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Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee

2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee

Special Announcement
Norristown Softball would like to Congratulate Tom Schadt for his 2013 induction into the
ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame

Tom Schadt has been a player/manager/sponsor/administrator for going back to 1969. He has been mostly associated with his Spring-Ford AA Softball team in the Linfield League. More specifically, the Spring-Ford AA Masters and Seniors Program. Tom has had 84 senior teams play ASA advanced play for over 14 years and over 950 games being played by these teams. In addition to this, he has had 22 teams enter the ASA Allied member, International Softball Federation (ISF) Senior World Cup Championships. 18 teams have entered the International Senior Softball Association (ISSA) World Championships and 12 more enter the ISSA Winter World Championships. His Spring-Ford AA teams have won 3 ASA National Championships and an amazing 24 ASA of PA State Championships. He is a wonderful man and his dedication to the pursuit of making softball possible for so many guys that are in their 50's, 60's, 70s and even 80's is so remarkable and inspiring to these guys. His favorite saying is “You don’t stop playing softball because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing softball!”  Below is a photo of Tom with his lovely wife Faye.


Jordy Hinkle was a close friend of mine and whoever played football or softball with him. His son JJ plays for Gibbons Legal and is the nicest kid in this league, always with a big smile. Jordy's Father (Jack Hinkle) played in the NFL for the Eagles from 1940-46, finishing 2nd in the NFL in rushing in 1943. Jordy was an incredible athlete in his own right. He was an all-catholic, all-area, all-city, all-state Quarterback for the old Bishop Kenrick High School back in early 1970s. He played softball in this league for a long time, mostly with TNT Sports Club. He sadly passed away at the all too young age of 56 due to injuries from a fall in late October, 2012. I had the honor of playing softball with him and being his friend of more then 30 years. #12 will be missed by all who knew him, RIP Jordy Hinkle. His Obit is below the  photos.


Times Herald Obituary - Jordy Hinkle, 56, of Norristown passed away on October 29, 2012 in the company of loved ones. Jordy was born December 16, 1955 and raised by parents Jack and Joane Hinkle in West Norriton. He attended Visitation BVM and Bishop Kenrick High School where he starred as quarterback of the football team. Jordy was the owner and operator of Fairview Mowing and Landscaping and continued to work as a consultant after retiring due to physical injury. His passion for sports and love of football inspired him to donate countless hours of his time to coaching local football and baseball teams, including a stint at Germantown Academy in which he helped coach the football team to two league championships while his son attended the school. Jordy is survived by his son J.J. Hinkle and daughter Jaime Hinkle as well as the family dog, Baxter. Memorial services will be held at Visitation BVM church on Saturday November 3, 2012 at 12noon. Guests are also invited to pay their respects starting at 11:00am. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Norristown Men's Slow Pitch League, 1436 Locust Street, Norristown, PA 19401.


Vince Romano, Sr. was also a good friend. He used to keep score and help Heels out with a lot of stuff down at Weirman for years before the new field was built. he was always there with snack and other things for the players if they needed it. Used to love watching the games and knew just about everyone that played. His Sons Vinny and Raymond played in this league years ago, his daughter Joanne also played in the Women's League. They were a very close-knit family. Vinny, Sr. sadly passed away at the age of 85 of natural causes in late October 2012. Anybody that got to know Mr. Romano loved him. he was a good man. I spent many a night sitting and talking with him.: His Obit is below his photo.

Times Herald Obituary - Vincent C. Romano Sr. passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on October 24, 2012 at age 85. He was the loving father of Colette Wagner (Dan), Joann Quinn (Paul), Raymond Romano and Vincent Romano Jr. (Patty). He was the cherished grandfather of Ryan, Marc and Andrew Wagner, Jeffrey, Jeremy, Kimberly, Michael and Troy Quinn, Austin and Damian Romano and Theresa Romano. He was the great grandfather of Stella and Jameson. His sisters, Rita Ruths and Mary Dellangelo survive him. He served our Country as a Marine during WWII in the Pacific Theater.


I also want to express my sincere condolences to the family of Charles "Chip" Pritchett who passed away during the fall. He played many , many year sin this league, was probably the fastest player in this league at one time and was without doubt, one of the nicest and funniest guys in this league.  He was just 57 year sold. RIP Chip, May your family find the strength to carry on.

A month ago, Jen Romano lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was so beautiful and so young, with 3 little kids. She was married to Mike Romano, who has played in this league since he left Perky League Baseball. Mike is one of the better all around players in this league, put everything on hold to be at her side and care for her and their children. Watching him, the way he acted with class and dignity and with honor as a husband and father should be an inspiration to anybody that ever wants to do the "right" thing in their life. Mike Romano was a shining example. He now has the task of raining three beautiful children. His in-laws and great people and Mike's family is also (His father, Big Steve Romano was a powerhouse

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Norristown Men's Softball League

League President - Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

League President/Treasurer - Sully Gelet
League Vice President - Sonny Termine
League Vice-President/Secretary/Web Master - Steve Dimitry
League Legal Council - Tom Gibbons
Montco Umpires Association President - Frank Horvath
Montco Umpires Association Assignor - Joe Shaw
Montco Umpires Association UIC - Jimmy Myers

State Slow Pitch Committee and Classification Member/State Women's Committee Member/District Commissioner/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member- Sully Gelet
District Deputy Commissioner/State SP Commissioner/State Men's SP Committee and Classification Co-Chairman/State Women's Committee Member - Steve Dimitry
District Player Rep and All-Around good human being - Tom Pagel
Southeastern Area State Men's Player  Rep/ASA of PA State Deputy Player Rep/District Central County Commissioner- Tony Carfagno
District Lower County Commissioner - Rob Bickelman
District Upper County Commissioner - Bob Beard
Southeastern Area State Women's Player Rep/District Women's Commissioner/Women's League President - Stacey Clemens
District Women's Player Rep - Chrissy Hunsberger
Women's Player Rep/WNLL Youth Softball Rep - Kelli Locklear
Women's Player Rep/WNLL Deputy Youth Softball Rep - Liz Stacek
State Women's Commissioner/State Women's Slow Pitch and Classification Chairman- Meghan Brogan
State Masters-Senior's Commissioner and Classification Chairman/ District Masters-Seniors Commissioner /ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member - Tom Schadt
District Deputy Masters/Seniors Player Rep/State Masters/Seniors Committee Member - Sonny Termine
District Slow Pitch Advisor - Ernie Chintalan
District Umpire-in-Chief - Frank Horvath
District Deputy Umpire-in-Chief - Gary Grayshaw
District Deputy Umpire-in-Chief - Jimmy Myers

Click here for the 2013 National Division "Revised" Schedule

Click here for the 2013 American Division Schedule



National Division Final Standings W L Pct.
Steppy's Sports Bar/Worcester HVAC 28 7 0.800
Natale & Onufer Home Remodeling 21 14 0.600
Paragon Alliance 20 15 0.571
Altomare Precast 19 16 0.543
Flashtastics/Prism Brewery/Acre Mortgage 18 17 0.514
The Franchise/Spectrum Healthcare/Code Red Restoration 17 18 0.486
Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps/Jamison's/Wallace Tree 12 23 0.343
Norristown Rec 5 30 0.143
American Division Final Standings W L Pct.
Iacovino's Reloaded/StoneWorks Tile & Marble 17 3 0.850
FKC Hitmen/Black Horse Tavern 15 5 0.750
Bridgeport Beer Company 13 7 0.650
Less for Watches 11 9 0.550
The High Life 10 10 0.500
Bridgeport Rib-House 9 11 0.450
Charlie's Pizza & Beer 9 11 0.450
Depaul Brothers 9 11 0.450
Gibbons Legal 9 11 0.450
Joey T's Rib-House Hit 'n Run 4 16 0.200
Legion of Boom 4 16 0.200

National Division Playoffs
First Round (Best of 3)

#1 Steppys/Worcester HVAC and #2 N&O receive first round byes
#3 Paragon Alliance defeated #6 Franchise/Spectrum/Code Red (2-1)
#4 Altomare Precast defeated #5 Flashtastics/Prism/Acre (2-1)
Semi-Finals (Best of 5)
#1 Steppys/Worcester HVAC defeated #4 Altomare Precast (3-1)
#3 Paragon Alliance defeated #2 N&O (3-0)
National Division Championship (best of 7)
#3 Paragon Alliance defeated #1 Steppys/Worcester HVAC (4-2)
MVP - Paul Garber, Paragon Alliance

American Division (Double Elimination)
Winners Bracket

#8 Depaul Brothers defeated #9 Gibbons Legal
#8 Depaul Brothers defeated #1 Iacovinos
#2 FKC Hitmen defeated #7 Charlies Pizza and Beer
#3 Bridgeport Beer defeated #6 Bridgeport Rib-House
#4 Less for Watches defeated #5 High Life
#8 Depaul Brothers defeated #4 Less for Watches
#3 Bridgeport Beer defeated #2 FKC Hitmen
#3 Bridgeport Beer defeated  Depauls - winners bracket final
Losers Bracket
#7 Charlies Pizza eliminated #9 Gibbons Legal
#1 Iacovinos eliminated  #6 Bridgeport Rib-House
#7 Charlies Pizza eliminated #5 High Life
#1 Iacovinos eliminated #2 FKC Hitmen
#4 Less for Watches eliminated #7 Charlies Pizza
#1 Iacovinos eliminated  #4 Less for Watches
#1 Iacovinos eliminated #8 Depaul Brothers
Championship (Last 2 teams play a best of 5)
#3 Bridgeport Beer defeated #1 Iacovinos Reloaded (3-0)
MVP - Jason Rompola, Bridgeport Beer


Regular Season Home Run Leaders

NOTE: Due to the discrepancy concerning "inside the park" homers, we will not count them this year. 

National Division HR Leaders #
Jimmy Bugsy Martin, N&O 22
Iz Cohen, Flashtastics 21
Ken Shemonski, Paragon 18
Chris Judge, Paragon 17
Kevin O'Keefe, Franchise 17
Ryan Parfitt, Altomare 16
Joseph Santucci, Steppy's 16
Matt Cybularz, Flashtastics 14
Nick Chiccino, Franchise 14
AJ Welk, Steppy's 14
Scooch Pascucci, Franshise 13
Chris Sully Sullivan, Franchise 13
Greg Hamr Wenning, N&O 13
Matt Hinde, Maennerchor 13
Mike Hoppy Hopson, N&O 13
Big Dann Welsh, Steppy's 12
Steve Moloney, N&O 12
Greg Cagle, Franchise 11
Andy May, Paragon 11
Russ Rorick, Flashtastics 10
Troy Quinn, Flashtastics 10
Jarred Gardner, Altomare 9
Paul Garber, Paragon 9
Sean Morris, Steppy's 9
Chris McGinnis, Flashtastics 8
Mike Pancott, Franchise 8
Kyle Waldowski, Altomare 8
Joe Cooney, Flashtastics 8
Scott Stro Mastromatto, Altomare 7
Keith Gerhardt, N&O 7
Steve Young, Maennerchor 7
Nick Maher, Franchise 7
American Division HR Leaders #
Lenny DelGrippo, Charlies Pizza 15
Jimmy James, Rib-House 12
Ryan Piercy, Rib-House Hit-n-Run 12
Dan Lunger, Iac's Reloaded 12
Steve Orman, FKC Hitmen 10
Anthony Pettine, Iac's Reloaded 10
Tom Gibbons, Gibbons Legal 8
Jim Spanky Corliss, Rib-House Hit-n-Run 8
Eric Benetiz, Rib-House Hit-n-Run 8
Victor Evangelist, Charlies Pizza 7
Nick Bucha, Rib-House 7
David Douglass, FKC Hitmen 7
Vinny Catagnus, Legion of Boom 7
Ed Borzelleca, Bridgeport Beer 6
Chris Smitty Smith, Iacovino's Reloaded 6
Josh Wernick, Depaul Brothers 6
Steve Biddle, Iac's Reloaded 5

Norristown League Awards and Accolades
National Division MVP

Brett Hanby, Steppy's/Worcester HVAC

Vote Tally
Brett Hanby, Steppys 2.5
Joe Santucci, Steppys 1.5
Keith Gerhardt, N&O 1.5
Ryan Parfit, Altomare 1.0
Iz Cohen, Flashtastics 1.0
Matt Cybulrz, Flashtastics 1.0
Chris Judge, Paragon 0.5
Paul Garber, Paragon 0.5
Russ Rorick, Flashtastics 0.5

American Division Co-MVPs


Lenny Del Grippo, Charlies Pizza  &  Dan Lunger, Iacovino's Tavern

Vote Tally
Lenny Del Grippo, Charlies 3.0
Dan Lunger, Iacovinos 3.0
Chris Smith, Iacovonos 2.5
Ryan Dolga, Iacovinos 2.5
Steve Orman, FKC Hitmen 1.0
Al Fitch, Gibbons Legal 0.5
Jimmy James, Bridgeport Rib-House 0.5

Norristown League Manager of the Year

John Onufer, Natale & Onufer (N&O)
Others Receiving Votes: Jake Corropolese, Ryan Windt, Bill Gulotta, Frank Kenny, Will Harmon

Norristown League Sportsmanship of the Year

Bill Shipe, Gibbons Legal
Others Receiving Votes: Brian Fields, Jake Corropolese, Mike Angelo, Steve Dimitry, Tom Pagel, Tim Bracken, Gus Sitsis and Roy Sanders

Norristown Silver Slugger Award


Jimmy Bugsy Martin, N&O
Others Receiving Votes:
Ryan Parfitt, Iz Cohen, Ken Shemonski and Lenny Del Grippo

Norristown League Home Run Derby
      Cancelled for 2013

Norristown vs Pottstown "All-Star Saturday"
      Cancelled for 2013

Norristown Women's Softball League

Commissioner Stacey Clemens (215) 822-0224

Click here for the 2013 Women's East Division Schedule

Click here for the 2013 Women's West Division Schedule


Final East Division Standings W L Pct.
Black Horse Tavern 11 5 0.688
Crush 10 6 0.625
Tony G's 10 6 0.625
Kosmos 6 10 0.375
Nippers 3 13 0.188
Final West Division Standings W L Pct.
Dirt in the Skirt 12 6 0.667
Steppy's 11 7 0.611
Angels 9 9 0.500
Chick's Tavern 4 14 0.222

East Division (Double Elimination)
Play-In Game (1 game)
#5 Nippers beat #4 Kosmos 16 to 6 single game elimination
Winners Bracket
#1 Black Horse Tavern beat #5 Nippers 11 to 1
#2 Crush beat #3 Tony G's 10 to 4
#2 Crush beat #1 Black Horse Tavern 15 to 4 (Winner Bracket Finals)
Losers Bracket
#3 Tony G's eliminated #5 Nippers 9 to 1
#1 Black Horse Tavern eliminated Tony G's 10 to 0
East Division Championship
#1 Crush eliminated #2 Black Horse Tavern

West Division (Double Elimination)
Winners Bracket
#1 Dirt in the Skirt beat #4 Chick's Tavern 19 to 3
#2 Steppy's beat #3 Angels 21 to 4
#1 Steppy's beat #1 Dirt in the Skirt 10 to 4 (Winner Bracket Finals)
Losers Bracket
#3 Angels eliminated #4 Chicks Tavern 13 to 3
#1 Dirt in the Skirt eliminated #3 Angels 12 to 2
West Division Championship
#1 Steppy's eliminated #1 Dirt in the Skirt 12 to 4

Women's All-Star Game, HR Derby and Awards

Norristown Women's Annual League Awards
Heart and Soul Award - Faye Chicco, Steppy's
East Co-MVP - Leah Conley
East Co-MVP - Jayne Mauro, Tony G's
West Co-MVP - Lindsay Staufenberg
West Co-MVP - Megan Murphy, Dirt in the Skirt

Norristown Women's League All-Star Game

      All Star Game MVP - Chrissy Hunsberger, Black Horse

Norristown Women's League Home Run Derby

      Information Coming Soon!

Norristown Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297

Click here for the 2013 Sunday Fall Schedule-Revised


Final Sunday Fall League Standings W L Pct.
Depaul's 11 1 0.917
Brew Crew/PJ's 12 2 0.857
J&J Painting/Legion of Boom 9 5 0.643
Dr. Foley's Softball 7 5 0.583
HgH 6 8 0.429
Beaver Hunters 4 8 0.333
Spamps Bad News Bears 2 12 0.143
Gino Depaul Brothers 1 11 0.083

Opening Round
#2 Brew Crew/PJ's defeated #3 J&J Ptg/LOB 16-10
#4 Dr Foleys defeated #1 Depaul's 16-6

A1 Championship
Dr Foleys defeated Brew Crew/PJ's 12-5
MVP- Andrew Clarke, Dr Foleys (7-9, .778)

A2 Championship
Depaul's defeated J&J Ptg/LOB 16-15
MVP- Roy Sanders, Depauls (8-9, .889)

Opening Round
#6 Beaver Hunters defeated #7 Spamps 14-7
#5 HgH defeated #8 Geno Depaul 18-3

B1 Championship
HgH defeated Beaver Hunters 13-3
MVP- David Gambone, HgH

B2 Championship
Geno Depaul defeated Spampa 16-14
MVP- Jake Boyer, Geno Depaul


Sunday Fall League HR Leaders #
Matt Cybularz, Brew Crew/PJ's 15
Lenny Del Grippo, Brew Crew/PJ's 8
Ken Clark, HgH 3
Andrew Cilio, Depauls 3
Anthony Skitz DiFliore, Brew Crew/PJ's 3
Jon McGlone, Brew Crew 3
Paul Corliss, Depauls 3
Fred Angelo, J&J/LOB 3
Steve Young, Brew Crew/PJ's 2
Chip Polkowski, Brew Crew/PJ's 2
Jim Spanky Corliss, Depauls 2
Russ Rorick, Brew Crew/PJ's 2


Norristown Sunday Fall League Awards
League MVP

Matt Cybularz, Brew Crew/PJ's

Vote Tally
Matt Cybularz, Brew Crew/PJ's - 4.0
Lenny Del Grippo, Brew Crew/PJ's - 2.0
Dave Halter, Brew Crew/PJ's - 1.0
Mike Angelo, Depaul Brothers - 1.0
Chris Carter, Depaul Brothers - 1.0


League Sportsmanship Award

Jerry Freas, Dr. Foley's Softball

Others Receiving Votes: Lenny Del Grippo, Steve Dimitry, Anthony Depaul, Chip Polkowski and Joe Termine

Norristown Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here for the 2013 Weeknight Fall Schedule


Final Weeknight Fall League Standings W L Pct.
Hopson Seal/Smitty's 12 2 0.857
Bridgeport Rib-House 12 2 0.857
FKC Hitmen 11 3 0.786
J&J Painting 5 9 0.357
Edge Hill Tavern 5 9 0.357
Barren Hill Fire Company 5 9 0.357
Team Venom 4 10 0.286
RJM Construction 2 12 0.143

Playoffs (Single Elimination)
#1 Hopson Seal/Smitty's received a bye
#2 Bridgeport Rib-House defeated  #3 FKC Hitmen
A-Flight Championship
#2 Bridgeport Rib-House defeated #1 Hopson Seal/Smitty's
MVP - Steve "Butter" Beiderstadt, Bridgeport Rib-House

#7 Venom defeated #4 J&J Painting
#5 Edgehill Tavern defeated #6 Barren Hill Fire Company
B-Flight Championship
#7 Team Venom defeated #5 Edge Hill Tavern
MVP - Tom O'Shinsky, Venom

Weeknight Fall League HR Leaders #
Nick Bucha, Rib-House 12
John 'Doc' Dougherty, Edgehill Tavern 9
Dave Black, Hopsons 7
Ryan Parfitt, FKC Hitmen 7
Steve Young, Hopsons 5
Kevin O'Keefe, Hopsons 5
Andy May, Hopsons 5
Dave Miller, Rib-House 4
Steve Meatball Maniscalco, Hopsons 4
Jon Neskie, FKC Hitmen 3
Paul Corliss, Edgehill Tavern 3
Jimmy James, Rib-House 2
Chris Smitty Smith, Hopsons 2
Vinny Vatagnus, J&J Painting 2
Nick Maher, Hopsons 2
Nick Corliss, Hopsons 2
Jim Spanky Corliss, Rib-House 2
Chris Deliponti, Edgehill Tavern 2
Roy Sanders, FCK Hitman 2
Levi Ahlefeld, Hopsons 2


Norristown Women's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here for the 2013 Women's Sunday Fall Schedule  (Coming soon!)


Final Women's Sunday Fall League Standings W L Pct.
Barney's 9 1 0.900
Team Crush 8 2 0.800
Kosmo's Team Hope 6 4 0.600
Sunday Fundays 3 7 0.300
Tailgaters 2 8 0.200
Chick's Tavern 2 8 0.200
Weeknight Fall League HR Leaders #    
Cindy Maningas,  Crush 10    

Playoffs  (Double Elimination)
Note- #1 Barney's and #2 Crush received first round byes, Crush opted to not participate in the Playoffs
Winners bracket
#4 Sunday Fundays defeated #5 Tailgaters (forfeit)
#3 Kosmos Team Hope defeated #6 Chick's Tavern (forfeit)
#1 Barneys defeated #4 Sunday Fundays 12-2
#3 Kosmos Team Hope over #2 Team Crush (by default)
#3 Kosmos Team Hope defeated #1 Barneys 13-9 (winners bracket final)
Losers bracket
#4 Sunday Fundays eliminated #6 Chick's Tavern (forfeit)
#2 Team Crush and #5 Tailgaters both eliminated (by default/forfeit)
#4 Sunday Fundays advanced by default
#1 Barneys eliminated #4 Sunday Fundays 13-1
#1 Barneys defeated #3 Kosmos Team Hope 6-2
#3 Kosmos Team Hope eliminated #1 Barneys 5-2 ("if" game)
MVP- Kramer, Kosmos Team Hope

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