• Miller High Life/Yuengling - Williamsport, PA

  • Delco Times Champs and Charity Classic - Marcus Hook, PA

  • Charity Challenge - West Chester

  • Razorbacks Early Bird - York, PA

  • Lancaster County Spring Open, Intercourse, PA

  • Coke Classic - Lewisburg, PA

  • Rattlesnake Round-up - Noxen, PA

  • Bridgeton AA Benefit - Upper Black Eddy, PA

  • Ding-A-Ling (Big Ding), Yatesboro, PA

  • Spring Ding, Yatesboro, PA

  • Charles Agulis Memorial, Readington, NJ

  • Sully's Women's Early Bird - Norristown, PA

  • Elkland Fast Pitch Labor Day Weekend Classic - Elkland, PA

Disbanded Tournament Classics

  • Barry Sheetz Memorial - Ephrata, PA

  • Western PA Early Bird Classic - New Castle, PA

  • Sunbury Open Classic - Sunbury, PA

  • Sunbury League Invitational -  Sunbury, PA

  • Chester County/West Chester Annual - West Chester, PA

  • Mercersburg Open Memorial Weekend Classic - Mercersburg, PA

  • Palmer Spring Fling - Easton, PA

  • Palmer Early Bird - Easton, PA

  • Coors Light Early Bird, Parsippany, NJ

  • All-American Memorial Day Women's Classic - New Castle, PA

  • 4th of July White Rose Invitational - York, PA

  • Southwest Del Val Umpires Tournament - Marcus Hook, PA

  • Burr Robbins Tournament- Norristown, PA

  • Norristown Officials Tournament - Norristown, PA

  • ASA Borough Classic - Norristown, PA

  • Triple S Tournament - Bridgeport, PA

  • Metro Easton Labor Day Classic, Easton, PA

  • Forks of Delaware - Easton, PA

  • Zinn's Park Open Invitational - Denver, PA

  • Norman Hanna's Umpires Classic, New Castle, DE

  • Dover Days Classic, Dover, DE

  • Wishbone (Make-A Wish) Benefit Tournament, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Yuengling-Miller High Life Tournament - Williamsport, PA (If multiple flights, A Bracket only)

Year Champion Runner-up MVP
1974 Derby, Altoona Evan's Bar, Manheim N/A
1975 Zinn's Diner, Denver Barnes Gulf, Williamsport N/A
1976 Nebulous, Altoona ? N/A
1977 R&T Mobil Home, Ephrata ? N/A
1978 Guvnor's Pub, Riverhead, NY ? N/A
1979 Annville Auto, Elizabethtown Reds, Williamsport N/A
1980 Austin Hardware, Altoona Johnnie's Sunoco, Armagh Bill Lichtenfels, Johnnies
1981 Hoffman Blue, York Cobras, Martinsburg XE McAndrew, Blue
1982 Bierly's Market, State College Stapelfeld Construction, Claysburg Pete Kaufman, Bierly's
1983 Cobras, Martinsburg Stopper Construction, Williamsport Vernon Neil, Cobras
1984 Cobras, Martinsburg By-George Inn, Johnstown Steve Bower & Brad Weyant, Cobras
1985 Garage Door, Rochester, NY Metamorfisis, Williamsport Scott Verkas, Garage Door
1986 Cobras, Martinsburg  (Co-champs) Metamorfisis, Williamsport Randy Cree, Metamorfisis
1987 Bootleggers, Rochester, NY Farrell's Maintenance, Lititz Scott Verkas & Theo Dorsey, Bootleggers
1988 Metamorfisis, Williamsport Holiday Jacks, Easton Ron Wenreich, Metamorfisis
1989 Pace-Davies, Rochester, NY Valley Green Mall, New Cumberland Dave Merriman, Pace-Davies
1990 Pace-Davies, Rochester, NY Smith Transport, Roaring Springs John Fitzgerald, Pace-Davies
1991 Pace-Davies, Rochester, NY Accent Computing, Mifflinburg John Fitzgerald, Pace-Davies
1992 Klecko's Power Club, Philadelphia WSBA Sports Talk, York Barry Hudson, Klecko's
1993 Ernst Trucking, Orwigsburg WSBA Sports Talk, York Mike Fink, Ernst Trucking
1994 Ernst Trucking, Orwigsburg Frosty Hook, Spring Mills Dave Meckes, Ernst Trucking
1995 Frosty Hook/Catapult, Spring Mills Blair's Siding/Dudley, Rochester, NY Vernon Neil, Frosty Hook
1996 Marine Corps, Chambersburg USGH Softball Club, Carlisle Donnie King, USGH
1997 Thomas Chevrolet, Osterburg Leisure Time/Dudley, Rush, NY Dale McCall, Thomas Chevrolet
1998 Fleet Decal, Plymouth Frosty Hook, Spring Mills Bill Ulicoy, Fleet Decal
1999 Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg Premier Mgmt./Sprint, Ephrata John Hackenberg, Lewisburg
2000 Craig's Bullshippers, Gettysburg Zimmerman Trucking, Mifflintown Mike Wilson, Bullshippers
2001 Frosty Hook, Spring Mills Country Tavern, Middleburg Dale Sensinig, Frosty Hook
2002 Harder's Sports, Williamsport Claar's Logging, Altoona Harder's Team
2003 Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ Frosty Hook, Spring Mills Bob Cleaver, Deluxe
2004 Craig's Bullshippers, Gettysburg Wholer's/Locker Room, Osterburg Troy Daub, Bullshippers
2005 Craig's Bullshippers, Gettysburg Custom Blends, York Gary Gibble, Bullshippers
2006 Craig's Bullshippers, Gettysburg Lewisburg Legion, Williamsport Billy Erskine & Corey Daub, Bullshippers
2007 Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg Tailgators, Pittsburgh Roy Burns, Bullshippers
2008 Craig's Bullshippers, Manheim Tailgators/Worth/Wampum, Pittsburgh Mike Wilson, Bullshippers
2009 Craig's Bullshippers, Denver Tailgators/Worth/Wampum, Pittsburgh Chip Frame, Bullshippers
2010 Craig's Bullshippers, Mercersburg Bryson's Pub, Readington, NJ Chad Hinkle, Bullshippers
2011 Tailgaters/Wampum, Springdale Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg Tommy Somers, Tailgaters
2012 Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg Tailgaters/Tyler Trucking, Springdale Chad Hinkle, Bullshippers
2013 Ironhead, Kingston Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg Steve Pinnacola, Ironhead
2014 Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg Station House/Brown, Manheim Twp. Tommy Bilger, Bullshippers
2015 Tailgaters/JBL/B&E, Springdale Shinetime, Seneca Matt Hendricks, Tailgaters
2016 Shinetime, Seneca Gators, Gap Ryan Neil, Shinetime
2017 Maroadi Transfer, Pittsburgh Gators, Gap Tommy Bilger, Maroadi


Delaware County Times Tournament of Champions - Marcus Hook, PA

Year  Champion Runner up MVP
1984  Frontier Saloon (MP) Classic Beer None selected
1985  Pyramid Temp Services Bill Battey's Pat Lancianese, Pyramid
1986  Cheech-O's (MP) Danny's Dave Greener & Vito Gricco, O's
1987  Martinique II Bill Battey's Alfie Fioravanti, Martinique II
1988  Bonnie D's Harry Press Auto Nick Lombardo, Bonnie D's
1989  Dougherty Builders Aston Sports Bombers John Phillips, Dougherty
1990  Bill's Tavern Young Brothers Tink Duranto, Bill's Tavern
1991  Bill's Tavern Dougherty Builders Tink Duranto, Bill's Tavern
1992  Clank's Bar Della Polla's Rich Duranto, Clank's Bar
1993  Clank's/Brownie's Pub Bottle 'N' Can Norm Sanbe, Clank's/Brownie
1994  Clank's Bar Willowbrook Pub Chuck Brooks, Clank's Bar
1995  Willowbrook Pub Clank's Bar Calvin Butcher, Willowbrook
1996  Sher-rockee/Turf Lounge Willowbrook Pub Ron Duranto, Sher-rockee/Turf 
1997  Hopson's Seal Coating Sher-rockee/Turf Lounge Keith Berry, Hopson's Seal
1998  Willowbrook Pub Hopson's Seal Coating Bob Waters, Willowbrook
1999  Willowbrook Pub American Petrol./Hopson Mike Hall, Willowbrook
2000  Willowbrook Pub Barnaby's of America Bob Waters, Willowbrook
2001  Willowbrook Pub Tom n Jerry/Barnaby's Jamal Herring, Willowbrook
2002  Tom n Jerry's/Mel's Outer Design/Little Brown Jug Keith Berry, Tom n Jerry/Mel's
2003  Mel's Pub F.O.E./Rage Keith Berry & Warren Grant, Mel's
2004  Willowbrook Pub Moore Ptg/Seamus Mulligan's Jimmy Jordan, Willowbrook
2005  Lefty's Irish Pub Thirsty Bulldog Johnny Nicholas, Lefty's
2006  Lefty's Irish Pub Duffer's Pub,  Marcus Hook Tim McLaughlin, Lefty's
2007  Tom n Jerry's/Eagles Den Outlaws Lefty's Irish Pub Steve Leviere, Outlaws
2008  Lefty's Irish Pub J&P Auto/Eagles Den Tom McLaughlin, Lefty's
2009  Sher-rockee Farms/Moore Painting Upland AC Young Guns Calvin Butcher, Sher-rockee
2010  Hopson's Seal-A-Lot/Peppers Lefty's Irish Pub Jarred Gardner, Hopson's
2011  Barnaby's of Aston/Lefty's Irish Pub Chad's Ford/UBBIBC Jay Bolton, Barnaby's/Lefty's
2012  Barnaby's of Aston/Lefty's Irish Pub Dolan's Bar/Olive Catering Lee Tadalan, Barnaby's/Lefty's
2013  UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach Hopson’s Seal Coating Ryan Ferguson, UBBIBC
2014  UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach Dolan's Bar Jon Fanelli, UBBIBC
2015  UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach Jack Cassidy's Irish Pub Mike Hill, UBBIBC
2016  Old State Tavern UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach Kevin Brown, Old State
2017  MRC UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach CJ Boyle, MRC


Delco Times Champs 'N' Charity Women - Marcus Hook, PA

Year  Champion Runner up MVP
1988  Moxie The Chariot (FP) Kathy Moritz, Moxie
1989  Moxie Club Pondo Laura Winslow, Moxie
1990  Moxie Sporting Goods Place Tina McElvarr, Moxie
1991  Woolston's Pharmacy Moxie Denise Bourassa, Woolston
1992  Moxie Woolston's Pharmacy Barb Miller, Moxie
1993  Chariot Moxie Leslie Scull, Chariot
1994  Media Spirit Chariot Theresa Dunbar, Media Spirit
1995  Media Spirit/Patriots Tour 'n' Travel Jen Merola, Spirit/Pats
1996  Media Spirit/Patriots Woolston's Pharmacy Wendy Heffernan, Spirit/Pats
1997  Media Spirit Duke's Tavern Meghan Brogan, Media Spirit
1998  Media Spirit Pickel's Place Alyssa Kendall, Media Spirit
1999  Red Lantern Flames Duke's Tavern Vicky Pecunia, Red Lantern
2000  Red Lantern Flames Duke's Tavern Maureen Hayburn, Red Lantern
2001  Red Lantern Flames Domenico's Restaurant Karen Pelky, Red Lantern
2002  Red Lantern Flames Max Magees Pub Roe Falcone, Red Lantern
2003  Max Magee's Pub Red Lantern Flames Karen Masusock, Max Magee's
2004  Max Magee's Pub Red Lantern Flames Natalie Shytle, Max Magee's
2005  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Max Magee's Pub Carol Rakich, Appco/Duke's
2006  Red Lantern Flames Re-Steel Danielle Fagan, Red Lantern
2007  Century 21 Red Lantern Flames Bev Jack, Century 21
2008  Century 21/Gary Timmes Buck Frank Excavating Shelly Bauer, Century 21
*  Team Crush, Norristown Jamison's Beverage, Norristown Dani Fagen, Team Crush
2009  Buck Frank Excavating Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Roe Ryan, Buck Frank
2010  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Buck Frank Excavating Marissa Seigfried, Appco/Dukes
2011  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Cawley's Irish Pub Chris Cammack, Appco/Dukes
2012  Cawley's/Shady Pines Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Patty Ann Mulvihill, Cawley's
2013  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Manoa Tavern Dawn Scott, Appco/Duke's
2014*  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Casey's Saloon Beca Stanley, Appco/Duke's
2015*  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Casey's Saloon Lynee Schlack, Appco/Duke's
2016  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Casey's Saloon Allie Alkins, Appco/Dukes
2017  Appco Sports/Duke's Tavern Casey's Saloon Brigid Sheehan, Appco/Dukes

* NOTE- Changed name to Women's Charity Challenge in 2014, an event called the Womens Charity Challenge also took place in 2008 at Norristown


Delco Times Champs 'N' Charity Modified - Marcus Hook, PA (1990-2011)

Year  Champion Runner up MVP
1990  Classic Cafe Lantern I Mike Walsh, Classic Cafe
1991  Finley Catering The Lantern Paul Agostini, Finley Catering
1992  Finley Catering Martin's Trophys Mike Walsh, Finley Catering
1993  Knights Finley Catering Tom Venditti, Knights
1994  Finley Catering Knights Bob Craskey, Finley Catering
1995  J&G Deli/Brownie's Pub Rudy's Dennis Hennelly, J&G Deli
1996  Casey's Saloon Inside Jewelers/Domenico Brendan Dunn, Casey's
1997  Rudy's Knights Friendly Cafe Rick Taggart, Rudy's Knights
1998  Brownie's/Brett Painting Clifton Inn Bob Craskey, Brownie's
1999  Casey's Saloon J.D. McGillicuddy's Pat Murphy, Casey's
2000  Red Lantern Young Guns Fieldhouse Rick Taggart, Red Lantern
2001  Fieldhouse J.D. McGillicuddy's Brian Gougler, Fieldhouse
2002  Red Lantern Fieldhouse Ed Miller, Red Lantern
2003  Casey's II Fieldhouse Greg Heydet, Casey's II
2004  Fieldhouse Knights John Scanlon, Fieldhouse
2005  Casey's Knights Fieldhouse Greg Heydet, Casey's Knights
2006  Terry's Too Flynn's 49 Rick Taggart, Terry's Too
2007  PBS/Flock Terry's Too Greg Heydet, PBS/Flock
2008  Casey's Knights Preferred Sportrswear Butch DiPietro, Casey's Knights
2009  Clifton Inn Knights JD McGillicuddy's Paul Craskey, Clifton Inn Knights
2010  Clifton Inn Knights A Taste of Key West Mitch Vanello, Clifton Inn Knights
2011  Stingers Noble Assist Rick Taggart/Freddy Hilliard
2012  --- Not Held- Disbanded    

Delco Times Champs 'N' Charity Coed - Marcus Hook, PA

Year  Champion Runner up MVP
2013  Marcus Hook Deli Stinkbombs Jimmy D's Clifton Inn Ron Stanley, Stinkbombs
2014  Red Zone/Guaranteed Plumbing Lefty's/PT's Tub Repair John Harris, Red Zone
2015  Lefty's 15/Marcus Hook Deli Dolan's P's & D's Danny Crowley, Sr., Lefty's 15
2016  Key's Tippling House Chicks N Sticks Lefty's/IES Karen Pelkey, Key's
2017  Big Bad Wolf BBQ T&R Flooring Mike Pennington, BBW BBQ
ASA of PA Charity Challenge Men's - West Chester
Runner up 
Prospect Park/Burk's Bend, Upland
J&P Auto/Eagles Den, Upland
Jim Broadbelt, Prospect Park
A. Marinelli & Sons Building, Mill-A
Taylor Electric, Brandywine YMCA
Bryan Allen, A. Marinelli
Prospect Park Methodist, Upland
Ryan's Pub, West Chester
Bob Horne & Scott Showalter, PPM
Del Valley Retirement Demons, Upland
Kirk & Son's, Sam Tavoni-Kennet Square
Matt Wagner, DVR Demons
Ryan's Pub, West Chester
Taylor Electric, Brandywine YMCA
Chris Warner, Ryan's Pub
Covenant-II, FESL Church
Knights, Lawrence Park
Andrew Zakorchemny, Covenant
Prospect Park/Barnaby's Ridley
Maggie's Irish Pub, Radnor
Scott Showalter, Prospect Park/Barnaby's
Phoenixville H&F/Frank's, Phoenixville
Harrah's Casino Chester, Delco Indust.
Bubba Fisher, Harrah's Casino
Ryan's Pub, West Chester
Taylor Electric, Brandywine YMCA
Chris Warner, Ryan's Pub
Brandywine Grace, Downingtown Church
Della Polla's Destroyers, Mill-Rec
Gabe Mihalik, Brandywine Grace
Sloppy Joe's/Jack Cassidy's, W.Chester
Square Bar, West Chester
Ryan Ferguson, Sloppy Joe's/Jack Cassidy's
Direct Destroyers, Millennium
Double Edge Sports Grille, Mill.
John Roberts, Direct Destroyers
2014   - TMS/Combat, Kennett Square/Delaware Dolan's Bar, West Chester Cory Cordell, TMS/Combat
2015   - Jack Cassidy's Irish Pub, W. Chester UBBIBC/EJ Hosbach, West Chester Rob 'Pee Wee' Stinson, Cassidy's
Old State Tavern, Millennium Furey
Swing Nation, Chester County
Tony Leone, Old State
Raiders, Delaware County
Bats Plus/Kelly's, Millennium Furey
Joe Duffy, Angelo Koskinas and Frank Lanni, Raiders
2017    - merged into the Champs n Charity    
ASA of PA Charity Challenge Modified - Gap
Year 	Champion 				Runner up 				MVP
2010 	Preferred Sportswear, Upper Darby	Indians, Elanco-Strasburg		Mike Birney & Joey Staedt, Preferred
2011 	Preferred Sportswear, Upper Darby	Indians, Elanco-Strasburg		- no info
2012 	Daniel Pope Knights, Bob Canfield	Noble Assist, Delco East		- no info
2013 	- Cancelled
2014 	- Cancelled
2015 	- Not Held
Razorbacks Early Bird - York, PA
Year  	Class	Champion 			Runner-up
2001	-	?				?
2002	-	Trenwyth Industries, York	Smokers Outlet, York
2003	1	S&H Express, York		Pennypacker Insurance, Lewistown
	2	Mizuno Sports, York		Dutz's Duds, York
	3	Lance's Razorbacks, York	Bottoms Up, York
	4	Smokers Outlet, York		Team Bring It, York
2004	-	Golden Pallet Studio, Manheim	Cape Horn Beverage, York
2005	D	Shorb's, York			Jackdaddy's, Lehigh Valley
	E	Apex, York			Damons Grill, Shiremanstown
2006	C	Shorb's, York			Barnes Roofing/Sycamore/Thumpers, Hampstead, MD
	D	Lantz Sabres, Intercourse 	Legion Of Doom/West York Inn, York
2007	C	Timbuktu, Glen Burnie, MD	Shorb's, York
	D	Weaver's Masonry, Ephrata	MD Gators, Westminster, MD
2008	C	Angle Inn, Glen Burnie, MD	Craig's Bullshippers, Manheim
	D	Pro Co/Shorbs, York		Sycamore Softball, Westminster, MD
	E	Enkay, Lebanon			Phantoms, Lebanon
2009	C	Bestrans, Northeast, MD		New Holland Legion, Denver
	D	Sudden Impact, Millersville,MD	Al's Service/Landis Express, Denver
	E	Hard Yacht, Forest Hill, MD	Pini Masonry/Alley Gators, Linfield
2010	C	RPM JYDs, Nottingham, MD	Bestrans, Northeast, MD
	D	Clyde's, Ellicott City, MD	Full Tilt, Balto, MD
	E	Sinkhole Saloon, Palmyra	Angle Inn/Playmakers, Edgewoood, MD
2011	Open	Team Greinert, Maryland 	Bullshippers, Chambersburg
	Rec	Sudden Impact, Glen Burnie, MD 	MWM, Glen Burnie, MD
2012	Gold	Bullshippers, Chambersburg and Deluxe Bakery, Runnemede, NJ - Co-Champs; rain
	Silver	Pike Creek Financial/Affordable Insurance, Baer, DE and RPM's Trucking, Baltimore, MD - Co-Champs; rain
	Bronze	E-Town Legion/Frederick's Chevrolet, Annville and Smokers Outlet, York - Co-Champs; rain
2013	C	Above All Lands., Rahway, NJ	Craigs Bullshippers, Chambersburg
	D	Hopson Seal Coating, Radnor	Gutter Master, Manalapan, NJ
	E	Seiyge Softball, Palmyra	Relentless, Baltimore, MD
2014	B	ChecKing/Worth, New Haven, CT	MPT Rentals/Mizuno, Lyndhurst, NJ
	C	Above All Lands., Rahway, NJ	Bullshippers, Chambersburg
	D	Button Oil, Wilkes-Barre	New Holland Legion, Lancaster
	E	FullSpeed, Hanover		Empire Softball, York
2015	Open	Assasins, Manfield, NJ		Bullshippers/B&S, Chambersburg
	D	Timberwolf/RYO/DMP, York	New Holland Legion, Lancaster
	E	APC/Arooga's, York/Harrisburg	FullSpeed, Hanover
2016	Open	CGR/House Money, Baltimore, MD 	Hard Knoxx, Nottingham, MD
	D	Green's Lawn Care, Harrisburg 	Diamond Elite, CLA Miken, Baltimore, MD
	E	MVP, Inc., Whitehall 		E-Town Legion, Palmyra
2017	Open	CGR/House Money, Baltimore, MD	RDD/Evil Sports, Enfield, CT
	D	Diamond Elite, Baltimore, MD 	Inferno Sports/Eagle Pest, Norristown
	E	In Home Oxygen, Reading		Inferno/US1 Concrete Sawing, Naugatuck, CT
* Seedings only- no other info - (also playing were; Sports Page Bar; Apple Automotive; Legion of Doom,
York; Bottoms Up, York; TGI Fridays, Shippensburg, Cape Horn Beverage, York; Razorback's "B", York;
Jackie B's, York; VFW; Goshert & Sons/VPA, York; Gichners Shelter Systems, York; DRS Cubs, Windsor

Lancaster County Spring Open - Intercourse/Gap, PA
Year	Div	Champion 				Runner-up
2004	-	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg	XTL Trucking/Frederick's Chevrolet, Marcus Hook
2005	-	Shorb's, York				Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg
2006	-	Bestrans, Northeast, MD			Shorb's, York
2007	-	(Co-Champs- Rain shortened) Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg and Shorb's, York
2008	Gold	ABS/Easton, Baltimore, MD		Angle Inn/Easton, Glen Burnie, MD
	Silver	Brickyard Sports Bar, Manheim		Kinzer Station Tavern, Denver
	Bronze	Pucillo Pizza, Lebanon			Lightning, Intercourse
2009	Gold	Angle Inn/Diamondblade, Baltimore, MD	Wagner Farms/Torco Supply, Easton
	Silver	(Tri-Champs; rain) John's Landscaping, York; Martz's Game Farm, Sunbury; Commanches, Intercourse
	Bronze	(Quad-Champs; rain) Longhorns, Gap; Shorbs/ProCo, York; Bulldogs, Intercourse; Bandits, Gap
2010	Gold	Bestrans, Northeast, MD			Tailgators/Wampum, Pittsburgh
	Silver	Lightning, Intercourse			Shorbs/Pro Co, York
	Bronze	Ciccione Beverage, West Chester		Bulldogs, Intercourse
2011	-	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg	Fisher's Deli, Intercourse
2012	-	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg	Tailgators/B&E/Tyler Trucking, Pittsburgh
2013	-	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg	New Holland Legion, Lancaster
2014	-	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg	CGR, Baltimore, MD
2015	-	AMG, Manalapan, NJ			Fisher's Deli, Intercourse
2016	-	- rained out
2017	-	CGR/House Money, Salsbury, MD 		TZ Distributors/Unique Image, Christiana, DE

Coke Classic - Lewisburg, PA (if multiple brackets, A flight only listed)

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1979 	Jo-Lees Restaurant, Beaver Springs 	Tedd's Landing, Selinsgrove
1980 	Pennsylvania Distributors, Selinsgrove	Farmer's Best, Lewisburg
1981 	Troxelville Tigers, Juniata 		Eastern Trees Softball, Middleburg
1982 	Arena Softball, Lewisburg		Selinsgrove Motors, Selinsgrove
1983 	Bud Light Softball, Lewisburg		Wendy's, Lewisburg
1984 	- rained out
1985 	New Berlin Softball, New Berlin 	Little Devils, Lewisburg
1986 	Country Cupboard Inn, Lewisburg 	Airport Lounge, Selinsgrove
1987 	Yeager Brothers, Lewisburg 		KFC, Lewistown
1988 	Flouress Welding, PA			North Central Amusement, Williamsport 
1989 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg 		Yeager Brothers, Lewisburg
1990 	Tri-County Tag, Selingsgrove 		Snyder's Construction, Lewisburg
1991 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg 		Yeager Brothers, Lewisburg
1992 	Accent Computer, Lewisburg 		Yeager Brothers, Lewisburg
1993 	Cooperstown Sports Cards, Lewisburg 	Osbournes, Greenville
1994 	Cooperstown Sports Cards, Lewisburg 	Sport About, Sunbury
1995 	Orby Pharmacy, Orbisonia 		Osbournes, Greenville
1996 	Bestway Pizza, Beaver Springs 		Golden Corral, Selinsgrove
1997 	Golden Corral, Selinsgrove		Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
1998 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg 		Ruffians, Sunbury
1999 	Bitting's Softball, PA 			K&S Softball, Herndon
2000 	Country Tavern, Sunbury 		K&S Softball, Herndon
2001 	Monogramming Plus, Lewisburg 		Mitch's Softball, Williamsport 
2002 	Monogramming Plus, Lewisburg 		Mitch's Softball, Williamsport 
2003 	Hannan Construction, Williamsport 	Mike & Dots, Mifflinburg
2004 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg 		Mike & Dots, Mifflinburg
2005 	Ruffians, Sunbury 			Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
2006 	Sunbury Eagles, Sunbury 		Hannan Construction, Williamsport
2007 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg	 	White Oak Tavern, Herndon
2008 	Craig's Bullshippers, Manheim 		Mid-State Poured Walls, Lewisburg
2009 	Craig's Bullshippers, Denver		Wagner Farms/Torco Supply, Easton
2010 	Gates Logging, Mercersburg		M&S Softball, Lewistown
2011 	Torco Supply, Barnesville		Corter's Flooring/Window World, Lewisburg
2012 	LTS/Angry Cowboys, Lewisburg and APC/M&S/Savorys, Mechanicsburg - Co-Champs
2013 	Craig's Bullshippers, Chambersburg 	Guttermaster, Manapalan, NJ
2014 	Button Oil, Wilkes-Barre		PLTS/Planet RYO, Mechanicsburg
2015 	Empire Softball, Binghampton, NY	Aftershock, Harrisburg
2016	Aftershock, Harrisburg			Baldy Beard, York
2017	Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport		Aftershock, Harrisburg

Bridgeton AA Benefit Tournament - Upper Black Eddy, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1978-97 	no info available
1998 	Yeager's Floor Cover, Phillipsburg, NJ	?
1999 	Yeager's Floor Cover, Phillipsburg, NJ	?
2000 	Showtime/PTS, Easton, PA		?
2001 	Looker's/Drain King, Elizabeth, NJ	Mike's Auto Body, Washington, NJ
2002 	Glendale Liquors, South Amboy, NJ	Showtime/Flip-it, Easton, PA
2003 	Lookers/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ 	Jake's/Original Showtime, Readington, NJ
2004 	Jake's/Falcon, Readington, NJ 		Greg's/KDJ/Glendale Liquors, South Amboy, NJ
2005 	Irondale, Ironia, NJ 			Jake's/Falcon Engineering, Readington, NJ
2006 	R. Rubin Painting, South Amboy, NJ 	Storr Tractor, Readington, NJ
2007 	Phoenix Tube, Readington, NJ		R. Rubin Painting, South Amboy, NJ
2008 	Phoenix Tube, Readington, NJ		Shave This, Easton
2009 	Steppy's/TNT/Worcester, Norristown 	A&G/Take It, Easton
2010 	Steppy's/Worcester HVAC, Norristown	Phoenix Tube 40+, Readington, NJ
2011 	MSB/Evans Trucking, Readington, NJ 	Steppy's/Worcester HVAC, Norristown
2012 	MSB/Evans Trucking, Readington, NJ 	Bill's Olde Tavern, Hamilton, NJ
2013 	The Assassins, Middlesex, NJ 		MSB/Evans Trucking, Readington, NJ
2014 	Crows/Hopson's, West Chester		Unwanted, Palmer Township
2015 	The Crows, West Chester			Evans Trucking, Readington, NJ
2016	??	
2017	??	
Charles Agulis Memorial - Readington, NJ
Year  	Champion 				MVP
1986 	Hunterdon Sports, Flemington, NJ	Bill Goss
1987 	Barbiche Bros. Const., Flemington, NJ	Jim Stryker
1988 	Lazy K Builders, Flemington, NJ		Boomer Beam
1989 	Jeff Sparks Excavating, Doylestown	Needle Wilson
1990 	Jeff Sparks Excavating, Doylestown	Cliff Price
1991 	Herks Super Hook			Herk Rodweller
1992 	Promotion Sportswear, Stockton, NJ	Herk Rodweller & Andy Snyder
1993 	Tri-Gem Builders, Cedar Brook, NJ	Ron Dorsey
1994 	McKennas, Lake Hopatcong, NJ		Benny Marrazano
1995 	Red Door, Somerville, NJ		Al Faleski
1996 	Promotion Sportswear, Stockton, NJ	"Jainer"
1997 	Ulisses Pizza				Bob Dewire
1998 	Ulisses Pizza				Hector Garcia
1999 	Ulisses Pizza				Don Johnson
2000 	Drain King, Bridgewater, NJ		Team Drain King
2001 	Team Zone				Tim Weaver & "Condo"
2002 	Lookers/Lotierzos, Scotch Plains, NJ	Mike Murray
2003 	Jackdaddys, Palmer Township/Easton	Team Jackdaddys
2004 	Gem Plumbing				Rick Brown
2005 	ALO Cinema				Russ Banasiak
2006 	Hutson Trucking, Toms River, NJ		Matt Ardizzone
2007 	JNK Securities, Rockville Centre, NY	Lenny Lemarca
2008 	Bestrans, Northeast, MD			Shawn Fillman 
2009 	Team EFX, Gilette, NJ			Shawn Fillman
2010 	No more info - tournament may have disbanded

Shannock Valley Ding-A-Lings (Big Ding) - Yatesboro, PA

I sincerely want to thank tournament director Bob "Red" Polinsky for sending me this info, they have a beautiful web site that has all the past All tournament teams and statistics on it.
The site is located at -
The Ding-a-Lings Softball History

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up				MVP
1969	Creighton PPG, Creighton 	16-11	Marion Center, Indiana County		Ed Cisek, Creighton (9-14, .643, 7 HRs 9 RBIs)- 3 HRs in final
1970	Sportsman's Bar, Ford City 	 9- 6	Marion Center, Indiana County		Bill Griffith, Marion (11-14, .786, 2 HRs, 8 RBIs)- Miller 4 HRs 
1971	Homer City, Homer City 	14-13	Roofner's Beer Dist., Kittanning	Tom Daskivich, Homer (8-16, .500, HR, 3 RBIs) - scored run in 10th
1972	Graceton, Graceton 		 9- 5	Kiski Valley, Apollo			George Bella, Kiski (9-11, .818, 2 HRs, 13 RBIs) - Daskivich 2 HRs in final, 10-15, 3 total
1973	Kiski Valley, Apollo 	 	 7- 2	Armstrong Auto Mart, Kittanning		John Hanlin, Kiski Valley (13-17, .765, 9 RBIs) - broke hit record
1974	Sportsman's Bar, Ford City 	 9- 3	Graceton Coral, Indiana County		Tom Big Miller, Sportsman's (9-13, .692, 5 HRs, 10 RBIs)-2 HRs in final
1975	Kovy's Tavern, Ford City 	14- 7	Teamsters Local 293, Cleveland, OH	Tom Big Miller, Kovy's (9-11, 4 IWs .818, 8 HRs, 12 RBIs, 11 Runs)
	  - Tom Miller has the Ding-a-ling record of (31-49, .633) & 14 HRs.  Tom Daskivich (30 hits), Den Merken (28 hits), Frank Francheski (26 hits)
1976	Joe's Army & Navy, Kittanning 	16- 7	Earl's Shop & Save, Butler		Chud Cunningham, Joe's (13-14, .929, 8 HRs, 13 RBIs)- Miller (9-13)
1977	Teamsters 293, Cleveland, OH 	 7- 3	Delpra's Drug Store, Plumville		Bob Silver, Teamsters (10-13, .769, 2 HRs, 9 RBIs)
1978	Town & Country Lounge, Butler 		University Exxon, Indiana		Dave Summerville, T&C (7-10, .700, 5 HRs, 12 RBIs)
1979	Earls' Shop & Save, Butler 		University Exxon, Indiana		Billy Hagins, Earl's (9-13, .692, HR, 5 RBIs)
1980	Bud Warner, Meadville 		A.E. Reken's Welding, Sagamore		Ron McEntire, Bud Warner (8-15, .533, 2 HRs, 9 RBIs)
1981	J&R Sports, Ford City 		The Pike Lounge, Butler		Lee McCullough, J&R Sports (6-11. .545, 3 HRs, 6 RBIs)
1982	Avonmore Moose, Avonmore 		Frank's Inn, Homer City		Tim Cavitt, Avonmore Moose (8-14, .571, 5 HRs, 14 RBIs)
1983	Cheeso's, Kittanning 			Avonmore Moose, Avonmore		Dave Summerville, Cheeso's (no stats available)
1984		Tournament rained out, rescheduled and rained out again  (Tom Miller at this time hold record with 28 career homers)
1985	Armstrong Auto Mart, Kittanning 	Hank's Pizza, Apollo			Jerry Bussard, Hank's Pizza (16-28, .571, 4 RBIs)
1986	Coynes Sports, Brook Park, OH 		Armstrong Auto Mart, Kittanning		Ken Collins, Coynes Sports (12-18, .667, HR, 7 RBIs)
1987	Stewart's Lounge, Unity Township 	Armstrong Auto Mart, Kittanning		Roger Snatcko, Stewart's (15-19, .789, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
1988	Eddie Mack, Natrona 			Avi's Tavern, Yatesboro		Jim Foxy Nelson, E-Mack (13-16, .812, 7 HRs, 16 RBIs)
1989	Eddie Mack, Natrona 		(Co-Champs)  W.P. Nix Lounge, New Kensington	Andy Vento, W.P. Nix (18-26, .692, 14 HRs, 30 RBIs)
1990	Armstrong Auto Mart, Kittanning 	Maroadi's Transfer, Pittsburgh		Bernie Miloser, Armstrong (7-12, .583, 6 HRs, 12 RBIs)
1991	Apollo, Apollo 			Bessemer Inn, Butler			Joe Minarcin, Apollo (13-20, .650, 3 HRs, 18 RBIs)
1992	Eddie Mack, Natrona 		(Co-Champs)  Italian Oven, Apollo		Dave Harris, Italian Oven (16-22, .727, 8 HRs, 15 RBIs)
1993	Jayhawk Lounge, Jeannette 		Eddie Mack, Natrona			Chris Cortazzo, Jayhawk (10-18, .556, 4 HRs, 12 RBIs)
1994	DeMans Sporting Goods, Brookville 	Eddie Mack, Natrona			Paul Stanley, Eddie Mack (19-25, 8 HRs, 24 RBIs)
1995	CPR/Dudley, Lower Burrell 		Bessemer Inn, Butler			Dave Miller, Bessemer (22-28, .785, 16 HRs, 33 RBIs)
1996	Coynes Sports, Brook Park, OH	(Co-Champs)  Bessemer Inn, Butler		Jon Hurey, Bessemer Inn (27-35, 17 HRs, 30 RBIs)
1997	Rox Stars, McKees Rocks 		Eddie Mack, Natrona			Brian Mickens, Rox Stars (11-18, 611, 6 HRs, 16 RBIs)
1998	Frank-N-Steins Lounge, North Hills 	Rox Stars, McKees Rocks		Dave Burkhart, FnS *18-28, .643, 11 HRs, 23 RBIs)
1999	Sports Page Lounge, Wilmerding 		Eddie Mack, Natrona			Derek Kerfoot, Sports Page (17-24, .708, 6 HRs, 18 RBIs)
2000	Rox Stars, McKees Rocks 		Tailgaters Lounge, Cheswick		Scott Humbert, Rox Stars (15-23, .652, 6 HRs, 21 RBIs)
	- Mike McCullough sets the longevity record by participating in his 27th Ding-A-Ling tournament.
2001	Tailgators Lounge, Cheswick 		Gators/Frank-N-Steins, North Hills	Mick Byers, Tailgaters (18-23,.782, 4 RBIs)
2002	Rox Stars, McKees Rocks 		New Castle Merchants, New Castle	Andy Brunette, Rox Stars (12-21, .571, 8 RBIs)
2003	New Castle Merchants, New Castle 	Kovacik's Insurance, Blairsville	Aaron Mickens, Rox Stars (11-13, .846, 3 HRs, 11 RBIs)
2004	Eddie Mack, Natrona 			Rox Stars, McKees Rocks		Kevin Thompson, E-Mack (20-29, .690, 11 HRs, 31 RBIs)
2005	Hilton Head Diner, SC (Longo's	)	Keystone Concrete, Brookville		Scott Kolokoski, Hilton (14-23, .609, 9 HRs, 15 RBIs)
2006	Tailgators Lounge, Cheswick		Keystone Concrete, Brookville		Franco Renner, Tailgaters (14-18, .778, 2 HRs)
2007	Tailgaters Lounge, Cheswick		Rox Stars, McKees Rocks		Derek Kerfoot, Tailgaters (13 hits, 6 HRs, 15 RBIs)
2008	Tailgaters Lounge, Cheswick		Hilljackers, Morgantown, WV		Tommy Sommer Jr., Tailgaters Lounge
2009 	McKeesport PNA #352 T5, McKeesport 	Latrobe Merchants, Latrobe		Ron Mitco, McKeesport PNA #352 T5
2010 	Chaingang/Worth, Brownsville		Mac's Bar & Grill, Clarion		Paul Stanley, Chaingang (18-25, .720, 5 HRs)
2011 	Tailgaters Lounge, Springdale 		Inn the Ruff, Penn Hills		JR Lipsie, Tailgaters (12-18, .667, 4 HRs)
2012 	Tailgators/B&E/Tyler, Pittsburgh 	Team 454/Pepco,Mentor, OH 		Buddy Wolfe, Tailgaters; (13-15 .866 5HRs)
2013 	Tailgators/Boys/B&E/, Pittsburgh 	Longo's, South Hills	 		Eric Marshall, Tailgaters; (.700)
2014 	Tailgators/Boys/B&E, Pittsburgh	(Co-Champs)  All In/Steeltown, Pittsburgh		Tim Sheeler, Tailgaters
2015 	Shinetime/Diesel, Seneca 		All In/Easton, Pittsburgh		Tom Pore, Shinetime
2016	Tailgaters Lounge. Pittsburgh		Shinetime/Diesel, Seneca 		Mike Bailey, Tailgaters (20-29, .690, 4 HRs)
2017	Tailgaters Lounge. Pittsburgh		Chris Cortazzo's Goonies, Pittsburgh	M.J. Parsons, Tailgaters

NOTE: Special Award - 25th year anniversary MVP - Tom "Big" Miller 
(played in 7 events, all tournament 5-x, MVP 2-x) Ding totals - 49-75, .653 avg, 25 HRs, 57 RBIs with a million intentional walks
Spring Ding-A-Ling (Spring Ding) - Yatesboro, PA
Year 	Champion 				Runner up				MVP
1998 - Rankin's Exxon, Shelocta			LeMantia Beer, Homer City		Chris Zak, Rankin's
1999 - Kovacik's Insurance, Blairsville		The Franchise, Apollo			Dan Yanits, Kovacik's
2000 - Revenco, Homer City			Kovacik's Insurance, Blairsville	Eric Foust, Revenco
2001 - Rankin's Exxon, Shelocta			Anchor Inn, Punxsutawney		Scott Lunger, Anchor Inn
2002 - Ford City Eagles, Ford City		Femco Machine, Punxsutawney		Zane Jordan, Eagles 
2003 - Kovacik's Insurance, Blairsville		Corner Convenience, Elderton		Mike Hanlon, Kovacik's
2004 - Miller's Welding, Brookville		T.R.C., Ford City			Nick Hergert, Miller's
2005 - Around the Corner Bar, Johnstown		Diddy's Bar, New Bethlehem 		Mike Meyers, Around The Corner
2006 - M&M Medical, Forest Hills		Sanso's Pizza, Homer City 		Jim Brown, M&M (22-28, .786)
2007 - Hilltopper's Pub, Pittsburgh		Blairsville Sokol Club, Blairsville 	Hank Hanasek, Hilltoppers (22-32, .688, 23 RBIs)
2008 - Main Event Sports Bar, Clarion		Degol Lumber, Johnstown 		Tom Pore, Main Event
2009 - Heavy Metal Softball, Sidman 		Shinetime, Punxsutawney			Eddie Richardson, Heavy Metal
2010 - Shinetime/East American, Oil City	PNA Hammers, Johnstown			Cody Carmello, Shinetime
2011 -  RVM-Miken, Homer City; PNA Hammers/M&M Medical, Johnstown; Despoy Law, Altoona; Shinetime, Oil City - 4-way tie; Rain, no MVP
2012 - East American Motor Sport, Indiana 	Mac's Bar & Grill, Clarion		Mark Shaffer, East American Motor Sports
2013 - Nite Courts, Rural Valley 		Clarks Vinyl Graphics, Clarion		Anthony Miller, Nite Courts (17-20, .850, 4 HRs, 18 RBIs)
2014 - Carpro/Sidebar, Ford City 		Silver Dollar, Rural Valley		- no info available
2015 - Shinetime/Diesel Softball, Seneca 	West Side Vending, Pittsburgh		Mike Hanlon, Shinetime
2016 - Knockouts Hair Salon, Numine		Warhawks, Beaver County			Mark Shaffer, Knockouts (13-20, .650, 3 HRs, 15 RBIs)
2017 - Knockouts Hair Salon, Numine		Toxic Softball, Caraopolis		Luke Szymanski, Knockouts
Sully's Annual Women's Early Bird Classic - Norristown, PA
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
1978 	Flourtown Cats, Flourtown 		McLaughlin's Deli, Norristown 	(3rd-Lou's Steaks, Norristown)
1979 	no information available
1980 	Slick Duck, Oreland 			Norristown Rec, Norristown
1981 	no information available
1982 	Ortho, Pottstown 			Wild Bunch, Fort Washington
	MVP-Heidi Buckwalter, Ortho
1982-96 no information available
1997 	Catagnus Recycle, Norristown 		Media Spirit, Media
	MVP-Jackie Tozer, Catagnus (25-32, .781)
1998 	no information available
1999 	no information available
2000 	Domenico's Restaurant, Folcroft 	Slammers, Norristown
	MVP-Kathy Groff, Domenico's Restaurant
2001 	Red Lantern Flames, Springfield 	Domenico's Restaurant, Folcroft
	MVP-Shelly Amendola, Red Lantern Flames
2002 	Max Magee's Pub, Boothwyn 		Dukes Tavern, Springfield
	MVP-Shelly Bauer, Max Magee's Pub
2003 	Dukes Tavern, Springfield 		Pottstown Moose, Pottstown
	MVP-Mary Ann Curran, Dukes Tavern
2004 	Fiddler's Green, Norristown 		Flynn's Catering Lunachick's, Easton
	MVP-Julie Slothower, Fiddler's Green
2005 	Rained-out, never re-scheduled
2006 	Nick's 114 Cafe, New Cumberland 	Dukes Tavern/Appco Sports, Springfield
	MVP-Mandy Wittemayer Hollman, Nick's 114 Cafe
2007 	Nick's 114 Cafe, New Cumberland 	GT Construction/C-21/Max Magees, Boothwyn
	MVP-Ashley Betlock, Nick's 114 Cafe
2008 	Reamstown AA, West Lawn 		Nick's 114 Cafe, New Cumberland
	MVP-Reamstown AA Team Award
2009 	Cancelled
2010 	Team Crush, Norristown			Tom's Bar, Norristown
2011 	Forrey's Auto Body, Dauphin 		Team Crush, Norristown
2012 	Forrey's Auto Body, Dauphin 		Black Horse Tavern, Norristown
2013 	Team Crush, Norristown	 		Black Horse Tavern, Norristown
2014 	Cancelled- Not held
2015 	Cancelled- Bad fields
2016	Cancelled- Rain	
2017	Not Scheduled	
Oil City Heritage
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
1996	Plant 6, Buffalo, NY			?
1997	Spanky’s, Buffalo, NY			?
1998	- (Co-Champs) - Scoreboard Tavern, Meadville AND Diamond Bar, Buffalo, NY
1999	Off Track Betting, Buffalo, NY		?
2000	Oasis, Ellwood City			?
2001	Forest Kennel (Keystone), Dubois	?
2002	Old School AC (Keystone), Dubois	?
2003	Ford City TRC, Ford City		?
2004	- (RAIN Out) - No champion - Ford City TRC, Ford City and 3 other teams tied
2005	Keystone Concrete, Dubois 		Bates Drywall, Greenville
2006	Brewbusters (Ford City TRC), Ford City 	Bates Drywall, Greenville
2007	Bates Drywall, Greenville 		Keystone Concrete, Dubois
2008	- (RAIN Out) - No champion
2009	Shinetime, Warren County 		Attitudes, Oil City
2010	Shinetime, Warren County 		Italian Civic Club, Meadville
2011	Shinetime, Warren County 		Rascals, Buffalo, NY
2012	Eastern American Motors, Punxsutawney 	Shinetime, Warren County 
2013	Clark's Vinyl Graphics, Clarion 	Hard's Welding/Shinetime, Warren County
2014	Outlast, Oil City 			Clark's Vinyl Graphics, Clarion
2015	Oil City VFW/Shinetime, Oil City 	Vantage Healthcare, Meadville
2016	Vesco Music, New Castle 		Rascals, Buffalo, NY
2017	Rascals, Buffalo, NY			Warhawks, Beaver County
Big Moe's Miller Lite/Bud Light Classic - Meadville
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
2007 	Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg 		Vantage, Meadville
2008 	Tailgaters, Pittsburgh 			Barille Softball, Mentor, OH
2009 	Shinetine, Rural Valley 		Marous Brothers Construction, Willoughby, OH
2010 	Miller Builders, Massillon, OH 		Tim's Corner Car, Clairton
2011 	LTS/PA Ave Sports, Sunbury 		Top Hat/Chars Cars, Youngstown, OH
2012 	OMS/OCC/Elite, Willoughby, OH 		Miller Builders, Massillon, OH
2013 	Steeltown, Pittsburgh 			One Cut Construction, Findlay, OH
2014	Shinetime, Altoona 			Pepco/Miocic, Madison, OH
2015 	Vantage Health Care, Meadville 		Linders, Ashland, OH
2016	- tournament discontinued

Elkland Labor Day Weekend "OPEN" Fast Pitch Classic - Elkland, PA (Durk Sherman Classic)

Year 	Class 	Champion 			Runner-up
1952-58 -	no info available
1959 	Athens Pharmacy, Athens, PA 		Bud Loomis Club, Athens, PA
1960-61 -	no info available
1962 	Elkland Merchants, Elkland, PA 		???
1963-68 -	no info available
1969 	Kodak Park, Rochester, NY 		Elkland Mets, Elkland, PA
1970 	Kodak Park, Rochester, NY 		Elkland Mets, Elkland, PA
1971 	Kodak Park, Rochester, NY 		Troy, PA
1972 	Kodak Park, Rochester, NY 		Elkland Merchants, Elkland, PA
1973 		no info available
1974 	Kodak Park, Rochester, NY 		Dave Pyles Pontiac, Washington, DC
1975 	Nagle Ford, Rochester, NY 		Mac's Bar Restaurant, Cornung, PA
1976 	Knapps, Ashland, OH 			Bavarian Kitchens
1977 	Mandell's Restaurants, Elmira, NY 	Asaph (Tioga County), PA
1978 	Williamsport, PA 			Red Ball
1979 	McDermotts, Washington, DC 		Patchen Briggs VFW, Rochester, NY
1980 	Mandell's Restaurants, Elmira, NY	Patchen Briggs VFW, Rochester, NY
1981 	C&H Western Wear, Elmira, NY 		Johnstown Johnnies, Johnstown, PA
1982 	Powy's Park, Williamsport PA 		Johnstown Johnnies, Johnstown, PA
1983 	Old Pioneer, Elmira, NY 		Reading Sunnners, Reading, PA
1984 		no info available
1985 	Wet Your Whistle, Lebanon, PA 		Ski Brothers, Coopersburg, PA
1986 	Ashland, OH 				Potomac Drillers, Potomac, MD
1987 		no info available
1988 		no info available
1989 	Ashland, OH 				Mrs. T's Sunners, Reading, PA
1990 	Ashland, OH 				New Martinsville, WV
1991 	New York Spirit, Amsterdam,NY 		Ashland, OH
1992 	Ashland, OH 				Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA
1993 	N/A
1994	Heflin Builders, Ballston Lake, NY	Ashland Abbott Labs, Ashland, OH	
1995 	Tampa Bay Smokers, Tampa, FL 		Ashland, OH
1996 	Middletown Players, Middletown, NY 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA
1997 	New Jersey Windmillers, Westfield, NJ 	Heflin Builders, Ballston Lake, NY
1998 	DC Tire Roadrunners, Reading, PA 	New Jersey Windmillers, Westfield, NJ
1999 	New York Spirit, Amsterdam, NY 		Can-Am Windmillers, Westfield, NJ
2000 	Can-Am Windmillers, Westfield, NJ 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA
2001 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA 		Can-Am Windmillers, Westfield, NJ
2002 	Matarazza Sea Dogs, Boston, MA 		All Season's Patriots, Allentown, PA
2003 	Can-Am Windmillers, Westfield, NJ 	(tie) Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA and Greenbush Generals, Ontario, Canada
2004 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA 		Quaker Riversharks, Harrisburg, PA
2005 	The KMV Rise, Perkasie, PA		TNT, South Lebanon, PA
2006 	Patsy's, Massapequa, NY			New York Gremlins, Clifton Park, NY
2007 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA		Hoffman Rise, Perkasie, PA
2008 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA		Knoxville/Ontario, Knoxville, PA
2009 	New York Gremlins, Clifton Park, NY	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA
2010 	Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA		I4C Victory, Ottawa, Canada
2011 	New York Bombers, Cortland, NY and PA Power, Harrisburg - Co-Champs; Rain
2012	South Lebanon, Lebanon, PA 		Kar’s Aces, Ontario, Canada
2013	Safari Nordic, PA 			Shaggy Dog Tavern, Erie, PA
2014	Team USA				USA Futures
2015	CPI, Oswego, NY				Northeast Drillers, Pottstown, PA
2016	Farmersville Haymakers, Ephrata, PA	NY Bombers, Cortland, NY

Elkland Labor Day "First Weekend Class-B" Fast Pitch Classic - Elkland, PA

Year 	Class 	Champion 				Runner-up
1994	B 	Player's Pub 				Bower's Lab, Williamsport, PA
1995 	B 	Liederkrantz Club, Rochester, NY 	Big Johns, Lackawaana, NY
1996 	B 	East End, Jersey Shore, PA 		Liederkrantz Club, Rochester, NY
1997 	B 	Shaboom's 				King Chiropractic, Green Brook, NJ
1998 	B 	Libers Orange, NJ			Mile Level Pizza, Bedford, PA
1999 	B 	Libers Orange, NJ			Northern Merchants, Poland, NY 
2000 	B 	All Season's Patriots, Allentown, PA	Northern Merchants, Poland, NY
2001 	B 	Keating Fitness Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA (co-champs) Ricola Cough Drops, Morris Plains, NJ
2002 	B 	Budweiser Bombers, Rochester, NY 	Elkland Fastpitch Team, Elkland, PA
2003 	B 	Keating Fitness Ctr., Wilkes-Barre, PA 	Kreider & Flick, East Petersburg, PA
2004 	B 	Keating Fitness Ctr., Wilkes-Barre, PA 	New York Bombers, Cortland, NY
2005 	B	McKie's Sporting Goods, Oswego, NY	Waterdown Hammer, Ontario, Canada
2006 	B	Kreider & Flick, East Petersburg, PA (co-champs) Ashland, OH
2007 	B	New York Bombers, Cortland, NY		Waterdown Hammer, Ontario, Canada
2008 	B	Beartrack Tavern, Westfield, PA		CPI Fastpitch, Oswego, NY
2009 	B	Keating Fitness Ctr., Wilkes-Barre, PA	New York Bombers, Cortland, NY
2010 	B	Big Johns, Lackawaana, NY 		Hoffman's Power, Harrisburg, PA
2011	B	Waterdown Hammer, Ontario, Canada 	Bedford Rays, Reading, PA
2012	B	Lancaster, Lancaster, PA		Waterdown Hammer, Ontario, Canada
2013	B	Waterdown Hammer, Ontario, Canada	Bedford Rays, Reading, PA
2014	B	- no info
2015	B	NY Bombers, Cortland, NY		Northern Merchants, Poland, NY
2016	B	NY Bombers, Cortland, NY		Black Bear Lodge, Bedford, PA
2017	B	

Noxen Rattlesnake Round-Up - Noxen, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
2006 	no info available before 2007
2007 	Lewisburg Legion/Fabri-Kal, Lewisburg 	Ironhead, Kingston
2008 	Ironhead, Kingston 			PA Avenue Sports, Sunbury-Roseto
2009 	Tipsy Turtle, Kingston			Baird Stone, Pittston
2010 	Sunbury Eagles #503, Lewisburg		Iron Legion, Kingston
2011 	Tipsy Turtle, Kingston			Adult World, Pittston
2012 	?
2013 	?
2014 	?
2015 	? - has been no info for the last few years

Morris Rattlesnake Round-Up - Tioga County, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
2009 	no info available before 2009
2010 	Coors Light				(tie; rain) Gates Logging, Mercersburg & Colonial Inn, Williamsport
2011 	NET/New Holland Legion, Intercourse 	Rover Plus 9, Lewisburg
2012 	?
2013 	?
2014 	?
2015 	? - has been no info for the last few years



Click here for some more big East Coast Tournaments such as these classics:
(Beast of the East, Richmond Round Robin, Belmar/Wall, Trentonian and TAC/Dover Firecracker)


Disbanded or Discontinued Tournaments

Barry Sheetz Memorial - Ephrata

Year  	Champion
1972  	Hilltop Inn, Ephrata
1973  	Roy Buch Inc., Ephrata
1974  	Clair's Grocery, Lititz
1975  	Rained-out
1976  	Hilltop Inn, Ephrata
1977  	Zinn's Diner, Denver
1978  	R&T Travelers, Ephrata
1979  	R&T Travelers, Ephrata
1980  	Engle Printing, Manheim
1981  	T&H Sports, Manheim
1982  	Krick's Korner, Reading
1983  	Bob's Market, Lititz

Western Pennsylvania Early Bird Classic - Progressive Field, Mahoningtown, New Castle

Year  	Champions 			Runner-up (if known)			MVP
1968  	Farris Const., New Castle 	Clingensmith TV, New Castle		John Paolone, Farris Construction
1969  	Crescent Café, New Castle 	Edward A. DeCarbo, New Castle		Anthony Guiliano, Crescent Cafe
1970  	Iron Dukes, New Castle 		Youngstown Curve Foam, New Castle	John 'Juggo' Frank, Iron Dukes
1971  	Croton Dukes, New Castle 	Youngstown Curve Foam, New Castle	Ken Hudson, Croten Dukes
1972  	Iron Dukes, New Castle 		Cooper Roofing, Greenville		Anthony Guiliano, Iron Dukes
1973  	BYM Club, Pittsburgh 		L&R Sports				John Koshar, BYM Club (5 HRs)
1974  	Iron Dukes, New Castle 		BYM Club, Pittsburgh			Jack Hannon, Iron Dukes
1975  	Iron Dukes, New Castle 		Huntz Bar, Pittsburgh			Chuck Masters, Iron Dukes
1976  	St. Margaret's, New Castle 	BYM Club, Pittsburgh			Bill Sniezek, St. Margaret's
1977  	BYM Club, Pittsburgh 		Huntz Bar, Pittsburgh			John Koshar, BYM Club
1978  	Lee Supply, Charleroi 		?					Bill Schmidt, Lee Supply
1979  	A&F, Brookline 			Lee Supply, Charleroi			Rick Locaitus, A&F
1980  	Maestro's Lounge, Jeannette 	Lee Supply, Charleroi			Ed Attenburger, Maestros Lounge
1981  	Renton Club, Jeannette 		?					Ed Attenburger, Renton Club
1982  	Lee Supply, Charleroi 		?					Pete Stankovich, Lee Supply
1983  	Kenmore NY East, Akron, OH 	Sandy Creek Inn, Pittsburgh		Don Croskey, Kenmore NY East
1984  	Gregg Security, Pittsburgh 	?					Joe Bainey, Gregg Security
1985  	Gregg Security, Pittsburgh 	?					Greg Burko & Denny Brown, Greg Security
1986  	Non-Ferrous, Cleveland, OH 	?					Art Larsen, Non-Ferrous
1987  	Non-Ferrous, Cleveland, OH 	Maroadi Transfer, Jeannette		Ken Preseren, Non-Ferrous
1988  	Non-Ferrous, Cleveland, OH 	Stewart's Lounge, Pittsburgh		None selected
1989  	W.P. Nix, Pittsburgh 		The Gardens, New Castle			Mike Timko, W.P. Nix
1990  	Jayhawk Lounge, Jeannette 	The Gardens, New Castle			John Woloshun, Jayhawk Lounge

Seventh Ward Merchants Slow Pitch Tournament - New Castle - Progressive Field, Mahoningtown, New Castle

Year  	Champions 			Runner-up (if known)			MVP (if known)
1962  	Ember Club, New Castle		Crescent Café, New Castle		Bobby Watters, Ember Club
1963  	Crescent Café, New Castle 	Hyde's Drugs Bears, New Castle		Ron Alexander, Crescent Café
1964  	Augustine Pizza, New Castle	Gaylord Inn, New Castle			Butch Veri, Gaylord's Inn (21-27, .778)
1965  	New Castle AC (Gaylord Inn)	Dino's West Side, New Castle		Bob Edmiston, Dino's West Side
1966  	Crescent Café, New Castle 	Bonfield Atlantic, Vandergrift		Anthony Guiliano, Crescent Cafe
1967  	Massillon L&I, Massillon, OH	William F. DeCarbo, New Castle 		Harold ??, Massilon L&I
1968  	Massillon L&I, Massillon, OH	Crescent Café, New Castle		Gene Maston, Massillon L&I (12-21, 5 HRs)
1969  	Crescent Café, New Castle 	Valley Honda, Pittsburgh		Anthony Guiliano, Crescent Cafe
1970  	Iron Dukes, New Castle 		Gaylord Inn, New Castle			Lou Qualhiero, Iron Dukes
1971  	Croton Dukes, New Castle 	Youngstown Curve Foam, New Castle	Ken Hudson, Croten Dukes
1972  	BYM Club, Pittsburgh  		Iron Dukes, New Castle			John Sepich, BYM Club
1973  	BYM Club, Pittsburgh 		Cray's Iron Dukes, New Castle		Allan Joseph, Cray's Iron Dukes
1974  	Cray's Iron Dukes, New Castle 	Huntz's Bar, Pittsburgh			John Qualhiero, Cray's Iron Dukes
1975  	Cray's Iron Dukes, New Castle	Huntz's Bar, Pittsburgh			Anthony Aven, Iron Dukes
1976  	no info
1977  	BYM Club, Pittsburgh 		Sol Mintz, Washington			Roger Snatcho, BYM Club
1978  	no more info

Tri-Cities/ArBrook/Firecracker Classic Invitational, New Kensington/Lower Burrell

Year	Champion				Runner-up
1963	Hilltop Tavern, Arnold			Bill Elliott's Bar, Pittsburgh	Art Falsetti, Hilltop Tavern
1964	Musicaro Foods, Massapequa, NY		?				Jim Galloway, Musicaro
1965	Grande-Leah, New Kensington		?				?
1966	Skip A.C, Pittsburgh			Michael's Lounge, Detroit, MI	Bill Downey, Skip Hogan's (16-22, .727)
1967	Skip AC/Jim's, Pittsburgh		BYM Club, Pittsburgh		Jim Wallace, Jim's Sport Shop	
1968	Jim's Sport Shop, Pittsburgh		?				?
1969	Krivan Club, Springdale			Sales				Bernie Kubiak, Krivan Club
1970	Iron Dukes, New Castle			Alexander Inn, Saxonburg	Anthony Guiliano, Iron Dukes
1971	Century Tire, Cincinnati, OH		Girard AA, York			Tom Taylor, Century Tire
1972	Iron Dukes, New Castle			Ramon Lounge, Cuyoga Falls, OH	Fred Ryan, Iron Dukes (19-22, .864, 5 HRs)
1973	Iron Dukes, New Castle			Pyramid Cafe, Cleveland, OH	Anthony Guiliano, Iron Dukes
1974	Iron Dukes, New Castle			Big Z, Trenton, NJ		Anthony Aven, Iron Dukes (.600, 4 HRs)
1975	Huntz Bar, Pittsburgh			BYM Club, Pittsburgh		?
1976	BYM Club, Pittsburgh			Joe's Army-Navy, Kittaning	Tom 'Big' Miller, Joe's (13-19, .684, 7 HRs)
1977		no info available
1978		no info available
1979		no info available
1980  	M&Z Softball, Pittsburgh						Chuck Lazar, M&Z
Sunbury League Invitational Tournament
Year  	Champion 				Runner-up			MVP (if known)
1971 	Girard AA				House of Reps, Harrisburg	N/A or none listed
1972 	Zippay's, Scranton			Eric's Restaurant, Harrisburg 	XE McAndrew, Zippays- 7 HRs
1973 	Blue Bird Tavern, York			? 				Chip Fry, Blue Bird- 6 HRs
1974 	Blue Bird Tavern, York			Red Door, Somerville, NJ 	Otis Gasull, Red Door
1975 	Middletown Merchants, Middletown 	Pappy's Pizza, Harrisburg 	Ed Laudermilch, Middletown .834, 5 HRs
1976 	Yankee AA, York				Red Door, Somerville, NJ 	Bob Spangler, Red Door - 13 HRs
1977 	Continental Foods, York			R&T Travelers, Ephrata		N/A or none listed
1978 	ARC Dodgers, York			Amvets, Hanover			N/A or none listed
1979 	Annville Auto, Elizabethtown		Oasis Cafe, Sunbury		N/A or none listed 
1980 		no info available
1981 	Rite Aid Club, New Cumberland		N. Cumberland Hookies, Sunbury	N/A or none listed
1982		no information available after 1981

Annual Chester County Tournament - West Chester, PA

Year 	Champion 				Runner-up
2004 - Bridgeport Pizza, Norristown 		Weso Tribe, Coatesville 
2005 - Bridgeport Pizza, Norristown 		The Tribe, Gap
2006 - Cancelled
2007 - Turning Point Mortgage/ODL, Norristown 	Lefty's Irish Pub, Marcus Hook
2008 - Pennsylvania Avenue Sports, Roseto	Pepper's Restaurant, Norristown
2009 - N/A
2010 - Disbanded

Mercersburg Open Memorial Weekend Classic - Mercersburg, PA

Year 	Champion 				Runner-up
2001 	No information available before 2002
2002 	Warthen Fuel/TPS, Baltimore, MD 	Frederick Chevrolet, Harrisburg
2003 	Warthen Fuel, Baltimore, MD 		R&R Trim, Hagerstown, MD
2004 	Warthen Fuel, Baltimore, MD 		Scene/Hit n Run, Deer Park, NY
2005 	Y.F.C., Punxsutawney 			JWP Envrionmental, Mercersburg
2006 	Sutton Refrigeration, Hazelton 		Gateway Contractors, Lemoyne
2007 	Not held
2008 	Disbanded

Palmer Spring Fling - Palmer Township, Easton, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1999 	SCB/Easton, Brookhaven, NY 		Q-T Sports, West Babylon, NY
2000 	? 					?
2001 	Hit and Run, Deer Park, NY 		Drain King, Bridgewater, NJ
2002 	Gamecocks, Medford, NJ 			Iron Horse/Attic, Ironia, NJ
2003 	Hit and Run, Deer Park, NY 		Lookers/Lotierzo/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ
2004 	Scene/Hit and Run, Deer Park, NY 	Gamecocks/Alternative Air, Cookestown, NJ
2005 	Irondale, Ironia, NJ 			Team EFX, Clinton, NJ
2006 	R. Rubin Painting, South Amboy, NJ 	Dugout Softball, South Amboy, NJ
2007 	Not held
2008 	Disbanded

Showtime/Flip It, ParleyCard, LLS, Gamecocks, Jackdaddy's Easton/Palmer Early Bird - Palmer Township, Easton, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
2001 	No information available before 2001
2002 	Coors Light, Parsippany, NJ 		Team KDJ/Tanel, Linden, NJ
2003 	Venom, Nazareth, PA 			A&G Painting, New Jersey
2004 	Glendale Liquors, Glendale, NJ 		Mel's Pub, Norristown, PA
2005 	West End Softball, Parsippany, NJ 	Hutson Trucking, Wrightstown, NJ
2006 	Not held
2007 	Not held
2008 	PA Avenue Sports, Roseto, PA		Line Drive Softball, Lehigh Valley, PA
2009 	Chaotikk Tatoo, York 			JNK Securities, Rockville Centre, NY
2010 	Take it Softball, Easton 		Unwanted, Palmer
2011 	Disbanded
PA Avenue Sports Tournament - Roseto
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
2007 	Wagner Farms, Bethlehem 		Pa Avenue Sports, Roseto
2008 	Pa Avenue Sports, Roseto 		Wagner Farms, Bethlehem
2009 	Pa Avenue Sports, Roseto 		Team Red Bull, Hackettstown, NJ
Johnstown Point Stadium
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
2010 	Craigs Bullshippers, Mercersburg 	Tailgaters/McKeesport PNA, Pittsburgh
2011 	Tailgaters, Springdale 			Hubbs Softball, Cleveland, OH
Greenville Memorial Weekend Tournament
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
2009 	El Canelo, New Castle 			Vantage, Meadville
2010 	White Hawk, Greenville 			Kessler Construction, Greenville
2011 	El Canelo, New Castle 			Kriner Insurance, Greenville
2012 	Inn the Ruff/Gibbys, Pittsburgh 	OMS/Elite, Willoughby, OH
2013 	Veltres Concrete/Blush, Pittsburgh 	OMS/OCC/Elite, Willoughby, OH
Wilkes-Barre Ballin for Bucks/Round Up
Year 	Champion 				Runner up
2012 	Keystone Ambulance, Kingston 		MCC, Bethlehem
2013 	Button Oil, Kingston 			LTS/Spyglass, Lewisburg
2013 	Sandlot/Sandone, Scranton 		Button Oil, Kingston
2014 	Button Oil, Wilkes-Barre 		Planet RYO/PLTS, York
2015 	- Cancelled

Sunbury Open Tournament - Sunbury, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1999 	Zimmerman Trucking, Mifflintown		Lewisburg Legion, Lewisburg
2000 	Schindler's Studio, Sunbury 		Shadow Fax, York
2001 	Frederick's Chevrolet, Harrisburg 	Weatherproof Roofing, Mifflinburg
2002 	Dan's Den, Sunbury  			Frederick's Chevrolet, Harrisburg
2003 	Rained-out
2004 	Cancelled
2005	Not Held
2006	Disbanded

Coors Light Early Bird Tournament - Parsippany, NJ

Year 	Champion 				Runner-up
2001 	Team Cobra, Medford, NJ 		R&R Associates, Cedar Grove, NJ
2002 	CLS/Gamecocks, Medford, NJ 		Minuteman Press, Baldwin, NY
2003 	Lombardi's/Tanel, Cedar Grove, NJ 	KNC Hitmen, East Hanover, NJ
2004 	Rained-out
2005 	Lake Mohawk Bagel, Parsippany, NJ 	Fox/4 Way Lock, Readington, NJ
2006 	Disbanded

All-American Memorial Day Women's Classic - New Castle, PA

Year 	Champions
1973 	Sweeney's Chevrolet, Cincinnati, OH
1974 	Sweeney's Chevrolet, Cincinnati, OH
1975 	Sweeney's Chevrolet and Stan's Auto, New Castle (co-champs)
1976 	Stan's Auto, New Castle and Barbelettes, York (co-champs)
1977 	Donnettes, Cleveland, OH
1978 	Road Runners, Columbus, OH
1979 	Barbelettes, York
1980 	Barbelettes, York
1981 	Mama Jeans, Parma, OH

York Invitational - York, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1968	Vigilant AA, York			France Stone, Toledo, OH
	MVP- Gene Becker, Vigilant (15-21, .714, 10 RBIs)
1969	County Sports, Levittown, NY		615 Lounge, York
	MVP- Jim Galloway, County Sports (17-21, .810, 11 HRs, 28 RBIs)
1970  	Aero Oil, York				Arena News, York
	MVP- Gene Becker, Aero Oil (11-16, .688, 10 RBIs)
1971  	Arena News, York			Girard AA, Yor
1972  	New Era Die, York 			Cedar Cliff Mall, Harrisburg
1973  	Trenton Capitols, Trenton, NJ 		New Era Dye, York
1974  	Big Z's, Trenton, NJ 			Pittsburgh Hard Hats, Pittsburgh
1975  	New Era Die, York 			Canada Dry, Chambersburg
1976  	York Barbell, York 			Pittsburgh Hard Hats, Pittsburgh
	John Dunn, Trenton Bicentennials (6 HRs)
1977  	Bob Hoffman Blue, York 			Continental Foods, York
1978  	York Barbell, York 			Hagerstown, MD
1979  		Rain-never completed - (Engle Printing, Manheim and 3 others left)
1980  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Bob Hoffman Blue, York
1981  	Bob Hoffman Blue, York			?
1982  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Irish Valley, Sunbury
1983  	Bob Hoffman Blue, York			?
1984  	Gregg Security, Pittsburgh 		County Sports, Levittown, NY
1985  	Jackie B's/Champion Line, York		?
1986  	KV Sports, Hampstad, MD			Columbia Sports, Columbia, MD
1987  	No information available after 1986

Southwest Delaware Valley Umpire's Tournament - Chester, PA

Year  Champion Runner-up MVP
1977 Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown St. Anthony's, Wilmington, DE Jim Booz, Al's (19-23, .826) /////HR Leader-Charlie DiNolfi, Al's  - 6
1978 Vince's Tavern, Phoenixville Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Tom Mulvihill, Vince's Tavern
1979 V&C, Phoenixville Eddystone Vets, Ridley Butch Martin, V&C
1980 Culbert's Pub, Ridley Faulkner's, Phoenixville Karl Fredericks, Culbert's (25-30, .833)
1981 Charlie G's, Norristown Old State Tavern, Ridley John Greskiwetz, Old State  (20-30, .667)
1982 Sports Corner Tavern, Pottstown Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Clarke Farrell, SCT (19-22, .863, 3 HRs)
1983 Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown JC Perry, Ridley Clarke Farrell, Al's Cold Cuts
1984  No information available after 1983  

Burr Robbins-Sportsmen Club Tournament - Norristown, PA

Year  Champion Runner-up Outstanding Player Award
1962  Bono Cafe, Norristown Narco, Ambler Bill Gillinger, Bono Cafe
1963  Bridgeport All-Stars, Bridgeport Swedesburg Fire Co., Bridgeport Poochie Cinelli, All-Stars
1964  Swedesburg Fire Co., Bridgeport Bridgeport All-Stars, Bridgeport Carl Dehaven, Swedeburg
1965  DiSantis Beverage, Conshohocken Narco, Ambler no info available
1966  DiSantis Beverage, Conshohocken General Electric, Norristown Bo Bo Durat, DiSantis
1967  Camden Mets, Camden, NJ Swedesburg Fire Co., Bridgeport Monte Stanton, Mets
1968  Crosstowne Tavern, Norristown Al's Cold Cuts, , Norristown Charlie DiNolfi, Crosstowne
1969  Victory Café, Camden, NJ Crosstowne Tavern, Norristown Rocky Malandra, Victory
1970  DiSantis Beverage, Conshohocken Al's Cold Cuts none selected
1971  Camden Mets, Camden, NJ Rossi's Bar, Bridgeport none selected
1972  Ragusa Hauling, Norristown Huey's Blue Ribbon Bar, Norristown none selected
1973  Rossi's Bar, Bridgeport Ply-Mar Excavating, Norristown none selected
1974  Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Wit's Bar, Norristown none selected
1975  Holy Saviour, Norristown Camden Mets, Camden, NJ none selected
1976  Tony-Rich, Norristown Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown none selected
1977  Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Connelly Vending, Downingtown none selected
1978  No info available after 1977  

Norristown Officials Open ($1000 1st Place) Tournament - Norristown, PA

Year  Champion Runner-up MVP
1968  Crosstowne Tavern, Norristown Luciano's Tavern, Norristown N/A- no $$$ Prize
1969  Kel's Grill, Camden, NJ Camden Mets, Camden, NJ Jim Kelfi, Kel's Grill
1970  Michael's Lounge, Camden, NJ Kel's Grill, Camden, NJ Frank DelGozzo, Michael's
1971  Crosstowne Tavern, Norristown Cannon's Café, Chester Charlie DiNolfi, Crosstowne
1972  Johnny's Hamburgers, Chester Guiseppi's Tavern, Camden, NJ Karl Fredericks, Johnny's
1973  Al's Beef House, Phillipsburg, NJ Lombardo's Tavern, Pannsauken, NJ Eddie LaKomiski, Al's Beef
1974  Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Bike Den, Camden, NJ Charlie DiNolfi, Al's Cold Cuts
1975  Anthracite Café, Wilkes-Barre Bike Den, Camden, NJ Tanky Matthews, Anthracite
1976  Sammy's Car Wash, Norristown Carver Center, Norristown N/A - Genuardi benefit
1977  Tony Rich, Norristown Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown N/A - Genuardi benefit
1978  B&M Auto, Norristown Philomeno Construction, Norristown No A-Division teams
1979  No info available after 1978  

Borough ASA Open Classic - Norristown, PA

Year Champion Runner-up MVP
1975 Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Services Unlimited, Norristown Charlie DiNolfi, Al's Cold Cuts
1976 Ply-Mar Excavating, Norristown Rossi's Bar, Bridgeport John Ray, Ply-Mar
1977 Suds Cafe, Luzerne, PA Pepco Manufacturing, New Jersey Tanky Matthews, Suds
1978 Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown Suds Cafe, Luzerne, PA Charlie DiNolfi, Al's Cold Cuts

Triple S Club Open Tournament - Bridgeport, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1965  	Swedesburg Fire Co., Bridgeport 	Triple S Club, Bridgeport
1966  	Attilio's Plumbing, Bridgeport 		Maennerchor Club, Norristown
1967  	Taylor Fire Company, Old Forge		Al's Cold Cuts, Bridgeport
1968  	Conshohocken Auto Glass, Con. 		Crosstowne Tavern, Norristown
1969  	D'Angelo's Garage, Norristown 		Luciano's Tavern, Norristown
1970  	Michael's Lounge, Camden, NJ 		Luciano's Tavern, Norristown
1971  	Belmar Fire Co., Belmar, NJ 		Bridgeport Pharmacy, Bridgeport
1972  	Deacon Ale House, Chester 		Huey's Blue Ribbon Bar, Norristown
1973  	Chaney's Café, Belmar, NJ 		Lombardo's Tavern, Pennsauken, NJ
1974  	May's Bridal Shop, Chester 		Vi's, Camden, NJ
1975  	Gross Place, Chester 			DiRosato's Plumbing, Norristown
1976  	Connelly Vending, Downingtown 		Gross Place, Chester
1977  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Tony Rich, Norristown
1978  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Lombardo's Tavern, Pennsauken, NJ
1979  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Caparo Real Estate, Conshohocken
1980  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Swedesburg Boys, Bridgeport
1981  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Caparo Real Estate, Conshohocken
1982  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Marchese Honda, Norristown
1983  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Fastening Products, Ridley
1984  	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown 		Chicken George, Somers Point, NJ
1985  	Michael's Deli, Bridgeport and Skippack Services, Skippack (Co-Champs due to rain)
1986  	Marchese Honda, Norristown		Luciano's Tavern, Norristown
1987  	TNT Sports Club, Norristown 		Bridgeport Sportsmen Club, Bridgeport
1988  	No info available after 1987

Metro Easton Labor Day Classic - Easton, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1980 	Smith's, Plainfield, NJ 		Ron & George's Tavern, Hackettstown, NJ
1981 	Howell Realty, Washington, NJ 		Rolin Construction, Sommerville, NJ
1982 	Warrenside Tavern, Milford, NJ 		Del Val, Warren Glen, NJ
1983 	Deer Stop, Easton, PA 			Howell Realty, Washington, NJ
1984 	Chubby's Food & Beer, Easton, PA 	Siders, Warrenside, NJ
1985	Trenton Capitals, Trenton NJ		Jackie B's, York, PA
1986	Trenton Capitals, Trenton NJ		Al's Beef House, Phillipsburg, NJ  (MVP-Roland Wilkins, Caps 23-44, .523, 23 RBIs)

Forks of Delaware - Easton, PA

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1976 	Trenton Capitol, Trenton, NJ		Easton Steelers, Easton, PA
1977-84 no info available
1985 	? 					?
1986 	Stevedore's, Wilmington, DE 		Steve's Auto Body, Patterson, NJ
1987 	? 					?
1988 	Bissett Nursery, Smithtown, NY 		A-1 Limo Service, Lower Bucks, PA
1989 	? 					?
1990 	Gulf Oil Swigs, Oceanside, NY 		Coors Beer, Trenton, NJ
1991 	Rip Van Winkle's Tavern, Easton, PA	JD's, Patchogue, NY
1992 	DJ's Pub, Easton			Blasters, West Babylon, NY
1993 	SCB/Easton, Brookhaven, NY 		?
1994 	Rip Van Winkle's Tavern, Easton, PA 	?
1995 	SCB/Easton, Brookhaven, NY 		Rip Van Winkle's Tavern, Easton, PA
1996 	SCB/Elite Fitness, Brookhaven, NY 	?
1997 	? 					?
1998 	?				 	?
1999 	SCB/Denelex/Easton, Brookhaven, NY	Q-T Sports, West Babylon, NY
2000 	Hit and Run, Deer Park, NY 		Minuteman Press, Baldwin, NY
2001 	Tournament never completed - Rain
2002 	CLS/Gamecocks, Medford, NJ 		Deluxe Bakery, Belmar, NJ
2003 	Lookers/Showtime, Elizabeth, NJ 	Theme Lounge, Mechanicsburg, PA
2004 	XTL/Fredericks, Marcus Hook, PA 	Iron Horse, Ironia, NJ
2005    Rita's/Holiday Jacks, Roseto, PA	Donna's Carlisle Grill, Allentown, PA
2006   	Not held
2007 	Not held
2008 	Disbanded

Zinn's Park Open Invitational - Denver, PA (Highest Classification Event Listed)

Year	Champion				Runner-up
1975	Levittown Legion, Levittown, NY		New Era Dye, York, PA
  	Chan Baker, Levittown American Legion
1976	York Barbell, York, PA			Hoffman Products, York, PA
  	Herb Hawn, Hoffman Products (9 HRs)
1977	Marrone's Travel, Westbury, NY		R&T Mobil Homes, Ephrata, PA
  	George Pajonas, Marrone Travel Agency (6 HRs)
1978	Hicksville Motor Lodge, Hicksville, NY	York Barbell, York, PA
  	John XE McAndrew, Trenton Capitols (14 HRs, .708)
1979	Overbrook Inn, Wilkes-Barre, PA		Delaware Diamonds, Wilmington, DE
  	Tanky Matthews, Overbrook Inn (9 HR's)
1980	County Sports, Levittown, NY		Bob Hoffman Blue, York, PA
  	Doug Hommell, County Sports (6 HRs)
1981	Bob's American, Ephrata, PA		Moran's Cabinets, Baltimore, MD
  	Boyd Orr, Bob's American (4 HRs)
1982	Bush's Sports, Dundlack, MD		Brothers AC, Yonkers, NY
  	Larry West, Bush's Sports (23-28, .821, 10 HRs, 21 RBIs)
1983	Bush's Sports, Dundlack, MD		County Sports, Levittown, NY
  	MVP -  ?
1984	Holiday Jack's, Easton, PA		Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown, PA
  	MVP -  ?
1985	County Sports Bombats, Levittown, NY	York Barbells, York
  	Steve Kerr, County Sports (.750, 9 HRs)
1986	Al's Cold Cuts, Norristown, PA		Captain Ben's, Patchogue, NY
  	Clarke Farrell, Al's Cold Cuts (4 HRs)
1987	Jackie B's, York, PA			Superior Softball, Windsor, CT
  	Greg Fuhrman, Superior Softball (HR Leader)
1988	Riley Sales, Norristown, PA		Holiday Jack's, Easton, PA
  	Jerry Reeves, Riley Sales
1989-A	Interstate Trucking, East Meadow, NY	Car Center, Baltimore, MD
	Bill Pollock, Klecko's Bandits (13 HRs)
1990-A	County Sports, Levittown, NY		Tri-Gem Builders, Levittown, PA
  	Ray Zeigler, County Sports (14-14, 5 HRs)
1991-A	Lemoyne Sleeper-Gray, Lemoyne, PA	Q-T Sports, West Babylon, NY
1992-B	Mike's Place, Brookhaven, NY		Excelsior Gardens, Seldon, NY
1993-B	Gulf Oil/Gas Heaven, Commack, NY	J&L Floors, Hagerstown, MD
1994-B	Vector Security, Harrisburg		Sports Outlet/TPS, Runnemede, NJ
1995	no info available after 1994

Norman Hanna's Umpires Classic - New Castle, DE

Year  	Champion 				Runner-up
1977 	Delaware Diamonds, Wilmington, DE 	Bob Hoffman, York, PA
1978 	Riccio's, Wilmington, DE 		?
1979 	Delaware Diamonds, Wilmington, DE 	?
1980 	Car Center, Baltimore, MD 		?
1981 	Dean Concrete, Elkton, MD 		?
1982 	Technitrux, Fairfax, VA 		?
1983 	Technitrux, Fairfax, VA 		?
1984 	Technitrux, Fairfax, VA 		?
1985 	Stevadores, Wilmington, DE 		?
1986 	J.L. Hanson, Chantilly, VA 		?
1987 	J.L. Hanson, Chantilly, VA 		?
1988 	Oak Shade Nursery, Cherry Hill, NJ 	Iron Hill, Newark, DE
1989 	DeBacco Brothers, Belleville, NJ 	Foraker Masonary, Wilmington, DE
1990 	DeBacco Brothers, Belleville, NJ 	Ken Micheal's, Rockville, MD
1991 	R&T/Instant Land., W. Palm Beach, FL 	Vista Trucking, Baltimore, MD
1992 	Taylor Brothers, Providence, RI 	Klecko's Gold Gym, Wilmington, DE
1993	no info available after 1992

Dover Days Classic, Dover, DE

Year 	Flite  Champion 				Runner-up
1999 	- 	Eagle Group/Al's/TPS, Dover, DE 	Dalton Chiropractic, Ocean, NJ
2000 	A 	Eagle Group/Al's/Buckeye, Dover, DE 	Gas Heaven/Worth, Commack, NY
	B 	LR Softball, New Castle, DE 		Preston Trucking, Milford, DE

Wishbone (Make-A-Wish) Benefit Tournament - Wilkes-Barre, PA

Year 	Flight 	Champion 				Runner
2003	-	Rained-out
		HR Derby - Roger Kummerer, Norristown
2004 	A 	A.B.E., Pittston 			Donna's Carlisle Grill, Allentown
	B 	Smith Construction, Wilkes-Barre 	Bulls, Wilkes-Barre
		HR Derby - Mike McCarthy, Wilkes-Barre
2005 	A 	Rita's/Holiday Jacks, Roseto 		Donna's Carlisle Grill, Allentown
	B 	Estock Construction, Wilkes-Barre 	River Rats, Archibald
		HR Derby - Rained-out
2006 	- 	Not held

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