, Mercersburg  (3-2)
8. Saturn/Ceder Lanes, Palmyra (3-2)
9. Cape Horn beverage, Glen Rock  (2-2)
10. Martz Lawn Service, Milton (2-2)
11. South End Tavern, Greencastle (2-2)
12. A.C.S., Bedford (2-2)
13. Aces, Chambersburg (2-2
14. Rokies Sports Bar & Grill, Harrisburg (1-2)
15. Bols, Roxbury (1-2)
16. Gateway Constuction, West Fairview (1-2)
17. V.P.A., Dover (1-2)
18. Light House Baptist, Hershey (1-2)
19. Rockers, Loysville (1-2)
20. Reality Ext.,  St. Thomas (1-2)
21. Stuller Motors, Shirleysburg  (1-2)
22. Bellos Cafe, Mt. Union  (1-2)
23. Hochstetters Construction, Greencastle  (1-2)
24. Lee's Tank Lines, Mercersburg (0-2)
25. Mike-Dots II, Mifflinburg (0-2)
26. Shippensburg University, Shippensburg (0-2)
27. Loose Cannons,  McConnellsburg (0-2)
28. Buffalo Bills, Sunbury (0-2)
29. Steelers Fan Club, Dover (0-2)
30. Linglestown Fire Company,  Harrisburg (0-2)
31. Klines Trucking, Windfield (0-2)

Delco Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity Classic, Marcus Hook, PA

Slowpitch Final Standings
 1. Mel's Pub, Main Line Association (5-0)
 2. F.O.E./Rage, Millennium "A" (5-2)
 3. Tom n Jerry's Outlaws, Millennium "A" (4-2)
 4. Seamus Mulligan's Pub/Dave Stitz Painting, Millennium "A" (4-2)
 5. Friendly Cafe, IVSL (4-2)
 6. St. Matt's, Community Church (4-2) 
 7. Tom n Jerry's/Last Call, Millennium "A" (4-2)
 8. Clank's Bar, Marcus Hook (2-2)
 9. Kelly Monaghan's Young Guns, Community Men's (3-2)
10. Crest Tavern, Marcus Hook (2-2)
11. Crusaders, Main Line Association (3-2)
12. Lenni A.C., IVSL (2-2)
13. Physical Therapy Physicians, Lawrence Park (2-2)
14. Manoa Tavern, Millennium "A" (2-2)
15. F.O.E./Romansky's Tavern, Marcus Hook (1-2)
16. Avante Construction, Delco Industrial (2-2)
17. Epsilon Products, Delco Industrial (1-2)
18. Covenant United Methodist, Community Church (1-2)
19. Hitmen, Main Line Association (1-2)
20. Clarkie's Goal Post, Millennium "C" (1-2)
21. Peabody's Celtics, Community Men's (0-2)
22. Mudsharks, Millennium "B" (0-2)
23. Outer Design/Brown Jug, Main Line Association (0-2)
24. Raceway Cafe I, Millennium "B" (1-2)
25. Topper's Choppers, Delco Industrial (0-2)
26. Casey's Knights, Delcom (0-2)
27. R.P. McMurphy's Bar & Grill, Delcom (0-2)
28. East Landsdowne Police, Delco Police & Firemen (0-2)

Tournament Co-MVPs - Warren Grant and Keith Berry,  Mel's Pub

Home Run Derby Champ - Steve DiMarino, Clank's Bar

Charity MVP - Jeff Russo, Little Brown Jug


Women's Final Standings
1. Max Magees Pub (4-1)
2. Red Lantern Flames (5-2)
3. Appco Sports World/Duke's Tavern (2-2)
4. JD McGillicutty's (2-2)
5. Media (2-2)
6. Durty Nelly's (2-2) 
7. Re-Steel (1-2)
8. Casey's (1-2)
9. Rookies Rover Room (0-2)
10. Mikey's Place (0-2)

MVP - Karen Masusock, Max Magees Pub


Modified Final Standings
1. Casey's II (4-1)
2. Fieldhouse (4-2)
3. Clarkie's Goal Post (3-2)
4. Bottom's Up (2-2)
5. Polish American Club (1-2)
6. Duke's Tavern (1-2) 
7. Terry's (0-2)
8. Colonial Village (0-2)

MVP - Greg Heydet, Casey's II

ASA of PA 35-over Class A State Finals, State College, PA

Final Standings (Record)
 1. AIA/Enola Sportsmen Club, Harrisburg (6-0)
 2. Moose Lodge 842, Chambersburg (7-2)
 3. Knecht, Poconos (4-2)
 4. Jodon Chiropractic, Uniontown (3-2)
 5. Slavic Group, Uniontown (3-2)
 6. Jasonville Sox, Elizabethtown (3-2)
 7. Bricker's Pizza, Hershey (4-2)
 8. HY Pressure Wash, Reading (4-2)
 9. Bobtown Pizza, Bobtown (2-2)
10. Arlo Transport, District-11 (2-2)
11. Steppy's/TNT, Norristown (1-2)
12. Spring Ford AA, Linfield (1-2)
13. SNPJ Lodge 138, Hickory (2-2)
14. Priority Mortgage, State College (1-2)
15. Penn Lyon Homes, Williamsport (1-2)
16. Brewers Outlet, Dunmore (1-2)
17. Uniontown Chiropractic, Uniontown (1-2)
18. Summer's Trucking, Ephrata (1-2)
19. Middleburg Moose, Middleburg (1-2)
20. Mason Norton Company, Lemoyne (0-2)
21. Otto's Pub, State College (1-2)
22. Degol Auto, Altoona (1-2)
23. Mother's Bar, Easton (0-2)
24. Gemini, State College (0-2)
25. Bad Guys, Wilkes Barre (0-2)
26. 18th Ward, Reading  (0-2)

Agulis Memorial (Class B/C/D), Readington, NJ
American Cancer Society

Final Results
1. JackDaddy's, Lehigh Valley, PA
2. Jakes/Original Showtime, Readington, NJ
3. Glendale Liquors, 
4. ASI
5. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Money Tournament (ASA Class A/B), Denver, PA

1. SCB/Denelex, Middle Island, NY
2. EMO Communications/Mizuno, York, PA
3. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown, PA
4. DataServe Systems, Denver, PA

ASA of PA Class D States, York, PA

Final Standings (Record)
1. Shiderly's/T-Time, New Castle (6-0)
 2. Great American Pub, Radnor (5-2)
 3. Annville Legion, Lebanon (6-2)
 4. Stone House, Punxsutawney (4-2)
 5. Kelly's Pub, Plains (3-2)
 6. Riehl's Quality Barn (Rebels), Lancaster (3-2)
 7. Pucillo's Pizza, Lebanon (4-2)
 8. Titans, New Castle (3-2)
 9. Shillelagh's Pub, Kinston (3-2)
10. Stollo's, Old Forge (2-2)
11. New Bloomfield VFW, New Bloomfield (3-2)
12. Alley Oops, York (3-2)
13. P.A.V., Wlkes-Barre (3-2)
14. Blackhawk, Lancaster (3-2)
15. Barth's Farms Renegades, New Castle (3-2)
16. Sutton Refrigeration, Hazelton (2-2)
17. Diddy's Bar, New Bethlehem (1-2)
18. Bud Light, Manheim (2-2)
19. Air Balancing Engineers (ABE), Berwick (1-2)
20. Roeting Machinery, York (1-2)
21. Pallet Solutions, Lancaster (1-2)
22. Manoa Tavern, Havertown (1-2)
23. F.O.E./Del Val Excavating., Marcus Hook (1-2)
24. Sharks, Lancaster (1-2)
25. Fisher's Masonry, Mercersburg (1-2)
26. Touchdown Club, Irwin (1-2)
27. Seasons Restaurant, Lewistown (1-2)
28. Neiderer Sanitation, New Oxford (0-2)
29. Manny Brown's, Newtown (0-2)
30. Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown (0-2)
31. Bellas Cafe, Mt. Union (0-2)
32. Tim Ohm CPA, Hanover (0-2)
33. Mike Sheriff Construction, Shippensburg   (0-2)
34. Giorgio Foods, Reading (0-2)
35. Cherry Enterprises, Lewistown (0-2)
36. Zupancic & Charles, Pittsburgh (no show)

ASA of PA Class-D 35 & Over, State College, PA

Final Standings (Record)
1. Buyers Only Realty, State College (7-1)
 2. Roadhouse Blues, Stroudsburg (4-2)
 3. R.E. Krall, District-11 (3-2)
 4. Tree-O-Builders, Meadville (4-2)
 5. Alice's Pub, Philipsburg (3-2)
 6. D.J. Printing, Watsontown (2-2)
 7. CPR Painting, Meadville (2-2)
 8. Old Guys, Middleburg (3-2)
 9. State College Legion, State College (1-2)
10. Rustic Exteriors, State College (1-2)
11. UPS Store, District-8 (1-2)
12. Venango VFW, Franklin (1-2)
13. MasterPitch, State College (0-2)
14. Little Lions Pre-School,District-10 (0-2)
15. Conneautville Legion, Conneautville (0-2)
16. Watson Trophy, District-4 (0-2)
17. Rolling Thunder, State College (0-2)

NSA of PA Western State Championships

Class C/B
1. Doc Holidays (Gators), Mechanicsburg
2. TRS, Washington
3. Rox Stars, McKees Rocks

Class D
1. Kenny P's, McKeesport
2. Uncle Bill's, Troy Hill-Pittsburgh

Class E
1. ?
2. ?

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Tournament (ASA Class-D), Denver, PA

Class-D Finals Standings (partial)
1. PACC/Big Daddy’s Pub/IES, New Jersey
2. Kodiak Softball, New Jersey
3. Door to Door, New York

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Tournament (ASA Class-C), Denver, PA

Class-C Finals Standings (partial)
1. Fisher's, Lancaster, PA
2. Data Serve Systems, Denver, PA

Other teams partcipating: Custom Blends, York, PA;  Hotel Edison, Sunbury, PA;  Randy Phillips Construction, Landis/Beacon, Denver, PA;  Cramps Softball, Allentown, PA;  and Toney's, 

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Tournament (ASA Open), Denver, PA

Open Finals Standngs (partial)
1. Big Daddy's, New Jersey
2. Door to Door, New York
3. Angle Inn, Maryland

Modi's Annual ISA Softball Classic, Radnor, PA

Class-D Finals Standngs (Record)
1. Outer Design/Brown Jug, Norristown (5-1)
2. Crusaders, Radnor (7-2)
3. Romansky's Tavern, Prospect Park (3-2)
4. Mary's Cafe, Clifton Heights (3-2)
5. Infinity/Avanti, New Jersey (3-2)
6. Dave's, Marcus Hook (2-2)
7. Cozy Corner, Wilmington, DE (2-2)
8. CJ & X, Manayunk (2-2)

Written by Jug Manager, Tom Pagel - Little Brown Jug / Outer Design Landscaping went 5-1 inroute to the Championship. The Juggies went 4-0 on Saturday and were looking to sweep the tournament until running into a hot hitting Crusader team on Sunday morning that 20 runned the Juggsters to force the "IF" game. But the Jug Boys were not to denied. Led by Tournament MVP Steve Dimitry (18-21 .857), the Juggies tuned the tables and posted a 20 run victory in 4 innings to claim the crown. Also leading the way for the winners where Steve Dimarino (17-20), Calvin Butcher (12-14) and Shawn Remish (15-18).

Class-E Finals Standngs (Record)
1. Spingler's, Radnor (3-2)
2. Wayne Beef n Ale, Radnor (3-3)
3. Brick Bar, Radnor (1-3)
3. Carney's, Upper Moreland (1-3)
5. Blue Dog, Lansdale (1-3)
5. Kristman Excavating, Honey Brook (1-3)
5. Bethel Bullies, Bethel (0-3)
5. Drunkards (0-3

ASA of PA 45 & Over States, State College, PA

Thanks to Tom Schadt for this information

Final (unofficial )Results (Double Elimination Record ) (Overall Record)
 1. Vector Security, Mechanicsburg (4-0) (6-0)
 2. Mucy Auto/Frank-n-Stein, Pittsburgh  (6-2) (7-3 )
 3. PHY/Fredericks, Harrisburg  (2-2) (4-2 )
 4  Paragon Alliance Group, Fort Washington  (4-2) (6-2)
 5. Abramson, Centre Hall   (2-2) (3-3)
 5. Bobtown Pizza, Bobtown  (1-2) (3-2)
 7. Roadhouse Blues, District-12  (2-2) (2-4)
 7. Garner's Lumber, State College  (2-2) (2-4)
 9. L&L Auctions, Selingrove  (0-2) (0-4)
 9. SNPJ, Scranton  (0-2) (1-3)
 9. TNT Sports Club, Norristown  (0-2) (1-3)
 9 Spring-Ford AA 45+, Linfield   (1-2) (2-3)
13 Alice's Pub, Philipsburg  (0-2) (0-4)

Double Elimination Results
Vector Security over Mucy Auto 17-5
Mucy Auto over PHY/Fredericks 9-5
Mucy Auto over Paragon 13-9
Vector Security over PHY/Fredericks 11-5
Paragon over Bobtown 14-0
Mucy Auto over Abramon's 16-8
Paragon over Roadhouse 24-16
Mucy Auto over Garner's Lumber 22-8
Vector Security over Abramson's 22-7
PHY/Fredericks over Bobtown 16-15
Garner's Lumber over Spring-Ford AA 45+ 12-5
Roadhouse over L & L 21-12
Paragon over SNPJ 9-7
Mucy Auto over TNT 19-5
Spring-Ford AA 45+ over Alice's Pub 14-2
Vector Security over Roadhouse 19-4
Abramson's over Paragon 20-7
PHY/Fredericks over Mucy Auto 10-3
Bobtown over Garner's Lumber 14-8
Roadhouse over TNT 11-3
Paragon over Alice's Pub 15-2
Abramson's over Spring-Ford AA 45+ 15-7
Mucy Auto over L & L 22-2
Garner's over SNPJ 14-6

Bracket Results
SNPJ over Spring-Ford AA 45+ 17-8
PHY/Frederick over Alice's Pub 24-12
Spring-Ford AA 45+ over Alice's Pub 19-7
PHY/Fredericks over SNPJ 12-7

Mucy Auto over Garner's Lumber 15-14
Vector Security over Mucy Auto 20-19
Vector Security over Garner's Lumber 17-4

Paragon over Abramson's 20-8
Paragon over Roadhouse 19-11
Abramson's over Roadhouse 17-13

Bobtown over TNT 16-4
TNT over L & L 12-7
Bobtown over L & L 23-22

ISA of PA Class-B/C States, Meadville  (Not Held, only 3 teams)

 Team SSS/Maroadi/Tailgaters, Jeanette, PA, Theme Lounge, Mechanicsburg and Square News, Pittsburgh

USSSA of PA Class-D States, Lewisburg, PA

USSSA of PA Class-D Results
1. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
2. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley
3. Hotel Edison, Subury
4. Louie's Auto/Mary Jane's Restaurant, York
5. Golden Rule, Buffalo Mills
6. Advance Settlement Softball, Hanover
7. Light House Baptist, Hershey
8. Dacor, Chambersburg

NSA of PA Class-D/E States, Newville, PA

NSA of PA Class-D Results
1. Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway, Elizabethtown 
2. Moose, Chambersburg
3. Lamparter Trucking, York

ISA of PA 35 & Over States, Meadville, PA

ISA of PA 35 & Over Results (partial)
1. VFW Post 740/Mattson Auto, Erie
2. Tree-O Builders, Meadville

The Trentonian Classic

Class-B Results

Double Elimination Championship Results
1. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime (LLS), Elizabeth, NJ
2. Hit & Run, Deer Park, NY
3. Batters Choice/Mizuno, Richmond, VA
4. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ
5. Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ
6. Checking/Worth, New Haven, CT
7. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown, PA
8. Monty's World/Miller Lite, Vernon, CT
9. KC Royals, Valley Stream, NY
MVP - Justin "Mooch" Mucciarelli, LLS

Bracket-1 Results
1. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ (3-0)
2. Hit & Run, Deer Park, NY (2-1)
3. Monty's World/Miller Lite, Vernon, CT (1-2)
4. Saluga's Auto, Mt. Laurel, NJ (1-2) *

Bracket-2 Results
1. Checking/Worth, New Haven, CT (3-0)
2. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown, PA (1-2)
3. Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ (1-2)
4. Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run, PA (1-2) *

Bracket-3 Results
1. KC Royals, Valley Stream, NY (3-0)
2. Batters Choice/Mizuno, Richmond, VA (2-1)
3. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime (LLS), Elizabeth, NJ (1-2)
4. Theme Lounge/Mizuno, Mechanicsburg, PA (0-3) *

* Did not advance to Double Elimination

Class C
1. Gamecocks, Cookstown, NJ 
2. Team Havoc, Holtsville, NY
3. J & B Softball, Medford, NJ
4. Tanel/United Rentals, Harrison, NY

Other teams participating in Class-C: CDT, Elmwood Park, NJ;  Coors Light Softball, Parsippany, NJ;  495 East, Smithtown, NY;  Glendale Liquors, Trenton, NJ;  Iron Horse/MMP, Baldwin, NY;  NJ Merchants, Egg Harbor, NJ;  LIE Sports, West Babylon, NY;  Mel's Pub, Norristown, PA;  Princetown Mortgage, Ewing, NJ;  Sports Outlet, Sicklerville, NJ;  TNT, Smithtown, NY;  Ivy Tavern, Trenton, NJ

Class D
1. Cobra Construction, Medford, NJ
2. Dugout Sports Cafe, Manalapan, NJ 
3. Sam's Bar & Grill, Blackwood, NJ

Other teams participating in Class-D: Code Red, Belmar, NJ;  Crestwood Softball, South River, NJ;  Gas House Gorillas, Toms River, NJ;  Happy Hour Hoodlums, Bethpage, NY;  Hutson Trucking, Burlington, NJ;  Jackdaddy's.Com, Easton-Bethlehem, PA;  KNC Hitmen, East Hanover, NJ;  Lombardi's/Tanel, Cedar Grove, NJ;  Mercer Safe & Lock, Hamilton, NJ; The Scene, Huntington, NY;  Schileens Pub - Westville, NJ;  TD Waterhouse, Middle Village, NY;  Universe Auto Body, Yorktown Heights, NY;  AMD Wians Trucking;  Connelys Pub;  Mendes Landscaping;  PACC/Big Daddys

Class Super-E
1. Hulmeville Inn, Bensalem, PA
2. Top of the Line Relocators, Freehold, NJ
3. Phoenix Tube, Readington, NJ
MVP- Jamie "Doc’’ Love, Humleville Inn

Class Major E
1. Thermal Piping/Kamikazes, Medford, NJ
2. Lake Mohawk Bagel, Parsippany, NJ
3. T.S. Ninjas/Tanel 360, Jackson, NJ

Class Double E
1. Scotto’s, Hightstown, NJ
2. T.G. Manufacturing, Riverside, NJ
3. Budney’s/Crestwood Softball, South River, NJ

Class E Flight A
1. Cleworth Conditioning, South Brunswick, NJ
2. Bill’s Olde Tavern, Hamilton, NJ
3. Bandits, Trenton, NJ

Class E Flight B
1. Gal's Landscaping, Hamilton, NJ
2 (tie). Slocum's Bar, Ewing, NJ
2 (tie). ABC Taxi, South Brunswick, NJ

Class E Flight C
1. St. Mary’s Knights, Marlton, NJ
2. Selecto Supermarkets, Trenton, NJ
3. Norman’s Auto Glass, Trenton, NJ

Class E Flight D
1. Plainsboro Dawgs, Plainsboro, NJ
2. Buzzetta’s Catering, Trenton, NJ
3. Trenton Fire Department, Trenton, NJ

Women's Open A
1. Long Island Traveling Bandits, Baldwin, NY
2. Mixed Chicks, Delaware County, PA
3. Flynn’s Lunachics, Easton, PA

Women's Open B
1. Jess/Franchi, Vineland, NJ
2. Yuengling Lager, Hamilton, NJ
3. Rosa’s Pizza Star, Hamilton, NJ

Women's Class-D
1. North Jersey Gems, Kenilworth, NJ
2. PBA 152, Edison, NJ
3. Lebanon Bait, Piscatawny, NJ

Women's Class-E
1. Standing Room Only, Lambertville, NJ
2. DHCT, Hamilton, NJ
3. Bill’s Olde Tavern, Hamilton, NJ

Belmar/Wall Classic (Open), Belmar, NJ

B Flight
1. Hit & Run, Deer Park, NY
2. Deluxe Bakery, Bellmawr, NJ
3. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime (LLS), Scotch Plains, NJ
3. SCB/Denelex, Middle Island, NY

C Flight
1. LTP/Viggiani Plumbing, Freehold, NJ
2. Universe Auto Body, Yorktown Heights, NY
3. Gamecocks, Cookstown, NJ

D Flight
1. Code Red, Belmar, NJ
2. KDJ, South Amboy, NJ

Brackets were as follows:
1. Local 400, Wall, NJ; Up-Tite, Wall, NJ; DC Painters, Neptune, NJ; Mario's Bandits, Union, NJ
2. LTP/Viggiani Plumbing, Freehold, NJ; The Scene, Huntington, NY; NJ Lawmen/ProSource, Allenwood, NJ; LA Limo (CT)
3. LLS, Scotch Plains, NJ; Code Red, Belmar, NJ; Cobra Const., Maple Shade, NJ; Universe Auto Body, Yorktown Heights, NY
4. SCB/Denelex, Middle Island, NY; Smooth Operators, Wall, NJ; Iron Horse/MMP, Baldwin, NY; Dirty Dozen, Jackson, NJ
5. Hit & Run, Deer Park, NY; Top Notch (NY); KDJ, South Amboy, NJ; Phoenix Tube, Clinton, NJ
6. Gamecocks, Cookstown, NJ; Bergen Lawn, Montuck, NJ; Paskas, Rutherford, NJ; Rookies, Kenilworth, NJ
7. Deluxe Bakery, Bellmawr, NJ; Princetown Mort., Ewing, NJ; TD Waterhouse, Middle Village, NY; Wireless World, Fort Lee, NJ
8. Team Havoc, Holtsville, NY; Stretch's Limo, Livingston, NJ; Fabco (NY); Lincoln Tech, Cedar Knolls, NJ

ASA of PA Class-D Area State Championships (Various Locations)

Note: The top 4 finishers at each location along with each District Champ will participate in the Class-D State Finals Aug. 10-11 in York

1. Neiderer Sanitation, New Oxford
2. Sharks, Lancaster
3. Annville Legion, Lebanon
4. Mike Sheriff Construction, Newville

1. Pallet Solutions, Manheim
2. New Bloomfield VFW, New Bloomfield
3. Pucillo's Pizza, Lebanon
4. Shillelagh's Pub , Kinston

1. Shiderly/T-Time, New Castle
2. Zupancic & Charles, Pittsburgh
3. Titans, New Castle
4. Barth's Farms Renegades, New Castle

1. Great American Pub, Radnor
2. Air Balancing Engineers (ABE), Berwick
3. Cherry's, Lewistown
4. Alley Oops, York

State College
1. Manoa Tavern, Havertown
2. Riehl's Quality Barn (Rebels), Lancaster
3. P.A.V, Wilkes-Barre
4. Fisher's Masonry , Mercersburg

Class-D District Champs -
District-1 - Kelly's Pub, Plains
District-2 - Blackhawks, Intercourse
District-3 - Giorgio Foods, Reading
District-4 - Seasons, Lewistown
District-5 - Roeting Machinery, York
District-6 - F.O.E./Del Val Excavating, Marcus Hook
District-7 - N/A
District-8 - Bellas Cafe, Mt. Union
District-9 - Touchdown Club, Irwin
District-10 - Diddy's Bar, New Bethlehem
District-11 - Bud Light, Manheim
District-12 - Sutton Refrigeration, Hazelton
District-13 - Stonehouse, Punxsutawney
District-14 - Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown
District-15 - Manny Brown's, Newtown
District-16 - Stollo's, Old Forge
Memorial Day - Tim Ohm CPA, Hanover

ASA of PA Class-B State Championships - Mercersburg, PA

Bracket 1
1. Martz's Game Farm/Dan's Den/Miken, Sunbury (2-0)
2. Wohlers Construction, Osterburg (1-1)
3. EMO Communications/Mizuno, York (1-1)
4. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown (0-2)

Bracket 2
1. Brew Brothers, Pittston (2-0)
2. Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway, Elizabethtown (1-1)
3. Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run-Mercersburg (1-1)
4. Spikes/Williams Pontiac, Linfield (0-2)

Bracket 3
1. Pennepacker Insurance, Mercersburg (2-0)
2. Mel's Pub, Norristown (1-1)
3. Square News, Pittsburgh (1-1)
4. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians, Sunbury (0-2)

Double Elimination (Winner's Bracket)
Steve Heins beat Spikes 20-8
EMO beat Hampton Inn 24-12
Mels beat Square News 24-15
Nationwide beat Ruffians 18-14
Brews Brothers beat Steve Heins 24-17
EMO beat Dan's Den 24-22
Mel's beat Wohlers 29-17
Nationwide beat Pennypackers 18-16
EMO beat Brews Brothers 37-17
Nationwide beat Mels 35-34
EMO beat Nationwide 27-21

Double Elimination (Loser's Bracket)
Square News eliminated Steve Heins 26-20
Ruffians eliminated Dan's Den 30-22
Wohler's eliminated Spikes 21-8
Hampton Inn eliminated Pennypackers 15-12
Square News eliminated Ruffians 25-12
Hampton Inn eliminated Wohlers W-L
Square News eliminated Mels 23-11
Hampton Inn eliminated Brews Brothers 30-29
Square News eliminated Hampton Inn 21-20
Square News eliminated Nationwide18-17

EMO eliminated Square News 25-5

Final Standings (Final Record)
1. EMO Communications/Mizuno, York (6-1)
2. Square News, Pittsburgh (6-3)
3. Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run-Mercersburg (4-3)
4. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown (3-4)
5. Brew Brothers, Pittston (3-2)
6. Mel's Pub, Norristown (3-3)
7. Wohlers Construction, Osterburg (2-3)
8. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians, Sunbury (1-4)
9. Pennepacker Insurance, Mercersburg (2-2)
10. Spikes/Williams Pontiac, Linfield (0-4)
11. Martz's Game Farm/Dan's Den/Miken, Sunbury (2-2)
12. Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway, Elizabethtown (2-3)

ASA of PA Class A States, Lancaster, PA   (Not Held, only 2 teams)

Theme Lounge, Mechanicsburg and Team SSS/Maroadi/Tailgaters, Jeanette, PA

ASA of PA Class-C State Championships - York, PA

Final Standings - ASA Class-C States, York
1. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley (7-1)
2. Custom Blend's, York  (5-2)
3. P&W Sharks, York  (6-2)
4. Speedwell Construction, Manheim  (5-2)
5. A&B Auto/Commercial Glass, Mifflin  (6-2)
6. Gates Logging, Howard  (6-2)
7. Landis-Beacon, Reading (5-2)
8. Shorb's, York  (5-2)
9. Manheim Vets, Manheim  (3-2)
10. Ditti Martin  (2-2)
11. White Oak Ice, Lancaster  (2-2)
12. PF Environmental, New Castle  (3-2)
13. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg  (4-2)
14. Lamparter Trucking, York  (2-2)
15. Cannon Roofing, Norristown  (3-2)
16. APC/Breen's, York  (3-2)
17. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown  (3-2)
18. AIA/Enola Sportsmen, Enola  (2-2)
19. Murph's, York  (3-2)
20. Johnny & Hons, Reading  (3-2)
21. Hitmen, Norristown  (3-2)
22. Seamus Mulligan, Marcus Hook  (2-2)
23. Colonial Inn, Reinholds   (3-2)
24. M&M Medical, Beaverdale  (2-2)
25. Moose Lodge 842, Chambersburg  (1-2)
26. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  (2-2)
27. Louie's Auto/Mary Janes Restaurant, York  (2-2)
28. RSB Softball, Quakertown  (1-2)
29. Cambelltown Legion, Lebanon  (1-2)
30. Coyle Brothers, Mercersburg  (2-2)
31. Prospectors, Roaring Springs  (2-2)
32. Hotel Edison, Sunbury  (1-2)
33. Penn Lyon Homes, Williamsport  (1-2)
34. Norigan's, ??? (1-2)
35. HY Painting/5th Street Powerhouse, Reading  (0-2)
36. Bricker's Pizza, Hershey (0-2)
37. Cramps Softball, Allentown  (1-2)
38. Gablesville VFW, Boyertown  (0-2)
39. Horsemen, Pittsburgh  (0-2)
40. AFLAC, Manheim  (1-2)
41. Gable's Roofing, Lebanon  (0-2)
42. Jasonville Sox, Elizabethtown  (0-2)
43. Franchise, Norristown  (0-2)
44. Vigilant Social Club, York  (0-2)
45. Mercersburg VFW, Mercersburg  (0-2)
46. A&A Pizza, Scranton  (0-2)
47. Phillips Ford, Manheim  (1-2)
48. Mustangs, Altoona  (1-2)
49. White Oak Tavern, Pittsburgh  (0-2)
50. Czartek Electronics, Linfield  (0-2)
51. Bud Light, Manheim  (0-2)
52. North Hills Sox, Pittsburgh  (0-2)
53. Fisher's Deli, Lancaster  (0-2)
54. Stauffer Diesel, Ephrata  (0-2)

WOMEN'S ASA of PA State Championship Results

ASA of PA Women's Open Class State Championships - Williamsport, PA

Final Standings - ASA Open Class States, Williamsport
1. Dukes Tavern, Springfield (5-1)
2. Reamstown AA, West Lawn (3-2)
3. Max Magees Pub, Boothwyn  (3-2)
4. Nick's 114 Café, New Cumberland
5. Prospectors Jewelry, Roaring Springs
6. Strictly Fitness, York
7. Flynn's Catering, Easton
8. Red Lantern Flames, Springfield


ASA of PA Women's Class-C State Championships - Williamsport, PA

Final Standings - ASA Class-C States, Williamsport
1. Irish Rover, Penndel 
2. Backstreets, Pittsburgh 6-2
3. T&H Veneer, Williamsport
4. Joel Confer, State College
These teams also participated, but no other information available
Forry's Auto Body, Dauphin
Tom's Bar, Norristown
Sholly's Insurance, Lebanon


ASA of PA Women's Class-D State Championships - State College, PA

Final Standings - ASA Class-D States, State College
 1. Dougherty's Pub, Wilkes-Barre
 2. Senunas Pub, Wilkes-Barre
 3. Rafters
 4. Redbeards, Pittsburgh 7-2
 5. Ridgerunners, Harrisburg
 6. CRS Insurance, Gettysburg
 7. Stevens Chiropractic, Scranton
 8. B&B Service, Mahaffey
 9. Peckies Auto Body, Mount Union
10. Newport Moose, Newport
11. Amerifab/West York Inn
12. Coyotes, Pittsburgh 4-2
13. Tazz, District-5
14. Buffalo Blues, Pittsburgh 3-2
15. White Eagles/Arnold Palmer, Latrobe
16. White Rose Bar, York
17. Showtime
18. Flaherty's, Wilkes-Barre
19. Jay's Tavern, Huntingdon
20. Longo's, Pittsburgh 1-2
21. Sporty's
22. Alibis, Claysburg
23. Pickles Bar, Pittsburgh 2-2
24. AJ's Sports Bar, Levittown
25. G&L Trophy, Lebanon
26. Lebanon Lizards, Lebanon
27. Kwix Stix, Pittsburgh 1-2
28. Chelesa Settlement, Camp Hill
29. B&R Sport, State College
30. Clemens Uniform, Norristown
31. Moose Lodge 223, Huntingdon
32. Whitpain Tavern, Norristown
33. Economy, District-15
34. Breakers, Norristown
35. Macri Concrete, Carlisle
36. Frankies & Johnnies
37. Pink Lizzards, Harrisburg
38. Press Box Bar, Plymouth
39. Saturn, State College
40. Ugly Dog Saloon, Pittsburgh 0-2
41. Duncannon VFW Post 255, Duncannon
42. Co BRH Lounge, State College
43. Alley Cats
44. Seton, Altoona
45. Cheers 


ASA of PA Women's 35 & Over State Championships

Qualified as Defending 35 & Over National Champs - Lakerettes, Conneaut Lake (Women's 35-Over Nationals-1st, 5-0)
Participated at Nationals: Helpmates Home Health, Brockway (Women's 35-Over Nationals-13th, 0-2)
Participated at Nationals: Mixed Chicks, Glenolden (Women's 35-Over Nationals-17th, 0-2)

ASA of PA Open Class 10 Player Modified Pitch State Championships - Meadville, PA

ASA of PA 10-Man Open Modified State Championships
1. Bonnell's Steel City, Erie (5-0)
2. Wanamaker's, District-6 (5-2)
3. Bett's, Warren (2-2)
4. Fannies, Pine Grove (2-2)
5. Steers (2-2)
6. Rustic Inn (1-2)
7. Star Grill (2-2)
8. Lancaster (1-2)
9. Braendel Painting (0-2)
10. Summit (0-2)
11. Pioneer (1-2)
12. Armstrong Beer (0-2)

ASA of PA Class-A 50 & Over State Championships - Linfield, PA

Final Standings
1. TNT Sports Club, Norristown  (5-1)
2. Roni's CrackerJack, Scranton-Wilkes-Barre  (5-2)
3. Spring-Ford AA Red, Linfield  (3-3)
4. State College Credit Bureau, State College  (1-4)
5. Spring-Ford AA White, Linfield (0-4)

TNT Sports Club scored 114 runs and gave up only 44 runs in their six game march to the ASA of PA Class-A 50 & Over State Championships held once again in Linfield, PA. District-14 commissioner Charles Granese along with Tom Schadt put together a wonderfully run event as usual. TNT Managers Sonny Termine and Butch Fisher put together a fine squad and improved on last year's runner-up finish by defeating Roni's CrackerJacks of Scranton in the final game. Tom Schadt and his Spring Ford AA Red team couldn't defend last year's title as they finished in a third.place. Leading the way for TNT were local legends Al Fiorvanti (17-22, .773), Sam Rosen (16-22, .727, 2 HRs), Jose Castro (16-22, .727) and Sam Boccella (13-15, .867). 

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LINFIELD - There might have been more snow on the roof but there was plenty of fire in the furnace for dozens of area softball players as they competed in the ASA of Pennsylvania 50+ Class A slow-pitch State tournament held in Linfield on Saturday and Sunday. There was a decided local flavor as the TNT Sports Club of Norristown fought their way to a state title. It was the club's seventh state or national title in various age groups. Manager Sonny Termine congratulated his gang of senior citizens for never giving up after losing a heart-stopping, 16-15, battle in the game for the state hardware. "Last year, we were undefeated and breezed through the winners' bracket only to lose twice in the finals," he recalled. "We may have choked a bit last year but there was no way our men were about to let it happen again even after losing that one-run game to Roni's CrackerJack of Wilkes-Barre." "We came out in the 'if needed' contest by scoring six runs in the first inning and never looked back," he summarized. The result was a 14-8 triumph over a red-hot Wilkes-Barre club and an invitation to the Men's 2003 Senior Softball National Championships held in Auburndale, Florida, August 29 through September 1. TNT scored 114 runs in their six games while surrendering but 44. The average margin of victory was 19-7. They boasted a team batting average of .771 led by shortstop Sam Boccella .867. Local heroes who helped the trophy chase included Al Fiorivanti .773, Sam Rosen .727, Jose Castro .727 and Randy Clouser .700. Rosen had the unusual record of hitting two inside the park homers during the tournament. Bob Searles hurled all six games for the champs. "Many of our senior traveling teams play with the younger guys in local leagues," Termine noted. Spring-Ford AA hosted the event but were denied repeating their 2002 championship by the two talented clubs that met for the title. The hosts entered two squads in the tournament. The CrackerJacks of Wilkes-Barre built a formidable road block by defeating S-F Red, 12-7, in Saturday competition to send the defending champs into the losers' bracket. They met again in the bracket finals on Sunday noon but fell 17-3. "We just didn't hit all weekend," pitcher/coach Tom Schadt complained. "It was a 4-3 game until the fifth when they scored 12 runs in the inning." Obviously the Wilkes-Barre Club found the CrackerJack prize as they stayed hot for their next game.

Senior softball is not a wheelchair game by any means. Fans were impressed by the caliber of play. The Fifty's might be a step slower but they make up for their age with years of experience. Strong arms still throw to the right bases while defensive gems were part of every contest. Each team had infielders who could cover the ground and make accurate throws. What the outfielders lacked in former speed they adjusted by playing the hitters with intelligence. There were several interesting rules for senior softball. For example, there are two home plates about eight feet apart plus a no return line 20-feet down the foul line. Once a player crosses that line he may not return to third but heads for the alternate home plate. The catcher acts like a first-baseman on a play at home. If the throw beats the runner who heads for the alternate plate he is out. There is also two first bases side by side. Both rules are to avoid contact on close plays. The rules make sense for all ages because younger men and women bend and break in collisions as well. Most have to go to work tomorrow.

Written by Paul Jones of the Phoenix Newspaper
©The Phoenix 2003

ASA of PA  40 & Over and the ASA of PA 55 & Over State Championships

 Not held due to lack of participating teams

ISF World Cup Championships, Manassas, VA

ISF World Cup Champions
50 & Over Class Major - Florida Crush, Delray Beach, FL
50 & Over Class A - Extra Innings Softball, Glen Allen, VA
50 & Over Class B - Valley Electric, Warren, OH
50 & Over Class C - Silver Legends, Akron, OH
55 & Over Class Major - New York Statesmen, Farmingdale, NY
55 & Over Class A - Spicer Properties, Camp Springs, MD
60 & Over Class Major - Thomas Engineering, Nokesville, VA
60 & Over Class A - Carolina Cardinals, Cary, NC
65 & Over Class Major/A - Mitchell's Eastern States, Beltsville, MD
70 & Over - Maryland Baysox, Baltimore, MD

Local Information (50+ Class-B Results)
1. Valley Electric  (4-0)
2. Chesapeake Pirates  (4-2)
3. TNT Sports Club, Norristown  (2-2)
4. Spring Ford AA, Linfield  (2-2)
5. ILA Tigers  (1-2)
5. Dayton Legends  (1-2)
7. Phil and Phil  (0-2)
7. Kclinger Pubik House  (0-2) 

ISA of PA Class-D/E State Championships

ISA of PA Class-D Final Standings
1. Nagers/Mullinax, Mayfield Heights, OH *
2. ICC/VFW 740/SSS, Meadville
3. Bates Drywall, Greenville
4. Bobtown Pizza, Bobtown

ISA of PA Class-E Final Standings
1. Coinco, Meadville
2. Ice House Inn, Girard, OH *

No information available on the finish of PPI/Scorchers and Alexis/Kelly Welding

* Teams from North East Ohio may participate in the ISA of PA State Tournament

30th Yuengling Beer 40 Team Invitational Tournament - Williamsport, PA

30th Annual Yuengling Beer Final Standings "A" Flight (partial)
1. Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ 
2. Frosty Hook, Aaronsburg, PA
3. Gate's Logging, Howard, PA
3. Penn Lyon Homes, Williamsport, PA

MVP - Bob Cleaver, Deluxe Bakery

"B" Flight Champs - Sports Outlet, New Jersey

Quakertown Slow Pitch League (Class-D) Summer Classic

Quakertown Class-D Summer Classic Final Standings
1. Salvatore's, Macungie
2. Hawkins Metal, Quakertown
3. Nazareth VFW, Quakertown
4. New Britian Inn, Doylestown
5. Azzatori Chiropractic, Quakertown
6. Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Money Tournament (ASA Class A/B), Denver, PA

Field of Dreams Open Class Final Standings (partial)
1. EMO Communications/Mizuno, York, PA
2. Mel's Pub, Norristown, PA
3. DMK Sounds, Denver, PA
4. Martz's Game Farm/Dan's Den/Miken, Sunbury, PA

Bridgeton A.A. Tournament (Class B/C/D), Bridgeton, PA

Bridgeton AA Final Standings (partial)
1. Lookers/Lotierzos/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ
2. Jake's/Original Showtime, Readington, PA
3. Hitmen, Norristown, PA
4. Storr Tractor, Somerville, NJ
5. Best Electric, Levittown, PA

Other teams entered include: Unity Bank (NJ), A&G (NJ), Sports Page (NJ), Opdyke Lumber (NJ), C.O.D., Kickers Pub and Ready Willing & Abel.

Firecracker Softball Classic (USSSA Open), Dover, DE

Delaware Firecracker Classic Standings (partial)
1. Taylors, Edgewater, MD (4-0)
2. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ (4-2)
3. Team SSS/Maroadi/Tailgaters, Jeanette, PA (4-2)
4. ChecKing/Worth, New Haven, CT (3-2)
5. Warthen Fuel/ABS/TPS, Baltimore, MD (1-2)
5. Hit & Run, Deer Park, NY (2-2)
7. Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley, PA (1-2)
7. Angle Inn/Ar Crowell/Vinci Sports, Baltimore, MD (0-2)
9. Nuzbacks/Waldorf Countertops, Laurel, MD (1-2)
9. TJ Lite, Dunkirk, MD (0-2)
9. Hitmen, New York (0-2)
9. Buckeye/Easton, Richmond, VA (no show)

Forks of Delaware Tournament (Class B/C/D), Easton, PA

A Flight Final Standings
1. Team Lookers/Lotierzos/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ
2. Theme Lounge (Gators/Fredericks), Mechanicsburg, PA
3. Team Havoc, Holtsville, NY
4. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown, PA
5. Gamecocks/Jokers, Cookstown, NJ
6. MMP/Iron Horse, Baldwin, NY
7. SCB, Middle Island, NY
8. K of C Royals, Valley Stream, NY

B Flight Final Standings
1. Center Ice (NY) 
2. CDT, Elmwood Park, NJ
3. Glendale Liquors, Trenton, NJ
4. Jakes, Readington, NJ
5. Strokers, Parsippany, NJ

C Flight Final Standings
1. ASI (NY) 

Other teams entered included: Alfaro Motors, Brooklyn, NY, Venom, Nazareth, PA, Cramps, Allentown, PA, The Fox, Readington, NJ, Nor-Car, Palmertown, PA, Nazareth.VFW, Quakertown, PA, KNC Hitmen, East Hanover, NJ, A&G, Snap on Tools and Jack's

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) Tournament (ASA Class C), Denver, PA

Standings (partial): 
1. Phillip's Ford, Manheim, PA
2. Custom Blends, York, PA
3. Beacon/Landis, Denver, PA

The Millennium League "B" vs."C" Division All-Star Game and Home Run Derby

By Joe Organek

The Millennium League "B" vs."C" Division All-Star Game took place yesterday (July 6th) at Marcus Hook Memorial Field, which was preceded by a Home Run Contest, with all proceeds from the events going to the 20th Anniversary Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity Classic and their fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society. 

Home Run Derby:  The Home Run Contest had twenty-one participants enter. After the first round was completed, four players had advanced to the second round where each was given five swings. Pete Mahoric (Tom n Jerry's Rebels) went first and was followed by Scott Keller (Tom n Jerry's Hitmen) Joe Dean (Tom n Jerry's Rebels) and Dan Williams (Clarkie's Goal Post). Only Mahoric and Keller were left standing, both hitting one home run to force another round. This time each was given three swings. Neither was able to launch a ball over the 300 ft. fence at Marcus Hook Memorial Field, but Keller twice hit the top of the fence in left-center field.  Each player had one swing in the fourth round to win the contest, but it wasn't to be. The were going to entertain the fans some more by forcing a fifth round, with both once again getting five swings. This time Mahoric lifted one out and waited to see if he would be the champion. Keller made a valiant effort, again hitting two balls off the fence. But it was to be Pete Mahoric's day as he was crowned the 2003 Millennium "B" and "C" Division Home Run Contest Champion. 

All Star Game: 
The game, which featured the Millenniun League "B" vs. "C" Division All-Stars, was well played and alot of fun to watch as both teams and their fans which numbered over one hundred in attendance, really got into supporting their teams. The Millennium League "C" Division came away with a 12-10 victory over the "B" Division. Rob Lambie from Casey's Saloon led the way for the "C" Division and was named Most Valuable Player. He had two hits and scored the go ahead run in the fifth inning, while pitching three shutout innings. Other players who contributed to the win were. Dan Hess (O’Flaghertys Sports Pub) three hits, two runs scored and a RBI. Mike Holland (All-Pro Chiropractic) two hits, one run scored and a RBI. Mike McCarthy (Ford Property Maintenance) two hits, two runs and two RBI's. Chuck Kold (All-Pro Chiropractic) two hits, one run and a RBI. Steve Welk (Clarkie's Goal Post) two hits, two runs and two RBI's. The "B" Division Most Valuable Player was Andy Ruhf from Tom n Jerry’s II, who had three hits, including a double and three RBI's. Phil McGee (Tom n Jerry's Hitmen) three hits and a RBI.  J.T. Boyer (Flashback Cafe) three hits, triple and two RBI's. Mike Disney (Tom n Jerry's Hitmen) two hits and two runs scored. The Managers, Steve Byrne from the Mudsharks ("B" Division) and Dennis Ellixson from O’Flaghertys Sports Pub ("C" Division) deserve alot of credit for the way they handled their rosters, by getting over thirty-five All-Stars in and out of the game.  After the games the teams went to Tom n Jerry's Sports Pub where they were treated to a free buffet and beverages, thanks to the generosity of owners Jerry and Nerissa Burns. When it came time to draw the winners of the raffle, which also benefited the American Cancer Society, the players and fans from the Untouchables team who bought tickets couldn't be touched, winning three prizes including the top two, a DeMarini Softball Bat and (2) Field Box Seat Tickets, Section 238, Row 8 to the Phillies game vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 30th.  The Millennium League "B" vs."C" Division All-Star Game and Home Run Contest raised a total of $525.00. 

Once again the Millennium Sunday League has done a great job in kick-starting the fundraising for the American Cancer Society and the 20th Anniversary Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity Classic. Thank you. 

Quakertown Slow Pitch League 5th Annual Summer Classic

Bracket A Final Standings:
1. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  (3-0)
2. RSB Softball, Quakertown  (2-1)
3. Trappe Tavern-Red, Collegeville  (1-2)
4. New Britain Inn, Doylestown  (0-3)
5. Pennepacker Insurance, Mercersburg  (no show)

Bracket B Final Standings:
1. Mel's Pub, Norristown  (2-1)
2. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown  (2-1)
3. Cramps Softball, Allentown  (1-2)
4. Fisher's Deli, Lancaster  (1-2)

Double Elimination Final Standings:
1. Mel's Pub, Norristown  (6-1)
2. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown  (6-2)
3. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  (5-2)
4. Fisher's Deli, Lancaster  (3-4)
5. RSB Softball, Quakertown  (3-3)
5. Cramps Softball, Allentown  (2-4)
7. Trappe Tavern-Red, Collegeville  (1-4)
7. New Britain Inn, Doylestown  (0-5)

ISA Softball Eastern States Qualifier (Class D/E) - Radnor

Final Standings (Class-D):
1. Grumpy's Outsiders, South Philadelphia (5-0)
2. Crusaders, Radnor  (7-2)
3. Wayne Beef n Ale, Radnor  (3-2)
4. Kristman Excavating, Honey Brook

Final Standings (Class-E):
1. Physical Therapy Physicians, Lawrence Park
2. J&J Painting, Norristown
3. Tom n Jerry's Young Guns, Ridley Park
4. Blue Dog, Lansdale

More info coming on the finish of the following teams: Lenni AC, Haverdogs, Kirby's, Dave's Tavern, Yunkers, Seamus Mulligan's, Spingler's and Romansky's.

Cape May Classic (Open), New Jersey

Final Standings, Record (A Flight):
1. Hit-n-Run, Deer Park, NY  (6-0)
2. Angle Inn/AR Crowell/ Vinci Sports, Baltimore, MD  (5-1)
3. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ  (6-2)
4. Lookers/Lotierzos/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ  (5-2)
5. Sports Outlet, Sicklerville, NJ  (4-2)
5. Salugas, Mt. Laurel, NJ  (3-3)
7. Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ  (3-2)
7. Alternative Air/Jokers/Gamecocks/ Cardinal Lawn, Medford, NJ  (3-2)

Final Standings, Record (B Flight):
1. Cobras  (5-1)
2. Pepco MFG  (4-2)
3. TD Waterhouse  (3-2) 
4. Skeeters Pub  (3-2)
5. Slocums  (2-2)
5. Schileen Pub  (2-2) 
7. Dug Sports Café  (1-3) 
7. American Delivery  (1-3)

Final Standings, Record (C Flight):
1. CDT  (4-2)
2. G-Boys/NJSP  (3-3) 
3. Gas House Gorillas  (2-3)
4. Riders Edge  (2-3)
5. Pasquales  (1-3)
5. Sam’s Bar & Grill  (1-3)
7. Hutson Trucking  (1-3)
7. RA Walters  (1-3)

ASA District-14 Class D Montgomery County Championship and Qualifier

Swedeland Fire Company, managed by Terry O'Donnell withstood a gallant effort by Mike "Modi" Amodei and his Great American Pub teammates to capture their second consecutive Class-D Qualifier (they won the District-6 National Qualifier last year in Marcus Hook). Swedeland Fire Company (alias Ed Gear and The O'Donnell Family) looked strong from the get go. They defeated French Quarter Bistro by forfeit and then proceeded to roll over Falcones's Sports Cafe, Main Street Pizza and Norristown Rec to reach the finals. Great American Pub (GAP) took the long road to the finals. Modi, Mark Clayton and the GAP boys defeated the Players Club and Maro & Maro in their first two games before losing to Chaz Davitas, Rich Luce, Steve Kalback, AJ Neve, Billy Bradbury, Bill Plichta and the Norristown Rec squad in a hard fought game. This dropped GAP in the loser's bracket where they had to defeat Falcone's, Main Street and then gained revenge on Norristown Rec, beating them in the loser's bracket finals to reach the championship finals. GAP beat Swedeland in the first game of the finals before Swedeland finally ended the two-day affair by defeating GAP in the final "if" game and capturing the district title. Swedeland will now advance directly to the state finals in York on July 25-27th weekend.

 Final Standings:
1. Swedeland Fire Company, Norristown (5-1)
  2. Great American Pub, Radnor (6-2)
  3. Norristown Rec, Norristown (3-2)
  4. Main Street Pizza, Norristown (3-2)
  5. Maro & Maro, Norristown (3-2)
  6. Falcone's Sports Cafe, Norristown (2-2)
  7. C-Boys, Norristown (1-2)
  8. Levengood Septic, Linfield (1-2)
  9. Players Club, Norristown (1-2)
10. Down & Dirty, Norristown (0-2)
11. Charlie's Pizzeria, Norristown (0-2)
12. Spring Ford AA, Linfield (0-2)
13. French Quarter Bistro, Linfield (0-2, no show)

ASA District-14 Class C Montgomery County Championship and Qualifier

Tournament Cancelled due to Rain

All Teams entered Qualified for Class-C States
Little Brown Jug, Norristown
Franchise, Norristown
Cannon Roofing, Norristown
Seamus Mulligan's Pub/Dave Stitz Ptg, Marcus Hook

Field of Dreams Park (Formerly Zinn's Park) ASA Class-B National Qualifier, Denver, PA

Game Results:
Nationwide Insurance defeated Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway
Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians defeated Hampton Inn
Nationwide Insurance defeated Mel's Pub
Hampton Inn defeated Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway (Loser's bracket)
Mel's Pub defeated Hampton Inn (Loser's bracket)
Nationwide Insurance defeated Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians (Winner's bracket finals)
Mel's Pub defeated Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians (Loser's bracket)
Nationwide Insurance defeated Mel's Pub (Finals) 

Final Standings: 
1. Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run  (4-0)
2. Mel's Pub, Norristown  (2-2)
3. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians, Sunbury  (1-2)
4. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown  (1-2)
5. Steve Hein's General Store/Hideaway, Elizabethtown  (0-2)

Marcus Hook vs Millennium League All- Star Game and Home Run Derby

By Joe Organek

Home Run Derby:  When the twenty-five participants who entered the Home Run Contest and over forty All-Stars arrived in Marcus Hook last night, to help kick-start the Delco softball community’s fundraising efforts of the 20th Anniversary Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity Classic for the American Cancer Society, they weren’t sure if any of the planned events would even take place. There was another threat of heavy thunderstorms in the area that could wash away all the festivities. But somehow the softball gods have always looked down on charitable softball events that are held at Marcus Hook Memorial Field. The home run contest started right on schedule at 6:30 p.m. with twenty-five contestants each donating a $10 entry fee, to raise a total of $250 for the American Cancer Society. John Brooks, representing both Mel’s Pub/Diamond Star Sports and Clank’s Bar got things started and never looked back, by smashing six home runs on ten swings, with most of them landing majestically in the Alan McIlvain Lumber Yard, well over 330 ft. away. These are the five players who advanced to the second round and their home run totals from the first round. John Brooks (6) – Mel’s Pub/Diamond Star Sports and Clank’s Bar,  Rob Amerson (5) – Seamus Mulligan’s Pub,  D.J.Lauro (5) – Seamus Mulligan’s Pub,  Joe Povenski (5) – Mel’s Pub/Diamond Star Sports,  Calvin Butcher (4) – Clank’s Bar.  What was said to be one of the better home run contests to be held in recent years, was shaping up to be just that with five ex-champions making it to the second round. But, this was to be John Brooks night. Again leading off in the second round and with each player receiving five swings, he promptly deposited four balls over the 300 ft. fence, making it very difficult for the rest of the field to duplicate his feat. You can tell when a player is battle tested from previous home run contests. Their competitiveness is easily seen when even after they are mathematically eliminated from winning the contest they are still determined to try for that last home run and put on a show for the fans. This was the case last night as all five gave it their best shot. Joe Povenski made his last home run one to remember, as the fans enjoyed watching one of his patented laser shots hit the top of the lumber yard roof in left-center field faster then a speeding bullet and make that familiar (clang) sound. Or what about Rob Amerson hitting two home runs with his first three swings, then waiting patiently for just the right pitch, hoping to to stay alive, but just missed lifting the ball in the air far enough. He got that same pitch on his final swing and hit a rocket, finishing with three home runs. Oh, how close he had come to sending the contest to a third round. Congratulations to John Brooks, the 2003 Marcus Hook Home Run Champion, who received a trophy, courtesy of Award Connection in Springfield and to all the participants who put on quite a show.

All Star Game:   It was time to turn on the lights, raise the curtain on what the Daily Times had billed "The Clash of the Titans" being the all-star teams from the Millennium League "A" Division and the Marcus Hook League. The game started with the Marcus Hook League winning the coin toss and deciding they wanted to hit first. After going down 1-2-3, the Millennium League "A" Division All-Stars quickly jumped out to a 10-0 lead in the bottom of the inning and hit four of their allotted six home runs. The game was moving along at a fast pace and into the middle innings when it became obvious that the storm was approaching. It was beginning to look ominous with vivid lightning streaking across the night sky. That’s when umpire Creighton "Doc" Moat said, "If that lightning gets any closer we’re going to have to stop the game." As if by divine intervention, the lightning seemed to stop at the Delaware River and surround the field in every direction. Something wasn’t right, there was a storm going on all around and yet not even a drop of rain fell on Delco’s softball mecca. That’s when Doc said, "It seems like we’re under some kind of dome." Five complete innings had past and the game became official, still no rain. After seven full innings the Millennium League "A" Division was winning by the score of 25-13. There wasn’t a 12 run rule being used in the All-Star Game so the game continued to the eighth inning. The Marcus Hook League All-Stars were determined to start a rally and they did, scoring four runs in the top of the inning to cut the deficient to 25-17. The game was now moving into the bottom of the eighth. I had just finished making one last push through the stands selling raffle tickets for the American Cancer Society, when the skies opened stopping the game with the Millennium League "A" Division coming away with a 25-17 victory in what was a entertaining and well played game. I think even the softball gods were saying to everyone nice job in raising money for a good cause, now it’s time to go grab a beer.  Here’s to the managers of both All-Star teams, Bob McLaughin (Millennium "A" Division) and Mike Stern (Marcus Hook League) for a fine job in putting together their rosters and getting everyone into the game. A special thanks to Bob Hornsby (Maggie McGuire’s Pub/bobhornsby.com) The maestro of digitial sports photography, was at it again taking many great shots of the Home Run Contest and All-Star Game along with the party afterwards at the F.O. E. Club. After the game the players and fans traveled across the street to the F.O.E. Club, where one of the best buffets that I have ever seen after any softball event was put out. That along with the price of a $1.50 for a bottle of beer was a sure combination that a good time was going to be had by all.  Between the Home Run Contest and raffle a total of $500 was raised from the Millennium/Marcus Hook Leagues for the 20th Anniversary Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity Classic in their fundraising goals for the American Cancer Society. Thanks to everyone who made this a successful event. Here’s a list of the winners and their prizes from the raffle, which benefits the American Cancer Society. Scott Olsen – DeMarini Softball Bat, Mike Stern – Autographed Nolan Ryan Baseball Card,  Connolly’s Pub – Phila. Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves Tickets – June 18th (Sec. 238 – Row 8),  Phil Torrens – $25. Best Buy Gift Card,  Jeff Olejniczak – Phillies Sport Plaque from the "Get a Woody Sign Co.",  Rich Duranto – 1962 Danny Murtaugh – Topps Baseball Card (PSA –Graded 8),  Drexel House Deli – Eagles Sport Plaque from the "Get a Woody Sign Co.",  Jim Blickley – Bike Softball Pants with Belt.  Thanks to Ed Hopkins from the F.O.E. Club for everthing he provided to have a great party.  Next year, the winner of the Home Run Contest will receive a softball bat of his choice and the All-Stars from both leagues will receive Millennium/Marcus Hook League All-Star T-shirts.

Here’s some of the highlights from the game:
Millennium League "A" Division 25
Marcus Hook Slow Pitch League 17

Millennium League "A" Division
Brian Sellers (Romansky’s Tavern) was named M.V.P. with 4 hits including a double, two home runs and four RBIs.
Adam Dragish (F.O.E. Rage) (HR), Bud Wright (Tom n Jerry’s Outlaws) and Bob Sellers (Romansky’s Tavern) all had three hits.
Bob McLaughlin (Tom n Jerry’s Outlaws) had a pinch hit three-run homer.
Joe Morris (Tom n Jerry’s/Last Call) was the winning pitcher and had three hits, including a three-run homer.

Marcus Hook Slow Pitch League
Scott Olsen (Sungate Diner/Moon Plumbing) was named M.V.P. going 4-for-4, with a home run.
Phil Torrens (Crest Tavern) went 4-for-4, with two RBIs and scored three runs.

Brian Sellers (Romansky’s Tavern) and Scott Olsen (Sungate Diner/Moon Plumbing) both received M.V.P. Trophies, courtesy of Diamond Star Sports.

Senior Softball World Series (SSWS) National Qualifier, Bridgewater, NJ

TNT Sports Club of Norristown, PA shocked the senior softball world as they defeated national powerhouse Norelco NY Statesmen of Long Island, NY 20-18 to capture the "B" flight of the National Qualifier competition. Leading the way for the local squad was Sammy Rosen, Jose Castro and Charlie Ferris who all went 5 for 5 in the deciding game. Dale Hood chipped in with a 4 for 5 performance to back the pitching of Rich Collonese. Lou Lussi added a home run for the winners. The defense was led by Lynn Thompson and Dave Nyce. This is quite an accomplishment for Manager Sonny Termine and his TNT squad as they've only been in existence in the senior circuit for a little over three years now. TNT finished up 2-1 in their bracket losing only to another national powerhouse Deluxe Bakery Masters of Cinnaminson, NJ by a 18-6 score. TNT's other win was a 22-10 decision against Monkey Joe's Nig Nut Company of Laurel Springs, NJ. In the "A" flight, Thermco Home Improvements of South Yarmouth, MA defeated the NY Bandits of Long Island, NY to capture that prize. TNT will now travel to Manassas, VA to compete in the ISF World Cup on the weekend of June 21st through 23rd.

District-6 (Delaware & Chester Counties) Class 'D' National & State Qualifier, Marcus Hook, PA

Tom n Jerry's Outlaws from the Millennium League won the ASA of PA District 6 - Men's Slow Class "D" National & State Qualifier in Marcus Hook. The Outlaws were the only undefeated team (3-0) when play was completed on Saturday and were declared the winners after the heavy rains Sunday morning left the field unplayable.  But, by the way they were playing, it wasn't going to be easy for a team to defeat them twice in the championship finals. Now they must decide if they want to compete in the State Finals in York, PA (August 8-10) or travel to Montgomery, Alabama for the Eastern National Championship Final (Sept. 18-21). F.O.E./Delaware Valley Excavating of the Marcus Hook League finished second with a 2-1 record and Manoa Tavern of the Millennium League finished third, coming through the losers bracket with an impressive 4-1 record. 

Final Results (record), destination
1. Tom n Jerry's Outlaws (3-0),  Eastern National Championship Final - Montgomery, Alabama - September 18-21 
2. F.O.E./Delaware Valley Excavating (2-1),  State Finals - York, PA - August 8-10
3. Manoa Tavern (4-1),  Area State Championships - State College, PA - July 25-27 
4. F.O.E. Rage (3-2),  Area State Championships - York, PA - July 25-27
5. Tom n Jerry's/Last Call (2-2),  Area State Championships - Mercersburg, PA - July 25-27
6. Crusaders (2-2),  Undecided
7. Kelly Monaghan's Young Guns (0-2),  Area State Championships - Sunbury, PA - July 25-27
8. Clippers (0-2),  Area State Championships - York, PA - July 25-27 
9. Tom n Jerry's Hitmen (0-2),  Area State Championships - York, PA - July 25-27
10. Wick’s Seafood/Christy’s Tavern (0-2),  Area State Championships - York, PA - July 25-27

Diamond Star Sports Memorial Weekend Classic, Marcus Hook, PA (Open)

Congratulations to Seamus Mulligan's Pub, from the Millennium League, who won the first annual Diamond Star Sports Memorial Weekend Classic by defeating Fizzano Bros. Concrete (IVSL) in the Championship Game 23-18 at Marcus Hook Memorial Field.  Seamus Mulligan's new nickname may be the Mudders for the way they played and found a way to win, in what at times were not the most ideal weather conditions, with on and off again showers that made for a soggy field during much of the tournament.  Seamus Mulligan's lost their first game 28-14 to Fizzano Bros. Concrete, only to go on to defeat Kelly Monaghan’s Young Guns (Community Mens) in back to back games 24-4 and 21-7, to take them to tournament finals. The Championship Game which was a rematch of their first game and was well played by both teams. D.J. Lauro and Jay Risell, from Seamus Mulligan's, were named Co-MVP's for the tournament and will each receive a Miken windbreaker, courtesy of Diamond Star Sports.  A lot of credit should be given to the teams and their managers, Matt Moore (Seamus Mulligan's), Chris Protesto (Fizzano Bros. Concrete) and Larry McFadden (Kelly Monaghan’s Young Guns), who were determined, along with the tournament director and umpire, to get the games played and complete the tournament.

Final standings:
1. Seamus Mulligan's Pub (Millennium League)  (3-1)
2. Fizzano Brothers Concrete (IVSL League)   (2-1)
3. Kelly Monaghan’s Young Guns (Community Men's League)  (0-3)

Tournament Co-MVPs - DJ Lauro and Jay Risell, Seamus Mulligan's Pub

Mercersburg (PA) Memorial Weekend Classic (Open)

Final standings:
1. Warthen Fuel, Baltimore, MD  (5-1)
2. R&R Trim, Hagerstown, MD  (4-2)
3. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown, PA  (4-2)
4. Seeds of Deception, Sunbury, PA  (3-3)
5. Wohlers Construction, Osterburg, PA  (3-3)
6. Nationwide Insurance, Spring Run, PA  (2-4)
7. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ  (1-5 )

34th Annual Budweiser Memorial Day Slow Pitch Open Classic, Bridgewater, NJ

"A" Flite Final Standings:
1. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ  (3-0)
2. Minuteman Press/Iron Horse, Baldwin, NY  (2-1)
2. SCB/Denelex/Giant Steel, Middle Island, NY  (3-1)
4. KC Royals, Valley Stream, NY  (2-2)
5. Deluxe Bakery, Bellmar, NJ  (1-2)
6. Miller Lite,  Mercer County, NJ   (0-2)
6. Team Havoc, Holtsville, NY  (0-2)

Brackets were as follows:
Bracket 1:  Miller Lite, Universal Auto, The Fox, Minuteman Press, CDT, Team Zone
Bracket 2:  Lotierzo/$howtime, Team Vinci, Glendale Liquors, Deluxe Bakery, Pro Sports, Strokers
Bracket 3:  SCB/Denelex/ Giant, AquaSun Pools, Stonebridge Romanelli, Team Havoc, Bandits Softball, Fellinghams
Bracket 4:  K of C Royals, Rugs & Riffy, TD Waterhouse, Giant Glass, Center Ice, JM Metal Products

Richmond Round Robin (ASA Class B/C/D), Richmond, VA

Tournament Rained-Out and re-scheduled for a later date, click on link below for more info

For more info on the ASA Richmond Round Robin, Click here

Beast of the East (NSA Class A/B/C/D/E), Petersburg, VA

Class A/B tournament Rained-Out, click on link below for results of C/D/E

For more info on the NSA Beast of the East Classic, Click here

District-15 (Bucks County) Quakertown ASA of PA Class-C Qualifier

Final Standings (Record)
1. The Hitmen, Norristown
 2. Berry Mowing/Aqua Sun Pools, Quakertown/Norristown
 3. RSB Softball, Quakertown
 4. Czartek Electric, Linfield
 -  Kenny's Madison Tavern, Upper Moreland  (dropped out)
 -  Seamus Mulligan, Marcus Hook (dropped out)

Field of Dreams (Zinn's Park, Denver, PA) Money Tournament (ASA Class B)

Final Standings (Record)
 1. Viggiani Plumbing, Toms River, NJ
 2. EMO Communications, York, PA
 3. R&R Trim, Hagerstown, MD

NOTE: No more information available on the final standings. The other teams competing were Nationwide Insurance of Spring Run, PA;  Pennypacker Insurance/Easton of Lewistown, PA;  Hampton Inn of Elizabethtown, PA; and C&L Discount Grocery of Ephrata, PA. Hit n Run of Deer Park, NY didn't make the trip.

District-15 (Bucks County) Quakertown ASA of PA Class-D Qualifier

Final Standings (Record)
1. Manny Brown's, Newtown  (5-0)
 2. Cannoneers Club, Quakertown (4-2)
 3. Azzatori Chiropractic, Quakertown (3-2)
 4. Hawkins Metal, Quakertown (2-2)
 5. Trum Tavern, Quakertown (2-2)
 5. Kospiah Excavating, Quakertown  (2-2)
 7. Hibson Agency, Warrington (1-2)
 7. Dunkin Donuts, Quakertown (0-2)
 9. Universal, Quakertown (0-2)
 9. US Electrodes, Quakertown (0-2)

Quakertown (PA) Slow Pitch Pre-Season League Tournament
(Open to League Teams Only)

Final Standings (Record)
1. Berry Mowing  (4-0)
 2. Trum Tavern (3-2)
 3. RSB Softball (4-2)
 4. Nazareth VFW (3-2)
 5. Azzatori Grey (2-2)
 5. Cannoneers Club (2-2)
 7. Universal (1-2)
 7. Dunkin Donuts (1-2)
 9. Hawkins (1-2)
10. Kospiah Excavating (0-2)
10. US Electrodes (0-2)
10. Americorp (0-2)

Palmer Early Bird Tournament, Easton, PA

Final Standings
1. Hit and Run, Deer Park, NY
2. Lookers/Lotierzo's/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ
3. Gamecocks/Cardinal Lawn Service, Cookestown, NJ
4. Deluxe Bakery, Bellmahr, NJ
5. SCB/Denelex/Giant Steel, Middle Island, NY, NY
6. Jersey Jokers, Toms River, NJ

Sunbury (PA) National Qualifiers

Sunbury Class B National Qualifier
1. Pennepacker Insurance/Easton, Lewistown   (4-1)
2. Martz's Game Farm/Dan's Den/Miken, Sunbury   (2-2)
3. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians, Sunbury   (1-2)
4. Hampton Inn, Elizabethtown   (0-2)

Class B Results:
MGF/Dan's Den/ Miken def. Hampton Inn
Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians def. Pennepacker's/Easton
MGF/Dan's Den/Miken def. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians
Pennepacker's/Easton def. Hampton Inn
Pennepacker's/Easton def. Coca-Cola/3N2/SSS/Ruffians
Pennepacker's/Easton def. MGF/Dan's Den/Miken
Pennepacker's/Easton def. MGF/Dan's Den/Miken


Sunbury Class C National Qualifier
1. Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
2. Louie's Auto, York
3. Hotel Edison, Sunbury
5. Acres, Chambersburg
6. Murph's Study Hall, York

Class C Results:
Hotel Edison def. Louie's 
Lewisburg Legion def. Murph's
Hotel Edison def. Acres
Louie's def. Murph's
Louie's def. Acres
Lewisburg Legion def. Hotel Edison
Louie's def. Hotel Edison
Lewisburg Legion def. Louie's


Sunbury Class D National Qualifier
1. Blackhawk, Lancaster
2. Seasons, Lewistown
3. Monogramming Plus, Lewisburg
4. T Ross Construction, Sunbury

Information courtesy of Jeremy Zellers

Mercersburg (PA) National Qualifiers

Sunbury Class C National Qualifier
1. Brickers Pizza, Harrisburg
2. Enola Sportsmen, Enola
3. Lamparter Trucking, York

No info on the Class B and Class D qualifiers, I believe the "B" was cancelled.

Sully's 26th Annual Women's Early Bird, Norristown, PA

Mike McGrath and his Dukes Tavern team went through the double elimination tournament undefeated as they beat a tough Pottstown Moose squad 18-3 in the championship game. The Moose lost their first game and battled back through the loser's bracket to reach the finals. Pitcher Mary Ann Curran was named the tournament MVP as she pitched Dukes to victory.

Final Standings
1. Dukes Tavern, Springfield  3-0
2. Pottstown Moose, Pottstown,3-2
3. Lunachicks (Flynn Catering), Easton,2-2
4. Red Lantern, Springfield,0-2
5. Stahl Post, New Castle, DE  0-2

MVP - Mary Ann Curran, Dukes Tavern

Coors Light 3rd Annual Slow Pitch Tournament, Parsippany, NJ

Final Standings (Top 3)
1. Lombardi's/Tanel, Cedar Grove, NJ
2. KNC Hitmen, East Hanover, NJ
3. Stingrays/Mizuno, Patterson, NJ

Norristown B/C Early Bird Tournament


Swedeland Fire Company captured its second straight Norristown B/C Early Bird Classic by going undefeated. They beat Maennerchor 10-0 in the championship game. Dennis O'Donnell, Sr. twirled the shutout, reportedly the 22nd of his long career. The offense led by the power of Terry O'Donnell (2 HRs) and Eddie Gear readied itself for another run at the "B" division title this season. Dave Raimondo and his Maennerchor Club finished in second place followed by Chris Carter's C Boys in third place and Maro & Maro in fourth place. Terry and Dennis O'Donnell, Sr. were named as Co-MVPs of the tournament

Final Standings (Record)
1. Swedeland Fire Company (3-0)
2. Maennerchor Club (4-2)
3. C Boys (1-2)
4. Maro & Maro (1-2)
5. Norristown Recreation (1-2)
6. TNT Sports Club (0-2)

Co-MVPs - Terry O'Donnell and Dennis O'Donnel, Sr., Swedeland Fire Company


(Rec - Division) 

Charlie's Pizzeria went through the field undefeated to claim the "C" portion of the Norristown B/C Early Bird Classic. They were led by the right arm of pitcher Ron Rinker who was named tournament MVP. Charlies beat Falcones, Main Street, Rib House and then Chicco's/D&D in the final to claim the title. Chicco's/Down & Dirty finished in second place followed by Bridgeport Rib House in third place and Montgomery Fitness in fourth place.

Final Standings (Record)
1. Charlie's Pizzeria (4-0)
2. Chicco's/D&D (4-2)
3. Bridgeport Rib House (2-2)
4. Montgomery Fitness (3-2)
5. Falcone's Sports Cafe (1-2)
6. Main Street Pizza (1-2)
7. Players Club (1-2)
8. Whitpain Tavern (0-2)
9. Kinsey Landscaping (0-2)

MVP - Ron Rinker, Charlie's Pizzeria

Millennium Early Bird Tournament, Upper Darby, PA (Open)
Sponsored by Diamond Star Sports

Coors Light of Parsippany, NJ went undefeated to capture its third Millennium Early Bird title in the last four years. Led by left-fielder and power hitting James “JP” Amendolaro (23-33, .697 avg, 9 HRs, 28 RBIs) who was named tournament MVP, the Coors Light squad won eight straight games. They beat Richmond Softball 18-3 & 27-3 and also beat Tom n Jerry's Hitmen 37-5 & 42-0 in bracket play to finish with a +113 run differential which gave them the number one seed in elimination play. After a week delay because of rain, the elimination play saw Coors Light jump all over Parts Plus by a 21-8 score. They then got by Sam's Bar & Grill (Renaissance Marble) 11-4. They got revenge of the team that defeated them last year in Little Brown Jug, as they rolled to a 17-7 victory. Next up was last year's champion, Mel's Pub. Coors light won handily 25-20. In the losers bracket, J&B eliminated Brown Jug 20-8, then came back from six runs behind in the seventh inning to pull out a 27-25 victory over Mel's Pub and eliminated them. They then had to defeat Coors Light twice to claim the crown. Both teams agreed it was getting late and decided to end the affair by splitting the money in an agreed amount by both teams. The leading hitters of the Coors Light team were Paul Carifi (26-35, .743 avg., 25 runs scored, 12 doubles), Mike Stevens (25-35, .714 avg., 27 RBIs, 25 runs scored), Joe Limeira (22-29, .759 avg., 19 RBIs) and Brian Stanton (20-25, .800 avg., 18 runs scored).

Final Standings: Team, Location/League  (Final record including bracket)
1. Coors Light Softball - Parsippany, NJ  (8-0)
2. J & B Softball - Medford, NJ  (7-1)
3. Mel's Pub/Diamond Star Sports - Norristown, PA  (6-2)
4. Tom n Jerry's/Little Brown Jug - Norristown, PA  (6-2)
5. Bestrans - North East (Elkton), MD  (2-2)
6. Crusaders - Main Line, Radnor, PA  (2-3)
7. Tom n Jerry's/Last Call - Millennium League, PA  (4-1)
8. Sam's Bar and Grill - Blackwood, NJ  (3-2)
9. Crest Tavern - Marcus Hook, PA  (1-3)
10. Schileens Pub - Westville, NJ  (2-2)
11. Kelly Monaghan's Young Guns - Community Mens, PA  (1-2)
12. Seamus Mulligan's Pub - Millennium League, PA  (2-2)
13. Richmond Softball - Northeast (Kensington) Philadelphia, PA  (1-4)
14. Tom n Jerry's Outlaws - Millennium League, PA  (2-3)
15. Parts Plus - Downingtown, PA  (1-3)
16. Miller Lite/Murphy's - Mercer County, NJ  (2-2)

MVP - James "JP" Amendolaro, Coors Light (9 HRs, 28 RBIs)

Final Bracket Standings
Bracket (Field) /Teams
Teams, Location  (Record)    Run-Diff.    (Avg-Run-Diff. - per game)
#1) Camp Upland - Field C
1. Seamus Mulligan's Pub - Millennium League  (2-1)   +14  (+4.67)
2. Hulmeville Inn - Bensalem, PA  (2-2)   +3  (+0.75)
3. Crusaders - Main Line Association, Radnor, PA  (1-2)   -17  (-5.67)

#2) Camp Upland - Field D
1. LeBaron's/Easton - Corning, NY  (3-0)   +25  (+8.33)
2. Miller Lite/Murphy's - Mercer County, NJ  (2-1)   +8  (+2.67)
3. The Franchise - Norristown, PA  (1-2)   -13  (-4.33)
4. Bulldogs Softball - Bucks County, PA  (0-3)   -20  (-6.67)

#3) Camp Upland - Field E
1. Tom n Jerry's/Last Call - Millennium League  (3-0)   +48  (+16.00)
2. Schileens Pub - Westville, NJ  (2-1)   +13  (+4.33)
3. Parts Plus - Downingtown, PA  (1-2)   -22  (-7.33)
4. Wick's Seafood/Christy's, Marcus Hook  (0-3)   -39  (-13.00)

#4) Furey Road - Field 1
1. J & B Softball - Medford, NJ  (3-0)   +50  (+16.67)
2. Sam's Bar and Grill - Blackwood, NJ  (2-1)   +2  (+0.67)
3. Crest Tavern - Marcus Hook  (1-2)   -12  (-4.00)
4. Raceway Cafe - Millennium League  (0-3)   -44  (-14.67)

#5) Furey Road - Field 2
1. Mel's/Diamond Star Sports - Norristown, PA  (3-0)   +54  (+18.00)
2. Bestrans - North East (Elkton), Maryland  (1-1)   -5  (-2.50)
3. Monaghan's Young Guns -Community Men's  (1-1)  -16  (-8.00)
4. Romansky's Tavern - Millennium League  (0-3)   -33  (-11.00)

#6) 69th Street - Main Field
1. Tom n Jerry's/Brown Jug - Norristown, PA  (4-0)   +41  (+10.25)
2. Tom n Jerry's Outlaws - Millennium League (2-2)   -3  (-0.75)
3. Physical Therapy Phys. - Lawrence Park  (0-4)   -38  (-9.50)

#7) 69th Street - Pavilion Field
1. Coors Light Softball - Parsippany, NJ  (4-0)   +113  (+28.25)
2. Richmond Softball - Northeast (Kensington) Philadelphia (1-3)   -41  (-10.25)
3. Tom n Jerry's Hitmen - Millennium League  (1-3)   -72   (-18.00)

Little Brown Jug Early Bird Tournament, Norristown, PA (Open)
Sponsored by Diamond Star Sports

Matty Moore and his Seamus Mulligan team finally earned a measure of respect in the local area softball circles as they dominated every game they were in to capture the fifth annual Little Brown Jug Early Bird Tournament. Nobody considered them a pre-tourny favorite, but that didn't deter them in their quest to win. They had confidence in themselves and it showed as they waltzed through the competition undefeated. The team, which plays out of both the Millennium Sunday League and the Marcus Hook leagues made some key off-season acquisitions to bolster their already strong lineup. They found an everyday shortstop and clutch hitter in Dave Kwiatkowski (11 for 11 with 2 HRs). They also picked up Norristown native Jay Rissell who just gets hit after hit and you never know he's around until the end of the tournament when you find out he went 16 for 18. Matty Moore, assisted by his brother Frannie Moore calmly turned on the ignition and pitcher Frankie Smith set the wheels in motion and when it was all over they had beaten some of the best teams in Norristown in Cannon Roofing (14-7), Falcone's Sports Café (20-0), Mel's Pub (27-7), Humleville Inn (17-7) and Aqua Sun Pools in the final which they won 30-4. Frankie Smith pitched (gave up 25 runs in 5 games) and hit (14-18 with a HR) his way to the MVP award, which was a Miken pullover windbreaker, donated by Joe Organek of Diamond Star Sports. Frankie said he had the fire in his eyse and it showed as he was not to be denied in leading his team tot he title. Other hitting stars for Seamus Mulligan include Jimmy Eckels (17-21, 5 HRs), Rob Amerson (16-19, 2 HRs) and Keith Butcher (12-17). Also contributing were Freddie Smith, Scott Olsen, Danny Coale, Phil Torrence, and Dave Currey.  They proved once and for all, that this team belongs in the area's best team list. Congrats to them, they are all good people and deserved to win this event. Matt O'Hara, Craig Balmer, Jeff Neamand and Heath Hedderick got together over the winter and dedicated themselves to making their Aqua Sun Pools team better. What they did was just to add some "Berries" to the mix in the form of Berry Mowing standouts Matt Cordi, Dean Carr, Keith Wood, Anthony Palmeiri, Brent Schaeffer and the ever hustling Dana Luscombe. They finished second in last fall's Tri-County Classic and continued right where they left off as they lost their first game to league nemesis Little Brown Jug by one run, then proceeded to reel off six straight wins. Led by Craig Balmer and Matt O'Hara who combined for 13 home runs, the Pool Men started their way to the finals by defeating Emaus Fire Company 25-6, then they beat Falcones 20-5, up next the Crusaders fell 29-16 and then they defeated Mel's 36-26 (led by Dana Luscomb's clutch grand slam). Pat's Pub was next in line and after the Philly boys led 15-2, it looked bleak for Aqua Sun until the exploded to an amazing come from behind 29-24 victory. Brian Machinsky crushed some long home runs for Pat's. The Aqua Boys then ten-runned Humlevile Inn in the loser's bracket finals 25-15. Humleville was led all weekend long by the hot bat of Jamie Love. Once they got to the finals, they ran out of gas and were beaten soundly by Champion Seamus Mulligan 30-4. Dean Carr had a great weekend at the plate as did Matt Cordi and Dana Luscombe. Big Jeff Neamand pitched and fielded his heart out and proved he is one of the better pitchers in the league today. Jay Williams showed why he may be the second coming of Clarke Farrell. These words were echoed by many a viewer who watched the talented youngster play and take his game to another level that only a few ever visit. Also contributing were Andy Mease, Lou Ercoloni and Steve Cordi.  It's good to see some fresh faces emerge in the championship rounds of this tournament like Seamus and Aqua Sun, along with Humleville and Pat's Pub. Pre-tourny favorites like Cannon Roofing, Mel's Pub, Parlaycard.Com, Crusaders and Little Brown Jug never really got untracked. Big Joe Povenski of Mel's unleashed a home run that measured close to 500' with a view finder. I was a witness and it went every bit as far as that thing said it did. I'd like to thank everybody for making this a great tournament once again. The teams and players entered showed nothing but class all weekend long and I appreciate every single person who participated along with the umpires and Sully Gelet who was a big help to the Jug Team in helping to get this tournament off the ground under less than ideal conditions. By the time it was over, the teams were playing at Wierman Field and it looked to be in mid-season shape. 

Final Standings: Team, Location/League  (Record)
 1. Seamus Mulligan's Pub, Marcus Hook/Millennium  5-0
 2. Aqua Sun Pools, Norristown  6-2
 3. Humleville Inn, Bensalem  3-2
 4. Pat's Pub, Philadelphia/Capitolo  3-2
 5. Cannon Roofing, Norristown  3-2
 5. Mel's Pub, Norristown  2-2
 7. Parlaycard.com/Raven Direct, Allentown  2-2
 7. Crusaders, Main Line Association/Radnor  2-2
 9. The Hitmen, Norristown  1-2
 9. Little Brown Jug, Norristown  1-2
 9. Falcone's Sports Café, Norristown  1-2
 9. Romansky's Tavern/Worth, Marcus Hook/Millennium  1-2
13. The Franchise, Norristown  0-2
13. Emaus Fire Company No.2, Allentown  0-2
13. Players Club, Norristown  0-2
13. Maennerchor Club, Norristown  0-2

MVP - Frankie Smith, Seamus Mulligan's Pub (Pitcher)
Won a Miken Pullover Windbreaker courtesy of Diamond Star Sports

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