History of Pennsylvania's District Commissioners

Pennsylvania ASA State Commissioners
Mike Shipley, Lancaster (1935) - not officially recogized by the National ASA, , but ran the state meetings
M.L. "Doc" Walters, Scranton (1936-38) - first State Commissioner officially recognized by the National ASA
C.M. Alexander, Scranton YMCA (1939-43) *
Charles "Bud" Steiger, Williamsport (1944)
Ed Ward, Erie (1945-1949) - suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the game
Harold Red Markle, Williamsport (1949-1973) - retired

* C.M Alexander was also Mid-Atlantic Regional Director from 1939-1943

ASA of Pennsylvania State Commissioners
Andrew S. Loechner, Lancaster (1973-present) *

* Andy Loechner was also the National ASA President from 1986-87

ASA of PA State Deputy Commissioner
Al Snyder, Reading - Eastern PA Deputy Commissioner (1949)
Ed Ward, Erie - Western PA Deputy Commissioner (1949-50, suspended indefinitely)
Earl Hunsicker, Allentown (1950) - first on record as State Deputy
John Keisey, ??? (1955-65)
Harold Burmeister, ??? (1966-73)
Clair Bollinger, York (1973-1975 - until he was let go for embezzling of funds)
Vern Levengood and Jim Manenti (1979)
Jim Manenti, Wayne (1980-?)
Ron Rhodes, Douglassville (2003-2004)
Dave Persing, Sunbury (2005-present)

ASA of PA State President
Charles "Bud" Steiger, Williamsport (1938-43)
NO INFO (1943-75)
Vern Levengood, Boyertown (1976-1978)
Robert Lilley (1978-1998)
Dean Amick, State College (1998-2014)
Jeff Sell, Pennsburg (2014-present)

ASA of PA State Women's Commissioner
Mary Jane Delp (1973-76)
Jim Manenti, Wayne (1977-?)
Mike Humphries, Mechanicsburg (2008-2012)
Meghan Brogan, Blue Bell (2013-present)

ASA of PA State Umpire in Chief
Earl Hunsicker, Allentown (1947-54)
Carl "Cat" Ruth, York (1955-1971)
Herb Schofield (1972-1974)
J Richard Milhouse, Lancaster (1974-1999)
Luau Bowers (1999-present)

ASA of PA State Treasurer
Gene Miele, Williamsport (1956-?)
A. Barrie Cole, Havertown (1979-??)
Sue Robison, Mechanicsburg (??-present)

ASA of PA State Executive Director
Richard Milhouse, Lancaster (1999-2003)
William Robinson, Mechanicsburg (2003-present)

ASA of PA State Secretary
Gordon Singer, Lewistown (1939-?)
Gene Miele, Williamsport (1956-?)
Peggy Loechner, Lancaster (1979-present)

ASA of PA Hall of Administrative Director
Kathleen Persing, Sunbury (2005-present)

ASA of PA State Player Rep
? (pre-1985)
Chip Savini (1985)
Jerry Sanders (1986)
Chip Savini (1987-91)
George Lang (1992-1993)
Chip Savini (1994-1998)
Ron Johnson (1999-00)
Dan Isaacs (2001-2011)
Glen Henne (2012-2013)
Dan Isaacs (2013-present)

ASA of PA State Advisor to the Commissioner
James "Boog" Laird (2002-2004)
Ron Rhodes (2005)

ASA of PA State JO Commissioner
Vern Levengood (1975)
Robert Ruck (1976-1979)
Bob Lilley (1980-1982)
Bob Lilley (East) & Paul Peluso (West) (1982-83)
Ed McGaughey (1983-2000) *
Stacey Stuck (2000-2009)
Tina Sanders (2010-present)

*Ed McGaughey was also the Central Atlantic Regional Youth Director from 1985-99

ASA of PA State Slow Pitch Commissioner
Steve Dimitry, Norristown (2006-present)

ASA of PA State Slow Pitch Deputy Commissioner
Mike Shenk, Ephrata (2007-present)

ASA of PA State Slow Pitch Classification Commissioner
Guy Demaio, New Castle (1974-2007)
Steve Dimitry, Norristown (2007-2011)
Bob Ream,  (2012-present)

ASA of PA At-Large Player Reps for ASA National Council
Varies from year to year


District Commissioners

The Pennsylvania Amateur Softball Association (PA-ASA) was pre-1973 and it contained a varied number districts depending on who was State Commissioner
The Amateur Softball Association of Pennsylvania was from 1973 to present the original 12 Districts were re-organized


Original District Origins
District-1 Wilkes-Barre ------ Original Northeast District - (District 12 and District-16 part of Original District)
District-2 Lancaster ------ Original Central East District - (District 5 part of Original District)
District-3 Allentown ------ Original Southeast District - (District 6  part of Original District)
District-4 Sunbury ------ Original Williamsport District - (District 8  part of Original District)
District-5 York ------ 1971 (split off from District-2) - (District 11  part of Original District)
District-6 SE PA ------ 1972 (split off from District-3) - (District 14 and District-15  part of Original District)
District-7 Washington ------ 1972 (split off from Western Region)
District-8 State College ------ 1972 (split off from District-4)
District-9 Meadville ------ 1972 (split off from District-10)
District-10 West Region ------ Original Western Region - (District 7 and District-9 part of Original District)  --- 1971 (renamed District-10) ----- 1986 (adopted Pittsburgh Metro ASA)
District-11 Mechanicsburg ------ 1972 (split off from District-5)
District-12 Poconos ------ 1977 (split off from District-1)
District-13 Dubois ------ 1982 (split off from District-10)
District-14 Norristown ------ 1982 (split off from District-6)
District-15 Bucks County ------ 1982 (split off from District-6)
District-16 Scranton ------ 1982 (split off from District-1)


pre-1973 ?
Lou Febbo (?-1973)
Joe O'Haro (1973-1976)
John Rokosz (1976-1996)
Ron Trimble (1996-present)

District-2 (Split off into District-5 in 1971)
Bing Conlin, Lancaster (Lancaster County Commissioner) - 1949
Andrew S. Loechner (1971-1972)
Robert Kennison (1973-1995)
Steve Fornadel (1995-2013)
Bob Ream (2013-present)

Carl Siegfried, Reading (Reading was District-2 in PA ASA, also VP of Central Division of PA ASA) - 1939-40
Al Snyder, Reading (Reading was Southeastern Area in PA ASA) - 1946-49
Earl Hunsicker, Allentown (1949, PA ASA Southeastern District Commissioner)
John Hospidor, Reading (1949, PA ASA East Central District Commissioner)
Leonard Zimmer, Allentown (Lehigh County Commissioner) - 1949
Bob Smith, Bethlehem (Northhampton County Commissioner) - 1949
Carl Hobwood, Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1949
John Hospidor, Reading (1950-51)
Fritz Bader, Allentown (1952-53) - 1952 Southeastern District
Harry Cy Young, Reading (1952-53) - 1953-55 Southeastern District
Ken Dougherty, Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1951
Harry Cy Young, Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1952-56
Caesar Pettinato Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1957
Harry Cy Young, Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1958
Walter Krause, Reading (Berks County Commissioner) - 1963
Adrian Eschelleir, Chester/Southeast Area Commissioner  (1956-68)
Joe Reavis, Bensalem (1969-72)
Ernie Orlando, Reading (1973)
Randy Kulp, Reading (1973-1988)
Ron Bohner, Reading (1988-2014)
Jim Meals, Reading (2014-present)

Dan Parks, Sunbury (Sunbury was District-4 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Charles 'Bud' Steiger, Williamsport (Williamsport was District-5 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Gordon Singer, Lewistown (Lewistown was District-6 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Harold Markle, Williamsport (PA ASA Northeastern District Commissioner PA) - 1949
Arnold Hood, Williamsport (Lycoming County Commissioner) - 1949
HL Packard, Jersey Shore - 1950
pre-1976 ?
Galen Dreibelbis, State College (?)
Bob Hockenberry, Lock Haven  (1961-)
Bob Smith (?-73)
Tom Aber (1973-1980)
Dave Persing, Sunbury (1980-present)

District-5 (Split off from District-2 in 1971)
Max Downs, York (?-?)
Carl "Cat" Ruth, York (?-?)
Bob Beck, York (1952)
pre-1971 ?
Dan Miller, York - 1971-1973
Clair Bollinger, York - 1973-1975
Robert Ruck, York (1975-1978)
Bill Morningstar, York (1978-1983)
Robert Ruck, York (1983-1985)
Barry Sharp, York (1985-present)

District-6 (Split off from District-3 in 1966-72 time frame)
William G. Reese, Chester - (Chester was District-1 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Len Heller (1958-1969- Delaware County Commissioner)
Bill Mitchell (1969-1972- Delaware County Commissioner)
Adrian Eschelleir, Chester/Southeast Area Commissioner  (1956-68)
Jim Manenti, Wayne (1972-1976)
A. Barrie Cole, Havertown (1976-1989)
Tom Kleiber (1989-1996)
A. Barrie Cole, Havertown (1996-1998)
Jim Boog Laird, Marcus Hook (1998-2003)
Ed Sadowski, Marcus Hook (2003-2006)
Joe Organek, Clifton Heights (2006-present)

OLD- District-7
J. Brady Marble, Washington - (Washington was District-12 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Frank DiSantis (1966- ?)
Joe Manfredi, Washington (1972- ?)

District-7A (Split off from District-8 in 1978)
Joe Manfredi, Washington (1978-1979)

District-7B (Split off from District-8 in 1978)
Joe Vaccaro (1978-1979)

District-7 (Incorporated Districts 7A & 7B into District-7 in 1979)
Joe Manfredi (1979-88)
Ted Muzika (1988-1996)
Patty Fugitt-Reese (1996-2006)
Dave Mileto (2006-present)

District-8 (Split off from District-4 in 1974)
Dean Amick (1974-2012)
Jann Duck (2012-present)

District-9 (Split off from District-10 in 1971)
Robert Merwin, Erie (West Regional Director in PA ASA) - 1939-40
John Simon, Titusville -(Titusville was District-9 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Oliver C. Rice, Meadville -(Meadville was District-11 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Joe Cowden & Floyd Passenger, Erie - (Erie was Northwestern Area in PA ASA) - 1946-58
James Hedglin, Franklin 1958-
George Dale, Erie - (District-9) - 1969-70
Gary Welsh (1970-71)
Guy Demaio (1971-present)

Aaron Braunstein, Pittsburgh (Western Pennsylvania was a separate area in PA ASA) - 1935
Franklin Parke, Pittsburgh (Southwestern District was a separate area in PA ASA) - 1946
pre 1955?
Emil "Milky" Mateya (1955-1962)
Frank DiSantis (1962-1965)
Bill Daisley (1965-1972)
Bob Kenny, Erie (1972-1984)
Jim Walker (1984-1988)
Guy Demaio (1988-2009)
Steve Fee (2010-2012)
Bill Burdette (2012-present)

District-11 (Split off from District-5 in 1977)
F.E. Martin, Waynesboro - (Waynesboro was District-8 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
William Robison (1977-present)

District-12 (Split off from District-1 in 1977)
Stan Caughey, Hazelton - (Hazelton was Northeastern Area in PA ASA) - 1946
Jake Kislan (1973-2006)
Pete Andrasko (2006-present)

District-13 (Split off from District-10 in 1982)
H.K. Hughes, Bradford - (Bradford was District-8 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
W.A Rounsley, Dubois  - (Dubois was District-10 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
W.A Rounsley, Dubois - (Dubois was the North Central Area in PA ASA) - 1946
Jim Steinbiser (1982-1987)
Ron Weidman (1987-1989)
Bud Brennan (1989-present)

District-14 (Split off from District-6 in 1982)
Joe Koren, Pottstown (PA ASA Montgomery County Commissioner-1949)
Charles Granese (1982-2005)
Sully Gelet (2005-present)

District-15 (Split off from District-6 in 1982)
Vern Griffiths (1982-1983)
Curt Lemuel (1983-1999)
Jeff Sell (1999-present)

District-16 (Split off from District-1 in 1981)
G. Earl Sutherland, Scranton (Scranton was District-3 in PA ASA) - 1939-40
Paul Yanisko (1981-2008)
Mark Avellino, Jessup (2009-present)

Other Pennsylvania Area ASA Metro Regions

Pittsburgh Metro ASA Commissioner
Steve Cox, Pittsburgh (1934-37)
Richard Lawry, Pittsburgh (1938-1940)
Alvin Aquardo, Whitaker Paper Company, Pittsburgh (1941-1944)
Charles Gilman, Pittsburgh (1945)
Alvin Aquardo, Whitaker Paper Company, Pittsburgh (1945-1947)
Bernie Fullen, Mine Safety Appliance Company, Pittsburgh (1948-1953)
Tom Mackey, Pittsburgh (1954-1963)
Stan Noszka, Pittsburgh (1963-1970)
Andy Dugo, Pittsburgh (1971)
Sam Riggio, Pittsburgh (1972-1986)
Billy Caye, Pittsburgh (1980-1985) Pittsburgh Metro Player Rep/East Central Regional Player Rep
Pittsburgh Metro ASA incorporated into ASA of PA District-10 (1987-present)

Philadelphia Metro ASA Commissioner
Ray Gathrid, Philadelphia Daily News, Philadelphia  (1934-1952)
Joe Rothstein, Philadelphia (1952-1969)
Jack Grosse, Philadelphia (1970-1976)
Walt Lucas, Feasterville (1977-2009)
Jim "Duck" McDonald  (2009-present)

Philadelphia Metro ASA President
Frank Glavin (dates unavailable)

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