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Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee


Thursday, December 11, 2014 - Our League and District Fund Raising and Field Operations Managing Director, Wayne Stem has been extremely busy trying to get our field the repairs and upgrades it so needs. As you all know, since this field has been built, there has been a constant drainage problem caused by water coming down the hill, over and underneath the parking lot and through the infield and out to left field and also through the Women's field. The left field foul pole is 6 feet lower then the right field foul pole. That's how much the field has washed away. No matter how much dirt/infield mix we put in, just washes away. We have been swimming against the tide since 2008. We cannot make ANY improvements to this field until we fix the water problem. Wayne Stem, has offered us his services and has several plans in place already. But he is one man and he needs all of our help. He is planning to hold a big meeting in January to explain everything to everybody and anybody that wants to know what is going on. he started this simple Fundraising effort yesterday and has already raised close to $1000. Please visit this site and see what you can do to help. One look at the photo below will tell you something has to be done and soon or this field will no longer be playable.

The Norristown Softball Complex Fundraising Program

Please Click on the Donate Now Banner to see what you can do to help

Thank You Wayne Stem - Our new Fundraising and Field Operations Director

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Norristown Men's Softball League

Deputy District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and District Commissioner (Sully Gelet)

LEAGUE Information/Contacts
President/Treasurer - Sully Gelet - 610-277-9661
Vice-President/Secretary/Web Master - Steve Dimitry - 610-716-6191
Vice President - Sonny Termine - 610-496-8631
Vice-President/Fund Raising Director/Field Operations - Wayne Stem - 610-761-4961
Player Rep - Tony Carfagno - 610-636-3086
Legal Council - Tom Gibbons - 610-457-1220

ASA Information
Sully Gelet - District Commissioner/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - Deputy Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Commissioner/Eastern National Classification Director
Tony Carfagno - County Commissioner/Player Rep/SE Area State Men's Player  Rep/State Deputy Player Rep
Rob Bickelman - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Bob Beard - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Meghan Brogan - Coed Commissioner/State Women's Commissioner/State Women's Classification Chairman
Stacey Clemens - Women's Commissioner/SE Area State Women's Player Rep
Chrissy Hunsberger - Women's Player Rep
Sonny Termine - Masters/Seniors Player Rep/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Liz Stacek - District Women's Player Rep/WNGAA Deputy Youth Softball Rep
Wayne Stem - Fund Raising and Field Operations Director
Frank Horvath - Umpire-in-Chief

Last Edited  -  08/30/2017

Men's League Standings

A-Upper Division Final Standings W L Pct.   RF RA
1. Paragon Alliance 25 8 0.758   507 409
2. Charlie's Pizza/John Kennedy Collision 19 16 0.543   488 391
3. Bridgeport Bullies 18 16 0.529   374 353
4. Bridgeport Rib-House 15 20 0.429   424 434
5. K&C Insulation 15 20 0.429   367 407
6. Steppy's/Altomare Precast 10 22 0.313   377 390
B-Lower Division Final Standings W L Pct.   RF RA
1. Depaul Brothers 14 7 0.667   260 195
2. Norristown Rec/Bauman Pitts 14 7 0.667   276 202
3. Facenda Whitaker 13 8 0.619   254 194
4. Gibbons Legal 12 9 0.571   199 182
5. Angelos/TNT 12 9 0.571   214 203
6. Nonna Rosa Pizza 10 11 0.476   194 191
7. 3M/Mastrocola's 5 16 0.238   109 210
8. The High Life 4 17 0.190   153 268

NOTE: The following game scores never reported: (3M vs Angelos); (3M vs Angelos); (3M vs Angelos); (3M vs Nonna ); (3M vs Hi Life); (Angelos vs Nonna ) and (Hi Life vs Nonna)


A-Division Playoffs:
#1 Paragon and #2 Charlies Pizza get a first round bye
First Round (best of 3)
#3 Bridgeport Bullies defeated #6 Steppy's/Altomare Precast (2-0)
#5 K&C Insulation defeated #4 Bridgeport Rib-House (2-0)
Semi-Finals (best of 5)
#5 K&C Insulation defeated #1 Paragon Alliance (3-1)
#3 Bridgeport Bullies defeated #2 Charlie's Pizza/John Kennedy's (3-0)
A-Division Championship (best of 7)
#3 Bridgeport Bullies defeated #5 K&C Insulation
MVP - Lenny Del Grippo, Bridgeport Bullies


B-Division Playoffs:
#1 Depauls  and #2 Norristown Rec/Bauman-Pitts get a first round bye
First Round (best of 3)
#6 Nonna Rosa Pizza defeated #3 Facenda-Whitaker (2-0)
#4 Gibbons Legal defeated  #5 Angelo's/TNT (2-0)
Semi-Finals (best of 5)
#1 Depaul's defeated #6 Nonna Rosa Pizza (3-2)
#2 Norristown Rec/Bauman-Pitts defeated #4 Gibbons Legal 3-0)
B-Division Championship (best of 5)
#2 Norristown Rec/Bauman-Pitts defeated #1 Depaul's (3-1)
MVP - Dave O'Neil, Norristown Rec

Men's League Home Run Leader Board

A-Upper Division HR Leaders #
Brian Rorick, Charlies 36
Ken Shemonski, Paragon 32
Dave Miller, Rib House 24
Jason Rompola, K&C 22
Nick Bucha, Rib House 19
Matt Cybularz, Charlies 17
Dan Lunger, Bullies 16
Mike Romano, K&C 14
Mike Gers, Bullies 13
Victor Evangelist, Charlies 13
Chris Judge, Paragon 10
Gerry DiNolfi, Charlies 10
Scott Mastromatto, Steppys  8
Andy May, Paragon 7
Rick McMinn, Charlies 7
Ant Pettine, Bullies 7
Russ Rorick, Rib House 7
Anthony Zeltner, Steppys 7
Iz Cohen, Altomare 6
Mike Barainyak, Rib House 6
Ryan Dolga, Rib House 6
Rob Himes, Bullies 6
Kevin O'Keefe, Paragon 5
Ricky Kelly, Charlies 5
Ed Borzelica, K&C 5
Kyle Waldowski, Steppys 5
John Doc Dougherty, Paragon 5
Lenny Del Grippo, Bullies 5
Matt Bolden, Charlies 4
Nick Chiccino, Bullies 4
Nick Maher, Bullies 4
Paul Garber, Paragon 4
Jack McGuigan, Rib House 4
B-Lower Division HR Leaders #
Vinnie Catagnus, Angelos 15
Alex Giordano, Angelos 14
Kevin O'Keefe, Norristown Rec 10
David Douglass, Depaul's 8
Eric Benitez, Nonna Rosa 7
Paul Corliss, 3M/Mastrocolas 6
Ricky Kelly, Nonna Rosa 6
Ryan Piercy, Depaul's 6
Andrew Gaetano, Angelos 6
Todd Rubendall, Facenda-Whitaker 5
Matt Bruno, Nonna Rosa 5
Heath Hedderick, Norristown Rec 5
Josh Erhart, Depaul's 4
Roy Sanders, Depaul's 4
Matt Bolden, 3M/Mastrocolas 4
Nick Corliss, Depaul's 3
John Bellis, Facenda-Whitaker 3
Al Fitch, Gibbons Legal 3
Andrew Breischaft, Norristown Rec 3
Chris Carter, Depaul's 3
Bill Bradford, Norristown Rec 3

Men's League Awards and Accolades

MVP Awards:

A Division:
Brian Rorick, Charlie's Pizza - 6.0 (photo below)
Jason Rompola, K&C Insulation -  2.0

Brian Rorick is, as simply how many managers described him in casting their votes, a Stud. No matter where the ball is pitched, he can hit it hard and hit it out to all fields. And he did it 36 times this season, breaking the Heels Field Single Season Home Run Record. He carries himself with the same  dignity and class as his father Johnny did for years playing for Marchese Honda down at Weirman field "back in the day". Brian, who was an All-Philadelphia Area Pitcher from Archbishop Carroll in High School went on to Coastal Carolina for a season and then finished out his college career with Delaware where he averaged over 9 strikeouts per game.  Jason Rompola received  the other 2 votes. Jason led K&C with 22 HRs this year.


B Division:
Al Fitch, Gibbons Legal - 6.0 (photo below)
Ryan Piercy, Depaul's - 1.0
Frank Kenny, Gibbons Legal - 1.0
Gus Sitsus, Facenda-Whitaker - 1.0

Al Fitch has always been a force on offense and defense, but since leading Gibbons to the State title last year, he has matured into a player that leads by example. Seemed every game, the top two guys would get on for Gibbons and Al would hit a missile somewhere and the score said 2-0 with him standing on second or third. And usually dirty from sliding. Was a big reason that Gibbons doubled their win output from last year to this year. And A little bit of history here: Last year, Al and his wife Tara, both won ASA state titles with their respective teams ... this year, Al and his wife Tara both were named the MVP of their respective leagues. Think about how many times that has happened. Fitch, who graduated from Kutztown University and led his team into the Division-II College World Series still is in the top-10 of every offensive category they have. Including Number 1 in hits. Powerful Ryan Piercy of Depauls received a vote for his torrid hitting all season. Frank Kenny of Gibbons received a vote with his incredible speed and all around excellence. And Pitcher extraordinaire, Gus Sitsus received a vote for his uncanny way of getting people to hit his pitch.


A Division Manager of the Year:
Tim Bracken, Charlie's Pizza (photo below)
others with votes: Chris Smith (Bridgeport Bullies) and Steve Cutler (Paragon)

Last year, Tim Bracken led this team to a 3rd place finish in the B1 Division with 11 wins and this year, moved his team up to the A division because he knew they could compete. The eam started 0-8, and he kept his team focused and made them believe they can win in the Highest division in this league. They finished with a 19-8 run, clinching 2nd place and a bye. He told them they could do it. He's had a number of very good players who have other commitments and through it all kept a core group of guys together and continued to add players to the team. Tim is 28 years old  and actually a very good player, but coaches a softball team which he never plays an inning for unless 9 players show up. The idea of this league is to be competitive and bring together a group of guys to have some fun. It's about watching the game prior and hanging out after drinking some cold ones. Tim has managed to keep this team together over the past four years and I look forward to seeing how good they can really be.


B Division Manager of the Year:
Tom Oshinsky, Nonna Rosa Pizza (photo below)
others with votes: Chris Carter (Depaul's), Steve Dimitry & Bobby Rodgers (Gibbons Legal)

Don't let that goofy look in the photo fool you, this guy is smart as a whip. He took a team that finished with the worst record in the league last year, winning only 2 games and then, this year, going through various lineup changes, he finally got the right combination of people in the right positions and made the playoffs winning 10 games along the way. Another manager who made his team believe they could win. It would not surprise me one bit to see them get to the finals.


Sportsmanship Award
Mike Angelo, Depaul's
others with votes: Wayne Stem (K&C), Mike Romano (K&C), Ricky McMinn (Charlies' Pizza), Paul Corliss (3M), Heath Headerick(Norristown Rec), Steve Dimitry (Gibbons), Nick Zernone (3M) and Billy from 3M

When you see a guy week after week standing on top of the steps like the mayor as he greets everybody who comes up or down the stairs with the same smile. Whether his team wins or loses, he still has the same smile. The only guy I know that can throw a strike while laughing hysterically. Always end the game with a hug and a nice word for all. I am proud to call him a friend as he is one of the most positive guys in this league. He always seems to know what to say to make someone feel better. Look at the photos, he smiles at play, during games, dressed up, in a bar and only when he has run out of people to talk to, he takes a nap, then starts all over again,  Congrats Mike.


Silver Slugger Award
Vinny Catagnus, Angelo's/TNT
others with votes: Brian Rorick (Charlie's Pizza), Ken Shemonski (Paragon)

Note of Interest - Vinny becomes the Youngest Player to EVER lead a division in HR's at age 19

Norristown Women's Softball League

League President - Stacey Clemens
League Vice President - Chrissy Hunsberger
League Secretary/Treasurer - Glenn Kilpatrick

Final Women's League Standings

East Division Standings W L Pct.
Alcoballics 10 5 0.667
Reveal 9 7 0.563
Team Crush 9 7 0.563
Nippers 6 10 0.375
Tony G's 6 10 0.375
West Division Standings W L Pct.
Steppy's Bar 15 5 0.750
I'd Hit That 13 7 0.650
All About that Base 13 7 0.650
Dirt in the Skirt 9 11 0.450
Charlies Pizza 7 13 0.350
Uno's Plymouth Meeting 3 17 0.150

Playoff Schedule/Results (single elimination)

East Division
#5 Nippers beat #4 Tony G's (17-0)
#1 Alcoballics beat #5 Nippers (15-5)
#2 Revel beat #3 Crush (11-7)
East Championship
#2 Revel  defeated #1 Alcoballics (10-3)

West Division
* Note- I'd Hit That could not field a team for the playoffs

#5 Charlie's Pizza defeated #6 Uno's (10-0)
#1 Steppys defeated #5 Charlie's Pizza (7-5)
#3 All About that Base defeated #4 Dirt in the Skirt (7-2)
West Championship Game
#3 All About that Base defeated #1 Steppys (25-2)

Women's League All-Star Game and Awards

All-Star Game - No info on game result
All-Star Game MVP - Michelle "Chico" Gillman, Revel

Home Run Derby Champion - Leah Conley, Nippers
Home Run Derby Longest Ball - Stephanie Graziosi, Revel


Heart N Soul Award -
Peg Murphy, Dirt in the Skirt

East Division MVPs -
Tara Fitch, Nippers & Shannon Erhart, Alcoballics


West Division MVPs -
Jessica Yorgey, Charlie's Pizza & Megan Murphy, Dirt in the Skirt



Norristown Men's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297

Sunday Fall League Standings

Sunday Fall League Standings W L Pct.   RF RA
Charlies Pizza 7 1 0.800   93 29
Herban Farms (forfeited out) 4 4 0.667   61 44
Dr. Foley's  1 7 0.143   30 111


Championship Series (best of 3)
#1 Charlies Pizza beat  #3 Dr. Foley's (2-1)
Playoff Co-MVPs - Rick McMinn & Matt Cybularz, Charlies Pizza


Sunday Fall League HR Leaders #
Rick McMinn, Charlies Pizza 2
Matt Cybularz, Charlies Pizza 1
Lenny Delgrippo, Charlies Pizza 1
Nick Bucha, Charlies Pizza 1
Paul Corliss, Dr Foleys 1
Brian Sjostrom, Dr. Foleys 1
Jimmy Catania, Dr. Foleys 1
Ricky Kelly, Charlies Pizza 1
Nick Corliss, Dr. Foleys 1


Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Weeknight Fall League Standings

Weeknight Fall League Standings W L Pct.   RF RA
Bridgeport Bullies/Who Brought Dude 8 0 1.000   n/a n/a
Bridgeport Rib House/K&C Insulation 7 4 0.636   n/a n/a
Nonna Rosa/Derek's 5 6 0.455   n/a n/a
Chariot Graphics-CGI 5 6 0.455   n/a n/a
Screwballs 1 10 0.091   n/a n/a

Playoffs (Double Elimination)
Winners Bracket
#1 Bullies/WBD beat #4 Chariot Graphics (14-13)
#2 Rib House/K&C beat #3 Nonna Rosa/Derek (16-10)
#2 Rib House/K&C beat #1 Bullies/WBD (19-5)

Losers Bracket
#3 Nonna Rosa/Dereks eliminated Chariot Graphics (11-7)
#1 Bullies/WBD eliminated Nonna Rosa/Derek (20-10)

#2 Rib House/K&C eliminated  #1 Bullies/WBD (15-5)
MVP - not awarded


Weeknight Fall League HR Leaders #
Nick Bucha, Rib House/K&C 8
Lenny Del Grippo, Bullies/Who Brought Dude 6
Evan Mitchell, Nonna Rosa/Derek's 6
John Doc Dougherty, Rib House/K&C 6
Mike Gers, Bullies/Who Brought Dude 5
Ricky Kelly, Chariot Graphics 4
Dave Miller, Rib House/K&C 4
Vinny Catagnus, Chariot Graphics 4
Matt Cybularz, Bullies/Who Brought Dude 4
Gerry DiNolfi, Chariot Graphics 4
Kevin Worchol, Rib House/K&C 3
Robbie Himes, Bullies/Who Brought Dude 3
Chris Smith, Bullies/Who Brought Dude 3
Brian Rorick, Chariot Graphics 3
Chris Connors, Chariot Graphics 3
Alex Giordano, Nonna Rosa/Derek's 3
Andrew Celio, Nonna Rosa/Derek's 3
Matt Bruno, Nonna Rosa/Derek's 3


Norristown Women's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Women's Sunday Fall League Not Held in 2015- (Not enough teams)

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