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Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President since 1982
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee


2018 Norristown Men's Softball League

Deputy District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and District Commissioner (Sully Gelet)

President/Treasurer  -- Sully ‘Heels’ Gelet (484-686-6006)
Vice President/Web Master/ASA-USA Liaison  -- Steve Dimitry (610-716-6191)
Umpire Liaison/Tournament Advisor -- Charles “Sonny” Termine (610-496-8631)
League Liaison/Umpire Liaison -- Chris Carter (610-637-0610)
Fundraising/Field Maintenance/Zoo Liaison -- Wayne Stem (610-761-4961)
Assistant Fundraising/Field Maintenance -- Don Douglass (610-605-7010)
League Player Rep -- Nick Bucha
League Player Rep -- Ken Shemonski
Secretary -- Tracey King
Board Member At-Large/Montco Umpires President -- Dave Halter
Umpire-in-Chief/Rules Interpreter -- Frank Horvath (610-539-0405)
League Legal Counsel -- Tom Oshinsky, Esquire (856-979-3639)
League Message Board --
League Facebook Page -- 
League Manager's Private Facebook Group -- 
League Roster/Lineup Email Address -- 

ASA/USA of Pennsylvania Information
Sully Gelet - District Commissioner/Classification board member/Women's committee/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - Deputy Commissioner/Slow Pitch Commissioner/Slow Pitch-Classification committee/Slow Pitch Co-Chair
Ryan Graver - County Commissioner/Player Rep/Assistant District Tournament Director
Stacey Clemens  - District Women Commissioner/Women’s committee member
Meghan Brogan - District Coed Commissioner/State Women’s Slow Pitch Commissioner/Coed committee member
Sonny Termine - District Masters and Seniors Commissioner/Seniors committee member/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Wayne Stem - Fund Raising and Field Operations Director
Frank Horvath - District Umpire-in-Chief
Butch Fisher - Assistant District Umpire-in-Chief
Drew Brennan - District JO Commissioner

ASA/USA National Information
Steve Dimitry - Eastern National Territory Classification Director/Slow Pitch Task Force committee member

ASA/USA Classification of Players and Teams
Steve Dimitry - Pennsylvania State Tournaments - All Appeals done as of March 31st
Steve Dimitry - National Championship Tournaments - All Appeals must be submitted by July 31st

If you need help, just ask please.

In Memory


Joe Shaw
December 27, 1955- April 20, 2018

Joseph T. Shaw, "Joe", passed away on April 20, 2018 at age 62. Born December 27, 1955 in Norristown, Joe was the son of the late Vera (Stock) and Robert Shaw. He resided in Norristown with his beloved wife of 38 years, Laura A. (Werkiser) Shaw. Joe was the loving father of J. Patrick Shaw (Amy) and Lyndsey Haughton (Frank) and was the cherished grandfather of Charlee. Joe was the brother of Bob Shaw, Jim Shaw, Miriam Schlotterer, Steven Shaw, and Mark Shaw. He is survived by many nieces, nephews, and countless friends. After retiring as a manager at Hostess Cakes, Joe became a dealer at the Valley Forge Casino. He was a member of the Montgomery County Baseball Umpires Association Joe was a Grateful "Dead head" and loved going to live music shows. He enjoyed camping and motor cycles, and was a real "people person". Most of all, he loved his family. This man was one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met.  We played together for many years and in the same outfield as a matter of fact. Joe was a great left fielder.  He had to deal with George Tancini, Myself and Stephen Roman as the three outfielders on that team. We had to have played close to 500 games together.  He was always the voice of reason out there with us three crazy Italians.  He kept us focused and always let us know where to throw the ball and how many outs there were.  We won 10 tournaments one summer and the guys on that team to this day remain very close. Joe was always the glue that held us together. He never took sides and always was the one who made us realize it was just a game amongst friends. Joe was the one that got along with every single person.  That is the kind of teammate he was. When he became an umpire, his personality did not change. He never let a game get out of control. He had the calming voice and always knew what to say when things looked like they were going to get crazy out there.  I pitched a lot  when he umpired and he was extremely fair, but the times I enjoyed the most is when I got older and caught all the time.  He kept his professionalism in tact at all times even with me babbling to him and we had many a nice talk.  His wife Laura is a sweetheart and his two kids, Pat and Lyndsey are such incredible young adults now.  There were so many people at his viewing from all walks of life and I have honestly said many times, I have never ever heard of an ill word spoken about Joe Shaw.  I am going to miss the times I saw him and he would have that big smile and say "Hi Stevie". He always made whoever he was with feel important.  He did so many things and many can probably say, he lived a wonderful life albeit much too short.  He was one of the best. God Bless his family. Rest in Peace Joe Shaw.  You will never be forgotten by anybody that knew you. 


Lou Simpson
October 8, 1946 - April 7, 2018

Lou Simpson, Sr. was born to the late Louis K. Watson and Ada Simpson Pierce, October 8, 1946 in Norristown, PA. Lou was Ada's only child, whom she adored completely! He was educated in the Norristown Area School System at East Norriton and attended Norristown High School, Class of 1965. Upon graduation, Lou began his career at Zeigler's Stationary as a Truck Driver. He continued his Truck Driving career at Zimmerman's Janitorial Supply Company where he made local business deliveries. He served as a Correctional Officer at the Montgomery County Prison, then re-entered the truck driving field, working for Mirable Beverages in Norristown. He later retired from the US Postal Service after many successful years.  Over the years, Lou excelled in sports, mainly Football and Softball and was always recruited by the local leagues. Between 1967 and 1972, he was scouted and played for several semi-pro football teams, including Sringford Mauraders with his cousin George Fisher and close friend, Luther "Lubby" Abney. During this time he tried out for the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles. He was an outstanding football player and earned the nicknames "OJ" and "Juice". He was a star outfielder for TNT Sports Club of Norristown, a local softball team led by Sonny Termini. Lou was a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan who never missed a game. Always seen with Dallas gear, a grin, a bottle of Miller's and his always-present toothpick in his mouth. He was one of the best outfielders in this area. I stood in the outfield next to him and watched him make an unassisted triple play from his Left-Centerfield position. No outs, man on first and second, ran in and made shoestring catch for first out, continued on to touch second base bag for second out and then ran down runner trying to get back to first base.  You had to see it to believe it, one of the most amazing feats of athleticism I have ever seen.  He was the last man in the Norristown League to regularly use a wooden bat.  He pummeled the  middle and was feared by every pitcher that faced him. One incredible person he was.   RIP Lou.

Rich "Cocch" Cocchimiglio
October 27, 1940 - January 15, 2018

Richard Cocchimiglio was born on October 27, 1940 and left this world on January 15, 2018. He was so loved and respected by anybody that he called a friend. "Cocch", as he was mostly called received a "Special Recognition" Award for all he has done for the players in the Lansdale area over the years. Rich played and coached in many area leagues, including Ambler, Norristown and Lansdale leagues, his contributions to softball benefits all players and all leagues in the area. He had a passion for the game and successfully passed that passion onto others throughout the area. We all had that passion as kids but Rich made it possible for us to play out that passion as adults. He put softball on the map in Lansdale having run a league with 30 teams and 2 divisions. He ran this league for over 35 years, starting back in 1967. Getting fields, contracts, and scheduling can be overwhelming, but that didn't stop him. He won 2 fast pitch State Championships and 3 slow pitch State Championships. Softball was a big part of his life and he loved to talk about the game. Many of his contacts from softball are still a big part of his life today as his players loved and respected him. He was most remembered for his Molettiere's Cafe Teams that dominated the Lansdale for years. He won a State title in 1978 with Ambler Sporting Goods fom the old, now defunct Ambler Softball League and also with the team he was most recently remembered for ... Berry Mowing from the old Lansdale League in 1999. He also won the Southeast Area States in 1988 with Molettiere's Cafe. In 2000, he led and sponsored (PA Embroidery) a group of players to the World's Largest Softball Tournament National Championship title down in Atlanta, GA. He also played Fast Pitch and won state titles with in the early 1970s with Nationwide Insurance Company teams of Souderton Area Fast Pitch Leagues. He often put tournament teams together and always asked some of the guys from the Little Brown Jug team to go with his Berry Mowing team. He was fair and played everybody.  He sat with his players and explained their roles on the team. He was one great player's manager and had one of the biggest, kindest hearts I have ever seen. My only regret is that I was always invited to the Berry Mowing reunions and never had the chance to go.  I am sorry I missed the chance to spend time with him after he lost both legs to diabetes.  I hope he is up in heaven and forgives me.  I never met a player that ever played for him that ever said a negative word. He was a good man. 

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2018 Norristown Roster and Games played Sheet

Last Edited - 08/14/2018

2018 Norristown A-Division Schedule

2018 Norristown B-Division Schedule

Men's League Standings

As of August-13th rainout Games

A - Division Standings W L Pct. RF RA HRs Makeups
Paragon Alliance/Autobahn Motor Sports 21 5 0.808 509 341 80 6
Swing Mafia 22 7 0.759 506 371 94 3
Barnaby's of Havertown 15 11 0.577 376 332 60 6
John Kennedy Collision Centers 14 13 0.519 415 356 52 5
Nonna Rosa Pizza/Oshinsky Law 15 14 0.517 499 527 105 3
Depaul Brothers 12 17 0.414 394 462 64 3
Archon Investments 11 16 0.407 388 403 52 5
Steppy's/Altomare Precast 8 18 0.308 311 427 53 6
Bello Brothers Construction/Spectrum Healthcare 6 23 0.207 354 537 69 3
B - Division Standings W L Pct. RF RA HRs Makeups
Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home 18 6 0.750 316 185 25 0
Gibbons Legal 15 8 0.652 343 307 21 0
JDM Materials 12 12 0.500 369 374 40 0
Harry's Tap Room 10 13 0.435 246 281 4 0
CCI 5 19 0.208 241 370 25 0


Men's League Home Run Leader Board

A - Division HR Leaders #
Ken Shemonski, Paragon 32
Ryan Piercy, Depauls 28
Ant Pettine, Bello 21
Ricky Kelly, Nonna 18
Mike Gers, Swing Mafia 18
Dan Lunger, Bello 17
Aaron Klaptowski, Swing Mafia 15
Phil Kelly, Nonna 14
Al Fitch, Archon 13
Nick Bucha, Kennedys 13
Kyle Leone, Kennedys 12
Eric Benitez, Nonna 11
Brian Umile, Barnabys 11
David Douglass, Depauls 11
Mike Cope, Steppys 11
Mike Pennington, Barnabys 11
Bill Leighton, Nonna 10
Nick Corliss, Depauls 10
Jared Beresk, Archon 10
Eric Powell, Archon 9
Drew Breischaft, Swing Mafia 9
Steve Young, Swing Mafia 8
Scott Konsecki, Nonna 8
Bryle Villanueva, Archon 8
Matt Boldin, Nonna  8
Dale Bleas, Nonna 8
Andy May, Swing Mafia 7
Nick Delaney, Steppys 7
Jack McGuigan, Bello 7
Heath Hedderick, Steppys 7
Chris Judge, Paragon 7
Zac Gallo, Nonna 7
Tony Leone, Barnabys 6
Pat Gallagher, Barnabys 6
Andrew Cilio, Bello 6
Pat Malloy, Paragon  6
Kenny Shephard, Paragon 6
Jeff Miller, Kennedys 6
Josh Waltrich, Kennedys 6
Dave Miller, Swing Mafia 6
Nick Maher, Swing Mafia 6
TJ White, Nonna 5
Matt Cavanaugh, Paragon 5
Kyle Waldowski, Steppys 5
Ryan Dolga, Swing Mafia 5
Anthony Zeltner, Steppys 5
Dan Remolde, Depauls 5
Scott Mastromatto, Steppys 5
Bill Tobin, Barnabys 5
Brian Leone, Barnabys 5
Denny Aquino, Paragon 4
Tim Wagner, Paragon 4
Joe Jordan, Nonna 4
Josh Kennedy, Bello 4
Sam Battavio, Archon 4
Jason Rompola, Kennedys 4
Anthny Skitz DiFiore, Paragon 4
Brian Dunlap, Steppys 4
Chris Knechle, Paragon 4
Paul Corliss, Bello 4
Richie Cropper, Barnabys 4
Connor Burke, Nonna 4
B - Division HR Leaders #
Mike Franceschina, JDM 15
Brent Anderson, JDM 13
Vinny Catagnus, Gibbons 11
Chipper Polkowski, Gibbons 8
Tyler Seltzer, Shaeff 8
Kevin McCarthy, Shaeff 7
Chris Johnson, CCI 7
Sean Manopella, CCI 5
Gene Stricker, Shaeff 4
Mike Calvecchio, CCI 4
Matt Mazza, JDM 4
Jim Pfeiffer, CCI 3
Nick Zernone, CCI 3
Zach Pownall, JDM 2
Steve Pownall, JDM 2
Mike Beaudoin, Harry's 2
Steve Entemann, Shaeff 2
Steve Dunbar, CCI 2
Josh Torres, JDM 2
Eddie Skilton, Harrys 2


Men's League Awards and Accolades


A-Division MVP Award:

Ken Shemonski (C), Paragon/Autobahn Motor Sports

A Division MVP Voting
Ken Shemonski, Paragon - 5.5
Ryan Piercy, Depaul Brothers - 3.5
Mike Gers, Swing Mafia - 2.0
Ricky Kelly, Nonna Rosa - 1.0

A-Division Sportsmanship Award:

Mike Gers, Swing Mafia

A Division Sportsmanship Award
Mike Gers, Swing Mafia - 3.0
Mickey Marsilio, Paragon - 2.0
Wayne Stem, Kennedy Ford - 2.0
Kevin O'Keefe, Paragon - 2.0
Chris Carter, Depauls - 2.0
Andrew Cilio, Bello Brothers - 1.0

A-Division Manager Award:

Chris Judge, Paragon/Autobahn Motor Sports

A Division Manager Award Voting
Chris Judge, Paragon - 5.0
Chris Smith, Swign Mafia - 4.0
Pat Gallagher, Barnabys - 1.0
Chris Carter, Depauls - 1.0
Tom Oshinsky, Nonna Rosa - 1.0

A-Division Rookie of the Year Award:

Connor Burke, Nonna Rosa

A Division Rookie of the Year Award Voting
Connor Burke, Nonna Rosa - 4.0
Bill Leighton, Nonna Rosa - 3.0
Kyle Leone, Kennedy Ford - 2.0

B-Division MVP Award:

Chipper Polkowski (OF), Gibbons Legal

B Division MVP Voting
Chipper Polkowski (OF), Gibbons - 3.0
Tyler Seltzer (SS), Shaeff - 2.0
Mike Francheschino (1B), JDM - 2.0
Ryan McKeon (3B), Harrys - 1.0

B-Division Sportsmanship Award:

Rob Stutzman, Harry's Tap Room

B Division Sportsmanship Award Voting
Rob Stutzman, Harrys - 4.0
Steve Dimitry, Gibbons - 2.0
Kevin McCarthy, Shaeff - 1.0
Patrick Hutton, Shaeff - 1.0

B-Division Manager Award:

Kevin McCarthy, Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home

B Division Manager Award Voting
Kevin McCarthy, Shaeff - 7.0
Pete Marion, CCI - 1.0

B-Division Rookie of the Year Award:

Jimmy Dimitry, Gibbons Legal

B Division Rookie of the Year Award Voting
Jimmy Dimitry, Gibbons Legal - 5.0

Silver Slugger Award (Most Home Runs):


Wayne Stem Award (Best Pitcher of the Year):


Umpire of the Year as voted by the Managers:

(Tie) - Dave Halter and Chris Carter


Heels Field All Time Home Run Leaders - 2008-2017 - 10 year list - Top-100

Player (Years Played) HRs
Ken Shemonski (2008-17) 195
Kevin O'Keefe (2008-17) 127
Chris Judge (2008-17) 124
Scooch Pascucci (2008-15) 114
Dan Lunger (2008-17) 109
Matt Cybularz (2008-16) 101
Kyle Waldowski (2008-17) 100
Jimmy Martin (2008-17) 92
Joe McFarlane (2008-12) 90
Ant Pettite (2008-17) 87
Ryan Parfitt (2009-10, 12-14, 16) 82
Paul Garber (2009-16) 77
Jarred Gardner (2008-11, 13, 17) 76
Andrew Cilio (2010-17) 74
AJ Welk (2008-14) 72
Nick Chiccino (2008-17) 72
Dave Miller (2014-17) 69
Jason Rompola (2012, 14-17) 69
John Bellis (2012, 14-17) 69
Chris Carter (2008-17) 68
Robbie Himes (2008-13, 15, 17) 68
Tom Gibbons (2008-17) 68
Eric Benitez (2009-17) 65
Iz Cohen (2008-17) 65
Matt O'Hara (2008-11, 13, 17) 64
Nick Bucha (2013-17) 63
Brian Rorick (2012, 14-16) 61
Mike Hopson (2008-15) 61
Vinny Catagnus (2012-17) 61
Gerry DiNolfi (2009-17) 59
Marty Murray (2008-11) 59
Steve Webster (2010-12) 59
Andy May (2011-17) 56
Steve Moloney (2008-14, 16) 56
Lenny Del Grippo (2010-17) 53
Ryan Piercy (2014-17) 52
Brian Dunlap (2008-17) 50
Carmen Desimone (2008-13) 50
Greg Cagle (2008-15) 49
Joe Keating (2008-12) 48
Chris Logan (2008-17) 46
Billy Gulotta (2008-13) 44
Chris Smith (2008-17) 44
Dann Welsh (2010-13) 44
Ricky Kelly (2012-17) 44
Dan Sharapan (2008-13) 43
Greg Wenning (2008-10, 12-14) 43
Joe Santucci (2008-13) 43
Roger Kummerer (2008-17) 43
Craig Balmer (2008-2011) 42
Skitz DiFliore (2008-17) 41
Mike Perez (2008-17) 41
Rob Hickson (2008-12) 41
David Douglass (2011-17) 40
Nick Mahr (2013-17) 37
Chip Polkowski (2009-17) 36
Jeff Nichols (2010-12) 36
Mike Gers (2012, 14-17) 36
Scott Mastromatto (2012-17) 36
Kevin McCarthy (2008-17) 35
Anthony Zeltner (2011-17) 34
Heath Hedderick (2008, 11-16) 34
Vic Evangelist (2013-17) 33
Ed Borzellica (2008-09, 12-17) 32
Nick Freitag (2008-09, 11) 32
Mike Romano (2009-11, 14-17) 31
Kenny Shephard (2010-14, 17) 30
Troy Quinn (2011-17) 29
Greg Brown (2008-12) 28
Mano Howell (2008-13) 27
Mike Sobek (2008-10, 13 27
Chris Sullivan (2010-14) 26
Darren Posavek (2009-13) 26
Josh Worman (2008-11) 26
Keith Gerhard (2009-13) 26
Shawn Remish (2008-13) 26
Steve Young (2012-17) 26
Jim Corliss (2011-17) 25
Josh Wernick (2011-15) 25
Matt Boldin (2015-17) 25
Mike Pancott (2010-13) 25
Russ Rorrick (2012-17) 25
Jason Willians (2008-10) 24
Matty Lucus (2008-12) 24
Nick Corliss (2012-17) 24
Chris Monoco (2008-13) 24
Mike Penington (2017) 23
Paul Corliss (2011-17) 22
Bryle Villanueva (2012-17) 22
Joey DeCicco (2009-14) 21
Pete Novak (2011-14) 21
Phil Kelly (2010-11, 16-17) 21
Scott Morris (2008-10) 21
Woody Smith (2008-13, 16-17) 21
Brian Rzepka (2010-12, 16) 21
Joe Yeager (2008, 10-14) 21
Roy Sanders (2009-17) 20
Eric Gianelle (2008-12, 15) 20
Matt Hinde (2011-13) 20
Brian Sjostrum (2009-10, 14-16) 20


Norristown Women's Softball League

League President/Treasurer - Stacey Clemens
League Vice President/Secretary - Glenn 'Statman" Kilpatrick

Women's League

FINAL Standings W L Pct.
PIT/Davis Painting 17 3 0.850
Lady Depaul 16 4 0.800
Nippers 12 8 0.600
Steppy's 9 11 0.450
Charlies Pizza 6 14 0.300
RPF 0 20 0.000

Playoffs (Double Elimination)
Winners Bracket
July 23 - (#1) PIT/Davis and (#2) Lady DePaul receive Byes
July 23 - (#4) Steppy's beat (#5)Charlie's (8-5)
July 23 - (#3) Nippers beat (#6) RPF (23-13)
July 24 - (#1) PIT beat (#4) Steppy's (10-7)
July 24 - (#3) Nippers beat (#2) Lady DePaul (5-2)
July 30 - (#3) Nippers beat (#1) PIT/Davis (12-3 in winners bracket final)
Losers Bracket
July 26 - (#2) Lady DePaul eliminated (#5)Charlie's (20-3)
July 26 - (#4) Steppy's eliminated (#6) RPF (15-0)
July 30 -  (#2) Lady DePaul eliminated (#4) Steppy's (9-8)
July 31 - (#2) Lady DePaul eliminated (#1) PIT/Davis (16-14)
August 1 - #2 Lady Depaul beat #3 Nippers (14-4)
August 2 - #2 Lady Depaul eliminated #3 Nippers (13-6)


Women's League All-Star Game and Awards

(TBD Date in August 2018)

Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Norristown Softball Home Page

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