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CONGRATS for a well deserved HONOR

Sully "Heels" Gelet was Inducted into the ASA of PA Hall of Fame on March 5th, 2011

April 10, 2011 Article - Tribute from the Times Herald on Heels


Read about another long time legend of this league who has played for over 35 years - Bill Plichta

June 12, 2011 Article - Tribute from the Times Herald on Bill Plichta



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Rest in Peace - Norristown Softball lost a couple legends this year

Tim Fiss (August 28, 1950 - June 5, 2011)

Tim Fiss, one of the, if not THE greatest pitcher in Norristown History started his career in 1969 with Advanced Stamp and then moved to Dante's Restaurant in 1971 and even though the team played in the Section-C division, led them to the "C" title, then beat Luciano's Tavern, the "B" Champs and earned the right to meet the "A" Champ Crosstown Tavern for the League title. the 1971 Crosstown just happened to be the only team in league history to go through the regular season undefeated at (26-0). Crosstown beat Dante's 2 games to none to finish it's year at 32-1. Dante's split up after the season with some players moving on to Charlie's Pizzeria and others (including, of course the masterful pitcher, Tim Fiss along with Gary Delbuono, Buddy Shank, Anthony Clement, Jack Beatrice and Franny Mack) going to Al's Cold Cuts. Ragusa Hauling was one of the league powers at the time having the mainstays of the old Meadowbrook Tavern players like the immortal Pete Scheetz, Gordie Scheetz and the Dadonna Brothers (Dick and Carl), who always seemed to make it to the league finals or semi-finals. Crosstown changed it's sponsor name to Huey's Blue Ribbon Bar in 1972 and had another incredible year going 17-1 on the season. But when the playoffs started, it was the pitching of Tim Fiss that led Al's Cold Cuts to an upset victory over Huey's in the semi-finals and in the league finals, played a hard fought series with Ragusa Hauling only to lose 2 games to 0. Al's Cold Cuts was an up and coming team at the time having been in the thick of the playoffs since the league's inception in 1969, but finally made it to the finals ... but they wanted more. The old Crosstown/Huey's team folded and Al's grabbed a couple of their guys (The Legendary Charlie Dinolfi, Dickie Tancini and George Schools) and in 1973 Al's defeated Ragusa to claim their first Norristown Championship. Ragusa folded a year later and Al's grabbed a couple of the their players (Jim Booz, Dale Hood and John Cresswell ... about .700+ worth of batting averages amongst those three alone).  So, by 1974, Al's Cold Cuts merged all these pickups to the already existing group of the powerful Richie Bellam, Tommy Brady, Vince Buckley, Joe Guardino and Sandy Reagan (another of the .700 hit crew). The 1974 version of Al's Cold Cuts rivals the 1971 Crosstown Tavern team on any list of greatest teams in Norristown league history as they finished 23-1 in the Norristown regular season and 27-1 after winning the League Championship. They went 24-1 in winning the Conshohocken League, defeated the 1974 League All-Star Team 14-5, won the very first ASA sanctioned Montgomery County Open Championship over Eagle AA up in Pennsburg. The won about 6-7 other tournaments and finished the season 90-5. With Tim Fiss on the mound, they were unbeatable. Throughout the 1970's, he led Al's Cold Cuts to seven straight Norristown League Championships, five straight Conshohocken League Championships, were the Montgomery County ASA Class-A Champs the rest of the decade. They won a list of tournaments that stretches our about a mile including the Burr Robins Invitational at Allenwood Field, The Norristown Officials $1000 Tournament at Latshaw Field, The Triple S Tournament in Bridgeport, The Norristown Borough Open Classic, The Conshohocken Open at the "A" Field, the Reading Open Tournament, The Southwest Delaware Valley Open Classic in Marcus and Ridley, the White Rose Classic in York and the Atlantic City Open in New Jersey just to name a few. They played against not only some of the best teams in the state, but on the East Coast. Tim Fiss retired at an early age from "full time" competition to devote more time to work and family, but would always come back to pitch here and there when called upon like when Al's won their first Class-A State Championship in 1984 and traveled to the Class-A Nationals in Minnesota. in 1987, he came back again to pitch against the Men of Steele's Super Major Softball team at Latshaw field watched by an estimated thousand people. it was said, it was a thrill to come back and see the "new" younger Al's of the 1980's and play with them here and there, guys like Moo Moyer, Clarke Farrell, Bruce Carr, Chuck DiNolfi, Ken Shemonski, Buddy Tolson, Donnie Sobeck, Danny Fisher, Al Curcio, Don Cippolini, Brian Becker and Johnny Seiple. it is not coincidental that the Al's Cold Cuts Norristown Championship streak started with the acquisition of Tim Fiss, he will be missed by many who knew him and worked with him at the post office and in East Norriton where he volunteered his time to referee basketball and coach little league and anything else that was needed of him. He was a good kind man and may he always rest in peace.  I'm glad that he got to attend the Pete Scheetz Birthday Special that Dale Hood so unselfishnessly put together a couple of months ago as he did look good and got to spend some quality of time with many of his lifelong friends listed here in this article. Sad to say, Fiss joins a list of the former Al's Players to pass away over the last few years including Sponsor Al Bertucci, Coach Jim McGettigan, Buddy Shank, Vince Buckley, Anthony "AC" Clementi, Francy Mack and Donnie Sobeck to name a few. If I forgot anybody, I apologize.


Bucky Priest (January 14, 1953 - March 1, 2011)

Bucky Priest was one of the best athletes to ever play softball in this area. He was a flawless fielding first basemen and a pure hitter if there ever was one. He played for years with Caparo's in the Conshohocken League and also Norristown. He also played with Ply-Mar, DePallo's, Al's Cold Cuts and Charlie G's in Norristown also. In the prime of his career, his life went off track as he got himself in trouble with the law, which some say took away from his talents on the field, but to those who played with and against him and also saw him play to this day still say his talents were legendary. It's a shame as he tragically died earlier this year from a freak accident where he fell and hit his head and later never recovered before passing away.

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Click Here to read about TNT Sports Club's second straight 50+ State Title from the Times Herald


Last Edited  -  08/30/2017

Norristown Men's Softball League

League President - Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

League Vice President - Sonny Termine

League Vice-President/Secretary/Web Master - Steve Dimitry
League Treasurer - Sully Gelet
League Legal Council - Tom Gibbons
Montco Umpires Association President - Frank Horvath
Montco Umpires Association Assignor - Joe Shaw
Montco Umpires Association UIC - Jimmy Myers

District Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Committee Member/State Women's Committee Deputy Chairman/- Sully Gelet
Deputy District Commissioner/State Slow Pitch Commissioner/State Reclassification Chairman/Eastern National Territory Classification Director - Steve Dimitry
District Player Rep - Tom Pagel
District Central County Commissioner/Southeast Area State Player  Rep/ASA of PA State Deputy Player Rep- Tony Carfagno
District Lower County Commissioner - Rob Bickelman
District Upper County Commissioner - Bob Beard
District Women's Commissioner - Stacey Clemens
District Women's Player Rep - Chrissy Hunsberger
Women's Player Rep/WNLL Youth Softball Rep - Kelli Locklear
District Coed Commissioner/State Women's Classification Committee - Meghan Brogan
District Masters-Seniors Commissioner/State Senior's-Masters Committee Chairman - Tom Schadt
District Deputy Masters/Seniors Player Rep - Sonny Termine
District Slow Pitch Advisor - Ernie Chintalan
District Umpire-in-Chief - Frank Horvath
District Deputy Umpire-in-Chief - Gary Grayshaw
District Deputy Umpire-in-Chief - Jimmy Myers

Click here for the 2011 A-Division Schedule

Click here for the 2011 B-Division Schedule

Click here for the 2011 C-Division Schedule



FINAL A Division Standings W L Pct.
Tribe Reloaded 20 10 0.667
Paragon Alliance/Cannon Roofing 20 10 0.667
Peppers/Hopson's Reloaded/J&P 18 10 0.643
Steppy's Bar/Worcester HVAC 14 14 0.500
Black Horse Tavern/T-Bones 10 20 0.333
Down & Dirty/Spectrum Softball 6 24 0.200
FINAL B Division Standings W L Pct.
Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps/Jamison's 21 3 0.875
Norristown Rec 15 9 0.625
Natale & Onufer/Black Forest Landscaping 14 10 0.583
AJ Catagnus Recycling/Altomare Precast 13 11 0.542
Flashtastics/Picard Construction 12 12 0.500
Black Horse Tavern/Legion of Boom 8 16 0.333
Charlie's Pizza & Beer 1 23 0.042
C Division Standings W L Pct.
Super Fit Sports 16 5 0.762
Franchise/Spectrum Softball 14 7 0.667
Depaul Brothers 13 8 0.619
The High Life 11 10 0.524
Gibbons Legal 10 11 0.476
DeStefano's/ExecuPharm 8 13 0.381
Iacovino's Tavern 6 15 0.286
Swedeland Fire Co./CarVision 6 15 0.286


First Round - best of 3

#1 Tribe Reloaded , #2 Paragon./Cannon, and #3 Peppers/Hopson's receive byes
#5 Black Horse/T-Bones defeated #4 Steppy's/Worcester HVAC (2-1)
Semi-finals - best of 5
#1 Tribe Reloaded defeated #5 Black Horse/T-Bones  (3-2)
#2 Paragon/Cannon defeated #3 Pepper's/Hopson's Reloaded (3-0)
"A" Championship - best of 7
#2 Paragon Alliance/Cannon defeated #1 The Tribe Reloaded (4-1)
Co-MVPs - Anthony 'Skitz' DiFliore (P) and Paul Garber (SS) - Paragon Alliance/Cannon


First Round - best of 3

#1 Maennerchor Club and #2 Norristown Rec receive byes
#3 N&O/Black Forest Landscaping defeated #6 Black Horse/Legion of Boom (2-0)
#4 AJ Catagnus/Altomore defeated #5 Flashtastics/Picard Construction (2-0)
Semifinals - best of 5
#1 Maennerchor Club/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps defeated #4 AJ Catagnus/Altomore (3-1)
#2 Norristown Rec vs #3 N&O/Black Forest Landscaping (3-1)
"B" Championship - best of 7
#1 Maennerchor Club/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps defeated #2 Norristown Rec (4-0)
MVP - John Cresswell (P), Maennerchor

First Round - best of 3

#1 Super-Fit Sports and #2 Franchise receive byes
#3 Depaul Brothers defeated #6 Destefano's/ExcuPharm (2-0)
#4 High Life defeated #5 Gibbons Legal (2-0)
Semifinals - best of 5
#1 Super-Fit Sports defeated #4 High Life (3-2)
#3 Depaul Brothers defeated #2 Franchise (3-1)
"C" Championship - best of 7
#3 Depaul Brothers defeated #1 Super-Fit (4-2)
MVP - Josh Wernick, Depaul Brothers

Regular Season Home Run Leaders

NOTE: Due to the discrepancy concerning "inside the park" homers, we will not count them this year.

(A-Division Note) - Ken Shemonski and Steve Webster have both shattered the Heels Field Home Run Record with 30,
Scooch Pascucci also broke the record with 28. Joe McFarlane hit 27 in 2010 and also had 26 in 2009.
Since keeping track in 1998 or so, the highest at Weirman Field was 26 by John Brooks in 2002. Tom Coughlin had 25 in both 1999 and 2001.
The all time record is held by Ken Shemonski in 1988 with 43 total, 39 coming at Wierman Field and the other 4 on open fields.

(B-Division Note) - Kyle Waldowski has shattered the B-Division record at Heels Field so far with 23. Andrew Celio has 18 this season.
Many players are tied with 14, the latest being Mike Perez, this year.
Since keeping track in 1998 or so, the highest at Weirman Field was 17 by Deih Devinney in 2001

(C-Division Note) - Kevin McCarthy still holds the all time C-Division record with 17 in 2006 at Weriman Field.
The Highest Heels Field Record is 15 shared by Justin Zadroga in 2008, Scooch Pascucci in 2009 and Chris Carterr in 2010

FINAL Regular Season A-Division HR Leaders #
Ken Shemonski, Paragon/Cannon 30
Steve Webster, Black Horse/T-Bones 30
Scooch Pascucci, D&D/Spectrum 28
Jarred Gardner, Peppers/Hopson's 26
Paul Garber, Paragon/Cannon 22
Marty Murray, Steppy's/Worcester HVAC 22
Carmen Desimone, Tribe Reloaded 20
Matt O'Hara, Hopson's/Peppers 20
Chris Judge, Paragon/Cannon 19
Anthony Pettine, Tribe Reloaded 19
Kevin O'Keefe, D&D/Spectrum 19
Jeff Nichols, Black Horse/T-Bones 18
Dan Lunger, Peppers/Hopson's 18
Andy May, Paragon/Cannon 17
James Russell, Black Horse/T-Bones 16
Joe Keating, Black Horse/T-Bones 16
Joe McFarlane, Black Horse/T-Bones 16
Sean Cohen, D&D/Spectrum 14
Kenny Shephard, Tribe Reloaded 14
Gerry DiNolfi, Steppy's/Worcester HVAC 14
Aaron Berg, D&D/Spectrum 13
Craig Balmer, Hopson's/Peppers 13
Joe Santucci, Steppy's/Worcester 13
Roger Kummerer, Tribe Reloaded 12
Josh Steward, Tribe Reloaded 12
AJ Welk, Peppers/Hopson's  12
Greg Cagle, D&D/Spectrum 11
Bill Gulotta, Steppy's/Worcester HVAC 11
Mike Hopson, Peppers/Hopson's 11
Anthony 'Skitz' Diflore, Paragon/Cannon 10
Sammy Battavio, Black Horse/T-Bones 10
Nick Chiccino, D&D/Spectrum 10
FINAL Regular Season B-Division HR Leaders #
Kyle Waldowski, Catagnus/Altomare 23
Andrew Cilio Black Horse Tavern 18
Mike Perez, Catagnus/Altomare 14
Rob Himes, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts 13
Nick Freitag, Norristown Rec 13
Chip Polkowski, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts 12
Kevin Laumann, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts 12
Lenny Scheurle, Norristown Rec 9
Woody Smith, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts 8
Rob Hickson, N&O/Black Forest 7
Dan Sharapan, Norristown Rec 7
Josh MacAteer, Black Horse Tavern 7
Jim "Spanky" Corliss, Black Horse Tavern 6
Darren Posavec, N&O/Black Forest 6
Reggie Reiter, Norristown Rec 6
Jeff Jaffe, Jr., N&O/Black Forest 5
Fred Angelo, Black Horse Tavern 5
Jacob Beitler, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts 5
Anthony Zeltner, Catagnus/Altomare 5
Iz Cohen, Flashtastics/Picard 5
FINAL Regular Season C-Division HR Leaders #
Tom Gibbons, Gibbons Legal 12
Chris Carter, Depaul Brothers 11
Joe Yeager, Franchise 11
Mano Howell, Franchise 10
John Bellis, Super-Fit 8
Mike Pancott, Franchise 8
Josh Wernick, Depaul Brothers 7
Kevin McCarthy, High Life 6
Bill Shipe, Gibbons Legal 6
Chris Sullivan, Franchise 6
Rob Grossi, Iacovino's 5
JJ Hinkle, Gibbons Legal 4
Ryan Griffin, Gibbons Legal 4
Russell "Peanut" Williams, Depaul Brothers 4


Norristown League Awards and Accolades

A-Division MVP - Paul Garber, Paragon Alliance/Cannon


Voting Results
Paul Garber (SS/OF), Paragon Alliance/Cannon - 3.5 votes

Jarred Gardner (OF), Peppers/Hopson's - 1.0 vote
Dave Heckman (3B), Steppy's/Worcester HVAC - 1.0 vote
Jay Ehrhart (P), The Tribe - 1.0 vote
Steve Webster (C), Black Horse/T-Bones - 0.5 votes
Joe Santucci (OF), Steppy's/Worcester HVAC - 0.5 votes
Brett Hanby (IF/OF), Steppy's/Worcester HVAC - 0.5 votes

B-Division MVP - Chip Polkowski, Maennerchor Club/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps


Voting Results
Chip Polkowski (OF), Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps - 3.5 votes
John Cresswell (P), Maennerchor Club/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps - 2.0 votes
Andrew Celio (OF), Black Horse/Legion of Boom - 1.0 vote
Steve Kalbach (SS/OF), Norristown Rec - 1.0 vote
Mike Perez (1B), AJ Catagnus/Altomore Precast - 1.0 vote
Kyle Waldowski (3B), AJ Catagnus/Altomore Precast - 0.5 votes

C-Division Tri-MVPs - Tom Gibbons, Gibbons Legal; Ryan Windt, Super-Fit Sports; Kevin McCarthy, High Life


Voting Results
Tom Gibbons, Gibbons Legal - 3.0 votes
Ryan Windt, Super-Fit Sports - 3.0 votes
Kevin McCarthy, High Life - 3.0 votes

Chris Sullivan, Franchise - 1.0 vote

Manager of the Year League Award - Mike Kaufman, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps


Others receiving mentioning were: Jake Coropolese (Franchise); Steve Cutler (Paragon Alliance/Cannon) and Mike Borkowski (Super-Fit Sports)


Sportsmanship of the Year League Award - Donny Douglass, Maennerchor/Bauman-Pitts/Chaps


Others receiving mentioning were: AJ Neve (Norristown Rec); Mickey Marsilio (D&D/Spectrum Healthcare); John Onufer (N&O/Black Forest); Jared Blair (Iacovino's Tavern); JJ Hinkle (Gibbons Legal); Chris Carter (Depaul Brothers) and Ryan Walker (Steppy's/Worcester HVAC)


Silver Slugger Award Co-Winners - Ken Shemonski, Paragon Alliance/Cannon and Steve Webster, Black Horse/T-Bones


Others receiving Honorable Mention were: Scooch Pascucci (D&D/Spectrum Healthcare), Kyle Waldowski (AJ Catagnus/Altomore Precast); Jarred Gardner (Peppers/Hopson's Reloaded);  Marty Murray (Steppy's/Worcester HVAC), Andrew Celio (Black Horse/Legion of Boom); Paul Garber (Paragon Alliance/Cannon); Carmen Desimone (The Tribe), Matt O'Hara (Peppers/Hopson's Reloaded); Chris Judge (Paragon Alliance/Cannon), Ant Pettine (The Tribe) and Kevin O'Keefe (D&D/Spectrum Healthcare).


Special Recognition Award - Ernie "Big E" Chintalan

This is a one time Special Award presented to Big E for his never ending contribution and dedication to this league. He is there every night keeping score helping Sully and the Umpires and also even helping players when needed. He has a lifetime of devotion to this Sport along with a wealth of knowledge and that coupled with his always friendly and often "witty" personality make him a favorite among players, coaches, managers, umpires and ASA Officials alike. Big E has played in the past and also managed multiple area league, tournament, state and national champions. Ernie, thanks for everything you have done this season to help our league. It is MUCH appreciated.

Norristown League Home Run Derby -

Put together, organized and run by Steve Moloney -

Sponsored by TPS (Mick Peliggi), Collegeville Italian Bakery (Steve Carcarey) and Run Around (Jordan Nicgorski) -

Steve Moloney did a great job with this event and from what was said, they had a great time and considered this to be the highlight of the year!  The first round had 18 guys and blind numbers were picked and matched in a head to head format with the winner advancing. The second round was 10 guys (one was a wildcard from the first round to keep it even). Out of the 10 guys the top 4 in numbers advanced to the semifinals and then the top 2 squared off. We hit a 44/375 ASA Worth Toxic ball in the first two rounds and then the Worth Launch 650/50 core ball in the last two rounds. Each person got 10 swings in each round that they advanced. Tie-breakers were solved with a head to head hit-off. The semi-finals were Bill Gulotta (2), Steve Moloney (3), Paul Garber (4) and Chris Judge (5). And the Finals were Garber (6) and Chris Judge (5)

Now, this is a Hoagie, Steve Carcarey hand-crafted this 8th Wonder of the World especially for the Derby. Standing left to right are:
Back Row - Jordan Nicgorski, Steve Carcarey, Mick Pileggi and Steve Moloney
Front Row - Hoagie


The Championship Round:

Paul Garber (6) defeated Chris Judge (5) in the Finals



Semi-Finalist: Steve Moloney (3) and Bill Gulotta (2)



NOTE on the Sponsors: The TPS bats were a lot of fun to swing and provided for a great derby. TPS has a very good product and it was appreciated that they let us swing these bats in the derby. If anyone has any other feedback, please let me know and I can let Mick Pileggi know directly. They are always looking for feedback on their products.

Collegeville Italian Bakery the food was fantastic. Those hoagies did not have a chance with the group of guys that were down there. All of the food at the bakery is awesome. It is located in Collegeville on Ridge Pike if you get a chance stop in there. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and have daily specials all the time. They are also on facebook so if you are on there, please look them up and like the page (and add any comments that you want). The number is 610-489-3354 and the website is collegevilleitalianbakery.com Fresh baked goods daily.

The Run Around is an Athletic Footwear and Apparel store located in Rosalyn PA. The website is therunaroundinc.com. The phone number is 215-886-6937. Call and ask for Jordan and let him know that you saw this on the Norristown softball board please.


Norristown B-Division vs C-Division All-Star Game;

Saturday, September 24th at Heels Field - Cancelled, rescheduled to October 1st

never held

Norristown Sunday Fall League

Commissioner Steve Dimitry (610) 539-9297

Click here for the Sunday Fall Schedule


Sunday Fall League Final Standings W L Pct.
Combat/American Collision 7 1 0.875
Gibbons Legal/Dr. Foley's 5 3 0.625
East Norriton Dominos 3 5 0.375
Brass Lock and Key 1 7 0.125

Playoffs/Schedule: (Best of 3's)
(1st Place) Combat/American Collision defeated (2nd Place) Gibbons Legal/Dr. Foley's Softball (2-1)
"A" Playoff MVP - Freddy Angelo, East Norriton Dominos

(3rd Place) East Norriton Dominos Pizza defeated (4th Place) Brass Lock & Key (2-0)
"B" Playoff MVP - Andrew Driver, East Norriton Dominos'


Regular Season Sunday Fall HR Leaders #
Scooch Pascucci, Gibbons/Foley 10
Josh MacAteer, Combat/American Collision 9
Carmen Desimone, Gibbons/Foley 6
Jeff Jones, Gibbons/Foley 5
Tom Gibbons, Gibbons/Foley 5
Andrew Cilio, Combat/American Collision 4
Greg Schimpf, East Norriton Dominos 3
Brian Dunlap, East Norriton Dominos 2
Joe DeCicco, Gibbons/Foley 2
Bill Shipe, Gibbons/Foley 2
Gus West, Combat/American Collision 1
Dan Yeager, Brass Lock and Key 1
Jim 'Spanky' Corliss, Combat/American Collision 1
Derek Angelo, Combat/American Collision 1
Billy Hagner, East Norriton Dominos 1
JJ Hinkle, Gibbons/Foley 1


Norristown Sunday Fall League Awards and Accolades

MVP - Scooch Pascucci, Gibbons Legal/Dr Foley's Softball

Voting Results (all 4 Managers, Umpire-in-Chief and League Commissioner voted)
Scooch Pascucci, Gibbons Legal/Dr. Foley's (OF/EH) - 2.5 votes
Josh MacAteer, Combat/American Collision (OF) - 1.5 vote
Derek Angelo, Combat/American Collision (IF) - 1.0 vote
Andrew Driver, East Norriton Dominos (IF) - 1.0 vote


Sportsmanship Award - Mo Crigamire, Brass Lock and Key

Others receiving Votes:
Tom Gibbons, Gibbons/Foley's; Chris "Opie" Hendricks, EN Dominos and a couple more guys from Brass Lock and Key - sorry, don't know their names, but the fact that people in this league recognized these young players speaks volumes for the way these players acted throughout the season, being a new team. Everybody on that team should be proud, especially the Winner of this award, Player/Manager - Mo Crigamire.

Norristown Weeknight Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here for the Weeknight Fall Schedule


Weeknight Fall League W L
Paragon Alliance 11 1
Halter/Karp and Company 6 2
Phoenixville Health & Fitness/Big E 7 7
Decepticons 5 7
Depaul Brothers 5 7
Frank Kenny Construction 6 8
Smit Diesels 4 6
Spectrum Healthcare 2 8

Playoff Results (Double Elimination formats)
Winners Bracket

Paragon Alliance defeated Spectrum Healthcare
Depaul Brothers defeated Decepticon
Depaul Brothers defeated Paragon Alliance (winner's bracket final)
Losers Bracket
Decepticon eliminated Spectrum Healthcare
Paragon Alliance eliminated Decepticon
A-Flight Championship
Paragon Alliance defeated Depaul Brothers
Paragon Alliance eliminated Depaul Brothers ("If" Game)
MVP - Chris Judge, Paragon Alliance

Winners Bracket

Smit Diesels defeated Halter/Karp
Phoenixville H&F/Big E's defeated Frank Kenny Construction
Smit Diesels defeated Phoenixville H&F/Big E's (winner's bracket final)
Losers Bracket
Halter/Karp eliminated Frank Kenny Construction
Halter/Karp eliminated Phoenixville H&F/Big E's
B-Flight Championship
Smit Diesels eliminated Halter, Karp and Company
No MVP Awarded

Regular Season Weeknight Fall HR Leaders #
Joe McFarland, Depaul Brothers 10
Kevin O'Keefe, PH&F/E's 9
Roger Kummerer, PH&F/E's 7
Chip Polkowski, Decepticons 6
Duke Nave, Spectrum Healthcare 5
Kevin O'Keefe, PH&F/E's 4
Kevin Laumann, Decepticons 4
Josh Eidell, Decepticons 4
Rob Himes, PH&F/E's 3
Matt Cybularz, Halter/Karp 3
Lenny Del Grippo, Decepticons 3
John Dougherty, Paragon 3
Chris Judge, Paragon Alliance 3
Chris Carter, Depaul Brothers 3
Brian Rorick, Decepticons 3

Norristown Weeknight Fall League Awards - not given out

Norristown Women's Softball League

Commissioner Stacey Clemens (215) 822-0224

Click here for the 2011 Women's East Division Schedule

Click here for the 2011 Women's West Division Schedule


East Division Final Standings W L Pct.
Team Crush 11 5 0.688
Tom's Bar 10 6 0.625
Tony G's 8 8 0.500
Lady DePaul's 6 10 0.375
Lenhart Contractors 5 11 0.313
West Division Final Standings W L Pct.
Terrapins 15 5 0.750
Dirt in the Skirt 13 7 0.650
Steppy's 12 8 0.600
Angels 9 11 0.450
Peanut Gallery 8 12 0.400
Chick's 3 17 0.150

Playoff Schedule/Results:

East Playoffs

1st round is single elimination for #4 seed in double elimination
#5 Lenhart Contractors beat #4 Lady Depaul 5 to 3 (for #4 seed)
Last 4 teams play double elimination format
Winners Bracket
#1 Team Crush defeated #4 Lenhart Contractors
#2 Tom's Bar defeated #3 Tony G's
#1 Team Crush defeated #2 Tom's Bar (10-2)
Losers Bracket
#4 Lenhart Contractors eliminated #3 Tony G's (5-2)
#2 Tom's Bar eliminated #4 Lenhart Contractors (10-5)
#1 Team Crush eliminated #2 Tom's Bar (13-0)

West Playoffs
1st round is single elimination
for #3 and #4 seeds in double elimination
#5 Peanut Gallery beats #4 Angels 17 to 12 (#4 seed)
#3 Steppy's beat #6 Chick's 8 to 3 (for #3 seed)
Last 4 teams play double elimination format
Winners Bracket
#1 Terrapins defeated #4 Peanut Gallery (9-7)
#2 Dirt in Skirt  defeated #3 Steppy's (18-8)
#2 Dirt in Skirt  defeated #1 Terrapins (11-5)
Losers Bracket
#3 Steppy's eliminated #4 Peanut Gallery (8-7)
#3 Steppy's dliminated #1 Terrapins (8-2)
#3 Steppy's defeated #2 Dirt in Skirt
#2 Dirt in Skirt eliminated #3 Steppy's ("if' Game)

Norristown Women's Softball League Annual Picnic
Old Timers Game, All-Star Game, Home Run Derby and Awards Presentation


Women's League Awards

East MVP Award Winners
Shannon Higgans (Lady Depaul) and Andrea Ronca (Lenhart Contractors)


West MVP Award Winners
Marlee Reppart (Angels) and Leah Conley (Nippers-Terrapins)


Heart-N-Soul Memorial Award Winner
Nancy Bangert (Steppy's)


All-Star Game

Team #1 - ?
Team #2 - ?
All-Star Game MVP - Kelley Simon (Lenhart Contractors)


Home Run Derby

Most over All  - TBD
Most 1st Round  - TBD
Most 2nd Round  - TBD
Most 2nd Round  - TBD
Longest Ball - TBD

Norristown Women's Fall League

Commissioner Sully "Heels" Gelet (610) 277-9661

Click here for the Sunday Women's Fall Schedule


Women's Fall League Final Standings W L Pct.
Black Horse Tavern 8 0 1.000
Team Crush 6 2 0.750
Steppy's Sports Bar 4 4 0.500
Lady Depauls 2 6 0.250
Chick's Tavern 0 8 0.000

Playoff Schedule/Results:
Women's Fall Playoffs (Double Elimination)
Winners Bracket

1st place team (Crush) received a first roud bye
#4 Lady Depauls beat #3 Steppy's
#2 Black Horse Tavern defeated #5 Chick's Bar
#1 Team Crush defeated #2 Black Horse Tavern (winners bracket final, winner goes to championship)
Losers Bracket
#4 Lady Depauls eliminated #3 Steppy's (loser is eliminated)
#2 Black Horse Tavern eliminated #4 Lady Depauls
#1 Team Crush eliminated #2 Black Horse Tavern
MVP - Darla Cederberg, Team Crush

Norristown Women's Kickball League

Commissioner Stacey Clemens (215) 822-0224

Click here for the 2011 Women's Kickball Schedule


Women's Kickball League Final Standins W L Pct.
Kickin' it Old School 6 2 0.750
Lady Boozers-Booze on First 6 2 0.750
KBG$ 5 3 0.625
New Kicks on the Block 3 5 0.375
Donna Horn's Purple People Eaters 0 8 0.000

Playoff Results (Top-2 play best of 3)
Game-1 - #1 Kickin' it Old School defeated #2 Lady Boozers-Booze on First (5-0)
Game-2 - #1 Kickin' it Old School defeated #2 Lady Boozers-Booze on First (2-0)
Kickin' it Old School wins championship series 2-0)

Heart and Soul Award Winner - Laura Albertson

(2010 winner was Mary Ann Kemphf)


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