Norristown Softball's All-Time Team for the 20th Century

1960's -- Pete Scheetz
1970's -- Charlie DiNolfi
1980's -- Clarke Farrell (Voted The All-Time Player of the Century)
1990's -- Ken Shemonski
2000's -- Steve Moloney

Pitcher -- Tim Fiss (Advance Stamp, Dante's Restaurant, Al's Cold Cuts) 
Pitcher -- Rob Wisner (Tony Rich, Eagles, Little Pub, Brook, Rathbones, TNT, Little Brown Jug, Tuxedo Junction)
Catcher -- Dick Tancini (Crosstowne Tavern, Huey's, Al's Cold Cuts) 
First Base -- Bucky Priest (Ply Mar, DePallo's, CBC, Caparo's, Al's Cold Cuts) 
First Base -- Dale Hood (Ragusa's, Al's Cold Cuts, Triple S Club, Mascaro's, TNT)
Second Base -- Jack Vandegrift (Advanced Stamp., Dante's, Charlie's, Wits, Teamsters, Rossi, DQ, TNT) 
Second Base -- John Seiple (Tony Rich, Al's Cold Cuts, Triple S) 
Third Base -- Charlie DiNolfi (Crosstowne Tavern, DiSantis, Huey's, Al's Cold Cuts) 
Shortstop-- Bob Ray (NSG, Triple S, Little Pub, Brook, Rathbones, TNT) 
Shortstop -- Tommy Brady (Al's Cold Cuts) 
Utility Infield -- Ron Postel (Our Place, Vince's, Charlie G's, Mascaro's)
Outfield -- Clarke Farrell (Bake Meister, Al's Cold Cuts, Mascaro's, Cannon, Mel's Pub) 
Outfield -- Tom Mulvahill (Visitation, Vince's, Charlie G's, Kulp, Mascaro's) 
Outfield -- Ken Shemonski (Goodwill, DSI, Al's, Grand Slam, Am. Collision, Cannon) 
Outfield -- Jim Booz (Meadowbrook Tavern, Ragusa's, Al's Cold Cuts) 
Outfield -- Charlie Kish (Bridgeport Dragons, Triple S Club) 
Outfield -- Chuck DiNolfi (Walter's Tavern, Al's, TNT, American Collision) 
Extra Hitter -- Big Mike Gouck (Tony Rich, Vince's, Charlie G's, Mascaro's) 
Extra Hitter -- Richie Bellem (Foreman's, Huey's, VF Finance, Al's, NSG) 
Extra Hitter -- Butch Martin (Huey's Bar, Al's Cold Cuts, Tony Rich, Charlie G's)
Extra Hitter -- Tom Coughlin (GE, Bruckner's, TNT, Triple S, MAD, Brown Jug)
Extra Hitter -- Mike Every (Tony Rich, TNT, Norristown Rec, Tech-Ed)
Utility -- Steve Moloney (Eagle's Home, Natale & Onufer, Little Brown Jug, Peppers)
Utility -- Tom Clark (Talone Insurance) 
Utility -- Harold Moo Moyer (Services Unlimited, Holy Savior, Triple S, Al's) 
Utility -- Pete Scheetz (Meadowbrook, Ragusa, Maloney's, Vince's, We3) 
Utility -- John Cresswell, Sr. (Meadowbrook Tavern, Ragusa's, Al's Cold Cuts) 
Utility -- Harry Buddy Shank (Advance Stamp, Dante's Restaurant, Al's Cold Cuts) 
Utility -- Bruce Carr (Services Unlimited, Wit's, Tony Rich, Al's, Triple S) 
Utility -- Jim Legs Beaty (Crosstowne, Huey's, Vince's, Triple S Club) 
Utility -- Sandy Reagan (Al's Cold Cuts)
Utility -- Phil Eisenman (Organski's, Marchese, Riley Sales, JoMark) 
Utility -- Gary Augie Maugher (Mosteller's, Woodstream, Big Al's) 
Utility -- Warren Grant (American Collision, Molettiere's, JoMark, TNT, Mel's Pub)
Manager -- George Schools (Crosstowne Tavern, Huey's, Al's Cold Cuts)
Manager -- Sal Bello (Triple S Club)
Coach -- Jim McGettigan (Al's Cold Cuts)
Sponsor -- Al Bertucci (Al's Cold Cuts)


Pitcher -- Art Tut Andrey (Holy Saviour, Crosstowne Tavern, Huey's Bar) 
Pitcher -- Steve Beefy Maniscalco (Vince's, Tony Rich, Charlie G's, Mascaro's) 
Pitcher -- Jerry Cannon (Bednar Auto, Marchese Honda, Cannon Roofing)
Catcher -- Dick Habernigg (Perrone's Catering, Fiore Motors, Luciano's, TNT) 
Catcher -- Steve Falcone (MSS, NSG, Al's, Martella's, Falcones, Woodstream)
First Base -- Ernie Thomas (Bpt. Pharmacy, NPO, Ragusa, Wits, Dekalb Disco) 
Second Base -- John DiRosato (Talone Insurance, Turley's)
Third Base -- Roger Kummerer (Norr. Rec, Tech-Ed, Brook, Rathbones, Cannon, TNT, Hooters, Brown Jug, Mel's) 
Shortstop -- Howie Craft (Talone Insurance)
Utility Infield -- Rick Falcone (Crosstowne Tavern, Al's Cold Cuts, Triple S Club)
Outfield -- Erv Hubcap Dean (Meadowbrook, Crosstowne, Huey's, Ragusa, DeKalb Disco) 
Outfield -- Tony Carfagno (Fiore Motors, TNT Sports Club, Little Brown Jug) 
Outfield -- Jeff Belford (Swedeland Fire Company, Reality One)
Outfield -- Jojo Brugnoli (B&M Auto, Al's Cold Cuts, Marchese, Riley Sales, JoMark, Triple S, Eagles Home)
Outfield -- Richard Fisher (B&M Auto, TNT Sports Club, Martella's Video, Falcone's)
Outfield -- Paul Reds Meare (American Collision, JoMark, Mel's Pub)
Outfield -- Gary DelBuono (Advance Stamp, Dante's Restaurant, Al's Cold Cuts)
Outfield -- John Mancini (Huey's, Ply Mar, Meadowbrook, MSS, MAD, Brook, Turley's, We3)
Outfield -- Vince Buckley (Al's Cold Cuts)
Extra Hitter -- Brian Becker (Marchese Honda, Al's, Grand Slam, Riley Sales, Cannon) 
Extra Hitter -- Meetch Mysawka (Vince's, Charlie G's, NSG, Al's, Mascaro's, It. Club)
Extra Hitter -- Bob Koch (Services Unlimited, Tony Rich, Norristown Sporting Goods)
Extra Hitter -- Mike Mazza (Triple S Club)
Extra Hitter -- Bill Plichta (Norristown Rec, Tech-Ed, Honeybaked Ham, We3)
Utility -- Charlie Billeta (MSS, NSG, Al's, Martella's, Falcones)
Utility -- Tommy Alba (MSS, NSG, Al's, Martella's, Falcones)
Utility -- Ricky Morgan (Norrsitown Sporting Goods, Conshohocken AA, TNT)
Utility -- Pete Luzi (Woodstream, Eagle's Home, Sports Page, MAD, Cannon Roofing)
Utility -- Big Steve Romano (Eagles Home Association, Riley Sales) 
Utility -- Keith JR Williams (Marchese, Riley's, Molettieres, Sumney, JoMark, TNT) 
Utility -- Ed Keebler (DSI, Great Valley, American Collision, Cannon) 
Utility -- Frank Harvey (NSG, Maenner-Chor, Al's, Marchese, Riley Sales, JoMark)
Utility -- Clayton Blank (Tech-Ed, Grand Slam, Woodstream, Mascaro's, We3, CVCK) 
Utility -- Danny Fisher (J&L Towing, Al's Cold Cuts)
Utility -- Fugio Auriemma (Ply Mar, Marchese Honda, Riles Sales, MAD) 
Utility -- Randy Clouser, Sr. (Duff Plumbing, Woodstrem, Direnzo's)
Utility -- John Whitney (DelConte, Remax, Marchese, Riley's, American Collision, JoMark)
Utility -- Jojo Brugnoli (B&M Auto, Al's Cold Cuts, Marchese, Riley Sales, JoMark, Triple S, Eagles Home)
Utility -- Steve Dimitry (TNT, Talone's, Luciano's, Little Pub, Brook, Rathbones, Cannon, Eagle's, Jug)
Utility -- Tom Pagel (Mt Carmel, Holy Saviour, TNT, American Building, Little Brown Jug)
Utility -- Tony Dirt Giannone (Hoagie Experience, Eagle's, Triple S, Cannon Roofing, Charlie's)
Utility -- Brian Burke  (Hoagie Exp., Eagle's, Sports Unlimited, Triple S, MAD, Little Brown Jug, Franchise, TNT, Direnzo's, N&O)
Utility -- Charlie Biletta (MSS, Martella's, Falcones)
Manager -- Sullivan Heels Gelet (Huey's, TR, J&L, Eagles, Pub, Brook, Rathbones, Hooters)
Mgr./Sponsor -- Sonny Termine (TNT Sports Club)
Coach -- Ernie Chintalan (TNT Sports Club, Little Brown Jug)
Sponsor -- Triple S Club


Pitcher -- Jim Schaeffer  (NPO, Ragusa's, DePallo's, CBC, Caparo's, Marchese, Cannon)
Pitcher -- Johnny Yost (Stoney Creek, Charlie's, Nac's, Services Unl., Maenner Chor)
Pitcher -- Bobby Hiltner (Talone Insurance, MSS Club)
Extra hitter -- Joe Mosteller (Mosteler's, Al's Cold Cuts, Woodstream)
Catcher -- Joey Biddy (Rossi's Bar, Triple S)
First Base -- Mike Tobo Woytovich (Rathbones, Steppy's, TNT Sports Club, Brown Jug)
First Base -- Mike Porky Porcelli (TNT Sports Club, Luciano's Tavern)
Second Base -- Buddy Tolson (Tony Rich, Al's Cold Cuts)
Second Base -- Dave O'Donnell (Lozinak, J&L Towing, Swedeland)
Second Base -- Johnny Every (Tony Rich, TNT, Norristown Rec, Tech-Ed)
Third Base -- George Schools (Crosstowne, Al's Cold Cuts, RT Temps)
Shortstop -- Bobby McQuaid (Vince's Tavern, Charlie G's, Mascaro's)
Utility Infield -- Tom Telford (Marchese Honda, Riley Sales)
Utility Infield -- Bobby Rogers (Capone's, Luciano's, Origlio's Old Guys, Whitpain Tavern)
Outfield -- Ivo Salvi (Cannon Roofing, TNT Sports Club, Mel's Pub, Hooters)
Outfield -- Andy Gelet (Rathbone's, Brook Tavern, TNT, Carl Rost, Hooters, Cannon Roofing)
Outfield -- Al Curcio (J&L Towing, Tony Rich, Al's Cold Cuts)
Outfield -- Bobby Donnely (LAM Club, Germantown Tile, Marchese, Al's)
Outfield -- Ron Weikel (Kulp Paving, Mascaro's)
Outfield -- Jack Beatrice (Charlie's Pizzeria, Al's Cold Cuts)
Outfield -- Lou Simpson, Sr. (TNT Sports Club)
Outfield -- Paul Falcone (MSS Club, Falcone Painting)
Outfield -- Freddie Angelo (Stoney Creek, Charlie's, Nac's, Services Unl., Maenner Chor)
Utility Outfield -- Kip Harwick (TNT Sports Club, Carl Rost, Hooters, Mel's Pub)
Extra hitter -- Joe Mosteller (Mosteler's, Al's Cold Cuts, Woodstream)
Extra hitter -- Chuck Rotelli (TNT Sports Club)
Extra hitter -- Sammy Rosen (Norristown Sporting Goods, Mascaro's, Brown Jug)
Extra hitter -- Micky Striezierri (TNT Sports Club)
Extra hitter -- Buddy Radcliff (Charlie's Pizzeria, Wit's, J&L Towing)
Utility -- Don Undercuffler (Gambone Brothers, Continental Reality, Bove's)
Utility -- Johnny Ray (Gambone Brothers, Ply Mar, NSG)
Utility -- Don Sobeck (Triple S Club, Al's Cold Cuts)
Utility -- Jimmy Genuardi (Services Unlimited, Meadowbrook Tavern, MSS, TNT)
Utility -- Craig Dutch Curcio (J&L Towing, Eagles Home, Little Pub, Brook)
Utility -- Patty Nattle (Grand Slam, Italian Club, Maro & Maro)
Utility -- Paul Rook Schaaf (Victor's Cleaners, Michael's Deli, Triple S Club)
Utility -- Ken Nadwodny (Triple S Club)
Utility -- Kevin Moloney (Gambone Bros., Continental, Moloney's, Caparo's, Al's)
Utility -- Jeff Brennan (Brook Tavern, American Building, Carl Rost, Hooters, Hitmen, Crusaders)
Utility -- Sam Bocella (TNT Sports Club, American Collision, Execupharm)
Utility -- Russell Peanut Williams (NSG, Conshy AA, Luciano's Tavern)
Manager -- Lou Bove (Bove's, Continental Real Estate, Norristown Sporting Goods)
Mgr./Sponsor -- Jerry Cannon (Cannon Roofing)
Coach -- Walt Pennington (Ragusa's)
Sponsor -- Maennerchor Club


Pitchers --    
Joe Mattoza (Gambone Bros., Continental, Bove's, NSG)
Buddy Lare  (J&L Towing, Eagles Home, Little Pub, Brook)
Joe Tomchick (DSI, Great Valley, Mascaro's, American Collision, Cannon, Swedeland)
Rocco Moyer (Hoagie Experience, Eagle's Home, Sports Unlimited, Triple S)

Catcher/Extra Hitters --     
Fran Mack (Advanced Stamp, Al's Cold Cuts, Via Veneto)
Steve Doyle (Triple S Club, Al's Cold Cuts)
Tom Rossi (CBC, Caparo's)
Mark Lesczcynski (DSI, Great Valley, American Collision, Cannon, Swedeland)
John Zampieri (Continental Realty, TNT Sports Club)

First Basemen --        
Joe Cottelese (Mosteller's, Woodstream, American Collision)
Jim Marsilio (Tony Rich, Norristown Sporting Goods)
Bobby Keyser (J&L Towing, Tony Rich)

Second Basemen --       
Mike Lombardo (JoMark, SumneyWest, TNT Sports Club)
Dick Moody (JoMark, SumneyWest, Mel's Pub, Little Brown Jug)
Bruce Bednar (Rossi's Bar)
Joe Guardino (Al's Cold Cuts)
Sammy Boccella (TNT Sports Club, Execupharm)

Third Basemen --        
Logan Ruth (Tony Rich, Kamko, Metzgar's, Mt.Carmel, Brown Jug)
Kenny Watts (Crosstowne Tavern, Al's Cold Cuts)
Vince Giorgio (Holy Savior, Crosstowne, Swedesburg)
Tom McGrath (Triple S Club, Brook Tavern)
John Grady (Riley Sales, Grand Slam USA, Mel's Pub)
Mike Bucci (Luciano's Tavern, TNT Sports Club)

Shortstops --   
Larry Presby (Crosstowne Tavern)
Walt Napierkowski (CBC, Caparo's)
Doug Worman (Rossi's Bar)

Outfielders --  
Tony Orsini (Triple S Club, TNT Sports Club, American Building, Little Brown Jug, Main Street Pizza)
John Rorick (Marchese Honda, Riles Sales, MAD) 
Norm Kidd (J&L Towing, Eagles Home, Little Pub, Brook, MAD)
Ray Romano (Huey's Blue Ribbon Bar, Ply Mar)
Bobby Melcher (Tom's Appliances, Tony Rich) 
Charles Fisher (TNT Sports Club, Martella's Video)
Warren Sheerer  (Luiciano's Tavern, Norristown Sporting Goods)
Jimmy Blackmon (Kulp Paving, Luciao's Tavern, Rossi's Bar)
Tom Brodowski (Perrone's Catering, Sports Unlimited)
George Tancini (B&M Auto, Rossi's Bar, Luciano's Tavern, Mascaro's)
Rick Petschelt (Little Pub, Grand Slam, Marchese, Sports Unlimited)
Tony "Lamp" Gambone (Luciano's Tavern, TNT Sports Club)
Joe Ozzie Zebrowski (Bruno's Towing, Al's Cold Cuts, Triple S, Little Brown Jug)
Tony Chiccino (Bridgeport Park n Rec, Italian Club)

Manager -- 
Chris Painter (Nac's Steaks, Perrone's Catering, Sports Unlimited)
Corky Piacatelli (Ply Mar Construction)
Bobby Gardner (Mosteller's Seafood, Woodstream)
Sonny Borzillo (Dairy Queen)

Sponsor -- 
John Talone (Talone Insurance)
Earl Metzgar (Metzgar's Painting, Little Brown Jug)



Pitchers --    
Joe Morello (Ragussa Hauling)
Sonny Termine (TNT Sports Club)
Tony Tancini  (TK Club, Rossi's, Luciano's)
Andy Drobek (Angelo Fuels, Rossi's Bar, Luciano's Tavern, Brown Jug, Cannon Roofing)

Catcher/Extra Hitters --     
Willy Plant (Cannon Roofing, JoMark, Eagles Home, Triple S, Little Brown Jug)
Joe Viglione (Rossi's Bar, Luciano's Tavern, TNT Sports Club)
Buck Stonesifer (Swedeland, MAD Extrerminators, Carl Rost, TNT Sports Club)
Randy Fry (Marchese Honda, Riley Sales, Origlio's)

First Basemen --        
George Detweiler (Talone Insurance)
Casey Murphy (Triple S Club, Marchese Honda, Riley Sales)
Chuck Eppolito (Holy Saviour)
Steve Daywalt (Luciano's Tavern, Elm Tavern)

Second Basemen --       
Jerry Kobrynski (Triple S Club)
Denny Moloney (Ragusa Hauling)
Gary Schaeffer (NPO, Wit's, Teamsters, Maenner Chor)
Terry O'Donnell (Cannon Roofing, Swedeland Fire Company)
Karl Kat Janetka (American Building, Cannon Roofing)
Ty Jones (Carl Rost, Hooters, Cannon Roofing)
Tracey Wilson (J&L Towing, Eagles Home Association)
Joe Giovinco (Gilbert's Clothes, Fiore Motors, Norristown Rec)

Third Basemen --        
Brian Thomas (Eagle's Home, Sports Unlimited, Triple S, Little Brown Jug, Humleville)
John Maniscalco (Eagle's Home, Sports Unlimited, TNT Sports Club)
Tim "Woodsy" Wilson (Eagle's Home, Little Pub, Sports Unlimited, Swedeland, Falcone's)
Charles Toto (Holy Saviour, TNT Sports Club, Toto's)
Marc Zeigler (JoMark, Berry Mowing, Cannon/Berry)
Dave Mash (TNT Sports Club)

Shortstops --   
Elmer Levingood (Mosteller's, Woodstream, Big Al's)
Mark Desimone (DelConte's, ReMax, JoMark, SumneyWest, Berry's)
Russell Rorick (J&L Towing, Eagles Home Association)
Jimmy Davis (TNT Sports Club, Luciano's Tavern, Little Pub Lounge)
Dave Heckman (Sleep n Snooz, Carl Rost, Hooters KOP, Mel's Pub)
Ken Skeeter Parker (TNT Sports Club)

Outfielders --  
Henry Spataccini (Crosstowne Tavern, Huey's, Al's Cold Cuts)
Speedy Gonzales (Bridgeport Rx, Kamko, Elm Tavern, Metzgar's, Mt Carmel)
Vince Souto (Meadowbrook Tavern, Bove's, Gambone Brothers)
Dale Brandt (Luciano's Tavern, Bridgeport Fire Company)
Bill Weigelt (Rossi's Bar)
Dave Bones Wheeler (NPO, Charlie's, Wit's, Tony Rich, NSG)
Bobby Campbell (Ply Mar Construction)
Don Cipolini (Tony Rich, Al's Cold Cuts)
Ernie Radicione (LAM Club, Dairy Queen)
Larry Constable (Tony Rich)
Franco Pelligrin (Continental Reality, Al's Cold Cuts)
Jack Maier (Talone Insurance, Turley's)
Ken Timbario (Ply Mar Construction)
Frank Tornetta (Triple S Club, Rossi's Bar)
Mike Mascaro (Charlie G's, Triple S, Mascaro's)
Dick Daddona (Meadowbrook Tavern, Ragusa Hauling)
Jordy Hinkle (Old Norrington Tavern, Pennco, TNT Sports Club)
Joe Shaw (Bono Vendors, Rossi's Bar, Luciano's Tavern,  TNT Sports Club)
Steve Romano (Luciano's Tavern, TNT Sports Club, MAD, Brook Tavern)
Dana Luscombe (Berry Mowing, Cannon/Berry, Aqua Sun)
Jimmy Kitchen (TNT Sports Club, JoMark, SumneyWest)
Dave Pettine (Cannon Roofing, TNT Sports Club, Mel's Pub, Hooters)
Mike Corliss (Perrone's Catering, Charlie G's, Meadowbrook Tavern, Brown Jug, Cannon Roofing)
Don Douglass (Thorngate, Maennerchor, Sullivan's Plumbing, Little Brown Jug, Falcone's)
Jim Lelii (Bethayre's Pub, Doolan's Pub, Stadium Sports, Mel's Pub)
Jeff Jaffe (Brook, Rathbones, Triple S, Eagle's Home, Brown Jug)
Chris Painter (Mt. Carmel, Holy Savior, Mel's Pub, Little Brown Jug, Falcone's, Swedeland)
Brian Fields (Triple S, Eagles Home, Little Brown Jug, Falcone's, Players Club)
Rob Himes (Triple S, MAD, Hooters, Hitmen, Cannon Roofing)
Joe Povenski (Stadium Sports, Mel's Pub)
Chris Pheninger (TNT Sports Club)
Bobby Courtney (Great Valley, American Collision)
Gerry Giovinco (Gilbert's Clothes, Fiore Motors)

Manager -- Charlie Granese (Vince's Tavern, Charlie G's)
Rich Cocchmiglio (Molettiere's Cafe, Berry Mowing)
Jim Booz (Al's Cold Cuts)
Paul and Marty Murray (Fifth St Pub, Bethayre's Pub, Doolan's Pub, Mel's Pub)

Sponsor -- 
Jim Luciano (Luciano's Tavern)
Wayne Amick (Dairy Queen)
Eagle's Home Association



Umpire -- 
Burr Robbins
John Ross
John Basjmajen
Vern Schlotzmeyer
Frank Horvath
Jim Myers
Joe Shaw
Rick Falcone
Bob Pettine
Vern Leedam

Administrator -- 
Ted Every (Umpire Assignor)

Area League Commissioners Honorable Mention --
Bob Fryer/Charlie Granese/Corky Piacatelli/Al Bertucci/Sonny Borzillo/Bill Plichta/Sully Gelet - Norristown Softball League
Tony Chiccino/John Nicola/Nick Rotondo/Tom Brady - Bridgeport Softball League
Mike Brinkman - Collegeville Softball Association and Valley Forge Coed Association
Tom Schadt/Bob Beard/Bob Christman - Linfield ASA League 
Larry Brown/Jane Delaney - East Norriton Sunday League
Lee Fryer/Bill Conner - Plymouth Unlimited League
Floyd Schaffer - Conshohocken Slow Pitch League

Top Fans -- 
Chick Vernaccio
John Fry

Softball Writers --
Tony Leodora - Times Herald (Started the weekly softball column and put Norristown in the public limelight)
Cheryl Kehoe-Rogers - Times Herald


1. Al's Cold Cuts (1974, 27-1; Norristown and Conshy Champs; Overall 90-5) 
2. Al's (1986, 24-3; Norr. and Bpt. Champs; ASA-PA "A" Champs, Overall 89-13) 
3. Al's (1984, 23-1; Norristown Champs; ASA-PA "A" Champs, Overall 73-15) 
4. Crosstowne Tavern (1971, 32-1; Norristown Champs) 
5. TNT Sports Club (1994, Norristown Champs)
6. Norristown Sporting Goods (1980, Norristown and Bridgeport Champs) 
7. American Collision (1992, Norristown and Bridgeport Champs)
8. Cannon Roofing (1996, Norristown and Bridgeport Champs)
9. Al's Cold Cuts (1975, Norristown and Conshohocken Champs) 
10. Al's Cold Cuts (1977, Norristown and Conshohocken Champs) 
11. Al's Cold Cuts (1988, Norristown Champs)
12. Charlie G's (1981, Norristown Champs) 
13. TNT Sports Club (1995, Norristown Champs) 
14. Woodstream (1990, Norristown Champs) 
15. TNT Sports Club (1993, Norristown Champs) 

Al's Cold Cuts (1972-79)
Al's Cold Cuts  (1981-86, 88)
Crosstowne Tavern (1968-71) 
Triple S Club (1968-72)
Triple S Club (1976-1984)
TNT Sports Club (1993-95)
TNT Sports Club (1998-99)
Cannon Roofing (1996-2003)
Mosteller's/Woodstream (1987-91)
Grand Slam USA (1989-90)
Marchese/Riley Sales (1985-90)
DSI/Great Valley/American Collision (1985-93)
Norristown Sporting Goods (1979-1983) 
Meadowbrook Tavern/Ragusa Hauling (1968-73)
Gambone Brothers/Services Unlimited (1974-75)
Ply Mar (1973-1979)
Tony Rich (1975-1983)
Bethayres/Doolan's/Mel's Pub (1998-2002)

1. Charlie DiNolfi's HR at Latshaw Field (Baseball Dimensions) in 1977.
2. Steele's-Al's game 2, Ken Shemonski's HR at Latshaw field in 1988.
3. Ken Shemonski's 5 HR's in a game at Wierman Field in 1988.
4. Clarke Farrell comes out of retirement in 2001 at the age of 44 and goes 7 for 7
    to lead Cannon Roofing to a 41-3 win over the Little Brown Jug on opening night.
5. Mike Mascaro's 2-base tag up on Tom Mulvahill's sac fly ball in the bottom of 
    the 7th inning of Game 5 to give Charlie G's the title over Al's Cold Cuts in 1981.
6. Brian Becker's HR in the bottom of the 7th inning of Game 5 to give Al's the 
    title over heavy underdog Little Pub Lounge. Turned out to be Al's last title (1988).
7. Al's is upset by Norristown Sporting Goods and eliminated from the Norristown 
    Playoffs in 1980, thus breaking their streak of eight (8) straight titles.
8. In the midst of Al's last team in 1989 (The 25th anniversary team), Former Pro
    Football player, Joe Klecko plays and hits 3 rockets into the right field trees.
9. Heavyweight Boxing Champ Michael Grant plays for Cannon Roofing in 1996
    and WIP's Mike Missanelli plays for Norristown Sporting Goods in 1983.
10. The Largest Brother Combination in Norristown - The Giovonco Brothers
      (4 of them) - Phil, Gerry, Joe and Jimmy. All class acts and good ball players.



Norristown Women's Softball All-Time Team for the 20th Century

Maria DiBernardi and Marianne Kempf

All Century Team
Pitcher -- Maria DiBernardi (AAA, Anderson Auto) 
Pitcher -- Kelley Blehl (Frank's Breakers)
Catcher -- Jen Rice (ICC Cherokees) 
Catcher  -- Claire Finley (AAA) 
First Base -- Debbie Claycomb (AAA) 
Second Base -- Debbie Hartnett (Sports Page, Perky Cafe, Catagnus) 
Second Base -- Bertie Landis (McLaughlin's Deli, AAA) 
Second Base -- Jayne Mauro (Perky Cafe, Sports Page, Frank's Breakers)
Second Base -- Natalie Steele (Bpt. Ribhouse, Our Place/Slammers, Sweet Tooth Vending)
Shortstop -- Sue Rice (ICC Cherokees) 
Shortstop -- Frankie Collins (AAA) 
Shortstop -- Sonia Pez (Sports Page, Perky Cafe, Catagnus) 
Shortstop -- Shiela Strickland (Gigi Golf) 
Shortstop -- Jane Duffin (Danny's Pizza, She Plays Sports)
Third Base -- Sue Wenzel (Sports Page, Perky Cafe, Catagnus) 
Third Base -- Paula Kurkowski (AAA) 
Outfield -- Marianne Kempf (AAA, ICC, Anderson, Sports Page, Perky, Catagnus) 
Outfield -- Lorraine Lasorsa (AAA, Anderson Auto) 
Outfield -- Vicki Sasek (AAA, Cowan Olds, Slammers) 
Outfield -- Deb Dolga (Trouble, Anderson Auto)
Outfield -- Michele 'Stretch' Washington (AAA) 
Outfield -- Jackie Turzer (Sports Page, Perky Cafe, Catagnus) 
Outfield -- April Nevis (Pastino's Hairstyling, Courthouse)
Outfield -- Joanne Santini (Baldini's, Tom's Bar)
Outfield -- Beth Proffit (Courthouse, Direnzo's Tavern)
Utility -- Gina Walker (AAA) 
Utility -- Sandi Narcisco (AAA) 
Utility -- Becky Sowerby (Brook Tavern) 
Utility -- Mel Pappasergi (Pastino's Hairstyling, Sports Page) 
Utility -- Sharon Conoly (Anderson Auto, Sports Page, Perky Cafe)
Utility -- Jerry Ludlum (Trouble)
Manager -- Sandy Nadwodny (AAA)
Manager -- Brian Beswick (Anderson Auto, Sports Page)
Manager -- Jimmy Myers (Courthouse, Brook Tavern)
Sponsor -- Sal Bello (Acceptance Associates of America - AAA)
Administrator -- Bill Plichta (League Commissioner 1978-92)
Administrator -- Lynn Gray Patterson (League Commissioner 1995-97)
Administrator -- Sandy Melnikoff (League Commissioner 1998-99)
Administrator -- Stacey Clemens (League Commissioner 2000-present)
Administrator -- Glen 'Statman' Kilpatrick (Manager, League Administrator and Statistician)
League Player Reps -- Sandy Melnikoff and Roxanne Wood (ASA of PA)


Team of the 1980s - Acceptance Association of America (AAA)
Norristown League Champs: 1984, 85, 86, 87, 88 ; League  Runner-up 1989
ASA-PA State Champs: 1984-Class A and 1988-Class A

Team of the 1990s - Anderson Auto/Sports Page/Perky Café/Catagnus
Norristown League Champs: 1993, 94, 95, 96, 97
ASA-PA State Champs: 1991-Class A, 1994-Class A, 1995-Class A, 
ASA-PA State Runner-up: 1992-Class A, 1996-Class-Major
ASA Nationals: 1992-Class A Runner-up, 1995-Class A Runner-up

Honorable Mention:
Trouble: 1989 Nrt. Champs; 1989 ASA-PA "B" Champs, 1990 ASA-PA "A" Runner-up
Pastino's: 1990 Nrt. Champs; 1990 ASA-PA "B" Champs, 1989 ASA-PA "C" Runner-up
Brook Tavern: 1991 Nrt. Champs; 1991 ASA-PA "C" Champs
Slammers: 1998, 99, 01 Nrt. Champs; 1999 ASA-PA "B" Runner-up
Tom's Bar: 2002 Nrt. Runner-up; 2002 ASA-PA "D" Champs
Sweet Tooth Vending/Fiddler's Green: 2002, 04 Nrt. Champs; 2002 ASA "B" Nat. Champs (Max Magees Pub)
Breakers: 2003 Nrt. Champs, Nrt. Runner-up; 1998, 2000, 2001, 2004

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Maybe someday, we can start a Hall of Fame for some of the surrounding leagues, or at least have some names mentioned as influential players, coaches or administrators from these leagues. I know there are some people out there that would like to see a separate section on Bridgeport, Collegeville, Plymouth or even Phoenixville. One of the greatest people to ever play in this area spent most of his career in Bridgeport because that was where his home was. The Bridgeport League and Tony Chiccino are always mentioned in the same breath. Chick was a friend to many and a local sports legend dating all the way back to his high school days. He played football for Bear Bryant at Kentucky and eventually became a teacher.  The Phoenixville area schools were lucky enough to have him in their district teaching. When I first started playing ball back in the 1970's, I got a team together with all my  neighborhood friends and approached Mr. Chiccino about entering the Bridgeport League. We stayed in that league as a team until his untimely death in the early 1980's. Every year we had trouble raising money for the league fee. Chick NEVER bothered us for the money, I don't even know what the policy was for paying the league fee back then, but we took most of the season paying him off. We always got caught up. Chick could have easily said go somewhere else to play, but he put up with us because that was what he was all about, running a league and having people come play ball in Bridgeport. He knew we were young and had little money back then, nonetheless, we were always welcomed back every year by him. He was a class act and died much too young. I remember waiting in line at his viewing with my dad and wondering how somebody could have so many friends. If you ever met him and were lucky enough to get to know him, you would know why.

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If you don't already know, one of our own was recently inducted into the ASA of Pennsylvania Hall of Fame. Pat Nattle, Sr. has been involved in softball for a long time in the Phoenixville area. Before he was the Chester County Commissioner, he was a fast pitch softball legend in the Phoenixville area. You won't find a nicer guy either. I saw his induction back in February in Lancaster. His family was  there for the celebration. I've played  against his son's Patty and John-John for many years and they also are great softball players and good guys. 


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