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March - Millennium Early Bird (Delaware County)

Gold Flight Championship
Barnaby's Havertown (Chester County-West Chester) - 16
Miller's Ale House/Jubilee Catering HH (Millennium Sunday) - 6

Gold Flight Semifinal
Barnaby's Havertown (Chester County-West Chester) - 9
Quan Ta Productions/Slurricanes (Millennium Sunday) - 8

Gold Flight Semifinal
Miller's Ale House/Jubilee Catering HH (Millennium Sunday) - 16
The Tribe (Chester County-West Chester) - 8

Gold Flight Play-in Game
Quan Ta Productions/Slurricanes (Millennium Sunday) - 14
Stephen's on State (Millennium Sunday) - 4

Silver Flight Championship
Pogue Mahone's Pub (Millennium Sunday) - 13
Upland A.C. (Millennium Sunday) - 11

3rd Place
Action Auto/B.D.A. BallBusters
Burgundy Lounge Punishers

Bronze Flight" Championship
Barnaby's Ridley/Moran Electric (Millennium Sunday) - 12
Haggerty's Cafe II (Millennium Sunday) - 0

3rd Place
Belvedere/Barnaby's Softball
Elliot's Vending Undertakers

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