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Last Edited  -  01/30/2009

Norristown Men's Softball League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

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Final A Division Standings W L Pct.
Cannon Roofing 17 3 0.850
Mel's Pub 15 5 0.750
Little Brown Jug 11 10 0.524
The Hitmen 11 10 0.524
Aqua Sun Pools 11 10 0.524
The Franchise 9 12 0.429
Humleville Inn 8 13 0.381
Falcone's Sports Café 1 20 0.048
Final B Division Standings W L Pct.
Norristown Rec 14 7 0.667
Cunningham's Court 12 9 0.571
Swedeland Fire Company 12 9 0.571
Direnzo's Tavern 11 10 0.524
Maro & Maro 11 10 0.524
TNT Sports Club 11 10 0.524
Maennerchor Club 10 11 0.476
C-Boys 3 18 0.143
Final Rec Division Standings W L Pct.
Charlie's Pizzeria 16 2 0.889
Chicco's Down & Dirty 15 3 0.833
Norristown Players Club 14 4 0.778
Montgomery Fitness 10 8 0.556
Bridgeport Rib House 9 9 0.500
Origlio's Old Guys 8 10 0.444
Kinsey Landscaping 8 10 0.444
Main Street Pizza 5 13 0.278
Whitpain Tavern 3 15 0.167
Falcone's Sports Café 2 16 0.111

A Division Playoffs

A Division first round: (best of 3)
(#1) Cannon Roofing and (#2) Mel's Pub receive first round byes
(#3) Little Brown Jug defeated (#6) Franchise (2-0)
(#5) Aqua Sun Pools defeated (#4) Hitmen (2-0)

A Division semi-finals: (best of 3)
(#1) Cannon Roofing defeated Aqua Sun Pools (2-0)
Little Brown Jug defeated (#2) Mel's Pub (2-0)

A Division Championship series: (best of 5)
Cannon Roofing defeated Little Brown Jug (3-0)
Playoff MVP - Joe DiCicco, Cannon Roofing

Pictured below Left- Joe DiCicco (Series MVP) and Right- Andy Drobek & Jerry Cannon


B Division Playoffs

B Division First Round:
(#1) Norristown Rec and (#2) Cunningham's Court receive first round byes
(#6) TNT Sports Club defeated (#3) Swedeland Fire Company (2-1)
(#5) Maro & Maro defeated (#4) Direnzo's Tavern (2-1)

B Division semi-finals: (best of 3)
TNT Sports Club defeated (#1) Norristown Rec (2-0)
Maro & Maro defeated (#2) Cunningham's Court (2-0)

B Division Championship series: (best of 5)
TNT Sports Club defeated Maro & Maro (3-1)
Playoff MVP - Joe Mayo, TNT Sports Club

Rec Division Playoffs

Rec Division First Round: (best of 3)
(#1) Charlie's Pizzeria defeated (#8) Main Street Pizza (2-1)
(#2) Chicco's D & D defeated (#7) Kinsey's Landscaping (2-0)
(#3) Players Club defeated (#6) Origlio's Old Guys (2-0)
(#5) Bridgeport Rib House defeated (#4) Montgomery Fitness (2-1)

Rec Division semi-finals: (best of 3)
Players Club defeated Chicco's D & D (2-0)
Charlie's Pizzeria defeated Bridgeport Rib House (2-0)

Rec Division Championship series: (best of 5)
Norristown Players Club defeated Charlie's Pizzeria (3-2)
Playoff MVP - Mike Collazo, Player's Club

Pictured above Top- Mike Collazzo (Series MVP) and Bottom - Players Team Members as follows:
Front Row left to right....
Justin Sabol, Steve Mcanany, Heels Gelet, Steve Cutler, Mike Collazo, and Gene Iorio.
Back Row left to right...
Paul Minecci, Jake DeFiore, Skitz DeFiore, Chris Burns, Eric Cross, Mark Melice and Ken Simcox.

Regular Season Home Run Leader Board

Final Norristown "A" HR Leaders #
Tom 'Kegger' McCauley, Cannon 18
John Brooks, Mel's Pub 16
Ken Shemonski, Cannon Roofing 15
Steve Moloney, Little Brown Jug 14
Robbie Himes, Hitmen 12
Ken Hanley, Franchise 12
Greg 'Hamr' Wenning, Cannon Roofing 12
Darren Posavec, Franchise 11
Chris Logan, Franchise 10
Chris Painter, Falcone's 9
Brian Fields, Falcone's 9
Joe DiCicco, Cannon Roofing 9
Jeff Russo, Little Brown Jug 8
Bill Gulotta, Little Brown Jug 8
Pete Luzi, Cannon Roofing 8
Matt Lucas, Franchise 8
Matt Cordi, Aqua Sun Pools 8
Tom Flynt, Humleville Inn 8
Mark 'Sparky' Pettine, Little Brown Jug 7
Ryan Walker, Little Brown Jug 7
Heath Hedderick, Aqua Sun 7
Tom Pagel, Little Brown Jug 6
Ron Coleman, Mel's Pub 6
Craig Balmer, Aqua Sun Pools 6
John Ounsworth, Cannon Roofing 6
Warren Grant, Mel's Pub 6
Clarke Farrell, Mel's Pub 6
Kip Harwick, Mel's Pub 6
Karl "Kat" Janetka, Cannon Roofing 6
Matt Strziminski, Hitmen 6
John Curley, Franchise 6
Final Norristown "B" HR Leaders #
Ed Gear, Swedeland 13
Joe Keating, TNT Sports Club 12
Mike Manieri, Cunningham's 11
Ian Morris, Maennerchor Club 10
Matt Weaver, Cunningham's 10
Mike Sobeck, Norristown Rec 9
Steve Shoemaker, Maro & Maro 9
Billy Bradford, Norristown Rec 8
Pat Nattle, Maro & Maro 8
Dennis Pinkerton, Cunningham's 8
Scott "Doc" Morris, Maennerchor 6
Nick Chiccino, Mar & Maro 5
Bob Maro, Maro & Maro 5
Chris Carter, C-Boys 5
Final Norristown "Rec" HR Leaders #
Joe McFarlane, Montgomery Fitness 9
Chris Monoco, Chicco's D&D 9
Sean McNamara, Origlios 7
Scooch Pascucci, Chicco's D&D 7
Jake DiFlore, Players Club 5
Anthony 'Skitz' DiFlore, Players Club 5

Norristown Softball League Awards

Divisional MVP Awards

A-Division:  For the first time ever, we have a unanimous choice. All 8 managers and the league commish voted for the same guy. I'd like to announce Tom 'Kegger' McCauley (3B) of Cannon Roofing as the Norristown A Division 2003 MVP Award winner. Kegger had 9 votes total. Others receiving honorable mention recognition from the managers were in no particular order: Ivo Salvi (OF, Cannon Roofing; Dave 'Killer' Kwiatkowski (SS), Mel's Pub; Kip Harwick (OF), Mel's Pub; Jerry Cannon (P), Cannon Roofing; Clarke Farrell (OF), Mel's Pub and Tom Coughlin (OF), Little Brown Jug.

A-Division: (9 total votes; 8 managers and league commish)
Tom 'Kegger' McCauley (3B), Cannon Roofing   (9 votes)

Honorable Mentions:
Ivo Salvi (OF), Cannon Roofing
Dave 'Killer' Kwiatkowski (SS), Mel's Pub
Kip Harwick (OF), Mel's Pub
Jerry Cannon (P), Cannon Roofing
Clarke Farrell (OF), Mel's Pub
Tom Coughlin (OF), Little Brown Jug


Here is the Norristown "A" Division All-League team from the Commish:

1B- Steve DiMarino, Brown Jug and Warren Grant, Mel's Pub: 2B- Heath Hedderick, Aqua Sun and Karl 'Kat' Janetka, Cannon: SS- Harry Singleton, Brown Jug, Dave Kwiatkowski, Mel's Pub, John Cresswell, Hitmen and Ty Jones, Cannon: 3B- Tom 'Kegger' McCauley, Cannon and Steve Cordi, Aqua Sun: LF- Rob Himes, Hitmen, Pete Luzi, Cannon and Matt Michael, Hitmen: LC-  Ivo Salvi, Cannon, Clarke Farrell, Mel's and Chris Logan, Franchise: RC- Jason Williams, Aqua Sun, Brian Fields, Falcone's and Ken Hanley, Franchise: RF- Joe DiCicco, Cannon, Tom Coughlin, Brown Jug and Tom Flynt, Humleville: P- Jerry Cannon, Cannon, Shawn Goodwin, Franchise and Jamie Love, Hulmeville: C- John Brooks, Mel's Pub and Greg Wenning, Cannon: EH- Mike Kaufman, Hitmen and Steve Dimitry, Little Brown Jug;  Utility: Steve Moloney, Brown Jug, Kip Harwick, Mel's, Tom Pagel, Brown Jug, Craig Balmer, Aqua Sun, Jeff Neamand, Aqua Sun, Matt Cordi, Aqua Sun::  Manager - Jake Corropolese, Franchise, Marty Murray, Mel's and Jerry Cannon, Cannon. Umpires - Joe Shaw and Jimmy Myers.

B-Division:  The award goes to Steve Kalbach (OF-SS) of Norristown Rec. Kalbach garnered 6 votes to easily outdistance the runner up trio of Mike Manieri (SS), Cunningham's; Joe Keating (OF), TNT Sports Club and Nick Chiccino (1B-OF), Maro & Maro. All three runner-ups received 1 vote each. Others receiving honorable mentions from the managers include in no partucular order: Ian Morris (OF), Maennerchor Club; Ed Gear (C), Swedeland Fire Company; Joe Mayo (OF), TNT Sports Club and Pat Nattle (3B), Maro & Maro.

B-Division: (9 total votes; 8 managers and league commish)
Steve Kalbach (OF-SS), Norristown Rec    (6 votes)
Mike Manieri (SS), Cunningham's    (1 vote)
Joe Keating (OF), TNT Sports Club    (1 vote)
Nick Chiccino (1B-OF), Maro & Maro    (1 vote)

Honorable Mentions:
Ian Morris (OF), Maennerchor Club
Ed Gear (C), Swedeland Fire Company
Joe Mayo (OF), TNT Sports Club
Pat Nattle (3B), Maro & Maro

Rec- Division:  We have another first as two players tied in the voting. In the closest race of all three divisions, Chris Monoco (SS) of Chicco's D&D and Joe McFarlane (OF) of Montgomery Fitness each received 4 votes to tie for the MVP award. Anthony 'Skitz' DiFlore (SS), Players Club received 3 votes to finish a close second to the co-winners. Others receiving honorable mention recognition from the managers were in no particular order: Mike Zubert (SS), Charlie's Pizzeria; Eric 'Scooch' Pascucci (OF), Chicco's D&D; Sean McNamara (OF), Origlios Old Guys, Paul Minecci (2B), Players Club and Dave Halter (C), Charlie's Pizzeria.

Rec Division Totals: (11 total votes; 10 managers and league commish)
Chris Monoco (SS), Chicco's D&D    (4 votes)
Joe McFarlane (OF), Montgomery Fitness    (4 votes)
Anthony 'Skitz' DiFlore (SS), Players Club    (3 votes)

Honorable Mentions:
Mike Zubert (SS), Charlie's Pizzeria
Eric 'Scooch' Pascucci (OF), Chicco's D&D
Sean McNamara (OF), Origlios Old Guys
Paul Minecci (2B), Players Club
Dave Halter (EH), Charlie's Pizzeria

2003 Sportsmanship Award

Mike Corliss, Cannon Roofing

2003 Norristown Home Run Derby

Greg 'Hammer' Wenning of Cannon Roofing once again organized this great event to raise money for Sully 'Heels' Gelet and Wierman/Heels Field. Upwards of 27 people paid $25 apiece to enter this year's event. All the proceeds go to Heels for the field maintenance. Any new softballs as well as the used ones will also be given to Heels to use as he's sees fit for the remainder of the playoffs. Hammer spends a lot of time and effort putting this together procuring sponsors and volunteers to help out. Bob Hornsby donated this year's T-shirts. Other items that were raffled off were donated by Diamond Star Sports and Superior Softball Supply as well. Steve Moloney of the Little Brown Jug captured this year's championship putting on a power display as he hit 11 on the first round, 6 in the second and finally 10 more in the final round to put the finishing touches on title as 2003 Norristown Home Run Derby Champ. Mpst of Moloney's bombs were hit to deep left center and many cleared the trees. Heath Hedderick and Steve Cordi of Aqua Sun Pools fell short in the final round. Last year's champ, Craig Balmer of Aqua Sun once again made it to the finals as did last year's fourth place finisher Tommy Pagel of the Little Brown Jug. The other finalist was Ian Morris of Maennerchor Club who hit some titanic shots. Some monstrous shots were hit during the course of the day. Rob Himes of The Hitmen, Rob Amerson of Seamus Mulligan and Eric 'Scooch' Pascucci of D&D hit some of the more impressive shots. Brothers Anthony 'Skits' DiFlore and Jake DiFlore of the Players Club put on a good showing as did Bill Gulotta of the Brown Jug and John Ouensworth of Cannon. Event coordinator Greg Wenning of hit the farthest balls to right field as his majestic shots cleared the hills beyond the RF fence. A special moment occurred when Cannon Roofing's Buck Mathias banged out five homers in his time at bat. After undergoing a kidney transplant this past off-season, this was a touching moment as he looked like the Buck of old. He is a class act act and everybody was pulling for him. Photos below are Steve Moloney - champ (top row left), Heath Hedderick - runner up (top row right), Greg Wenning - event coordinator (bottom row left) and Craig Balmer - 2002 Champ standing with Heels Gelet (bottom row right). If I forgot to mention anybody, sorry, there was plenty of beer there also!

Final Round Results
1. Steve Moloney, Little Brown Jug - 10 (27 total in 3 rounds)
2. Heath Hedderick, Aqua Sun Pools - 7
3. Steve Cordi, Aqua Sun Pools - 6
4. Ian Morris, Maennerchor Club - 5
5. Craig Balmer, Aqua Sun Pools - 4
6. Tom Pagel, Little Brown Jug - 2



Norristown Men's Fall Softball League

Click here for the 2003 Norristown Fall Softball League Schedule

Men's Final Standings W L Pct. W L Pct.
Next Level 7 1 0.875 9 3 0.750
Trappe/Charlie's/Cannon Thunder 6 2 0.750 10 2 0.833
Nipper's Bar & Grill 2 6 0.250 6 6 0.500
The Cartel 1 7 0.125 5 7 0.417
Steppy's Sports Bar/Foley's  * X X 0.000 2 6 0.250
Kokomos Sports Bar & Grill  * X X 0.000 0 8 0.000

* Teams forfeited and dropped out of the league, the games that were played with these teams count on the overall record (to be used for any tiebreakers) and the teams that didn't play these teams will get forfeit wins. The 1st set of records are records between the 4 teams left.

Men's Fall League Playoffs

A Flight Championship (best of 3):
(#2) Trappe/Charlie's/Cannon Thunder defeated (#1) Next Level (2-0)
MVP-  Ivo Salvi, Trappe/Charlie's/Cannon Thunder

B Flight Championship (best of 3):
(#4) The Cartel defeated (#3) Nipper's Sports Bar & Grill (2-0)
MVP-  Jeff Rowinski, The Cartel

Final Regular Season HR Leaders #
Joe McFarlane, Next Level 12
Chris Molitor, Nipper's Sports Bar 7
Anthony 'Skitz' DiFlore, Next Level 6
Rob Himes, Next Level 6
Clarke Farrell, TCC Thunder 5
Brian Dunlap, Next Level 5
Ivo Salvi, TCC Thunder 4
Mark Melice, Nipper's Sports Bar 3

Norristown Women's Softball League

Click here to see the Women's Boro Division Schedule

Click here to see the Women's Rec Division Schedule

Commissioner Stacey Clemens (215) 822-0224

Final Standings

Boro Division Standings W L Pct.
Breakers 13 2 0.867
Fiddler's Green 10 5 0.667
Tom's Bar 5 10 0.333
Showtime DJ's 2 13 0.133
Rec Division Standings W L Pct.
Peanut Gallery 16 4 0.800
Steppy's Sports Bar 14 6 0.700
Clemen's Uniforms 14 6 0.700
Little Brown Jug 8 12 0.400
Frank's Pub 7 13 0.350
Whitpain Tavern 1 19 0.050

Boro Division Playoffs

Boro Division Semi-finals (best of 3 series):
#1 Breakers defeated #4 Showtime DJ's (2-0)
#2 Fiddler's Green defeated #3 Tom's Bar (2-1)

Boro Division Consolation Game:
Tom's Bar defeated Showtime DJ's for third place

Boro Division Championship Series (best of 3):
Breakers defeated Fiddler's Green (2-0)

Rec Division Playoffs

Rec Division Winner's Bracket (double elimination):
#1 Peanut Gallery and #2 Steppy's Sports Bar received first round byes
#3 Clemen's Uniforms defeated #6 Whitpain Tavern
#4 Little Brown Jug defeated #5 Frank's Pub
#1 Clemen's Uniforms defeated Little Brown Jug
#2 Steppy's Sports Bar defeated Clemen's Uniforms
Peanut Gallery defeated Steppy's Sports Bar (winner's bracket final)

Rec Division Loser's Bracket (double elimination):
Frank's Pub defeated Whitpain Tavern
Clemen's Uniform defeated Little Brown Jug
Clemen's Uniform defeated Frank's Pub
Steppy's Sports Bar defeated Clemen's Uniform

Rec Division Championship:
Steppy's Sports Bar defeated Peanut Gallery
Peanut Gallery eliminated Steppy's Sports Bar to win the title

Norristown Women's Fall Softball League

Women's Final Standings W L Pct.
J&J Jems 11 1 0.917
Pottstown Moose 8 4 0.667
ATTL 8 4 0.667
Little Brown Jug 7 5 0.583
Steppy's Sports Bar 5 7 0.417
Frank's Pub 3 9 0.250
Whitpain Tavern 0 12 0.000

Women's Fall League Playoffs

J&J Jems defeated ATTL in the finals
Playoff MVP - Kerry Mihalik, J&J Jems

Final Regular Season HR Leaders #
Mary Alice Felt, ATTL 9
Beth Proffitt, J&J Jems 8
Monica Halter, Whitpain Tavern 7
Amy, ATTL 5
Kim Keller, Pottstown Moose 4
Nancy Meifiger, ATTL 4
Kerry Mihalik, J&J Jems 4
Roxanne, Pottstown Moose 4
Krissy Pennypacker, Pottstown Moose 4
Mia Fabrizio, Steppy's Sports Bar 3
Trish Traub, ATTL 3
Jody Pierson, Whitpain Tavern 2
Vicki, ATTL 2
MJ Polly, J&J Jems 2
Nancy Bangert, Little Brown Jug 2
Kelly Biehl, J&J Jems 2
Tammy, Pottstown Moose 1
Ruth Godoy, Little Brown Jug 1
Natalie Steele, J&J Jems 1
Sue Ellis.Pottstown Moose 1
Mickie Kelly, Little Brown Jug 1
Stacey Granese, Steppy's Sports Bar 1
Val, Steppy's Sports Bar 1


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