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Norristown Men's and Women's Summer & Fall Leagues

Sully "Heels" Gelet - Norristown Softball League President since 1982
2004 Montgomery County Coaches Hall of Fame Honor Roll Inductee
2011 ASA of Pennsylvania Softball Hall of Fame Inductee

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Quick Announcements

ASA/USA of Pennsylvania State Championships

Men's Slow Pitch
Aug 1-2 @ Drifton -Class-C/Open States
Jul 25-26 @ Drifton -Class-D1 States
Jul 11-12 @ Drifton -Class-D2 States
Jun 27-28 @ Drifton -Class-E States
Jul 11-12 @ Pittsburgh -Class-D Western States
Jul 11-12 @ New Castle -Class-E Western States
Aug 15-16 @ State College -35 & Over States
Jun 6-7 @ Drifton -40 & Over States
Aug 8-9 @ State College -45 & Over States
August 1-2 @ Rapho -50 & Over States
August 1-2 @ Rapho -55 & Over States
August 1-2 @ Rapho -60 & Over States
August 1-2 @ Rapho -65 & Over States
July 25 @ Hatfield -70 & Over States


Women's Slow Pitch (All 3 GG)
Jul 25-26 @ State College -Class-C States
Jul 25-26 @ State College -Class-D States
Jul 25-26 @ State College -Class-E States


Coed Slow Pitch
Jul 2-3 @ Beaver County -Class-C States
Jun 6-7 @ Beaver County -Class-D States
Jul 18-19 @ Kennet Square -Class-E/Rec States


Men's Fast Pitch
Jul 18-19 @ Drifton -Class-C States


Women's Fast Pitch
Jun 6-7 @ Lyons -Class-Open States
Jun 6-7 @ Lyons -23 & Under States


Men's 10-Man Modified Pitch
Aug 8-9 @ Drifton -Class-A Eastern States
Jun 20-21 @ Rapho Park -Class-B Eastern States
Jul 11-12 @ Rapho Park -Class-C Eastern States
Aug 15-16 @ Meadville -Class-A Western States
Jul 11-12 @ Meadville -Class-B Western States
Jul 25-26 @ Meadville -Class-C Western States
Aug 22-23 @ Meadville -Class-B 35 & Over States
Jul 25-26 @ Rapho Park -Class-Open 60 & Over States
Jun 27-28 @ Rapho Park -Class-B/C State Invitational
Sep 5-7 @ Drifton -Class-B Open Invitational
Sep 11-12 @ Drifton -Class-C Open Invitational




One Nation Softball (formerly GSL)
Apr 25 - Men's Open Razorback - York
Apr 25 - Women's Qualifier - Newville
May 9 - Men's Class-D/E World Qualifier - Lewisburg
May 24 - Women's World Qualifier - York
Jun 6 - Men's Scoreboard Tavern State Qualifier - Meadville
Aug 8 - Men's Class-D State Championship  - York
Aug 8 - Men's Class-E State Championship  - York
Aug 8 - Women's State Championship  - York

Nothing Scheduled in Pennsylvania

Nothing Scheduled in Pennsylvania

Aug 1 - Men's Class-E State Championship - Mercersburg
Aug 1 - Coed State Championship - Mercersburg
Sep 5 - Men's Class-D State Championship - Newville
Sep 5 - Men's Class-EE State Championship - Newville

Jul 18 - Men's Open State Championship - York
Jul 18 - Class-D Men's State Championship - York
Jul 18 - Class-C/D/E Coed State Championship - York
Jul 25 - Class-E Men's State Championship - York
Jul 25 - Class-B/C/D Women's State Championship - York


2020 Norristown Men's Softball League

Deputy District Commissioner (Steve Dimitry) and District Commissioner (Sully Gelet)

Executive Board Member - President  -- Sully ‘Heels’ Gelet (484-686-6006)
Executive Board Member - Vice President  -- Steve Dimitry (610-716-6191)
Executive Board Member  - Charles “Sonny” Termine (610-496-8631)
Executive Board Member - Chris Carter (610-637-0610)
Executive Board Member - Don Douglass (610-605-7010)
Executive Board Member - League Player Rep -- Nick Bucha
Executive Board Member - League Player Rep -- Ken Shemonski
Board Member At-Large/Montco Umpires President -- Dave Halter
Board Meeting Attendee/Secretary -- Tracey King
Umpire-in-Chief/Rules Interpreter -- Frank Horvath (610-539-0405)
League Legal Counsel -- Tom Oshinsky, Esquire (856-979-3639)
League Message Board --
League Facebook Page -- 
League Manager's Private Facebook Group -- 
League Roster/Lineup Email Address -- 

ASA/USA of Pennsylvania Information
Sully Gelet - District Commissioner and ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Steve Dimitry - Deputy Commissioner/Slow Pitch State Commissioner/Slow Pitch-Classification Co-Chair
Ryan Graver - District Player Rep and Assistant Deputy Commissioner
Stacey Clemens  - District Women Commissioner
Meghan Brogan - District Coed Commissioner and State Women’s Slow Pitch Commissioner
Sonny Termine - District Masters/Seniors Commissioner and ASA of PA Hall of Fame Member
Frank Horvath - District Umpire-in-Chief
Butch Fisher - Assistant District Umpire-in-Chief
Drew Brennan - District JO Commissioner

ASA/USA National Information
Steve Dimitry - Eastern National Territory Classification Director

ASA/USA Classification of Players and Teams
Steve Dimitry - Pennsylvania State Tournaments - All Appeals done as of MARCH 1st
Steve Dimitry - National Championship Tournaments - All Appeals must be submitted by AUGUST 1st

If you need help, just ask please.

Please visit the Norristown Softball League Facebook Page 

Click here for The Norristown League Managers PRIVATE Group Page

In a pinch, you can upload a photo of your lineup to this private group page as well

Norristown Area Informational Links:
Norristown Area Softball Message Board
Norristown Softball Facebook Page
Norristown Softball Managers PRIVATE Facebook Group Page
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2020 Tournament Results (not active yet)
2020 Area League Information (not active yet)
Norristown Area Local League and Business Links
USA of PA Softball Facebook Page
USA of PA State Web Site
USA of PA Player Data Base
USA of PA Player Player Appeal Form (Deadline is March 1st)
National USA Player Data Base and Appeal Form (Deadline is August 1st) 
Email your lineup signed by the opposing manager no later than the day of your next game.

This process maybe be extinct .... check back after the first league meeting

Last Edited - 02/27/2020

Here is the Sheet with the Players on each team and how many games they have played

UPDATED 2020 Norristown Roster and Games Played Sheet  (not active yet)

Teams going to States, please fill in your online Roster with the name as it appears on the players License.

2020 USA of PA Roster Information

2020 Norristown Softball Schedule

Men's League Standings

A - Division Standings W L Pct. RF RA Diff HRs
Powell Masonry              
Paragon Alliance/Autobahn              
Swing Mafia/Clown Bombers              
Depaul Brothers              
Nonna Rosa Pizza              
B - Division Standings W L Pct. RF RA Diff HRs
East Coast Facilities              
JDM Materials              
Harry's Tap Room              
The Franchise              
Sara's Pet Service              

Men's League Home Run Leader Board

A - Division HR Leaders #
B - Division HR Leaders #


Men's League Awards and Accolades

To be announced in late August

Norristown Women's Softball League

League President/Treasurer - Stacey Clemens
League Player Rep - Tracey King
League Vice President/Secretary - Glenn 'Statman" Kilpatrick

Women's League

Standings W L Pct.
Lady Depaul      
Charlies Pizza      


Women's League All-Star Game and Awards

To be announced

Norristown Men's Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661


Information will be announced in Late August

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