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Last Edited  -  08/02/2017

Norristown Men's Softball League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here to download a printable copy of the "A" Schedule

Click here to download a printable copy of the "B" Schedule

Click here to download a printable copy of the "Rec" Schedule

Final Standings

Norristown Men's League      
A Division Standings W L Pct.
Cannon Roofing 18 6 0.750
Whitpain Tavern/Mel's Pub 16 8 0.667
Modi's Crusaders 13 11 0.542
Bridgeport Pizza 12 12 0.500
Outer Design/Pepper's 9 15 0.375
Bonecrushers 9 15 0.375
Humleville Inn/Spike's Trophies 7 17 0.292
B Division Standings W L Pct.
Paragon Alliance 18 3 0.857
Norristown Rec 14 7 0.667
Maro & Maro, P.C. 13 8 0.619
Far Side Pub 11 9 0.550
RJM Construction 11 10 0.524
Maennerchor Club 7 14 0.333
New Valley Tavern 6 15 0.286
TNT Sports Club 3 17 0.150
Rec Division Standings W L Pct.
Chicco's D&D 15 3 0.833
Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball 15 3 0.833
Whitpain Tavern 11 7 0.611
Olympia Pizza 11 7 0.611
American Collision 10 8 0.556
Super Fit 8 10 0.444
Charlie's Pizzeria 7 11 0.389
First Choice 5 13 0.278
Ferguson Expressnet 5 13 0.278
Riverchasers.com/Players 3 15 0.167


2005 Playoff Schedule/Results:

First Round (best of 3):
(1) Cannon Roofing and (2) Whitpain Tavern/Mel's Pub received a bye
(3) Modi's Crusaders defeated (6) Bonecrushers (2-1)
(4) Bridgeport Pizza defeated (6) Outer Design/Pepper's (2-0)

Semi-Finals (best of 3):
(1) Cannon Roofing defeated Bridgeport Pizza (2-0)
(2) Whitpain Tavern/Mel's Pub defeated Modi's Crusaders (2-0)

Championship (best of 5):
Mel's Pub defeated Cannon Roofing (3-0)
Playoff MVP - Dave "Killer" Kwiatkowski, Mel's Pub


First Round (best of 3):
(1) Paragon Alliance and (2) Norristown Rec received a bye
(3) Maro & Maro defeated (6) Maennerchor Club (2-0)
(4) Far Side defeated (5) RJM Construction (2-1)

Semi-Finals (best of 3):
(1) Paragon Alliance defeated Far Side (2-1)
(2) Norristown Rec defeated Maro & Maro (2-1)

Championship (best of 5):
Paragon Alliance defeated Norristown Rec (3-0)

Playoff MVP - Rob Hires, Paragon Alliance


Winner's Bracket
(1) Chicco's D&D defeated (8) First Choice
(2) Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball defeated (7) Charlie's Pizzeria
(3) Whitpain Tavern defeated (6) Super Fit
(4) Olympia Pizza defeated (5) American Collision
Whitpain Tavern defeated Chicco's D&D
Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball defeated Olympia Pizza
Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball defeated Whitpain Tavern (winner's bracket finals)

Loser's Bracket
Charlie's Pizzeria eliminated First Choice
Super Fit eliminated American Collision
Chicco's D&D eliminated Charlie's Pizzeria
Super Fit eliminated Olympia Pizza
Super Fit eliminated Chicco's D&D
Whitpain Tavern defeated Super-Fit

Championship (best of 5):
Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball defeated Whitpain Tavern (3-2)

Playoff MVP - Jon Corson, Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball



Final Regular Season Home Run Leader Board

Norristown "A" HR Leaders #
John Brooks, Mel's Pub 18
Bill Gulotta, Outer Design 16
Ken Shemonski, Cannon Roofing 15
Jason Williams, Bridgeport Pizza 15
Matt O'Hara, Bridgeport Pizza 14
Joe McFarlane, Bonecrushers 14
Steve Moloney, Outer Design 12
Kip Harwick, Mel's Pub 11
Dave Heckman, Mel's Pub 11
Mike Kaufman, Bridgeport Pizza 10
Jamie Pastor, Bridgeport Pizza 9
Mike Hopson, Cannon Roofing 8
Jeff Lograsso, Cannon Roofing 7
Tom Pagel, Outer Design 7
Glen White, Bridgeport Pizza 6
Greg 'Hamr' Wenning, Bonecrushers 6
Mark Clayton, Modi's Crusaders 6
Steve DiMarino, Outer Design 6
Norristown "B" HR Leaders #
Brian Dunlap, Paragon Alliance 13
Nick Chiccino, Maro & Maro 11
Mike Manieri, Far Side 11
Craig Borzillo, Paragon Alliance 11
Anthony "Skitz' DiFiore, Paragon Alliance 10
Chris Logan, Paragon Alliance 9
Steve Shoemacker, Maro & Maro 6
Greg Zinicola, Maro & Maro 6
Bill Bradford, Norristown Rec 5
Scott "Doc" Morris, Maennerchor Club 5
Rob Hickson, RJM Construction 5
Dave Shoemacker, Maro & Maro 4
Mike Sobeck, Norristown Rec 4
Dennis Pinkerton, Far Side 4
Mike Perez, Paragon Alliance 4
Norristown "Rec" HR Leaders #
Scooch Pascucci, D&D 10
Mano Howell, D&D 9
Kyle Waldowski, Super-Fit 8
Jason Washington, Players/Riverchasers 6
Sean McNamara, Ferguson Expressnet 6
Dwayne Weldon, Olympia Pizza 5
Jon Corson, Whitpain/Thunder 5
Chris Monoco, D&D 3
Eric Vierow, Whitpain/Thunder 3
Dave Gordon, Whitpain Tavern 3


2005 Norristown Softball Awards

A-Division MVP Award (voting done by 7 managers and league commissioner)-
Jason Williams, Bridgeport Pizza (4.0 votes)

Others receiving votes:
Dave Heckman, Mel's Pub (1.0 vote)
Bill Gulotta, Outer Design
(1.0 vote)
Kip Harwick, Mel's Pub
(1.0 vote)
Mike Amodei, Modi's Crusaders
(1.0 vote)


B-Division MVP Award (voting done by 8 managers and league commissioner)-
Anthony 'Skitz' DiFiore, Paragon Alliance (4.0 votes)

Others receiving votes:
Mike Manieri, Far Side (2.0 votes)
Brian Dunlap, Paragon Alliance
(1.0 vote)
Chris Logan, Paragon Alliance
(1.0 vote)
Steve Shoemaker, Maro & Maro
 (1.0 vote)

C-Division MVP Award (voting done by 10 managers and league commissioner)-
Mike Zubert, Whitpain Tavern/Thunder Softball (3.0 votes) *

Others receiving votes:
Eric 'Scooch' Pascucci, D&D (3.0 votes)
Chris Monoco, D&D (3.0 votes)
Kyle Waldowski, Super-Fit
 (1.0 vote)
Dwayne Weldon, Olympia Pizza
 (1.0 vote)

* - due to a 3-way tie in the "Rec" voting, the league instituted a tie-breaker system to determine a single MVP. In years past, we would have just awarded 3 certificates as Tri-MVPs, but this year, Heels got a nice prize donated to give to each divisional winner, so we had to have only 1 MVP. The tie-breaker system is as follows; the 2 managers who didn't vote for one of the 3 finalists were asked once again to select an MVP from these 3 and Mike Zubert was selected on both ballots to win the MVP.


Sportsman of the Year-
Willy Plant, Outer Design Landscaping


2005 A-Division All League Team by the Commish
P- Mike Amodei, Crusaders, Jamie 'Doc' Love, Humleville Inn; C- Matt O'Hara, Bridgeport Pizza; EH- John Brooks, Mel's Pub; 1B- Steve DiMarino, Outer Design; 2B- Dave Kwiatkowski, Mel's Pub; 3B- Jamie Pastor, Bridgeport Pizza; SS- Dave Hechman, Mel's Pub; LF- Kip Harwick, Mel's Pub; LC- Steve Moloney, Outer Design; RC- Jason Williams, Bridgeport Pizza; RF- Joe McFarlane, Bonecrushers; OF- Ivo Salvi, Cannon Roofing; Utility- Bill Gulotta, Outer Design, Ken Shemonski, Cannon Roofing, Mike Kaufman, Bridgeport Pizza, Mike Hopson, Cannon Roofing (OF/EH)

2005 Norristown "Thunder Softball" Home Run Derby

Final Standings (these 4 made the finals)
1. Jeff Neamand, Bridgeport Pizza
2. Jamie Pastor, Bridgeport Pizza
3. Josh Werman, Bridgeport Pizza/Azzatori Chiropractic
4. Brian Dunlap, Paragon Alliance

Norristown Men's Fall Softball League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297

Click here to download a printable copy of the Men's Fall Schedule

Final Standings

Men's Fall League W L Pct.
Thunder Softball 6 2 0.750
Lifeline Chiropractic 4 4 0.500
C.J. & Eck's Bar & Grill 3 5 0.375
TDS 3 5 0.375

Fall League Championship (best of 3):
Thunder Softball defeated Lifeline Chiropractic (2-1)
MVP - Jerry Cannon, Thunder

Men's Fall HR Leaders #
Tom Handzus, CJ & Eck's 5
Ken Shemonski, Thunder 4
Jake DiFlore, Lifeline 2
Brian Dunlap, Lifeline 2
Charlie Battles, CJ & Ecks 2
Steve Dimitry, TDS 1
Buzz Shytle, TDS 1
Steve Cutler, Lifeline 1
Ivo Salvi, Thunder 1
Bill Gulotta, TDS 1
Joe DiCicco, Thunder 1
Jeff Lograsso, Thunder 1
Dave Halter, Thunder 1
Jon Corson, Thunder 1
Dave Hicks, Thunder 1


Norristown Women's Softball League

Commissioner Stacey Clemens (215) 822-0224

Final Standings

Norristown Women's League      
East Division W L Pct.
Frank's Breakers 17 0 1.000
Chic Snyder's/Country Moon 13 4 0.765
Tom's Bar 11 6 0.647
Peanut Gallery Tavern 6 11 0.353
Clemen's Uniform 3 14 0.176
West Division W L Pct.
Dirt in the Skirt 14 3 0.824
Little Brown Jug 11 6 0.647
Valley Forge Beef & Ale 5 12 0.294
Trappe Thunder/Keller Williams 4 13 0.235
Whitpain Tavern 1 16 0.059
2005 Playoff Schedule/Results:

Winner's Bracket
(1) Frank's Breakers received a first round bye
(3) Tom's Bar defeated (4) Peanut Gallery Tavern
(2) Chic Snyder's/Country Moon defeated (5) Clemen's Uniform
Tom's Bar defeated (1) Frank's Breakers
Tom's Bar defeated Chic Snyder's/Country Moon (winner's bracket final)

Loser's Bracket
Clemen's Uniform eliminated Peanut Gallery Tavern
Frank's Breakers eliminated Clemen's Uniform
Frank's Breakers eliminated Chic Snyder's/Country Moon

East Division Championship
Frank's Breakers defeated Tom's Bar
Frank's Breakers eliminated Tom's Bar


West Division
Winner's Bracket
(1) Dirt in the Skirt received a first round bye
(3) Valley Forge Beef & Ale defeated (4) Trappe Thunder
(2) Little Brown Jug defeated (5) Whitpain Tavern
(1) Dirt in the Skirt defeated Valley Forge Beef & Ale
(1) Dirt in the Skirt defeated Little Brown Jug (winner's bracket final)

Loser's Bracket
Trappe Thunder eliminated Whitpain Tavern
Trappe Thunder eliminated Valley Forge Beef & Ale
Little Brown Jug eliminated Trappe Thunder

West Division Championship
Dirt in the Skirt defeated Little Brown Jug

2005 Norristown Women's League All-Star Game (Stars vs Stripes)

Stripes 8, Stars 6

All-Stars (Stars):
Franks Breakers: Kelly Blehl, Jayne Mauro, Kristen Luriano, Sue Molnar
Peanut Gallery: No Names listed
Clemen's Uniform: Amy Hennessey, Kate Monohan, Ellen Entenman
Little Brown Jug: Nancy Bangert, Audrey Boyd, Lynn Detwiler
Valley Forger Beef & Ale: Gwen Heidecker, Melissa McKenny, Lauren Mashett

All-Stars (Stripes):
Chic Snyders/Country Moon: Kathy Berry, Kristen Lockwood, Kelly Marlow, Sandi Narciso
Tom's Bar: Christine Hunsberger, Leigh Anne Ronnar, Joanne Santini
Dirt In The Skirt: Faye Chicco, Mia Fabrizio, Stacey Granese, Nanacy Perez
Trappe Thunder: Domenique Greenidge, Alynn Purdy, Kristen Rorick, Monica Halter
Whitpain Tavern: Lynn Weber, Jenn Bosco, Julie Nickler, Jamy Lyn Colelli

Stars MVPs:
East Division - Sue Molnar, Franks Breakers
West Division - Nancy Bangert, Little Brown Jug

Stripes MVPs:
East Division - Kristen Lockwood, Chic Snyders/Country Moon
West Division - Stacey Granese, Dirt In The Skirt

Overall League MVP:
Chrissy Hunsberger, Tom's Bar

Norristown Women's Fall Softball League

Commissioner Sully Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here to download a printable copy of the Women's Fall Schedule

Final Standings

Women's Fall League W L Pct.
The Ridge 6 2 0.750
Lexi's 4 2 0.667
Thunder Softball 3 3 0.500
Norristown Rec 3 3 0.500
Whitpain Tavern 0 6 0.000

Fall League Championship:
Lexi's defeated The Ridge
MVP - none named

Women's Fall HR Leaders #
Monica Halter, Thunder 4


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