Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame




NOTE - if anybody has any old booklets from these Philadelphia Softball Hall of Fame inductions that list the inductees or has any bios on them (who they played for, what position they played, etc), PLEASE let me know as I would love to complete the list - THANKS, Steve Dimitry

ASA of Metro Philadelphia Softball History


Bud Dilworth - (Pitcher/Catcher/Manager)
Played for and managed Sal’s Lunch, ... no other information is available

Tony Esposito - (Catcher)
Played for Flatiron AC - 1961 ASA National All-American selection, 1960 and 1963 Central Atlantic Regional MVP, Also played for Cafe Lido,  no other information is available

Bud Sasse - (Pitcher)
Played for Esslinger Stars, Melrose AC and Liebman’s A’s, Clendening AC and Fats Bar in the Eastern Fastball League during the 1950 & 60's's,  ... no other information is available


Johnny Hughes - (Pitcher)
Played for Esslinger Beer Stars, Melrose AC, Downtown AC, Martil, Volpi Builders and Flatiron. He played in the Eastern Fastball League in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Johnny Hughes was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2001.  no other information is available

Ed McKenna - (Outfielder/Coach)
Played for Indiana AC and Billy Betz Flatiron, no other information is available


Billy Betz - (Sponsor)
Sponsored Billy Betz Flatiron, no other information is available

Eddie Cameron - (Pitcher/Manager)
Pitched for Indiana Indians and also Managed Indiana AC, no other information is available

Carmen Chuimento - (Manager/Umpire)
Managed such great teams as S.S. Beer Distributors, Melrose AC and Esslinger Beer Stars, winning the ASA of Philadelphia Championship in 1948, 1949 and 1950 with Melrose AC. The 1949 team went on to win the Central Atlantic Regional Championship. Carmen was also the Philadelphia Metro ASA Umpire-in-Chief. He ran the South Philadelphia Umpire Association. no other information is available


Howard Arnold -
no information is available

Erle Baugher -
Erle Baugher was called the "Babe Ruth of Softball" when he played with the famous Billy Bains team, Al Speers Billiards and the Italian American Club. He played in the Guide League, the Philadelphia League and the Daily News Tournament. His teams won titles every year. Baugher could play any position including pitcher. Teams feared his arm and bat equally. He was a graduate of Northeast High School and Temple University. Baugher later excelled as a scholastic football coach. He coached at tiny Ambler High School in the powerful Bux-Mont League for 13 seasons and rolled up a fantastic 91-27-8 record. Baugher then transferred to Pennsbury High School and immediately transformed the Falcons into a football factory, winning Lower Bucks County League from 1966-69, compiling a 34-6-1 record in that span, his total coaching record at Pennsbury was 62-14-4 (1962-69), including two 9-win and a 10-win season. His Coaching record at both schools was 153-41-12 with 8 conference titles in 21 years.

Luke Hogan - (Infielder/Administrator)
Played for Flatiron. Was the Philadelphia Metro ASA Softball Hall of Fame Administrator. no other information is available


J. Breward -
no information is available

George Press - (Pitcher)
Played for both Chestnut Hill Bocci Club and North End Hudson Motors  in the Eastern Fastball League, Also played for Twitchell and Volpi Builders, no other information is available

Joe Rothstein - (Administrator)
Was the Commissioner of Philadelphia Metro ASA from 1952 to 1969, no other information is available

Herm Skea - (Pitcher/Manager)
Pitched for and managed  such teams as: Flatiron AC, Christian Nine, Sal’s Lunch, Rhawnhust AC, Action Manufacturing, McCrackin’s Bar and the Philadelphia Hobos. He also pitched for Olympic Sporting Goods in the Ridley Township League. Played with Larry Simpson when they led Action Mfg. to victory in 1966 KASA States in Altoona. He tragically died of a heart attack during a game while playing for the Philadelphia Hobos in Chicago. no other information is available


Butch Dugan - (Outfielder)
Played for AmVets Post-146. no other information is  available

Joe Lees - (Umpire)
no information is  available

Tom MacMillan -
no information is  available

Roy Miller - (Pitcher/Coach)
Pitcher with Italian-Americans. Coached such great teams as Billy Betz Flatiron and Frankie Masters Flatiron. no other information is  available

Ed Renzi - (Pitcher)
Pitched in South Philly in 1930's, 40s and 50's. One of the teams was Nelson-O'Briens. Retired and then umpired, no other information is  available

Harry Nuskey -
Former Vice President of  Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame - Died in 1990, no other information is  available


Pete Caniglia - (Third-Base)
Played for some of the best teams such as Norristown Blocks, Clendening AC, Fats Bar, Volpi Builders and Norway Cleaners - in the Eastern Fastball League, Tustin League. .. Could hit a ball 400 feet. Was inducted into the ASA of PA Hall of Fame in 1976. no other information is  available

Leonard ‘Beebo’ Gniewek - (Second Base)
Player and Tavern owner from 1950’s, from Port Richmond. He played second base in fast-pitch leagues for such teams as Pilsudski, Orleans, Juniata Club, Kenrich, Steiny's and the Italian Republican Club. The Hall of Fame induction program noted that Beebo could do it all - hit, run and throw. He was a line-drive hitter, and with his speed on the bases he turned many a single into doubles.

Frank Montano - (Manager)
Managed the King of Peace team.  no other information is  available

Sal Pensavalli - (Sponsor)
Sponsored the world famous Sal’s Lunch team. no other information is  available

Al Speer -
Hall of Fame Honoree member in 1973 - Sponsored Al Speers' Billiards team. no other information is  available


Thomas 'Bucky' Donato - (First Base)
Bucky is considered the best player the softball world has known – a great hitter – a tremendous fielder at first base – and a team leader. Bucky comes to us from the South Philly section of our city where many of the great players come from. Mr. Donato started playing softball with the Golden Spray Team in 1930-1931 and they were City Playground Champs both years. To name some of the great teams, and I say great because as soon as Bucky put his name on the roster, that team became great. – Nelson Floral, St. Mary’s, All Pal’s, House of Industry, Melrose AA and Heintz Mfg. The league sand tournaments that these teams and Bucky competed in were the best - The City Playground League, Seymour League, Daily News Tournament, Bi-State League, Hi Boy’s Club League, Industrial League, and the Softball National Tournaments. Bucky was a consistent .400 hitter winning the batting title and MVP awards numerous times. He also answered the call to serve his country during WWII from 1943-1945. Bucky retired from playing softball in 1952 at the age of 37, but never stopped thinking of softball and reminiscing of days gone by. Even today, he will take along memory road and rehash all those softball games of yesterday. Some of Thomas “Bucky” Donato’s accomplishments were: Played on 6 City Championship Teams, 2 City Playground Titles, 5 Seymour League Titles, 1 Bi-State League Title, 1 Hi-Boy’s League Title, 1 Industrial League Title, Member of 16 Championship teams, 5 Batting Titles, 5 Most valuable Player Awards and competed in 6 National Championship Tournaments.

Jack "Red" Judge - (Pitcher)
Red Judge was a dominant softball figure throughout the past four decades: 40s, 50's, 60's and 70's. One of the premier pitchers of all time, he compiled a truly great  winning record while competing against the foremost twirlers and leading teams in the entire Delaware Valley, and som surrounding South Jersey points. Red's mound duels with such greats as Bud Sasse, Eddie Renzi, Johnny Hughes, George Press, Roy Miller, George Ulmer and Charles Bozarth always drew large crowds and helped to further the game of softball. He was seen in such leagues as the Guide League, McVeigh, Cohochsink, Philadelphia Catholic League, Philadelphia Softball League and Philco League. Red was a great athlete, a greater competitor and an even greater sportsman. He was extremely popular and respected with all those who not only played with him, but also those who played against him. He pitched and batted many teams to many championships in many and varied leagues. Following his playing career, he actively continued managing, coaching and teaching sofball. Perhaps one of Red's most important assets was his willingness to volunteer his services on behalf of needy causes, particular softball. He was always the first to respond to a call for a benefit, whether it be playing in a benefit game, hustling tickets or any other job involved in the production of the softball game. Summing it up, it can be said he was a true and renowned credit to the game of softball in every respect.

Salvatore 'Soupy' Pauciello - (Catcher)
The legendary catcher from South Philly who played and starred during the pre-war years. Soupy was a mountain of a man at six-feet and two-hundred-fifty pounds. He set an awesome presence squatting behind the plate. He took charge of every game he played in, and in addition to his excellent hitting and catching abilities, he possessed a speed uncommon for a man of his size and position. In backing up plays at first and third, he had no equal. There was many a time that a batter, running out a ground ball to the infield, would arrive at first base in a dead heat with Soupy backing up the play, often to the embarrassment of the runner and always to the delight of the fans. He possessed one of the strongest arms of all time. He could throw to second base while still on his knees and always on the money. There aren’t too many runners who can claim to have stolen a base on Soupy. As a hitter, he was one of the best in the city, respected by all the top pitchers that he faced. Soupy played for city champions - Nelson Florals (1937) and St. Mary’s (1939). Seymour Bi-State Champs - St. Mary’s (1937, 1938, 1939, 1940). Before softball, Soupy played for the very powerful South Philadelphia Italians in the Philadelphia Hardball League. He played against such teams as Wentz Olney, Mayfair, Magnolia and Nicetown - just to name a few. Yes, in his day, Soupy was Mr. Catcher period. Although Soupy is no longer with us, having passed away.

George "Wes" Smith - (Coach)
Wes helped form Pleasant Hill AA softball club in 1962. They competed at the time in the Adelphia League, which, Wes and some others were instrumental in forming. In the five years from 1962-1966, Pleasant Hill finished second in 1962, 1963, 1965 and 1966. They won the championship in 1964. In 1967, Wes helped form another league, the Rhawnhurst League. Pleasant Hill played in that league from 1967 to 1974, winning six championships, while finishing second once and third once. They also won Gold Medal Tournament in 1974 and finished second in 1972. At the time he was helping to form the Rhawnhurst League, Wes was actively helping coach the Philadelphia Hobos. The Hobos were a very talented team, where comedy and showmanship was mixed to entertain many people throughout United States and Canada. The Hobos, thanks to Wes, performed many times in fund raising events for organizations and benefits. In 1974, The Pleasant Hill team formed a separate league called the Pleasant Hill One Pitch League. This league still exists and helps supply Fast Pitch teams with new talent. The teams coached by Wes always had an outstanding record and always performed well. When softball lost George Wes Smith, it lost one of its most ardent supporters. His dedication to and enthusiasm for the game have produced many fien players and teams.

Herm Taggert - (First-Base/Manager)
Herm's career started out in the Navy back in 1946, where he played on the Navy team that won the championship in 1946 and 1947. He was picked for the all-star team for the military. When he returned home from the service, he continued to play softball in the Guide League for such teams as Hetzels, Kensington Blue Jays and Swirl AC. In 1953, Herm started playing for Little Club as they won the regular season championship, but lost to Flatiron AC in the playoffs. ,Herm took the job of Player-Manager for Little Club and was picked up by Juniata Club to play in his first ASA Regional Tournament in Williamsport, PA. He started to play for Billy Betz Flatiron in 1956 an continued with them for ten years - eight years as a player and two as a manager. Flatiron won four straight ASA Regionals from 1960 through 1963. At the 1961 regional, held in Hampton, VA, Herm was selected the most outstanding hitter as he went 9-14 (643). in 1962, he was selected for the 2nd team All-America team at the ASA Nationals in Stratford, CT. An honor he will remember forever.


no inductions took place this year


Vince Barbati - (Shortstop)
Vince started his career with the Ells in the strong Seymour League in South Philadelphia where many of the strongest teams in the City played. Vince was a wiry kid and was one of the best shortstops to ever play the game of softball. He was very fleet of foot and had a very strong arm, Some of the teams he played for were the Ells, who were runners up in the Seymour League in 1946 and 1947 to the very strong All Pals teams and also reaching the semi-finals in the City wide Daily News Tournament both years. In 1948, Vince signed with Melrose AC & Esslinger's Beer Stars who won the Philadelphia League in 1948, 1949 and 1950. He was chosen MVP all three years, then signed with Liebman’s A’s where once more he was acclaimed the best shortstop in the league. Mr. Barbati also played with Seymour in the strong Bi-State League when they won the championship against teams such as Reading, York, Lancaster Roses and Carpenter Steel. In all, Vince played on twelve championship teams. Although he’s no longer with us, softball misses Vince Barbati.

Eddie Bram - (Umpire)
After graduating from Frankford High in 1945 where he lettered in Baseball and Football, Ed also lettered in Football at the University of Pittsburgh in 1947 and 1948. he started umpiring in 1948 and to date has officiated over 2300 ball games. Ed spent eighteen years with the Pop Miller Umpire Association and was their chief clinician. Ed is presently a member of the Major Independent Umpires Association. Over the years, he has officiated in most of all the Philadelphia area major, industrial, tavern and church leagues. Being a nationally ranked umpire, Ed has been selected many times to officiate local playoffs, regional and national tournaments. Ed has over 35 years of dedicated service to softball.

Leo Cicalese - (Left Fielder)
Leo started his softball career in 1937 and buy the time he retired in 1953, he had established himself as a great left-fielder that was fleet of foot. He had a lifetime batting average of .340 over that time. Some of the teams that Leo playe don were: Nelson Floral, St. Mary’s, All Pals, Seymour, House of Industry and Heintz Mfg. Some of the Leagues and tournaments he played in were: City Playground League, Seymour League, Daily News Tournament, Bi-State League, Hi-Boys Club, Industrial League and the National Softball Tournament. To his credit, Leo played on six City Championship teams, five Seymour titles and one Industrial title. He also won three batting titles and three most valuable player awards for a total of fourteen championships.

Davey Crockett - (Third-Base)
Davey’s career started in 1957, after a stint in the Marine Corps, with Indiana Tavern in the 5th and Allegheny League, he joined Flatiron AC in 1958 and played third-base for the next ten years. He played on the five consecutive Central Atlantic Regional ASA Championship teams in 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962 and 1963. In the 1961 Regionals, he was selected the MVP. His career included five greater Philadelphia Major Softball League batting championships and two MVP Awards. In 1963, he had an eighteen game hitting streak and in 1964, he banged out twelve consecutive hits. Speed was his trademark along with the head first slide. He also was the master of the lost art of drag bunting. Davey is presently an umpire, completing his tenth year. The Philadelphia Softball Association inducted Davey for his outstanding contribution to softball and for the enjoyment he has given to all its fans.

Anthony Fantazzi - (Second Baseman)
Tony Fantazzi was flawless at second base with a great arm and tremendous accuracy. He had a unique honor to be the first fielder in the only triple play in championship play-offs. He has two batting titles and three MVP awards to his creditas well as having playe don fourteen championship teams. Some of the teams Tony played with were: Nelson Floral, St. Mary’s, Seymour and All Pals. He played with winners in every league he was associated with.

Rocco Fantazzi - (Third Baseman)
Rocky was the younger brother of Anthony, who is also being honored tonight in the Hall of Fame. Such is the Rock of Gilbraltar, Rocco was a very Sturdy third basemen. He started his career at the age of fifteen in 1934 and also played on fourteen championship teams, which were the combination of five City championship teams, one City Playground title, five Seymour League titles, one Bi-State League championship and two Hi-Boys League titles. Also to his credit were three batting titles and three MVP awards. Upon retiring, he became Athletic Director of the South Philadelphia Boys Club.

Jean Kipple (Johnson) - (non-Pitcher)
Jean is the first women inducted into the Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame. Her career spans five decades as a player and an umpire. She played from 1949 thru 1961 with outstanding women’s teams such as the Olney Kaydettes and the Yankees Maids. During this span, she played on four as a championship winner. In 1977, she received the prestigious “Floss Wallace” Award from the Delaware Valley Softball League for outstanding service. Her career includes teaching and coaching at the high school level. Jean currently is in her twenty-fifth year as an umpire.

Jim Manenti - (Manager)
Jim started his career with organized “ASA” affiliated teams in 1959, with the Norway Cleaners softball team from Marcus Hook, a major fast pitch team playing in the Eastern Fastball League, competing against major clubs along the eastern seaboard. In 1960, the Volpi Builders organization asked Jim to join them and organize a team of major caliber, who started in the Tustin Fastball League in Philadelphia and who won the Metro Philadelphia “ASA” Championship in 1961 advancing to the Central Atlantic Regionals played in Colonial Heights, VA. In 1964 under new sponsor, Martil Clothes, playing in the Philadelphia Major Softball League and also being a traveling team that played against the best teams along the east coast, in 1966 again sponsorship changed, the new sponsor being the Wissahickon Hawks. In 1967, again the sponsorship changed, namely Sal’s Lunch and continued to play in the Philadelphia Majors. Jim remained with this club until 1970 with the year 1969 being a banner year with Jim retiring from all activities in 1970. In 1974, he was appointed to a commissioner in Pennsylvania by State Commissioner, Andrew S. Loechner, Jr., a position Jim still holds. Jim was later inducted into the ASA of PA Hall of Fame in 1979. He has passed away since.

Matty Raimo - (Center-Field)
Small in stature, but a giant on the ball field aptly describes Matty Raimo. Matty played centerfield and covered ground like a gazelle. And as a hitter, he sprayed line drives all over the field. In a career which spanned nineteen years, Mr. Raimo played in many leagues, such as: Philadelphia League, Seymour League, Bi-State League, Hi-Boys Club League, City Playground League, Daily News Tournament and also the National Softball Championship. He was on many Championship teams, as well as being the recipient of three batting titles and three MVP Awards.

Amos ‘Hawks’ Volpe (Short-Fielder)
Hawks was the first of the Short Fielders and without a doubt, the best of them. In a career which started in 1931 and finished in 1947, mostly with Nelson Florals - with some time out to serve in the military - Hawks won two batting titles and two MVP Awards as well as playing on fourteen championship teams. Several of the leagues which Hawks played in were: Philadelphia Seymour League, Daily News Tournament, Bi-State League and in the National Softball Playoffs.


Tom Cunningham - (Pitcher)
Played for the Italian-American club, no other information was available

Bobby Uditsky - (Outfielder)
Played for Esslingers Stars, Downtown AC, Liebman’s A’s and Volpi Builders, no other information was available

George Ulmer - (Pitcher)
Flatiron AC, was one of the dominant teams in in Philly Softball History. With Ulmer, they won Central Atlantic Regional titles in 1960-63 and 1966. In 1960 and 1966 Ulmer was named regional MVP. When Flatiron won the 1960 regional, it marked the first time a team from Philadelphia had qualified for the ASA Men’s Major Fast-Pitch National Championship. Ulmer compiled a 3-2 record in the tournament to finish the year 37-6. Flatiron finished eighth in the national with Ulmer pitching 25 innings, allowing 12 hits, five runs, nine walks and 12 strikeouts. Ulmer, who started playing softball at age 16 and continued until he was 52, had some outstanding seasons. In 1970, he was 60- 9 with 802 strikeouts in 468 innings; in 1972 he was 50-5 with 616 strikeouts in 400 innings and in 1963 he was 36-8 with 550 strikeouts in 307 innings. Ulmer was named a ASA second-team All-America in 1962 compiling a 2-2 record as his team finished ninth. In ASA national championship play, 1960-63 and he compiled a 6-10 record with 76 strikeouts in 90 innings, allowing 52 hits and 24 runs with 30 walks. He is credited with over 1000 wins, 150 no-hitters, 10,000 strikeouts and 9 Central Atlantic titles. Ulmer also played with Downtown AC, Chestnut Hill Bocce Club and many others. George Ulmer was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1995. Sadly, he passed away in 2009.


Charles “Bozie” Bozarth - (Pitcher)
Chas. Bozarth was considered the greatest left-handed softball pitcher to be born here in Philadelphia. Started his playing career in 1948. That was the same year Harry Ulmer and Chas. Bozarth started a softball team and came up with what would become a famous name in softball. The name they called their team was “Flatiron”, which proved to be a pretty good name. Chas played on some great teams and in the best leagues in his 20 year playing career. In almost every league he played, he was on the All-Star team. He was picked to be the MVP at least eight times, maybe more. Because when you talk to Chas, it is hard to get him to tell you all his accomplishments. He pitched for Fishtown one year and his pitching record was 18-0. That’s a darn good average and you guessed it – again, he was picked MVP. The other pitcher on the staff with Bozarth was Herman Skea – we all remember him. Chas also had other talents. Who among us could forget he was a pretty good hitter. Many a time he won his own game by stroking that hit to knock in the winning run. Some of the great teams, leagues and tournaments Bozie played for were: Flatiron, Fishtown, Swirl, John & Lou’s and Amvets. He played in the Guide, Philadelphia, Eastern Seaboard, Pennsylvania ,5th & Allegheny, McVeigh, Hetzel and Kendrick. He also played in the Daily News, Gold Medal, ASA Central Atlantic Regional in Wilmington (DE), Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore (MD). Chas Bozarth lives and works in Philadelphia as a contractor.

Frank Glavin - (Administrator)
Frank Glavin comes to us from the all important “behind the scenes” part of the game of softball – the organizing, coordinating and “getting it all together” so that the tournaments and games can go on. Frank has been involved in softball for over twenty-five years. In 1959, he started umpiring softball for the John Bromley Association, then with the Pop Miller Umpiring Association. In 1967, he became a member of the Philadelphia Advisory Council and came through the ranks to treasurer and then to Chairman of the Council, which he is at present. For the past ten years, Frank has handled the city-wide Gold Medal Tournaments. This is one big job in itself – coordinating the schedules, fields, player eligibility and finally, the Championship Games. Frank Glavin is also instrumental and involved with all the other tournaments and games that the Philadelphia players, visiting players and fans enjoy throughout the season. Frank Glavin lives in the Northeast Section of Philadelphia and is employed in the Recreation Department. He was also the President of Philadelphia Metro ASA and Frank Glavin Playground in he Kensington section was named after him.

Jim Dillon - (Pitcher)
As we read our correspondence from Jim Dillon, we like him suddenly realize the gaps in our minds over the last 45 plus years. You think of all the good times and the memories of many great people – just to name a few – Butch Dugan, Mose O’Donnell, Jackie McKenna, Ed Levy, The Ulmers – father and sons, Tommy Appling, Frankie Hass and many, many more. Jim was one of the great pitchers back in those days when everyone played fastpitch softball. He played on the best teams and in the best leagues of those long ago yesteryears. Jim would pitch every night in the week and twice on Sundays, if necessary. Hence came his nickname of “Iron Arm Dillon”. Jim played on a host of teams and in many leagues going back as far as 1937: He played for AmVets Post-146, St. Anne’s, Quigley A.C., Jax Naval Air, Air Traffic Control (A.T.T.), Casu 6 West Coast Navy, NAS Peunnae (Hawaii), Alemeda Naval Air Station (San Francisco), St. Michaels (Levittown, PA), Frucione Rug Company (Trenton, NJ), Naval Air Station (Willow Grove, PA), Norristown Blocks (Montgomery County, PA), Ken’s Tavern (Bensalem, PA), Democrat Club (Bucks County, PA), Lapetina Roofers. He played in these leagues; Guide, Philadelphia, Lower Bucks County, Trenton (NJ), Bensalem, Bucks County and Levittown. His teams won Championships in these leagues; Guide, Lower Bucks County, Trenton (NJ), Navy, Bensalem and Bucks County. He played in two Pennsylvania ASA State Tournaments, All Navy, Daily News, The New Jersey ASA State Championships were they won and also competed in the World Tournament in Selma, CA finishing in 3rd place. Jim Dillon served many years in the Navy. He is now working in Puerto Rico for Marine Management Company and he is coming all the way to Philadelphia to meet his old friends to be with us here tonight.

Norm Russell - (Shortstop)
Norm Russell started playing this game of softball way back in 1939 at the age of as with a team called “The Barons” and like many others, he soon found out what a terrific game this softball was. Norm did not have many years to practice his game because at the age of 18, he was in the United States Infantry and it was World War II. But like all good softball men, he found some time to play our game. While stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany, immediately after the war in 1945, his team won the Regimental Championship. Then it was back home and back into the swing of things. Norm Russell played shortstop. He was an exceptionally good fielder with a wide range, just what you need to be a shortstop – an excellent and accurate arm – a very fast man on the bases and an all around team player. He played this game for 20 years up to 1959. One of the great things about Norm was that he had a car, and we all know what a car meant in those days. Everybody piled into his car and rode to softball games. Norm played on some of the great teams of yesteryear: Barons, Indiana AA, Nellie’s, Steve’s, Boyle’s, Viola’s and Orleans AA. He played in the “B” Street, Hissey, Guide, Philadelphia, Lighthouse and Daily News leagues and won Championships in the Guide, Lighthouse, “B” Street and Hissey leagues as well as in the Army. Norm was picked to play on the All-Star teams of the Guide, Hissey and Lighthouse Leagues. Norm Russell is a dedicated and sincere hard worker for the Philadelphia Softball Association. He still lives in the Kensington section of Philadelphia and works as a Quality Control Manager for the prestigious firm of Metco Manufacturing Company of Warrington, PA.

Nick Cinquanto - (Umpire)
Nick has been an Umpire with ASA since 1971. He has worked in these events: 1976-Worked the Men’s Class-A National Championship in Richmond, VA, was selected to work the plate in the final game. 1977-Worked Men’s Inter-Service Championship, held in Indiantown Gap, PA – selected to work the final game behind the plate. 1978-Men’s Major Fast Pitch National, held in Midland, MI, selected to work the plate in the final game. 1980-Men’s Major Fast Pitch National, held in St. Joseph’s, MO, selected to work the plate in the final game. 1981-Selected to work the NCAA Women’s College World Series held in Omaha, NE. 1981- Chosen as an International Softball Umpire in both Fast and Slow Pitch – there are over 65,000 registered umpires in the United States and only 12 have ever been honored to represent the United States in this elite group. Nick is the only Fast Pitch Umpire to represent the Central Atlantic Region in the International organization. 1983-Selected to work the tri-Nation tournament held in Colorado Springs, CO between China, Japan and the United States, worked the plate in the final game. 1983-Selected to work the Pan-American Tryouts held in Colorado Springs, CO. as well as the 10th Pan-American Games, held in Indianapolis, IN in 1987. 1984-Selected to work the 6th Men’s World Tournament held in Midland, MI – 16 countries from around the world were represented, selected to work the plate in the final Championship game between New Zealand and Canada. Between 1974 and the present, he has worked 8 Men’s Major Regional Tournaments, 6 Women’s Major Regional tournaments, 10 Division-1 NCAA Women’s Regional Softball Tournaments. and numerous local and invitational tournaments. All total, he has umpired 15 ASA and ISF events. In 1993, Nick was named winner of the ASA Award of Excellence for ASA Central Atlantic Region. Nick has been Umpire-in-Chief for ASA Metro Philadelphia since 1978. Nick has given clinics throughout the United States. Ron Jeffers, ASA National Deputy Umpire-in-Chief has said about Nick, “he is one of the best Fast pitch umpires in the world and if I had to select just one umpire to represent me in a major tournament, that umpire would be Nick Cinquato”. Nick was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2001. He also received the highest honor bestowed upon him by ASA bye being inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 2005. Nick lives in the Northeast section of Philadelphia with his wife, Victoria and two children, Christopher and Nicole. Nick recently passed away.


R. Belfi -
no information available

Walt Lucas - (Administrator)
Commissioner of Philadelphia Metro ASA for more then 30 years starting in 1977 and up until his death in 2009.  He was the third ASA commissioner for Philadelphia. Walt, was recognized by the Philadelphia Department of Recreation in 2005 for outstanding service to the city softball program for 30 years. Lucas served on various ASA committees, including vice chair and chairman of the Fast Pitch Awards, and served on Foreign Relations, Meetings, Substance and Awards and Trophies. Besides his softball work, Walt had more than 30 years of dedicated service to the Philadephia 76ers pro basketball team and was recognized for his service by NBA Commissioner David Stern. “My friendship with Walt Lucas dates back to the 80s when he came to Springfield, Missouri for the Men’s Major Fast Pitch National Tourney,” said ASA President Joey Rich. ‘‘He was always fun to be around, and was very supportive and worked hard for ASA. Walt was the type of person who was very even-mannered and worked constructively for ASA. I will personally miss my friend, as will the entire ASA. ”Walt is survived by his wife, Mae, a step-son, Jim and a step-daughter, Kathy.

R. Potts -
no information available

Larry Simpson - (Pitcher)
Played for Sal's Lunch, Flatiron, Nate Benn’s Reliable, Action Mfg., Fishtown AA, North Point Falcons, Was MVP (Pitcher) in 1965, when he led Action Mfg. to victory at KASA Industrial States in Altoona.


Joseph “Chuck” Kline - (First Base/Pitcher)
Joe Kline started playing organized softball at the age of 15, way back in 1936. It was then he found out what a great game this softball was. These were the days of fast pitch softball – that’s all we played in those days. The first Tournament Joe played in was the old Bulletin Tournament in which he played first base for Feeney’s Tavern (a great sponsor in those days). This team, with Joe’s hitting, was a contender for the crown and went all the way and won the tournament. Joe Kline, playing for Feeney’s, entered the Cohocksink League which they won for the first two years. All this time, while playing first base, he had the desire to be a pitcher and he practiced every chance he got. Here is a league Joe played in that we all remember - the old Jungle League, made up of Taverns. This league was played on a field just off Somerset Street at Trenton Avenue by the railroad tracks with weeds and debris all around – hence it was called the Jungle League. The year 1937 found Joe’s team playing in the Daily News Tournament and his team played in the semi-finals at Connie Mack Stadium before being knocked out. Joe started pitching for real in 1938 and this started a career which would last some 25 years on the mound and a lot of Championships, no-hitters and games won. He started to work and play for the Frankford Arsenal Team and it was here he started to develop his pitching form and his team won the Championship again that year. These were the dark days in our history because World War II was here. Like many of us, Joe was called to duty and softball as we knew it was behind us for a while. Joe enlisted in the Army Air Force. He did play and pitch while in the Air Force and lead his squadron to two Championships. Then 1945 came and the war was over and Joe came home to play some serious softball. Talking with Joe, he mentioned such important things as Steiney’s winning 5 championships out of 6 – and they would play anyone that would appear to be a challenger. He talked about Flatiron AC, with George Ulmer, Charles Bozarth, Ed Hengy; Downtown AC, All Pals, Johnny Viola’s Indiana AC and a host of other great teams back in those days. As near as Joe can remember, he pitched 10 no-hitters – two perfect games facing just 21 batters and a lot of 1-hitters. Joe played for Hosiery Local, Johnny Viola’s, Belfield AC, St. Anne’s, Steiney’s Stars and Frankford Arsenal in various leagues as the Recreational, Jungle, Tavern and Government Leagues. He also played in the Bulletin and Daily News Tournaments. Mr. Kline is retired and now lives in Brigantine, NJ. He was originally from the Port Richmond section of the city.

Joe Regan - (Manager/Sponsor)
Joe Regan, a name we all know and remember – “Regan on the Boulevard”. He started, like may of us in the yesterday years by playing baseball in 1955 for Olney High School. Naturally, with Joe on the team, Olney won the Championship. His other days in baseball were the 1957 Olney League Champs, 1959 St. Ambrose Champs, 1959 Department of Recreation Feltonville Champs. Then in 1960 Joe started playing softball. He got the sickness called “softball fever”. Joe was a great player first in the fast pitch game, then in the slow and modified pitch game. And on top of all these achievements, he has to be among the best sponsors our game of softball has, both in participation and longevity. He has been coaching, managing and sponsoring Regan’s Softball teams since 1972. if you ever visited Regan’s, you will see Trophies all over the place and meet good people to talk to. Also, Joe Regan is one not to forget a friend because he told me that the best assistant coach is George Geary, who has been with him for 20 years, pretty good, huh! Joe Regan played, coached, managed and sponsored the following teams: Warnock Tavern, Jewish American, Park Tavern, Franklin Diner, Heron’s Tavern and Regan’s Tavern. His teams have won the Max Myers Fast Pitch and Max Myers slow pitch leagues (8 slow pitch titles) and also the Lawncrest Modified Pitch League (1977, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 84, 85 … 17 championships in all). He has also sponsored Police Softball teams, Girl’s Softball teams and six other softball teams. His teams also played in ASA tournaments (1979, 80, 82, 83, 84, 85, winning 13 ASA championships in one way or another). Here is a gentleman, who did a great job for softball and the community over the years and is most deserving of the honor he is receiving tonight. We need more men like Joe Regan in this world. Joe owns Regan’s Tavern, 4149 E. Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19124 and has been there for a number of years. Regan lives in the Mayfair section of the City with his wife Sonia. They have three daughters, Maryanne, Kathleen and Patricia. He was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2010.

Wayne Cunningham - (Infielder)
Wayne Cunningham, one of the greatest in the game of softball, was known as “the Vacuum Cleaner” because he scooped up those ground balls like nobody’s business. Wayne started playing softball way back in 1955 and for the next 30 years, he was very active – MVP-Philadelphia Majors 1966, Batting Champ-Bux-Mont League 1962 (.514), Max Myers League Harry Wexler Award 1964, Bux-Mont League All-Stars 1959, 60, 61, 5th Army Headquarters (.327), Philadelphia Majors All-Stars 1964, 66, 67. Wayne played 24 years in the Philadelphia Majors and Max Myers Leagues, which are pretty good fast pitch leagues to play in. All this time, while playing on the best teams in the best Fast Pitch leagues, he still found time to coach Women’s Softball. In 1978 and 1979, he coached Campbell University and Jersey City State College from 1981-1984. Like many other great ball players, he is very active in softball today. Wayne is a hard worker for the Philadelphia Softball Association and he is the drive that is continuing to upgrade our College Tournament to make it one of the best. The following are some of the teams and leagues Wayne participated in: Walnut Auto Body, Martil Clothes, Wissahicken Hawks, Sal’s Lunch, Frank’s Collision, Nick’s Roast Beef, Frankford Hospital, Ginghamm House and Collex. He played in the Bux-Mont, Tustin, Phil. Majors, Max Myers and Eastern Seabord Leagues and won 3 Max Myers Championships, 2 Philadelphia Majors Championships and also a (International Softball Congress) ISC Championship. Wayne Cunningham, it is only fitting for you to receive these highest awards after a long and illustrious career as a player, manager and worker for our game of softball. Wayne is from Abington Township and he is a College Professor in Health Education at New York City Technical College. Wayne was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 2000.

Veronica “Ronnie” Maurek - (Infielder)
Mention Women’s Fast Pitch in Pennsylvania and Ronnie Maurek’s name is the one most frequently heard. She has been an outstanding softball coach at Temple University from 1975-1991 with a 307-221 record and also the basketball coach from 1974-78. Her softball teams have won 20 or more games four times, including the last three years (1984,85,86). Ronnie competed at women’s major fast pitch level from 1961-1982 and played on six ASA Central Atlantic Class-A Softball Championship teams from 1967 -1975, coaching 3 of those teams to the Pennsylvania ASA State Championship and two to the Central Atlantic title. Her teams never missed qualifying for the national championship. She played shortstop and second base, and throughout her career, her batting average was never below .340. Maurek was a two-time ASA Women’s Major All-American in 1969 and 1971. She played in the Women’s Professional League in 1976 for the Pennsylvania Liberties, where she was also the team captain, player rep and also led the team in hitting. She made the ASA’s first team All-American in both 1969 and 1971 after playing in the Nationals those years. Ronnie played the infield, mostly second base for the Telford Wanderers and the Perkasie Glenettes, tow of the strongest teams in the East for years. Ronnie received a prestigious Sports Illustrated Award in 1976 and just last mont was inducted into the East Stroudsburg University’s Hall of Fame. Ronnie has a masters Degree in Physical Education from West Chester University and has taught and developed many of the softball and basketball learning packets used by Temple University. She has published four articles in coaching magazines and softball guides. Her memberships include the Softball Guide Committee of the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport, the Committee for developing criteria and selecting collegiate softball All-Americans of the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, co-organizer of the Philadelphia AIAW Softball Conference, plus various other memberships throughout the world. Ronnie is currently Chairperson of the Philadelphia Association of Health, PE, Recreation and Dance officiating Committee, which develops clinics and workshops in many sports. Another of her many activities is being co-director of Tobyhanna Softball Camp. When she’s not involved in coaching and committee work, she can be found giving clinics throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and even in Curacao, Mexico in 1984. Ronnie now resides in Telford, PA. She was inducted into the Lehigh Valley Softball and Basketball Hall of Fame in 1999. She also was inducted into the East Stroudsburg University Athletics Hall of Fame in 1986 and the ASA of PA Hall of Fame as well in 2009. She is also a member of the Allentown Central Catholic High School Hall of Fame.

Ed Hengy - (Catcher)
Played for Flatiron AC, Frankie Dillon’s Flatiron and Collex. Was well know as George Ulmer's catcher.  no other information is available


Harry Wexler - (Meritorious Service)
Harry Wexler started playing softball back in 1937. he played third base for the Budd Company. This has to be at least 50 years Harry has been associated with softball. During these years, he did everything – he played, managed, coached, sponsored and helped run leagues, teams and fields. A dedicated man – softball needs a few more good men like Harry Wexler. Harry is still working for softball. Every night during the season, you can see him at the Philadelphia Major Softball Leagues games played at Max Myers Field. The following are some of the teams Harry managed, coached or helped put together and the leagues and tournaments he was associated with: Budd Company, Adam Rugs, Bietch and Taub, Frost Amoco, Jewish Americans, Sal’s Lunch, Frank’s Collision-Collex, Thompson Plumbing and Philadelphia Merchants. He is associated with the Eastern Seaboard League, Philadelphia Major League, ASA Central Atlantic Regional and the Allentown Tournaments. Harry lives in the Northeast section of the city and is now retired.

George Pentram - (Pitcher)
George started playing ball back in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia. He then went on to have a brilliant career in softball playing and pitching in some of the best leagues the city had to offer. George pitched his teams to a number of Championships and while doing this, he racked up over six Most Valuable Pitcher awards. George was invited with his team, the Easton Corporation, for six years running, to participate in the Eastern States Tournament. The following are some of the Teams and Leagues George Participated in: Twitchell, Swirl, Kensington Blue Jays, Zenith Vets, Warnock Tavern, Clarkson, Adams Rugs, Derkas Auto Body, General Electric, Yale & Town, Eaton Corporation. These teams played in the Guide, Roxborough, Greater Olney, Philadelphia Tavern, Max Myers, Lower Bucks County and Northeast Industrial leagues, having won Championship sin the Roxborough, Philadelphia Tavern, Greater Olney, NE Industrial (8) and the Lower Bucks County Leagues (2). George Pentram was and still is a gentleman and was a class pitcher. George lives in the Juniata section of the city and is employed by Gegnas Chrysler Plymouth Incorporated on Kensington Avenue as a night service advisor.

George Quinn - (Second Base/Infielder)
George Quinn played our game of softball the way it should be played, for the sheer enjoyment of each game, in his own smooth way of playing this great game of softball. He played with many of the best teams we had back in those days and was a credit and an asset to each team he played with. Every league he played in, George was a very smooth fielder and an extra good hitter – he had speed to go for that extra base – put all of these qualities of a softball player together and you have to come up with George Qunn. Here are the teams, leagues and MVPs George Quinn was with and won playing throughout his great career: VFW-6838, Riley’s Tavern, Olney Tavern, Martil Clothes and Flatiron. These teams played in the Philadelphia Majors, Max Myers and Olney Tavern Leagues. George won the 1960-Olney Tavern League MVP, 1970-Philadelphia Major League MVP and the 1973-Max Myers League MVP. George lives in the Frankford section of the city and works for Stelwagon Roofing Supplies.

Ray Perri - (First Base)
Ray played softball from 1958 to 1972 with Flatiron, Old Original Bookbinders and Third Base Bar. Ray played in the Eastern Seaboard League, Eastern Fastball League, Philadelphia Fastball League and the Max Myers League. He participated in 14 ASA Central Atlantic Regional Tournaments and 7 ASA National Championships. Ray lives in the Northeast section of Philadelphia and is the Varsity Softball Coach at Archbishop Carroll High School in Radnor. Ray was inducted into the Philadelphia (All-Star City) Chapter of the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1997. Ray passed away in 2006.


John “Jack” Hengy - (Second Base/Infielder)
Jack Hengy, like all great softball players, had to start playing at a young age and kept on playing for many years -- this means being on the field 20-25 years, at least – and this Jack did. He was an outstanding infielder with the very important quality of being able to anticipate the next play. Jack was quiet at his position and possessed a strong and accurate throwing arm. He had a great bat with an outstanding ability to get that much needed hit with the runner in scoring position. Jack played in the 5th & Allegheny League, the Max Myers League, the Atlantic Seaboard League and many other leagues. With the famous Flatiron AC team, He played in seven ASA Regional Tournaments, seven ASA National Tournaments and on so many Championship teams throughout his career. Jack works as a truck driver for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Bobby “Indian” Mannices - (Second Base)
Bob first ran into the softball field way back in 1947 and he didn’t stop running for the next 20 years. He played on great teams of yesteryear such as Soobar, Dillon’s, Strangers, McGeehen’s, Flatiron and Third Base Bar and . He also played in some of the best leagues of those days, namely, the Tavern League, Industrial, McVeigh and the Atlantic Seaboard Leagues. Bob the “Indian” played in at least seven ASA Regional Tournaments and the same amount of ASA National Tournaments. He was voted MVP three times and also won the batting titles an amazing six times during these events with some of the batting averages being .375 --.380 --.400. Bob “Indian” Mannices could run, hit and field --- which is the makings of a great softball player. Bob passed away in 2008.

Harry Siegel - (Pitcher)
Harry Siegel was a pitcher to be reckoned with – a great pitcher and individual. He started playing softball in the late 1940’s through the 1985 season. You know this is a long time to be on the softball field. Everyone knows and likes Harry Siegel. During his tenure on the mound, Harry threw four no-hitters in a row and four perfect games – that’s good pitching. He was twice voted the MVP and three times the Most Outstanding Pitcher. He played on many great teams and in many good leagues. Mr. Siegel and his teams over the years won numerous championships, first place and was always there in the league standings and playoffs. I have a great list of teams, leagues, etc. that Harry was associated with and I feel it is only fitting to print them and bring back some names in softball that many of us will remember. He played with these teams: Charles Lenning (Rohm and Hass Co.), Harrowgate AC, Dutch Club, Local 204, Ruth & Joe’s, Harvey’s All-Stars, Warnock’s Tavern, Carrier Corporation, McGeehan’s tavern, CWA Local-2590, Adam’s Rug, Picard’s Tavern, Penndel Cleaners, Yank’s Diner, Magee Tavern, Taylor’s Bar, Falcons, Cheltenham Tavern, Mill Trucking, Castor AA, Clover Bar, The Chateau and Maloney’s. These teams were part of these leagues: Industrial, North Penn Guide, Tavern, Mann Recreation, Greater Olney, Holmesburg Recreation, Max Myers, Bristol, Rhawnhurst, North East, Cheltenham, Abington and Church leagues. Harry has won these Championships: Dutch Club (league unknown), Carrier Corporation (Industrial), McGeehan’s (Tavern), CWA Local-2590 (Holmesburg), Picard’s Tavern (Max Myers), Magee’s (Rhawnhurst) and Falcon’s (North East). Harry is a retired City of Philadelphia Fireman.

Jack McKenna - (Catcher)
Jackie McKenna was a popular and highly respected softball figure for a great many years. A pioneer of softball, he began his career in 1938 in the Old Kensington Saloon League which played in the Railroad Yard “Jungle” at Amber & Seltzer Streets. An outstanding catcher, possessing a “shot gun” arm. Jackie was a lifetime .300 hitter and one of the greatest clutch hitters of his time. During his lengthy playing career, he played with many top notch teams. His ability, “fiery” play and competitive spirit resulted in his being chosen on many all-star teams and selections as MVPs. As the oldtimers say, “Jackie McKenna was always in the game”. When his playing days were ended, he remained very active in softball, managing, coaching and officiating in local leagues. He devoted countless hours and energy in these endeavors. Jackie passed away a few years ago. In recognition of his efforts on behalf of the Cione Playground Tavern League, the officials changed it’s name. it is now the Jackie McKenna Slow Pitch League. Quite an honor, and well deserved. Knowing the kind of guy he was, he probably has Our Lord hitting “fungoes” to him up there on the Heavenly Diamond. Here is a rundown of his playing career: Chick Connelly (Independent Saloon League), Quigley AC (Daily News Tournament), St. Anne’s (Bulletin Tournament), Zeke’s Bearcats (Kensington Saloon League), Stephen’s Club (Cohocksink, champs in 1939-40) and AMVETS Post-147 (Philadelphia Semi-Pitch League and also the Guide League)


Bill Rink - (Meritorious Service)
Bill is a man that comes along once in a lifetime. He is a team man, a good Association member and a terrific worker for our many activities. He gives of his time as a volunteer at Bingo every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and works hard n all the committees. Throughout Bill’s lifetime, he was very active in sports, he was and still is the official scorekeeper and property man for the Philadelphia Softball Association and the many other teams he was involved with during his lifetime. For the last fifteen years, I got to know Mr. William Rink very well and I find him very honest, very helpful and above all, very cooperative in all we have to do to keep the Association and Banquet moving in a positive direction every year. We of the Philadelphia Softball Association deem it a great honor to welcome Mr. William Rink into the Softball “Hall of Fame”. Bill lives in the Richmond section of the city and is a retired railroad worker.

Joe Woods - (Pitcher)
We all know Joe Woods. He originally came from the Kensington section of Philadelphia and now resides in the Northeast. He was a pitcher to be reckoned with because he was very, very good. Joe pitched in the best fastpitch leagues that were around him in his day and played on the best teams. He always had the ability of being a winning pitcher. Joe was an umpire’s pitcher because he had great control and was always right in there with his strikes. He was a gift to his managers because he was very easy to manage and also a tremendous help to his team and teammates with his explosive bat which of course, means he was a very good hitter. Joe pitched for such teams as: Flatiron, Red Rooster Tavern and Bucks County Beverage. Joe was in the 82nd Airborn in the Vietnam War, lived in the Northeast section of Philadelphia and worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a sales driver before moving to Wildwood, NJ in 1988, passed away in 1995.

Jack Maley - (Manager)
Jack Maley lives in Northeast Philadelphia and grew up in the Nicetown-Logan Section. Jack started playing organized fast pitch softball in 1955 with VFW 6838. he stopped playing in 1970 and went on to manage Flatiron until 1974. Throughout the course of his career, Jack played/managed for these teams: VFW 6838, Wissahickon Hawks, Olney Tavern, Martil Clothes, Third Base Bar, Flatiron AC. These teams played in these leagues: Belfield, 5th & Allegheny, Roxborough, Philadelphia Majors, Atlantic Seaboard, Bucks County and Olney Tavern. He won these championships: Belfield, KASA, Philadelphia Majors and Central Atlantic Regionals (3 times). Jack played in 6 Central Atlantic Regionals and 3 National Championships. The 19 years of playing and managing softball, were an experience that will not be forgotten, or all the friends that were made, not only in Philadelphia, but many other towns. Jack Maley is now employed as a Material Manager at an Electronics Firm in Fort Washington.

Jim “Moon” O’Drain - (Umpire)
Jim has been umpiring since 1972 when he started working the sandlots in Philadelphia. He has been an umpire in the Amateur Softball Association since 1974 and in 1985, was appointed Philadelphia ASA Deputy Umpire-in-Chief. In 1986, Jim was appointed to serve on the Philadelphia ASA Executive Board. Jim is currently the president of the Greater Bucks County Chapter of Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) Softball Umpires, Chairsperson of the Pennsylvania Board of Collegiate Softball Officials, and National Training Chairsperson for the National Association of Girls and Women in Sport. Aside from Jim’s administrative contributions to softball, his umpire accomplishments have earned him entry into softball’s elite group of umpires, when in 1988, he was selected into the International Softball Federation making him one of only 19 active softball umpires. In the United States in this prestigious association, also in 1988 he was made a member of the Amateur Softball Association National Indicator Fraternity. Jim’s list of tournaments are as follows: 1981-worked the Ivy League Championship in Philadelphia and selected to work the plate in the final game. 1982-NCAA Softball Regional in Trenton, NJ. 1985- Pennsylvania State High school Championship in Shippensburg. 1985-Women’s Major Slow Pitch in Springfield, MO and selected to work the plate in the final game. 1987- Women’s Major Slow Pitch in Pensacola, FL and selected to work in the championship game. 1987-NCAA Regional in Trenton, NJ. 1988-Men’s Major Slow Pitch in Gadsden, AL and selected to work in the championship game. 1988- NCAA Regional in Trenton, NJ. 1989-NJCAA National Tournament in Hutchinson, KS and selected to work in the championship game. 1989-Women’s Class-B National in Drifton, PA. Jim lives in the Northeast section of Philadelphia with his wife Jacquie and their two children Christian and Nicole.

Tom McIntyre - (Player)
Tom McIntyre is a man we all know very well. He played softball on many great teams and in many leagues. Tom was a great player for the Philadelphia Pros for many years and he was the Most Valuable Player for the Philadelphia Pros no less then three times with his fielding, hitting (well over the magic .300 average which is very good for fast pitch softball. Tom started playing this great game of softball in 1962 and for the next 25 years, with the yearning we all have to play, put into the books some great statistics in the independent leagues and the Police leagues. Here are some of the leagues, teams and highlights in fast pitch, slow pitch and modified: he played for Philadelphia Pros, Amvets-146, Police, B&B Bar, Mr G’s, 3C Club, Tom & Freda’s. And he played in these leagues: McVeigh, Franklin, Max Myers, Rhawnhurst, Amvets Post-146, Police, Hetzel and White Hall. He played in the Philadelphia Police League (.600 batting average) and played in the Police All-Star game for Souderton Police and was the MVP. He won 14 league championships and 3 Police league championships. He was named the MVP seven times and won six batting titles as well as being named to 10 All-star teams on various teams and in different leagues. To top all this great play in this game of softball, Tom picked up the Jim Hoerst Award while playing for the Amvets Post-146. Tom McIntyre is a retired Policeman and lives in Fishtown section of our city.


Charles Everton - (Outfielder)
Charles (lefty) Everton entered Softball from Hardball. He played softball and pitched for the North Philadelphia Cardinals. His first in Softball, in the Guide League, he played center field for the Local 204 and batted .422 winning the batting title. Two years later, Lefty joined Flatiron AC. He then became their center field for the following eight years. He was known as a power hitter and excellent outfielder. Lefty hit a 12th inning home run against Downtown AC helping Flatiron advance to the Regional Tournament. In 1960, he batted .325 for the year. This was in he Philadelphia Major League, Eastern Seaboard League, Regional and World Tournament games. From 1955 through 1964, Lefty played in the Amateur Softball Association of America. Within those nine years of play in the Philadelphia area, he also participated in six regional tournaments and four world tournaments. In the World Tournament in Clearwater, FL, lefty batted .375 and placed fifth out of four hundred national participants. After knee surgery for Cartilage and Ligament damage, he was forced to retire from the game. Born and raised in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. Lefty now lives in the Northeast area of the city and works for the U.S. Postal Service.

Harry Daut - (Third-Base)
Harry Daut has been recognized as one of the finest of the finest third baseman in Philadelphia’s long softball history. Known for his quick bat and glove and his strong throwing arm, Harry began his career in 1956 with Jim’s Bar in the Tavern League. He went on to play with Indiana AC, Walnut Auto Body, Martil Clothes, Wissahickon Hawks, Third Base Bar and Flatiron AC. When Flatiron was looking for a third-basemen, they contacted Harry, who joined them in 1967. This began a 10 year relationship with the frequent regional tournaments and the three national tournaments. He participated in 12 regional tournaments altogether. Harry’s all-around play earned him all-league honors numerous times and his hustle and determination often inspired his teammates. His son, Joe, pitched for Widener and son Harry pitched for Temple, daughter Joyce played for Bensalem High, Daughter Carolyn for Council Rock and Daughter Kelly presently plays for Council Rock, Bristol’s Amazing Angels and pitched the Del-Val Keystone team to a Gold Medal in 1990. They’ve had an excellent coach to teach them the game. Harry is a resident of Richboro and is a Tavern owner.

Mitch Price - (Umpire)
Mitch Price started playing hardball in 1941 as a catcher for the Bartram C.C. in the South Philadelphia League. However, Mitch’s greatest feats were yet to come. In 1948 he started a most incredible career in umpiring, and went on to become an outstanding umpire for the Emment Ward Association which lasted for two years and John Bromley Association for 18 years. Upon moving to South Jersey, he became a member of the Independent Umpires Association for 22 years, and was a member of ASA during all these years. Mitch has a long as well as distinctive career in umpiring. He worked: the Eastern Seaboard League, (16) Invitational tournaments, (11) regional tournaments and is a charter member of the NJ-Metropolitan new York C.B.U.A. Mitch Price made a lot of big decisions in his days (and they ALL were right).

Tom McClain - (Umpire)
Tom McLain has been officiating for 30 years. He has umpired approximately 2000 softball games, including the 1960 Philadelphia Catholic League Championship, the 1984 PIAA State Championship, the 1981 Ivy League Championship, ASA regional tournaments from 1965-1972 and the Women’s Class-A National in Utah. He is the PIAA State representative for District-1. Tom has worked as a football official and has done games for Army, Syracuse, Miami and Notre Dame, plus Philadelphia Catholic and Philadelphia Public League Football Championships. He doesn’t relax in the winter, but does high school and college basketball, where he has also had State High School Playoff Games and College League Championship Games. Tom has always been highly respected in al three sports and coaches say they are always happy to see him appear at their games. They know that they will have a knowledgeable, constantly hustling official. Tom Resides in Bridesburg and works for Admiral transportation Company.

Joe DeLuca - (Catcher)
Joe played for the Inquirer, Norristown Blocks and Volpi Builders. no other information is available

Bobby Lutz III - (Infielder/Coach/Umpire)
Involved with Flatiron AC. Bob passed away in 2006. no other information is available


Frank Fiorino - (Outfielder)
Frank started playing softball in 1955. he stopped playing in 1974. He played for JJ Nesbitt, McGeehan’s Bar, Pickard’s Café, Italian-American, Third Base Bar and Bookbinders Flatiron. He played in the Philadelphia Independent, Tavern, Bucks County, Philadelphia Majors and Atlantic Seaboard Leagues. He played in 10 ASA Central Atlantic Regional Tournaments and 4 National Tournaments. Most of Frank’s career was with Flatiron. He played every position, including pitcher and catcher at least one game. Frank founded and coached the Philadelphia Spirit Women’s Fast Pitch Softball tea,. The Spirit were Regional champs and went to the National Tournament. Frank is currently employed by the Department of Recreation. He coached Father Judge High School JV Baseball during the past two years.

Hugh Tierney - (Umpire)
Hugh, whose nickname was “Pete” started in 1963 to umpire softball and referee football. The Association’s Mr. Tierney worked for were: Arco Association for 27 tears, the Philadelphia Central Board for 25 years, PIAA for 17 years, Commissioner of umpires for the Philadelphia Catholic Girls Softball League for 13 years. Hugh is the manager of the Columbia Yacht Club. He is currently sponsoring men’s teams in the Pollack and Pleasant Hill 1-Pitch leagues and has two women’s teams in the Philadelphia Recreation Leagues. He coached sand-lot baseball at Torresdale Boys Club and the Wissinoming Boys Club. As you can see, Hugh Tierney has been quite active during his life. This makes for a good man and a great help to our young men.

James Mitchell - (Pitcher)
Jim Mitchell pitched for 15 years and was considered to be one of the best of his time. He began his career with Bill’s Bar in 1960, and then pitched for them in the first season of the Philadelphia Major Softball League. Jim also threw for Chick’s Sportsman’s Bar, Verree Tavern, St. Ann’s, Fox Chase, VFW-6838, Action Manufacturing, Rockne AC, Fishtown AC, Feasterville Sporting Goods, Walnut Auto Body and Flatiron. Jim pitched a number of these teams to championships, and pitched in Central Atlantic Regional Tournaments with both Flatiron and Walnut Auto Body, also pitching Walnut to the Max Myers Championship in 1963. An outstanding lefthander, Jim won MVP trophies in the Penndel Softball League and the Wissahickon AC Tournament which his Roslyn Businessmen’s team won. Jim’s even temper made it a pleasure for teammates who played behind him and his competitive nature always kept him in the ballgame. He always helped himself in the field where he often seemed like a fifth infielder. His travels took him to the Central Atlantic Softball League and the Eastern Seaboard League, two of the finest league sin fast pitch softball. His career included coaching the Lighthouse Girls softball team to a championship. Jim has been married to Dolores for 33 years and they have five children and four grand-children. He is a resident of Pottstown, works as a field service engineer for General Electric and is looking forward to retiring in January, 1992.

John “Reds” Booth - (Umpire)
John “Reds” Booth started his softball career in 1946 through 1951 as a third baseman. During this time, he played for such well-known teams as: S.S. Beer Distributors, Melrose AC and Esslinger Beer Stars. During the period of 1948, 1949 and 1950, he played for the ASA Champs of Philadelphia (Melrose AC), winning the Central Atlantic Regional in 1949. After his playing career ended in 1952, he coached The Vic Potamken Chevrolet team (same team he played for, only with a new name). Reds umpiring career started in 1953 with the John Bromley Umpire Association, which lasted for 24 years. During that time, he was a member of the ASA and PIAA. In 1978 through 1980, Reds was a member of the South Philadelphia Umpire Association, which was run by “Hall of Famer” Carmen Chiumento. After a brief retirement, Reds could not stay away from umpiring and became a member of the Independent Umpire Association of South Jersey, where he is still a very active member. At present time, he also belongs to the NJIAA. Reds enjoys umpiring both high school and college softball games for I.U.A. Being a nationally ranked umpire, John “Reds” Booth has been selected many times to officiate in most all of the Philadelphia area major games, as well as localplayoffs, regional and invitational tournaments. He has umpired softball games in the Eastern Seaboard League, 32 invitational tournaments and 28 regional tournaments. Over the past 31 years and 2400 games of umpiring, he has never made a wrong call.

Tom Thomson - (Outfielder/Shortstop)
Tom’s career started in 1960, when he was a 16 year old shortstop for 103 Bar. In 1963, Tom pitched for Wollo Company in the Industrial League, he went 7-4 with an average of 8 strikeouts per game. In 1964, he played for Malloy’s Bar as a centerfielder. In 1965-67, Tom played for McCracken Bar and won MVP all three years. He also won the batting title. McCracken’s Bar won the Adelphia, Roosevelt and McVeigh Leagues in the same span. During this time with McCracken’s Bar, his lowest batting average was .450. In 1968, he played for Harry’s Bar and won the 5th and Allegheny League. He won the MVP and batting title. In 1969-72, Tom played for Rhawnhurst in the Philadelphia Major League. In the first year, he led the league in Home Runs and RBI’s and missed the batting title by 2 points. In 1972, he hit .435 to win the batting title. He also made the All-star team each season as a centerfielder or shortstop. The lowest batting average during this time was .335. In 1973, Tom played for Flatiron which won the Atlantic Seaboard League. In 1970, Tom played for the 39th District-2 squad which were division champs. In a double headers, he hit 5 home runs against the 9th District-2 squad. In 1969, Tom played for the 35th District and hit .700. in 1971, Tom played for the 26th District-1 squad and hit 4 home runs in one game against the 14th District. Tom played Modified softball in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He ran the 26th. Pal. and put Fishtown on the map by having one of the largest and best PAL programs in the City. Before that he played for Fishtown A.C. Modified Softball team in the Rotan League. He served as the leagues Commissioner for many years. Tommy ran the 26th. Police Athletic League (PAL) and put Fishtown on the map by having one of the largest and best PAL programs in the City. Tom also served as the Rotan Modified League Commissioner for many years. It could easily be said that without Tommy's early years as commissioner the night league may have ended years ago. Before that he played baseball for Fishtown A.C on two championship teams. he also played full back for the two time state champion Holy Name Ramrod Jr's football team in 1960 & 61 His coach in baseball and football Jack Moore calls Tommy one of the truly best all around athletes to ever come out of Fishtown. He could play any sport and stand out as the best in the game when it ended. He was a tremendous competitor in any-thing he played. His number #44 was retired to the Rotan Modified Hall Of Fame in 1994

Arlen Spector Pitcher - (Pitcher)
Was a pitcher in the City league. no information is available


no inductions took place in these years


H. ‘Turk’ Banks - (Outfielder)
Played for Butler AC and Flatiron AC. no other information is available. He led both the Philadelphia Major League and the Atlantic Seaboard League in batting.

Linda Carothers - (Pitcher/Coach)
Pitched for Perkasie Glennettes and also for the Pennsylvania Liberties in the old Women's professional Softball League under Manager Pat Whitman. Also University of Penn Softball Coach for 23 years (1974-97), compiling over 150 wins. no other information is available

Joe Cooney - (Administrator)
no information is available

Joe Fucci - (Outfielder)
Played for Flatiron AC. no other information is available

Tommy Jackman - (Catcher)
Was a Catcher for Martil Clothes and also played with Collex Experts and many other teams. no other information is available

A. 'Eugene' Johnson -
G. Johnson) - Started with the Philadelphia P.A.L. in the mid 1940's. Biggest trill came at an all star dinner in Philadelphia City Hall. The quest speaker was Babe Ruth. In 1949 he joined the army and was stationed in Panama for 3 years. While there he pitched and played short stop for Ft Clayton C.Z. Upon discharge, returned to Philadelphia and began playing softball. Played in the Industrial League for Edge-comb Steel & Crown Cork & Seal. Began playing in the Phila. Fast Pitch League in 1963. He played through out Philadelphia at many different locations including the late 1960's at Max Myers career ended. He said he was fortunate enough to play against players like George Elmer, Herman Skea, Jim Mitchell and many other great players from the Phila. area. Also played for Fishtown, Action Mfg. and Nate Ben's. Including the Action Mfg. team that won the 1966 KASA title in Altoona. His major position was shortstop but played all infield positions when needed.

Albert Mascucchini -
Was still pitching in two fast pitch leagues as of 1993 - no other information is available

Artie Newman - (Catcher)
Was a catcher for Sals' Lunch. no other information is available

Chuck Newns - (Umpire)
no information is available

Ginny O'Toole - (Pitcher)
Was a pitcher for the Philadelphia Spirit. no other information is available

Mike Polin - (Outfielder)
Played for Sal's Lunch. no other information is available

Billy Schroller - (Second-Base)
Played Second-Base for Rhawnhurst AC. no other information is available

S. ‘Fuzzy’ Spiegel - (Third-Base)
Played for Sal's Lunch. no other information is available


no inductions took place this year


Ronnie Bennett - (Outfielder)
Played for Sal's Lunch. no other information is available

Ralph Bianco - (Catcher)
Catcher for the Italian-American team. no other information is available

John Blesi - (Outfielder)
Played for Frank's Collision Service. no other information is available

J. Bohannon -
no other information is available

Frank Corkery - (Manager)
Manager for the St. Ann's team. no other information is available

Bernie Crandley - (Pitcher)
Played for Martil Clothes. no other information is available

John DeNofa  - (Pitcher
Pitched for the Christian Nine team. no other information is available

Carol Kashow - (Second-Base/Coach/Umpire)
Played for the Allentown Patriettes. Played from 1975-1992, including 7 National Championships, also Central Atlantic Regional ASA MVP in 1990. Inducted in West Chester State College HOF-2002. Head Softball Coach at Drexel (1979-91), Temple (1992-97) and Penn (1998-03) teams before becoming AD at College of St. Elizabeth and later on at Hunter College

G. Keehn -
no information is available

D. McLeod -
no information is available

J. McNesby -
no information is available

Danny O'Rourke (Coach/Manager/Administrator)
no other information is available

George Pelbano - (Manager)
Manager for Rhawnhirst AC. Rhawnhurst Memorial Playground renamed George C. Pelbano Playground in 2003. no other information is available

Jim Stevenson - (Pitcher)
Pitched for Rhawnhurst AC. Played in the Steelmill League and Penndel-Lower Bucks County. no other information is available

Nelson Stewart - (Second-Base)
Played for the great Royal Stars teams. no other information is available

Jack Whitehead - (Outfielder)
Played for Sal's Lunch. no other information is available


no inductions took place these years


Barry Bessler - (Administrator)
Was once the Chief of Staff and Executive Director of the Fairmount Park system. no other information is available

Donald Healey -
no information is available

Bill Hurd - (Pitcher)
Played for the Little Club. no other information is available

Thomas King -
no information is available

Edward Lowry -
no information is available

James Malloy - (Infielder)
Infielder for Rhawnhurst AC. no other information is available

Frank Micenec -
no information is available

Edward Smith -
no information is available

Jack Wagner - (Pitcher)
Great pitcher for such teams as Sal's Lunch and Wissahickon Hawks. no other information is available


no inductions have taken place since 2001

Philadelphia Metro ASA Commissioner
Ray Gathrid, "Philadelphia Daily News", Philadelphia  (1934-1952)
Joe Rothstein, Philadelphia (1952-1969)
Jack Grosse, Philadelphia (1970-1976)
Walt Lucas, Feasterville (1977-2009)
Jim "Duck" McDonald  (2009-present)

Philadelphia Metro ASA President
Frank Glavin (1970's and 1980's time frame)

Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame HONOREES
1973 - Jack Grosse - ASA Metro Philadelphia Commissioner from 1970-1976
1973 - Al Speer - 1979 Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee - see bio above
1974 - Robert Crawford - Commissioner of Philadelphia Recreation from 1955-1981 (known as the Father of Philly Parks 'n Rec)
1974 - Vince Barbati - FP Player - 1982 Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee - see bio above
1975 - Frank Glavin - Administrator - Former Philadelphia ASA Metro President and 1984 Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee - see bio above
1975 - Bob Stoerrle - ???
1975 - Loretta Smith - Women's Softball (?) and also
Former Secretary of  Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame
1975 - Kenny Side - Slow Pitch ?
1976 - Connie Gillespie - Women's Softball ?
1977 - Vici Smith - Women's Softball ?
1977 - Bobby Woods - Instructor, ran Clinics?
1977 - Jim Riffe -
Former Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame Banquet Speaker ?
1977 - Bob Shaw -
Former Treasurer of  Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame ?
1978 - Frank Fiorino - FP Player - 1991 Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee - see bio above
1978 - Cathy Mullelly - Women's High School Coach and Clinician
1979 - Linda Carothers - Women's FP Player - 1996 Philadelphia Hall of Fame Inductee - see bio above
1979 - Ed Waldman - Sportswriter ?
No information after 1979 ...

Also having a big part in the Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame-
Al Farrell-
Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame Historian ?
John Smith -
Former President of  Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame ?
Jack Farrell -
Former Banquet Assistant for Philadelphia Softball Association Hall of Fame ?

Philadelphia Metro Commissioner Joe Rothstein All-Time Philadelphia All Star Team as of 1956

Pitchers -
Andy Palumbo (All Pals)
Bill Caulkins (Roxy Athletic Club)
Eddie Renzi (Nelson-O'Briens)
Bud Sasse (Melrose AC)

Catchers -
Joe Blue (Italian-Americans)
Bill Whiton (Melrose AC)

First Base -
Bucky Denato (All Pals)

Second Base -
Bebo Gniewek (Juniata Club)

Shortstop -
Vince Barbatti (Essingler's Beer Stars)

Third Base -
George Strickland (Melrose AC)

Outfielders -
Reds Connolly (Roxy Athletic Club)
Mike Ferriolo (Essingler's Beer Stars)
Reds Pollack (34th Ward Athletic Club)

Utility -
Frank Ferriolo (Essingler's Beer Stars)


George Ulmer




Herm Skea                                     Larry Simpson






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