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Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee



A BIG Thank You Wayne Stem - who organized some great improvements to Heels Field.

Please click on the Go Fund Me of the Donate Now banner to read about the trajedy that Frank Kenny and his family had to endure recently. This is so sad, Please do what you can do. Even is just a prayer or a comment to Frank ie when you see him will make a world of difference.

Norristown Softball lost one of its own in Early March

James "Jimmy" Myers - August 7, 1947 - March 4, 2016



Jimmy Myers, who has been associated with this league going back to the 1970s or so. He played with a Class-C team, G.W. and Corson Company, who in 1975 was one of the first teams from Montgomery County to win a Slow Pitch District Championship. Back then Montgomery County was part of District-6 which included Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Winning this District title was a big deal then. Teams first had to win in their local ASA area qualifier and then and qualify  in their own county first just to go to the District.  Jimmy led his team to the Montgomery County Championship as his team defeated Synthane AA of Pottstown in a 19 team tournament. They then went on and defeated Four States Builders from Bucks County for the District title. They went to the Class-C States and won a couple of games. That same year, G.W. and Corson was 18-8 in the Norristown League. They advanced to the League Quarterfinals where they were defeated by Services Unlimited who went on to the finals, only to lose to Al's Cold Cuts.  Jimmy played hard and knew the game. He went on to be the Manager of the Hoagie Experience team and led them to the B-Division Championship in 1985 as they beat the regular season champ, Bridgeport Sports Club. After that, Jimmy turned his attention to Umpiring the Men's League and Managing in the Women's League. He managed the Courthouse team to a runner-up finish in the "A" Playoffs in 1991 and then the following year, his Courthouse team won the Women's "A" Championship. The following year, the team now sponsored by Frank's Pub, he managed that team (after finishing 3rd in Norristown, suffering a heart breaking loss), he led Franks to the Championship game of the Women's Class-D State Championship, only to lose in the final. But this qualified them to go to the 1992 Class-D Women's National Championship. They raised money and went to the Nationals. To any person whoever knew this great man, knew him of a person of great integrity and a dedicated Montgomery County Sheriff and even more so, a loyal friend. I miss the many times when he umpired and I caught. We had so many talks and I realized even more what a tremendous family man he was.  Being friends with Jimmy Myers made you a better person. He will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him. I know I will miss him.

Here is his obituary

Mr. James "Jimmy" Daniel Myers Sr., quietly departed this life on March 4, 2016 surrounded by his loving family in his home in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania.  The son of the late George R. Myers Sr. and Mary Myers (nee Steele), he was born August 7, 1947 in Norristown. He attended Norristown High School and graduated in 1965. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served three years of active duty aboard the USS Chicago during the Vietnam War. He was honorably discharged in 1968 and transferred to the Naval Reserve. Jimmy was married to his high school sweetheart, Patricia Anne Walsh, also of Norristown, on July 11, 1970. Their union was blessed with three sons. He was employed by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department for over 33 years, retiring as a lieutenant in 2008. He was an award-winning athlete and devoted much of his life to playing, coaching, and umpiring in both men's and women's local softball leagues. In addition to softball, he enjoyed horseshoes, family gatherings, spending time with his grandchildren, and trips to the Shore. Jimmy's easy charm and jovial spirit made him a beloved member of the Norristown community. There were few places he could go where he would not run into a friend or longtime acquaintance. He is also preceded by his beloved mother-in-law, Frances "Pat" Walsh. Jimmy is survived by his wife and three sons, James Jr., Thomas, and Patrick; brothers Ronald, Francis, and Norman; sisters-in-law Marguerite Maccolini (nee Walsh) and Kathleen Walsh; brother-in-law Joseph Maccolini; daughters-in-law Claire Myers (nee Lawrence, wife of Patrick) and Patricia Myers (nee Abrams, wife of Thomas); grandsons Joseph Lewandowski, Thomas Jr. and Joseph; grace.  He was preceded in death by two brothers, William and George; and a sister, Cecilia Swanson.

This year was a tough year for Norristown Softball as we lost some good people in addition to Jimmy Myers.  I will try to just say something about each person - or a little bit of their obituary.  Some of these guys here were close to me personally and I have known most of my life.   - May they all Rest in Peace.

Chris Painter, Jr. - July 2, 1970- April 10, 2016

Christopher D. Painter, Jr. “Paint” of Norristown, passed away peacefully on Sunday April 10, 2016, after an eight year battle with Leukemia with his family by his side. He was 45 years old. Born July 2, 1970, in Phoenixville, he was the son of Christopher and Grace (nee Smith) Painter, Sr. and the beloved husband of Jennifer (nee Wilson) Painter. Chris was a 1988 Graduate of Norristown Area High School. He was a Manager at Giant Super Market in Whitemarsh, formerly Clemens. Paint enjoyed baseball, soccer, hockey, collecting comics and listening to music. He loved spending time with his family, friends and his beloved cat Dexter. Paint looked forward to trips to the Philadelphia Zoo, Perrotti’s Pizza, Memorabilia Shows, Wells Fargo Center and Weirman Field. In addition to his wife and parents, Chris is survived by his three children; Kylie, Gavin and Rebecca Painter, step daughter Elizabeth Valerio, brothers Michael, Robert (fiancé Nicole), and Eric (Kim) Painter, his sister Sandy Mengini, and nieces and nephews, Dominic and Michela Mengini and Kendall and Grayson Painter. He will be missed by many friends and extended family members.

This hit me very hard. We were close friends. Played together for many years.  I won't say a lot, because its hard as I know his parents and brothers wouldn't mind because they know how I feel.  I just want to tell you two instances on how good of a friend Paint was.  Here is a guy, built like a tank, struck with a terrible disease. The treatments took a lot out of him. He was practically green and losing his hair and he still came over my house and sat there with me when I had real serious back surgery. I ended up with a bad infection and I was basically house-ridden for a year.  But he comes to see me to cheer ME up.  He used to do that when my kids were young, he would get them all riled up and then say, OK, I have to go.  And leave me with them going crazy. He never called them by name, just called all three of them Skippy.  He'd call and ask how the skippies were doing.  And my kids loved him. All three of them went to his services.  My son, who is the youngest, just walked up to Mr and Mrs Painter and said he was one of the skippies.  It made them smile a little on a sad day.  Mrs Painter, who worked at Montgomery Hospital for years came to me one day and said keep an eye on your dad. She saw a tinge of blue in his lips.  Doctors don't even see this. I remember my mom calling me a short time after and saying "your dad couldn't get the chainsaw started and is cutting a tree down with an axe".  The man was 80 years.  Swinging an axe is hard for young people to do. She said he came in a couple of times out of breath.  Her and my sister took him to the Hospital.   They ended up doing one of those procedures where they stick a little probe into your arteries and go up and look at the blood vessels on the monitor.  He had 4 of his main heart arteries blocked. Three were at almost 99% and the other at about 90%.  The doctor asked him how he was still alive?  He ended up having open heart surgery and I think 4-5 bypasses.  He is doing great now.  To this day, I can never repay Mrs Painter for saving my dads life.  The other time I wanted to tell you about Paint was when his brother talked to Brian Fields (who, like me was also close to Paint, the three of us went to about a thousand games together). Paint was always keeping me updated on how things were going. He beat his original Leukemia and went five years with no problems. Then it came back. Only this time it was different.  He told me that about half the people that have leukemia and go through the treatments to cure the original leukemia, end up with a different kind of leukemia that is only about 30% curable.  They have since changed the protocol on how they treat leukemia patients. They use different treatments so this much more viral form of cancer does not come back.  Paint ended up with a few bone marrow transplants and basically they told him that there was nothing more they can do.  He went into Hospice.  Paint's brother Mike said he wanted to see me and Brian one last time.  I called up Fieldsy and we went to the Hospice. Neither of us had ever been to one and it was worse then I ever imagined it to be.  So sad.  We got to Paints room and walked in and we both got tears in our eyes right away.  Chris Painter, once a 235 pound baby bull now weighed about 90 pounds.  We sat there talking to him. We told stories, made him smile a little.  It was something I will remember the rest of my life.  We said good bye, trust me, I am not ashamed to say it, we were both crying. His brother later told me that Paint sad he was so happy we came and he hoped that his condition didn't make us too uncomfortable.  I said what?  Here he was again, making sure we were OK.  Brian called me three days later and told me Paint died that morning.  We were on the phone, but didn't say much.  But I am glad I got to see him and say goodbye.  He was a great player and a sarcastically funny person.  Many didn't understand him, they thought he was cocky, was a hot dog on the field. But, he was neither, he was a tremendous teammate and a tremendous player who did goofy things to make his teammates laugh.  Hey, I was the pitcher when he would run to the fence and snap the ball. If anyone should have gotten mad at him, it was me, but I never ever did, because I knwo it was his way of saying, lets have some fun.  His son Gavin is about 12 or so. I am waiting the day he calls and says "Hey Steve Dimitry, tell me some stories about my dad".  I will call Brian Fields up and say its time ..... let have some fun.  RIP #34.

Jerry Giovinco - January 4, 1953 - May 3, 2016

Jerry Giovinco, 63, of Norristown on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, at his residence after a three year bout with cancer. Born January 4, 1953 in Norristown, PA he was the son of Barbara (Drummond) and the late Phillip Giovinco, and husband of Mary (Renish) Giovinco. Mr. Giovinco was an avid sports fan, loved to play golf, and was an amazing athlete all throughout grade and high school, the former Norristown HS class of 72. He was a member of the Army reserves from 72 78 and a PIAA referee. Surviving in addition to his wife and mother are children: Ryan (Lynette) Giovinco, Adrienne Supko, Megan Supko; granddaughter Gabriella Leach; siblings: Phillip (Diane) Giovinco, Cathy (Alan) Lukens, Joseph (Joyce) Giovinco, Bernadette (Robert) Grib, James Giovinco; and brothers and sisters in law: Allen (Peg) Renish, Lynn Renish, Michael Renish, Kathy (Georg) Renish, Patricia Renish, David Renish, Joseph (Cathy) Renish; and many nieces and nephews.

The first time I ever played organized softball in Norristown was when I was still in high school and I played next to this guy in the outfield.  He knew so much.  He always let me be me.  I used to throw to third and home all the time to nail base-runners and got many. I used to try to hit a home run every time up.  My first at bat ever at Weirman was a grand slam over the fence.  And back then, there wasn't 10 home runs a game like today.  When some young kid came along, his test of how good he was, was if he could hit it out of Weriman Field. I hit my share.  Jerry never got mad at me, he always sat after the game and told me that all I had to do was throw to the cutoff man or to second to split the runners.  If I threw out 5 out of 10 guys out at third, it was because the throw was perfect and so was the catch and tag.  Many times that does not happen.  If the runner was safe, the other team had guys on second and third and the next batter would always seem to get a hit to score two runs.   You start throwing numbers around and he was right. Hit the cut-off man, he does come running out there for a reason.  Play smart, give up less runs that way.  Same with hitting.  After the game he would say you went 1-4 or 2-4 with a bomb.  I would be happy and say yes.  He said wouldn't you rather be 3-4 and produce more runs. Once again he was right. Play smart, score more runs that way and have a much higher batting average.  Home runs will come, but I later figured out he was just in his own wonderful way telling me that a player is more valuable to his team, when he puts the tea, ahead of himself and does these smart things.   I played with Jerry my first 3 years with Gilberts Clothes.  The team eventually folded and we went our separate ways. But, we would ALWAYS see each other and he would come up and say, I hear you are playing great, doing all the right things.  He was one incredible nice and personable guy.  I played with his brothers; Phil, Joe and Jimmy as well and also his brother-in-law, Al Lukens.  All great people.   These guys took me under their wing and taught me a lot.  I will be forever thankful for having Jerry Giovinco as a friend.  God Bless him. 

Eddie Keebler, Jr. - February 25, 1962 - June 5, 2016

Edward “Eddie” Keebler Jr. died peacefully in Einstein Hospital on June 5th in Philadelphia, PA at the age of 54. Eddie is survived by his parents, Edward Sr. and Carol of East Norriton, PA; wife, Valerie; children, Casie and Devon; siblings, David (Marlene) and Christopher; niece, Victoria and nephews Christopher, Ryan and Logan.  Eddie was born on February 25th 1962 in Norristown, PA to Edward and Carol Keebler. He attended St. Paul’s grade school and graduated from Bishop Kenrick HS. He married Valerie Hildebrand on May 21st 1988. Eddie was as an extremely talented self-employed contactor who could tackle any job. He really enjoyed hunting and played sports all of his life. He excelled at softball with a career that lasted 25+ years earning many championships and more importantly many close friends. Eddie loved his wife Valarie and was most proud of Casie and Devon. He played an active roll in coaching his daughters in basketball, softball and volleyball. He was instrumental in preparing them to be successful and happy in life.

Eddie was one of the most sincere and yet funny guy you will ever have met.  He was a gentle giant, but he did on occasion come to bat for a friend and he was not scared of anyone.  I played for half my career mostly against him, but we always spent a lot of time up in the parking lot of Weirman Field getting caught up.  I met Ed when he was still in high school.  He played in Bridgeport one year in the C Division with some of his buddies when he was a kid.  I think he had something 39 home runs... amazingly over the outfielders heads. A couple went over the fence. But he always told me that he only batted 62 times.   Tall and lanky when he first started, he used to hit a ton to Left Center.  He played with DSI, Great Valley Recycle, Mascaros, American Collision and Cannon Roofing. He ended hsi career with Swedeland Fire Company.  He was ALWAYS one of the top-3 home run hitters in the league and won many a championship. He was one of the best I ever played with, especially in tournaments when we through teams together.  He played hard, but win or lose, he enjoyed every minute.  And after the game, it was story time with Ed.  He was one of those people you couldn't help but smile when you were with him.  He was a good husband, a good father and most of all a good person and always a loyal friend. Rest in Peace my friend.

John Gambino III - September 8, 1982 - August 28, 2016

John L. Gambino III, 33, of Boyertown, formerly Phoenixville, passed away on Sunday, August 28, 2016. John was a 2001 graduate of Phoenixville Area High School, where he played basketball and was a member of the state champion baseball team. He enjoyed playing softball throughout his adult life.A hard worker, John lived for his children, always having 2-3 jobs like his father before him. Along with his humor, John will be remembered as a loving and loyal friend and teammate who put others first and was always willing to help whenever he was needed.  John is survived by his two children: Jackson L. Gambino and Khloe M. Gambino, both of Boyertown; mother: Jo Marie Crist, of New Tripoli; brother: Justin S. Gambino, of Phoenixville; sister: Jocelyn A., wife of Greg Maurer of Tucson, AZ; maternal grandmother: Anne Solliday, of New Tripoli; wife: Kelly M. Gambino, of Pottstown; many aunts and uncles; and one niece and nephew. He was preceded in death by his father, John L. Gambino Jr.; paternal grandparents: Patsy G. and John L. Gambino Sr.; and maternal grandfather: Thomas R. Solliday. 

I can't say anything about this guy that has not already been said in all the warm touching tributes to him that are all over facebook and the message board. I enjoyed my time with him, always used to sit and talk after the games.  He was one of those guys that when he came to bat for the first time that game, would ALWAYS turn around and say Hi Steve and shake my hand. He was so respectful.  I hope his children can look back when they get older and read all the wonderful things that were said about him.  That's important to them.

Here are a couple more that I did not put up in the last couple of years, but I want to recognize them.

Mark 'Sparky' Pettine - January 26, 1968 - August 3, 2014

Mark J. Pettine Of Linfield, passed away at home after a long illness on Sunday, August, 3, 2014, surrounded by his loving family. He was 46 years old. Mark last worked with Arcelor Mittal of Conshohocken. He was the loving husband of 20 years of Kimberly (Musterait) Pettine. A son of Gerald Pettine of Conshohocken, and the late Elizabeth (Clappsadle) Pettine, he was born in Norristown, Pa. on January 26, 1968. Raised in Conshohocken, Pa, Mark was a 1986 graduate of Plymouth Meeting High School, where he excelled in sports, and was a member of the Colonials Baseball and Football teams, being selected to play for the Montgomery county all-star football team. He attended Kutztown University in 1986 and 1987. Mark later played semi pro football for the Media Mustangs and minor league football for the Philadelphia Storm. He has been living in Linfield for the past 17 years. A sports enthusiast, Mark has volunteered with Plymouth Whitemarsh Spartan Football, Lower Providence Warriors Football, Collegeville Cougars Lacrosse & Rising Sons Lacrosse. Besides his wife and father, Mark is survived by: son, Casey Pettine, at home; son, Kyle Pettine at home; son, Collin Pettine at home; step-daughter, Laura (& Josh) Dunakowsky of Conshohocken, PA; step-daughter, Alyssia Lamazza of PlymouthMeeting, PA; grandchildren, Jaimie, Gabriel & Josh ; and brother. David Pettine of Skippack, PA.

Sparky was one of the strongest people I every met.  The guy hit like 15 home runs a game and only played about half the games due to family stuff, which he held dear to his heart.   He was my favorite catcher I ever had.   He would stand back there, he was built like a bull. Never said much, if I walked a guy, he would fire it back to the point of pain when I caught it. He would tell me he didn't want to stand there all night and watch people walk to first, let them hit it.  So, I did.  A couple of line drives went buzzing by my skull. He would walk out to the mound and just look at me and laugh.  He said you never even saw those balls, did you?  I said no. and he said you were probably thinking about something else and I said yes.  He would just laugh again and say pay attention, at least duck when they go by you so he didn't have to worry.  When he got on his home run grooves, we all called him Sparkamatic.   I will say something that I know in my heart he would want me to say.  He died from mouth cancer. I rarely saw him with chew in his mouth.  I know he would want me to tell any young player coming up now to never start this nasty habit. He was only 46 when he died. he had so much more to give.  When he first got it, he went through all the treatment and beat it.  BUT, if there is only one little cell left, it comes back with vengeance. I think his brother Dave said, about a year later it came back and on a Friday, they told him it was back and they said it was bad. He didn't make it through the weekend. Sparky, I hope what happened to you is a lesson to others.  I know after he got done playing softball, he coached kids and he was a big kid himself. Something so little as a pinch between the cheek and gums can take down a man that honestly looked invincible.  Then it can happen to anyone.  God Bless you Sparky. 

Charles 'Chip' Pritchett - January 22, 1955 - October 16, 2013

Charles "Chip" Pritchett, a retired East Norriton police officer, of Berwyn, passed away peacefully after a courageous battle with brain cancer. He was 58 years old. Born Jan. 22, 1955, in Norristown, he was the son of Dorothy (nee Lock) Pritchett and the late Charles Pritchett and the beloved husband of Robin (nee Owens) Pritchett with whom he shared 22 years of marriage.  In addition to his wife, Robin, and his mother, Dorothy, Charles is survived by his two sons, Charles "Chad" Pritchett and Riley Pritchett; his sister, Sharon Kuznick, and her husband, Ed; many nieces and nephews; and his beloved dog "Harley."  Chip was an avid auto and motorcycle enthusiast who really enjoyed anything with an engine in it. He was an avid bicyclist and completed several "Tour de Shore" bike rides. Chip was an instructor with the Montgomery County Regional Motorcycle Unit.  Chip was a 34 year veteran of law enforcement. He served as patrol sergeant with the East Norriton Township Police Department from August 1978 to February 2007. Here he participated in hiring and promotional interview boards, he was an instructor of firearms and emergency vehicle operations and he supervised a Uniformed Patrol Unit. Chip was then deputy director for the Municipal Police Academy at Montgomery County Community College from February 2007 until his retirement.

Chip was a cop back in the day they would rather teach you on how to do the right thing without putting a black mark on your record. He was one of the nicest guys that ever played in this league.  He and his good friend Bill Plichta played for the old Elmwood Park Soccer Club, Norristown Rec and a bunch of other teams that would sponsor them. They always had a great team and Chip was a tremendous player. Great left handed hitter and outfielder.  Even f he was on patrol, he was one of those special people that would always come over and say hello, ask how my dad was (because he played too back then).  I have never heard anybody ever say a negative word about this man.  I have only one regret and that was not being able to go see him right before he died.  They had a benefit for him and I had one of my many season ending surgeries at the same time and could not go.  If anything for his years of service and for being a friend.  He was a good man. RIP Officer Prichett.

Major Softball Update

A word of Note - Ryan Parfitt retired after the first six tournaments to spend more time with his family.  I applaud him for doing that.  He travelled every weekend, worked during the week and was missing out on his little girl growing up.  I honestly believe he will come back one day and start out where he left off .... as one of the top-10 players in the country.  I wish you the best Ryan Parfiitt.

Ryan Parfitt of Norristown received his third straight USSSA All-Conference First Team selection as an Outfielder. He played with the #2 team in the Nation, Smash it Sports/H.Auto of New York. The legendary Brett Helmer is the Manager. As some remember, Brett came to Weirman field back in 2001 or so and played a tournament here. He is in three of the four National Softball Hall of Fames and a definite first ballot ASA Hall of Fame selection to the ASA HOF when he finally retires as he has around 18 ASA National Super/Major/Class-A All America selections. And has represented Team USA every single year in the USA-Canada Border Battle series. He told me that Ryan Parfitt can flat out play, 5 tool player and be one of the best in the game. he is still young and has a lot of time yet to make his mark on this game. In just 7 short years, he has accumulated these kind of numbers. He started with Class-B Tri-State of New Jersey and they played in some USSSA Conference Events, he has also played tournaments over the years with the Bullshippers of Pennsylvania, First State Assassins of Delaware and the Scene of New York.  In the next 5 years from 2010 through 2014, he played with Class-A teams and competed in 37 Conference events and 177 games and established himself as one of the best outfielders in the game. in 2015, he started the season with Class-Major team Albicocco Pasta of Long Island, NY and during the season, was picked up by Brett Helmer and the Smash it Sports squad. he had another monster year.  The high point was being honored to represent the United States in the USA-Canada Border Battle series as a participant with the USA Futures team. he led them to an 8-1 record and this season (2016), he was selected to become a member of the Team USA.  Quite an honor for a kid who grew up around here, went to LaSalle High School and excelled in Football and Baseball for 4 years. I knew the Kennedy-Kenrick coaches and they still say to this day, he is the fastest kid they every seen.  If you were to look at his accolades in High School and College, you could see the speed and power that was destined to come once softball entered his life. He is listed among the top-100 greatest athletes to ever play at La Salle College High School and is listed in the Wall of Honor for Football.  He started at Running back in his most of his junior year and all of his senior year and broke the all time La Salle High School record for most yards gained in a season. Becoming the first player to ever go over the 1000 mark. In just short of 2 full years of starting, he rushed for just under 2000 yards (1917) in 308 carries, averaging more 6 yards per carry (6.2). He also had 16 rushing TDs. He totaled nine 100 yard games also. He caught 35 passes from out of the backfield for a total of 669 yards, which translated into 19.1 yards per catch. Four of those receptions went for touchdowns. All Total, he accumulated 2586 yards from scrimmage. Every time he touched the ball, he gained 7.5 yards. He was recognized by both the Catholic League Coaches who elected him to back to back All Catholic selections in 1999 & 2000. He also garnered the Daily News All Catholic team selections both years as well. In 2000, he received the Daily News First Team All City Selection as one of the top 3 Running backs in the entire Philadelphia Area. In Baseball, the accolades were just as good. Although, no season stats are available, in the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Philadelphia Catholic League Playoff competition, Parfitt was 7-12, for a .583 average with 5 runs scored, 3 RBIs, 2 HRs, and 3 stolen bases in the 4 playoff games he played during those 3 years. he had some games that made headlines in the Philadelphia Inquirer his senior year. One game he went 3-6, with a Grand Slam and 5 RBIs, in another game, he hit for the cycle, getting a single, double, triple and a home run in one game. There are too many more to mention, He made the Carpenter Cup All Star Tournament in both his junior and senior years. He was named to the All Catholic team in both his junior and senior years as well. And Also was selected to the Daily News All Catholic years for those 2 years also. And in his senior season, the Daily News selected him to the First Team All City team, making him one of the top outfielders and #1 centerfielder in the entire Philadelphia Area. He went on to play 4 years for La Salle University and started all four years there and is still listed amongst the top-10 in many all time offensive and defensive categories. La Salle University only played a 45-50 game schedule. But Ryan finished up with a career batting average just over .300 and collected 200 hits in his 4 years. He scored over 150 runs with 100 plus RBIs. He also had more than 50 doubles, close to 20 triples and a little over 20 Home Runs. And stole close to 100 bases. What was most impressive is that he accumulated over 100 putouts from his centerfield position in each of his 4 years with 10 Assists. After the first couple of years, teams stopped running in him, or that figure would be much higher. Listed below are Ryan's Softball Stats since he started playing in the USSSA Major Conference more than 5 years ago.


Ryan Parfitt's Softball Stats

Year USSSA Major Conference Regular Season Class Events G OB PA R HR RBI OBA
2009 Tri-State/Apex (NJ) B 3 15 NA NA NA NA NA NA
2010 Wood Law/Miken (Dallas, TX) A 3 13 35 55 25 9 15 0.636
2011 Darkside/TYJA/Easton (New Britain, CT) A 9 31 89 137 73 18 73 0.650
2012 Line Drive Sportz/sSs Softball (Warren, MI) A 3 19 58 80 48 15 50 0.725
2013 Line Drive Sportz/sSs Softball (Warren, MI) A 10 58 187 265 163 54 149 0.706
2014 Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton (Warren, MI) A 12 56 182 251 155 41 148 0.725
2015 Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics (Cicero, NY) Major 12 63 228 308 190 66 165 0.740
2016 Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics (Cicero, NY) Major 4 28 84 125 61 22 74 0.672
  TOTALS   49 268 863 1221 715 225 674 0.707


Year USSSA Major World Series   G OB PA R HR RBI OBA
2010 Wood Law/Miken (Dallas, TX)   2 3 7 2 0 2 0.429
2011 Darkside/TYJA/Easton (New Britain, CT)   3 9 14 8 1 10 0.643
2012 Line Drive Sportz/sSs Softball (Warren, MI)   3 6 10 6 1 5 0.600
2013 Line Drive Sportz/sSs Softball (Warren, MI)   3 9 13 8 3 5 0.692
2014 Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton (Warren, MI)   5 10 18 11 3 7 0.556
2015 Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics (Cicero, NY)   6 20 28 16 7 17 0.759
  TOTALS   (retired 28 games into the 2016 season)   22 57 90 51 15 46 0.633


USSSA Accolades
2013 - USSSA All-Conference Regular Season First Team Selection
2013 - USSSA Class-A World Series All World Team
2014 - USSSA Class-A World Series Tournament MVP Award
2014 - USSSA Class-A World Series All World Team
2014 - USSSA All-Conference Regular Season First Team Selection
2015 - USSSA Smoky Mountain Tournament Defensive MVP Award
2015 - USSSA Major World Series All-World Team
2015 - USSSA All-Conference Regular Season First Team Selection
**  15 times USSSA Conference NIT All Tournament team selections
**    3 times USSSA Conference NIT Defensive MVP Awards


Year ASA Class-A & Super National Championships Class G OB PA R HR RBI OBA
2013 4 the Fallen A 4 13 19 10 4 10 0.684
2015 Long Haul/H.Auto/Easton Super 6 23 32 20 10 25 0.719
  TOTALS   10 36 51 30 14 35 0.706


Year ASA/USA National Team Border Battle Series   G OB PA R HR RBI OBA
2015 USA Futures   9 28 34 21 6 24 0.824
2016 Team USA (retired)   NA NA NA NA NA NA NA


ASA/USA Accolades
2015 - USA Futures Highest Batting Average (.824)
2015 - ASA Super National Home Run Champ (10)
2015 - ASA Super National All-America Team


2016 Norristown Men's Softball League

Deputy District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and District Commissioner (Sully Gelet)

LEAGUE Information/Contacts
President/Treasurer - Sully Gelet - 610-277-9661
Vice-President/Secretary/Web Master - Steve Dimitry - 610-716-6191
Vice President - Sonny Termine - 610-496-8631
Vice-President/Fund Raising Director/Field Operations - Wayne Stem - 610-761-4961
Player Rep - Tony Carfagno - 610-636-3086
Legal Council - Tom Gibbons - 610-457-1220

ASA Information
Sully Gelet - District Commissioner/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - Deputy Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Commissioner/Eastern National Classification Director
Tony Carfagno - County Commissioner/Player Rep/SE Area State Men's Player  Rep/State Deputy Player Rep
Rob Bickelman - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Bob Beard - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Ryan Graver - County Commissioner/Player Rep
Meghan Brogan - County Coed Commissioner/State Women's Commissioner/State Women's Classification Chairman
Stacey Clemens - Women's Commissioner/SE Area State Women's Player Rep
Chrissy Hunsberger - Women's Player Rep
Kelly Locklear - Women's Player Rep
Sonny Termine - Masters/Seniors Player Rep/ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Liz Stacek - District JO Player Rep/WNGAA Deputy Youth Softball Rep
Wayne Stem - Fund Raising and Field Operations Director
Frank Horvath - Umpire-in-Chief and all around good human

Norristown Area Informational Links:
Norristown Area Local League and Business Links
Norristown Area Softball Message Board
2016 Tournament Announcements
2016 Tournament Results
2016 Area League Information
ASA of PA Player Player Data Base, Roster Page and Appeal Form
National ASA Player Data Base and Appeal Form
2016 Reclassification Page

Last Edited  -  07/14/2020

Men's League Standings

A - Division Standings W L Pct.
1. Paragon Alliance 22 2 0.917
2. Bridgeport Rib-House/Sal's Barber Shop 16 8 0.667
3. Bridgeport Bullies/Hopson's 12 12 0.500
4. Toscos/Bridgeport Beer 10 14 0.417
5. Level M Recruiting/John Kennedy Ford 0 24 0.000
B - Division Standings W L Pct.
1. Depaul Brothers 14 10 0.583
2. Steppy's/Altomare Precast 13 11 0.542
3. Gibbons Legal 12 12 0.500
4. Facenda Whitaker 12 12 0.500
5. Norristown Rec/Bauman Pitts/Stark 11 13 0.458
6. Nonna Rosa Pizza 10 14 0.417
C - Division Standings W L Pct.
1. 3M/Mastrocola's 20 4 0.833
2. Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home/Dairy Cafe 19 5 0.792
3. CCMM 8 16 0.333
4. CCI 7 17 0.292
5. Trappe Tavern 6 18 0.250

A-Division Playoffs
Semi-Finals (best of 3)
#4 Toscos/Bridgeport Beer defeated #1 Paragon Alliance (2-1)
#2 Bridgeport Rib-House/Sal's Baber Shop defeated  #3 Bridgeport Bullies/Hopson's (2-1)
Championship (best of 5)
#2 Bridgeport Rib-House/Sal's Baber Shop defeated  #4 Toscos/Bridgeport Beer (3-0)
MVP - Josh Serfass, Bridgeport Rib-House/Sal's Baber Shop
Note- Nick Bucha of Rib House had 5 HRs in the series.


Play-In Series (best of 3)
#4 Facenda Whitaker defeated #5 Norristown Rec/Bauman Pitts/Stark (2-1)
Semi-Finals (best of 3)
#4 Facenda Whitaker defeated #1 Depaul Brothers (2-1)
#2 Steppys/Altomare Precast defeated #3 Gibbons Legal (2-0)
Championship (best of 5)
#4 Facenda Whitaker defeated #2 Steppys/Altomare Precast (3-1)
MVP - John Bellis, Facenda Whitaker


Semi-Finals (best of 3)
#4 CCI defeated #1 3M/Mastrocola's (2-1)
#2 Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home/Dairy Queen defeated  #3 CCMM
Championship (best of 5)
#2 Shaeff-Myers Funeral Home/Dairy Queen defeated #4 CCI (3-0)
MVP - Patrick Hutton, Shaeff-Myers

Men's League Home Run Leader Board

A - Division HR Leaders #
Dave Miller, Rib House 29
Ken Shemonski, Paragon 24
Chris Judge, Paragon 19
Nick Bucha, Rib House 15
Jason Rompola, Beer 14
Andrew Cilio, Bullies 13
Chris Smitty Smith, Bullies 11
Mike Gers, Bullies 10
Denny Carroll, Paragon 9
Gerry DiNolfi, Level M 9
Chris Logan, Paragon 8
Vinny Catagnus, Level M 8
Kevin Warchol, Rib House  7
Kevin O'Keefe, Bullies 7
Ant Pettine, Bullies 7
Dan Lunger, Bullies 7
Brian Rorick, Level M 6
Troy Quinn, Level M 6
Victor Evangelst, Level M 6
Matt Cybularz, Level M 6
Nick Maher, Bullies 6
Nick Chiccino, Bullies 6
Ed Borzellica, Beer 6
B - Division HR Leaders #
Ryan Piercy, Depauls 18
John Bellis, Facenda 16
Matt Boldin, Nonna Rosa 14
Eric Benitez, Nonna Rosa 14
Ricky Kelly, Nonna Rosa 12
Steve Racht, Gibbons 12
Vinnie Catagnus, Nonna Rosa 12
Brian Sjostrum, Facenda 12
Mike Cope, Steppys 11
Kyle Waldowski, Steppys 11
Andrew Breischaft, Rec 11
Matt Kelly, Rec 10
Nick Corliss, Depauls 9
David Douglass, Depauls 8
Chris Carter, Depauls 8
Phil Kelly, Rec 8
Chipper Polkowski, Gibbons 7
Anthony Zeltner, Steppys 7
Scott Mastromatto, Steppys 6
C - Division HR Leaders #
Joe Gorman, Trappe 7
Paul Corliss, 3M 6
Kevin McCarthy , Shaeff-Myers 6
Mike Beaudoin, CCMM 4
Dan McLaughlin, Shaeff-Myers 4
Dave Keeley, 3M 2
Andy Verguldi, CCMM 2
Kyle Lockner, 3M 2
Austin Bregman, 3M 2
Cush, Trappe 2
Joe Mastrocola, 3M 2
Justin Hammer Hammomd, Shaeff-Myers 2


Men's League Awards and Accolades


  Most Valuable Player
David Miller, Rib-House
Co-Offensive MVP Award
Nick Bucha, Rib House
Defensive MVP Award
Tim Wagner, Paragon Alliance
Co-Offensive MVP Award
Jay Rompola, Bridgeport Beer
Co-Sportsmanship Award
Wayne Stem, Bridgeport Beer
Managers of the Year
Steve Cutler & Chris Judge, Paragon
Co-Sportsmanship Award
Nick Chiccino, Bridgeport Bullies
Honorable Mention- Player
Mike Gers, Bridgeport Bullies
Senior Player of the Year
Ken Shemonski, Paragon
Honorable Mention- Player
Chris Judge, Paragon
Honorable Mention- Manager
Dave Powell, Rib-House
Silver Slugger Award
Dave Miller, Rib-House (29 HRs)
Honorable Mention- Manager
Will Harmon, Bridgeport Beer



Co-Most Valuable Player
Ryan Piercy, Depaul Brothers
  Co-Most Valuable Player
Brett Hanby, Depaul Brothers
Defensive MVP Award
Mick Marsilio, Steppys
Manager of the Year
Chris Carter, Depaul's
Offensive MVP Award
John Bellis, Facenda
Co-Sportsmanship Award
Donny Douglass, Gibbons Legal
Senior Player of the Year
Brian Sjostrum, Facenda
Co-Sportsmanship Award
Gus Sitsis, Facenda
Honorable Mention- Player
Matt Bolden, Nonna Rosa
Honorable Mention- Player
Phil Kelly, Norristown Rec
Honorable Mention- Player
Nick Delaney, Steppy's
Honorable Mention- Manager
Ryan Windt, Facenda
Rookie of the Year
Nick Delaney, Steppys
Honorable Mention- Manager
Jimmy Catania, Steppy's




  Most Valuable Player
Pat Hutton, Shaeff-Myers
Defensive MVP Award
Joe Mastrocola, Triple M
Manager of the Year
Kevin McCarthy, Shaef-Myers
Offensive MVP Award
Nick Zernone, CCI
Honorable Mention- Player
Paul Corliss, Triple M
Sportsmanship Award
Josh Kennedy, Triple M
Honorable Mention- Player
Kevin McCarthy, Shaef-Myers
  Honorable Mention- Manager
Kyle Lockner, Triple M


Favorite Umpire Award
David Halter


Norristown Women's Softball League

League President - Stacey Clemens
League Vice President - Chrissy Hunsberger
League Secretary/Treasurer - Glenn Kilpatrick

Norristown Women's League W L Pct.
Zachary's BBQ 19 2 0.905
Alcoballics 18 3 0.857
Nippers 16 5 0.762
Charlies Pizza 10 11 0.476
All About that Base 10 11 0.476
Steppy's Bar 8 13 0.381
Dirt in the Skirt 2 19 0.095
Uno's Plymouth Meeting 1 20 0.033


Winners bracket
(#1) Zachary's BBQ defeated (#4) Charlie's (7-0)
(#2) Alcoballics defeated (#3) Nippers (10-5)
(#1) Zachary's BBQ defeated (#2) Alcoballics (8-6)
Losers bracket
(#3) Nippers eliminated (#4) Charlie's (13-3)
(#2) Alcoballics eliminated (#3) Nippers (16-6)
A-Flight Championship
(#2) Alcoballics defeated (#1) Zachary's BBQ (?-?)
(#1) Zachary's BBQ eliminated (#2) Alcoballics (?-?)


Winners bracket
(#5) All about that Base defeated (#8) place Uno's (13-3)
(#6) Steppys defeated (#7) Dirt in the Skirt (19-9)
(#5) All about that Base defeated (#6) Steppy's (16-15)
Losers bracket
(#7) Dirt in the Skirt  eliminated (#8) Uno's (15-8)
(#6) Steppys eliminated (#7) Dirt in the Skirt (19-9)
B-Flight Championship
(#6) Steppy's defeated (#5) All about that Base (10-5)
(#5) All about that Base VS (#6) Steppy's ("if" Game never played - teams declared co-champs)

Women's League All-Star Game and Awards

All-Star Game


Women's League Awards -


Norristown Men's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297

The Sunday Morning Fall League will not be in operation this 2016 season

Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Weeknight Fall League Standings

Weeknight Fall League Standings W L Pct.
1. Inferno Sports/Eagle Pest Control 13 1 0.929
2. Edge Hill Tavern 12 2 0.857
3. Bridgeport Rib House 7 5 0.583
4. Romano Paving 7 7 0.500
5. Nonna Rosa Pizza 6 6 0.500
6. The Bearcats 5 9 0.357
7. 3m/Mastrocola's 3 9 0.250
8. CCMM 1 13 0.071


First Round (single elimination)
#1 Inferno Sports and #2 Edge Hill Tavern received byes
#3 Rib House beat #6 Bearcats (21-10)
#5 Nonna Rosa beat #4 Romano Paving (14-9)

Double Elimination Round (with remaining 4 teams)
Winners bracket
#5 Nonna Rosa beat #1 Inferno Sports (16-12)
#2 Edge Hill Tavern beat #3 Bridgeport Rib-House (12-10)
#5 Nonna Rosa beat #2 Edge Hill Tavern (18-10)

Losers bracket
#1 Inferno Sports eliminated #3 Rib House (29-14)
#1 Inferno Sports eliminated #2 Edge Hill Tavern (29-7)

#1 Inferno Sports beat #5 Nonna Rosa (26-15)
#1 Inferno Sports eliminated #5 Nonna Rosa (11-0)
Playoff MVP - Nick Maher, Inferno Sports
Mike Gers (5) and Chris Smith (3) led the home run onslaught through the losers bracket that
also included the trio of Steve Young, Lenny DelGrippo and Kevin O'Keefe as they combined for 6 more.
Inferno Sports outscored their opponents by an impressive 95-36 margin in those 4 games  to win the
Championship. Ricky Kelly led Nonna Rosa with 2 dingers.


Weeknight Fall League HR Leaders #
Mike Pennington, Edge Hill Tavern 14
Dave Miller, Rib House 7
Kevin O'Keefe, Inferno Sports 7
Nate Struss, Bearcats 7
Chris Smith, Inferno Sports 6
Dave Wildt, Romano Paving 6
Lenny DelGrippo, Inferno Sports 5
Andy May, Inferno Sports 5
Ricky Kelly, Nonna Rosa 5
Steve Wildt, Romano Paving 5
Jason Bertulis, Romano Paving 4
Dave Gambone, Nonna Rosa 3
Eric Benitez, Nonna Rosa 3
Nick Maher, Inferno Sports 3
Steve Young, Inferno Sports 3
Mike Beto, Romano Paving 3
Jack McGuigan,  Rib House 3
Nick Bucha,  Rib House 3
Matt Kibler, 3M 3
Alex Giordano,  Rib House 3
Andrew Celio, Nonna Rosa 3
Bob Hogga, Nonna Rosa 3
Casey Clauss, Bearcats 3
Tyler, Edge Hill Tavern 3


Norristown Women's Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

The Women's Sunday Morning Fall League will not be in operation this 2016 season

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