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Norristown Men's and Women's Summer & Fall Leagues

Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee


The New National Logo

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) of America/USA Softball, the National Governing Body (NGB) of Softball in the U.S., announced today their organizational rename and rebrand to USA Softball and new logo, which will be effective January 1, 2017. As the sport of softball continually evolves, focusing on the USA Softball brand better reflects the legacy that ASA/USA Softball has established over its 80 years as the leader in the sport of softball. As the National Governing Body of Softball, USA Softball will continue to serve as the leader in the sport of softball while helping foster the passion and love for the game to all. That legacy will continue to live on through the USA Softball brand, providing a clearer identity of what USA Softball stands for, represents and embodies.

In addition to rebranding, ASA/USA Softball has also unveiled a new redesigned logo, approved by the ASA/USA Softball Board of Directors at its April 2016 board meeting, which will replace the ASA/USA Softball split logo throughout the transition to USA Softball. The redesign contains several key elements of previous ASA/USA Softball logos, while clearly identifying the USA Softball brand as the organization evolves towards the future. The home plate shape embodies the sport, while bold, block USA Softball lettering symbolizes USA Softball’s authority as the NGB. Along with the redesigned prominent features of the logo, the stars and stripes pay homage to the U.S. flag and classic American iconography, connecting fans and members with the USA Softball brand. Several subtleties also lie within the new logo, as the three red stripes reference 1933, the year ASA/USA Softball was founded, and the stars represent the four territories of ASA/USA Softball.


2017 Norristown Men's Softball League

Deputy District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and District Commissioner (Sully Gelet)

President/Treasurer  -- Sully ‘Heels’ Gelet (484-686-6006)
Vice President/Secretary/Web Master  -- Steve Dimitry (610-716-6191)
Vice President/Advisor -- Charles “Sonny” Termine (610-496-8631)
Vice President/Fundraising/Field/Zoo Liaison -- Wayne Stem (610-761-4961)
League Player Rep/Contributor -- Chris Carter (610-637-0610)
League Player Rep/Contributor -- Don Douglass (610-605-7010)
Umpire-in-Chief/Rules Interpreter -- Frank Horvath (610-539-0405)
Legal Representation -- Tom Gibbons, Esquire (610-457-1220)
Legal Counsel -- Tom Oshinsky, Esquire (856-979-3639)
League Message Board --
League Facebook Page -- 

ASA/USA of Pennsylvania Information
Sully Gelet - District Commissioner/Classification board member/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - Deputy Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Commissioner/Slow Pitch and Classification Board Co-Chair
Tony Carfagno - District Player Rep/County Commissioner/Classification board
Bob Beard - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Rob Bickelman - County Commissioner/Player Rep/Assistant District Tournament Tournament
Ryan Graver - County Commissioner/Player Rep/Assistant District Tournament Tournament
Stacey Clemens  - District Women Commissioner/Player Rep/Women’s committee member
Meghan Brogan - District Coed Commissioner/State Women’s Slow Pitch Commissioner/Coed committee member
Sonny Termine - District Masters and Seniors Commissioner/Seniors committee member/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Wayne Stem - Fund Raising and Field Operations Director
Frank Horvath - District Umpire-in-Chief
Butch Fisher - Assistant District Umpire-in-Chief
Drew Brennan - District JO Commissioner


Norristown Area Informational Links:
Norristown League Sponsor Page
Norristown Area Local League and Business Links
Norristown Area Softball Message Board
Norristown Softball Facebook Page
2017 Tournament Announcements
2017 Tournament Results
2017 Area League Information
USA of PA Player Player Data Base, Roster Page and Appeal Form
National USA Player Data Base and Appeal Form

Reclassification for 2017
Men's Slow Pitch Reclassification Information (Team, Location, District)
Class-E to Class-D2
Applegate Softball, Millennium-Delco (6)
Hawks, Gap (2)
Union Station/Hot Z, Manheim Township (2)
Stinger's Restaurant & Bar, Millennium-Delco (6)

Class-D2 to Class-D1
Jessup Side Bar, Archbald (16)
** MKS/Creekside, Linfield (14) **
Rage, Gap (2)
Steel Pub, Lehigh Valley (3)

Class-D1 to Class-C
** Paragon Alliance, Norristown (14) **
Bull Frog Brewery/Two Boys, Williamsport (4)

Women's Slow Pitch Reclassification (Team, Location, District)

Coed Slow Pitch Reclassification (Team, Location, District)

Please visit the Norristown Softball League Facebook Page 

Email your lineup signed by the opposing manager no later than 24 hours after the game.

Last Edited - 03/22/2017

Men's League Standings

A - Division Standings W L Pct.
Paragon Alliance/Autobahn Sports      
Bridgeport Rib-House      
Inferno Sports/Eagle Pest Control      
Toscos Pizza/Bridgeport Beer      
Nonna Rosa Pizza/Oshinsky Law      
Romano Paving & Contracting      
Spectrum/Infinite Home Solutions/M&M/Bullies      
B - Division Standings W L Pct.
Depaul Brothers      
Steppy's/Altomare Precast      
Gibbons Legal      
Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home/Ambler Beverage      
Trappe Tavern      
EPS Softball      


Men's League Home Run Leader Board

A-Upper Division HR Leaders #
Player, Team x
B-Lower Division HR Leaders #
Player, Team x


Men's League Awards and Accolades

Will be awarded in late August

Norristown Women's Softball League

League President/Treasurer - Stacey Clemens
League Vice President/Secretary - Glenn Kilpatrick

Women's League Standings

More information to come when the 2017 schedule comes out

Standings W L Pct.
Zachary's BBQ      
Steppy's Bar      
All About that Base      
Charlies Pizza      
Uno's Plymouth Meeting      



Women's League All-Star Game and Awards


Norristown Men's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297


Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661


Norristown Women's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661


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