1990's Team of the Decade


The All-Decade team was done by votes of many different people, the total votes were tallied and the top players at each position will be shown here, anybody else receiving a vote will be mentioned.




Pitchers --

Rob Wisner topped the voting in a landslide!

He was followed by Joe Tomchick, Rocco Moyer, Joe Mosteller and Jim Gallagher

Others receiving votes: Mike Eitl, Randy Clouser and Sonny Termine


Catchers --

Chuck Rotelli was the top vote getter!

Others selected were Willy Plant, Joe Sanna, Mike Kaufman and Brian Becker

Others receiving votes: Al Hughes and Woody Smith


Extra Hitters --

Keith "JR" Williams received the most votes!

He was joined by Mark "Head" Lesczcynski, Mike Barainyak, Marty Murray and Kevin Alderfer

Others receiving votes: Big Steve Romano, Dave Hicks and Jeff Belford


First Basemen --

Warren Grant won a close race to gather top honors!

Closely behind were Mike Woytovich, Eddie Keebler, Dale Hood and Buck Stonesifer

Others receiving votes: Mike Mazza and Karl Janetka


Second Basemen --

Mike Lombardo and Todd Endy tied with the same number of votes!

Other honorees include Lou Ercoloni, Terry O'Donnell and Dick Moody

Others receiving votes: Chris Santori and Tommy Watts


Third Basemen --

This was another no contest as Roger Kummerer captured every first place vote!

Behind in the voting were John Maniscalco, Tom McGrath, Brian Thomas and Fugio Auriemma

Others receiving votes: Ed Gear, Bruce Schmidt and Ray Scheier


Shortstops --

The legend of Bobby Ray continues as he won this vote pretty handily!

Joining him on the team were Dave Gleason, Paul "Rook" Schaaf, Bruce Carr and Mark Desimone

Others receiving votes: Jamie Koresco, Eddie Moyer and Dave Heckman


Outfielders --

The top outfielders were Ken Shemonski, Ivo Salvi, Andy Gelet, Gary "Augie" Maugher and Tony Carfagno!

Others included Phil Eisenman, Pete Luzi, Tom Coughlin, Paul "Reds" Meare and Kip Harwick!

Also receiving top honors were Chuck DiNolfi, Dave Pettine, Rick Petschelt, Charlie Kish and Jimmy Kitchen!

Others receiving votes: Joe "Ozzie" Zebrowski, Mike Carfagno, Tony Romano, Mike Picard, Chris Painter, Mike Hopson and Chris Phenniger


Utility Players --

Selected were Clayton Blank, Sammy Ferrante, Tom Pagel, Steve Dimitry and Jerry Cannon!

Others included were Tony Giannone, Johnny Whitney, Jojo Brugnoli, Scott Campbell and Pat O'Brien!

Also selected were Jeff Brennan, Frank Harvey, Casey Murphy, Joe Cottelese and Brian Burke!

Others receiving votes: Brad Krenicky, Steve Phipps, Mike Ciancuilli, Charles Toto, Tony Gambone, Chuck Salamone, Jeff Jaffe, Tom Telford and Brian Fields


Managers --

Sonny Termine, Heels Gelet, Bob Gardner, Joe Tomchick and Paul Murray topped the voting!

Others receiving votes: Tony "A" Orsini, Rocco Moyer and Jerry Cannon


In a special vote to elect the best all around teamate and Mr. Nice Guy award, this was almost a unanimous selection !! The Best Team Player of the Decade -- Bill Korolyk


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