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Norristown Men's, Women's and Coed Summer & Fall Leagues

Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President since 1982
(Involved in ASA Softball since 1955)
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee

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2022 Norristown Men's Softball League

District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and Commissioner Emeritus (Sully Gelet)

League President  -- Sully ‘Heels’ Gelet (484-686-6006)
League Vice President  -- Steve Dimitry (610-716-6191)
League Schedule Maker - Jim Catania
League Roster Tracker- Chris Carter

Men's League Information
League Message Board --
Men's League Facebook Page -- 
Men's League Manager's Private Group -- 
Men's League Roster/Lineup Email Address -- 

Women's League Information
Women's League Roster/Lineup Email Address -- coming soon
Women's League Facebook Page --

Coed League Information
Coed League Roster/Lineup Email Address -- 
Coed League Facebook Page --
Coed League Manager's Private Group -- 


ASA/USA of Pennsylvania Information - District-14 - Montgomery County
Sully Gelet - Commissioner Emeritus/USA of PA Hall of Fame Member/Montco Coaches Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - District Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Commissioner/USA Softball Hall of Fame Clown
Ryan Graver - District Deputy Commissioner/District layer Rep
Meghan Brogan - Deputy Commissioner/State Women’s Slow Pitch Commissioner/USA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Frank Horvath - District Umpire-in-Chief
Butch Fisher - Deputy District Umpire-in-Chief
Sonny Termine - District Master/Seniors Commissioner/USA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Lew Hoffman - State Seniors Commissioner/USA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Stacey Clemens  - Women's League Emeritus/Advisor
Chris Carter  - District Coed Commissioner/District Player Rep
Tracey King - District Women's Commissioner/District Player Rep
Drew Brennan - District JO Commissioner
Tom Schadt - USA of PA Hall of Fame Member (RIP)
Joe Fabrizio - Montco Umpire Chapter Assignor
Dave Halter - Montco Umpire Chapter President
Keith Bean - Montco Umpire Chapter Vice President
Butch Fisher - Montco Umpire Chapter Treasurer
Bobby Pettine - Montco Umpire Chapter Secretary

ASA/USA National Information
Steve Dimitry - Eastern National Territory Classification Director

ASA/USA Classification of Players and Teams
Steve Dimitry - Pennsylvania State Tournaments - All Appeals done as of MARCH 1st
Steve Dimitry - National Championship Tournaments - All Appeals must be submitted by AUGUST 1st

If you need help, just ask please.

DISTRICT-14 Championships
The State has asked us to have District Championship Championship Tournaments in 2022)
(There will be NO District Qualifiers this year)

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Norristown Area Softball Message Board
Norristown Softball Facebook Page
Norristown Softball Managers PRIVATE Facebook Group Page
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2022 Area League Information
Norristown Area Local League and Business Links
USA of PA Softball Facebook Page
USA of PA State Web Site
USA of PA Player Data Base
USA of PA Player Player Appeal Form (Deadline is March 1st)
National USA Player Data Base and Appeal Form (Deadline is August 1st)


USA Softball of PA Constitution and Bylaws

2022 USA National Softball Rulebook for Download


Teams going to States, fill in your online Roster with the name as it appears on the players License.

2022 USA of PA Roster Information 

Here is the Sheet with the Players on each team and how many games they have played

2022 Norristown Roster and Games Played Sheet (Not Active Yet)

2022 Norristown Softball Schedule

Last Edited - 09/23/2022

Norristown Men's League Standings

A Division - FINAL W L PCT RF RA Diff Vs. A Vs. B HRs
Powell Masonry/Nick's 24 2 0.923 482 284 198 10_2 14_0 63
Swing Mafia/Clown Bombers 22 4 0.846 484 248 236 9_3 13_1 84
MKS/Creekside 17 9 0.654 433 343 90 4_8 13_1 52
Nonna Rosa Pizza 14 12 0.538 340 337 3 1_11 13_1 64
B Division - FINAL W L PCT RF RA Diff Vs. A Vs. B HRs
Gibbons/Steppy's 22 10 0.688 547 379 168 1_7 21_3 102
East Coast Facilities 17 15 0.531 389 415 -26 0_8 17_7 46
Franchise 16 16 0.500 516 499 17 1_7 15_9 99
Paragon Alliance 13 19 0.406 487 465 22 0_8 13_11 72
Depaul Brothers 9 23 0.281 445 579 -134 1_7 8_16 60
TJ's 8 24 0.250 298 507 -209 0_8 8_16 27
Harry's Tap Room 2 30 0.063 183 535 -352 0_8 2_22 13



Semi-Finals - best of 3
#1 Powell/Nick's defeated #4 Nonna Rosa Turtles (2-1)
#2 Swing Mafia/Clown Bombers defeated #3 MKS (2-0)
CHAMPIONSHIP - best if 5
#1 Powell/Nick's defeated #2 Swing Mafia/Clown Bombers (3-1)
MVP - Brian Leon, Powell/Nick's (5 HRs in last final 2 games)

First Round - best of 3
#4 Paragon vs #5 Depaul Brothers
Semi-Finals - best of 3
#1 Gibbons/Steppy's vs (#4 vs #5 winner)
#2 East Coast Facilities vs #3 Franchise
CHAMPIONSHIP - best if 5



Men's League Home Run Leader Board

Player, Team (FINAL) HRs
Vinnie Catagnus, Nonna Turtles 17
Tom Osenbach, Swing Mafia 15
AJ Welk, Swing Mafia 14
Nick Bucha, Powell/Nick's 13
Tony Leon, Powell/Nick's 13
Shawn Hines, MKS 12
Gerry DiNolfi, Nonna Turtles 12
Ricky Kelly, Nonna Turtles 10
Mike Cope, Swing Mafia 10
Jim Mullin, MKS 10
Brian Leon, Powell/Nick's 10
Jake Gronski, Swing Mafia 10
DJ Via, Nonna Turtles 8
Mike Gers, Swing Mafia 8
Dan Powell, MKS 7
Kyle Leone, Powell/Nick's 7
Josh Klaptoski, Nonna Turtles 6
Levi Ahlfield, Swing Mafia 6
Eric Powell, Powell/Nick's 5
Jordan Mullin, MKS 5
Kevin O'Keefe, Swing Mafia 4
Aaron Klaptoski, Nonna Turtles 4
Dennis Rudzinski, Powell/Nick's 4
Tyler Seltzer, MKS 4
Ryan Dolga, Swign Mafia 4
Dave Black, Swing Mafia 4
Chris Smith, Swing Mafia 3
Josh Serfass, Powell/Nick's 3
Dave O'Neil, MKS 3
Phil Mahr, Powell/Nick's 3
Kyle Hallman, Powell/Nick's 3
Josiah Platchek, MKS 3
Steve Young, Swing Mafia 3
Player, Team (FINAL) HRs
Ryan Piercy, ECF 28
Ken Shemonski, Paragon 28
Nick Delaney, Gibbons/Steppy's 25
Chris Judge, Paragon 21
Jay Jabs, Gibbons/Steppy's 19
Mike Francheschino, Depauls 17
Alex Giordano, Depauls 15
Dale Clayton, Franchise 15
Connor McGrath, Gibbons/Steppy's 12
Rich Hunter, Gibbons/Steppys 14
Phil Kelly, Franchise 11
Greg Cagle, Franchise 10
Jim Catania, Gibbons/Steppy's 10
Mike Jones, Franchise 10
Marc Clayton, Jr., Franchise 8
Ken Shephard, Paragon 8
Theron Breslin, Franchise 8
Joe Jordan, Franchise 7
Anthony Zeltner, Gibbons/Steppy's 7
Nick Chiccino, Franchise 6
David Douglas, Depauls 6
Tony Swenda, Franchise 6
AJ DiSandro, Depauls 6
Connor Burke, Franchise 6
Jay Davis, Paragon 6
Donny Squartino, Depauls 5
Tom Richmond, Harrys 5
Joe Hughes, Franchise 5
Jim Pfeiffer, Franchise 5
Kyle Waldowski, Gibbons/Steppy's 4
Jake McGrath, Gibbons/Steppy's 4
Steve Pawnell, Harrys 4
Steve Leonard, Gibbons/Steppy's 4
Bill Leighton Jr, ECF 4
TJ Manopello, TJs 4
Dylan Feister, Gibbons/Steppys 4
Tim Wagner, Paragon 4
Anthony 'Skitz' DiFiore, Paragon 4



Men's League Awards and Accolades

A-Division Co-MVPs

Tony Leon, Powell/Nicks - 1.5 Votes
AJ Welk, Swing Mafia - 1.5 Votes


Josh Serfass, Powell/Nicks -1 Vote
Brian Leon, Powell/Nicks -1 Vote
Jake Gronski, Swing Mafia - 1 Vote

A-Division Defensive MVP/Outstanding Pitcher Award

Josh Serfass, Powell/Nicks

B-Division MVP

Jay Jabs, Gibbons/Steppy's - 2.83 Votes

Ryan Piercy, ECF - 1.83 Votes
Nick Delaney, Gibbons/Steppy's - 1.83 Votes
Ken Shemonski, Paragon - 1.5 Votes
Greg Cagle, Franchise - 1 Vote
Mike Francheschino, Depauls - 0.5 Votes
Nick Chiccino, Franchise - 0.5 Votes

A-Division Manager of the Year

Nich Bucha, Powell/Nick's

others receiving votes - none

B-Division Manager of the Year

Jimmy Catania, Gibbons/Steppys

others receiving votes - Rob Stutzman, Harrys and Mickey Marsilio, Franchise

A-Division Sportsmanship Award

Brian Leon, Powell/Nick's

others receiving votes - Tony Leon, Powell/Nicks

B-Division Sportsmanship Award

Anthony 'Skits' Difiore, Paragon

others receiving votes - Mike Angelo, Gibbons/Steppys, Mickey Marsilio, Franchise, Big Jim Pffeifer and Ken Hanley, Franchise

Silver Slugger Award

Ryan Piercy, ECF ----------Ken Shemonski, Paragon

Both hit 28 HRs to lead both Divisions


Special Rookie of the Year Award

Dale Clayton, Franchise

others receiving votes - Phil Maher, Powell/Nick's

Tom Borai will be added soon to these great men in Blue




Norristown Women's Softball League

League President/Treasurer - Tracey King
League Vice President/Secretary - Glenn 'Statman" Kilpatrick
League Advisor - Stacey Clemens

Women's League Standings

Standings W L Pct.
Lady Depaul 13 2 0.867
Shake and Bake 11 4 0.733
Nippers 5 10 0.333
Steppy's 1 14 0.067

winners bracket
Lady DePaul defeated Steppy's
Shake and Bake defeated Nippers
Shake and Bake defeated Lady Depaul's
losers bracket
Nippers eliminated Steppy's
Lady Depaul's eliminated Nippers
Shake and Bake eliminated Lady Depaul's

Women's League All-Star Game and Awards

No Information

Norristown Coed Softball League

League Director - Chris Carter
League Director  - Tracey King
League Director  - Joey Viola

Coed League Final Standings

Standings W L Pct.
Depaul Brothers 12 0 1.000
SoftBalls HardBats 12 0 1.000
Eagleville Tavern 8 4 0.667
Benuchious 6 6 0.500
Rebel Rejects 5 7 0.417
Tavern at Valley Forge 4 8 0.333
Sausage Alliance 4 8 0.333
DeStolfos PMA 4 8 0.333
TNT Sports Club 3 9 0.250
Tornadoes 2 10 0.167

PLAYOFFS (Double Elimination)
A-Flight (1st through 5th Place)
Winners Bracket
#4 Benuchious beat #5 Rebel Rejects
#2 Depauls beat #3 Eagleville Tavern
#1 Softballs Hard Bats beat #4 Benuchious
#1 Softballs Hard Bats beat #2 Depauls
Losers Bracket
Eagleville Tavern eliminated Rebel Rejects
Benuchious eliminated Eagleville Tavern
Depauls eliminated Benuchious
A-Flight Championship
Depauls beat Softballs Hard Bats
Softballs Hard Bats eliminated Depauls

B-Flight (6th through 10th Place)
Winners Bracket
#4 TNT Sports Club beat #5 Tornadoes
#2 Sausage Alliance beat #3 Tavern at Valley Forge
#4 TNT Sports Club beat #1 DeStolfos PMA
#4 TNT Sports Club beat #2 Sausage Alliance
Losers Bracket
Tornadoes eliminated Tavern at Valley Forge
Tornadoes eliminated DeStolfos PMA
Tornadoes eliminated Sausage Alliance
TNT Sports Club eliminated Tornadoes

Norristown Coed FALL Softball League

League Director - Chris Carter
League Director  - Tracey King
League Director  - Joey Viola

Fall Coed League Standings

Standings W L Pct.


Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (484) 686-6006

Fall League Standings

2021 Teams

Fall Standings              
Powell Masonry              
Depaul Brothers              
Harry's Tap Room              
Dig Deep/TJ's              
Nonna Rosa Pizza              


HR Leaders

Fall Home Run Leaders HRs


Norristown Men's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 716-6191

- CANCELLED Due to Norristown Coed Fall League -


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